A letter from the Pathfinder to the director of the Andromeda Initiative

I’m pretty sure Drack can’t even fit into the stall, so I’m not sure what he’s been doing. I know, I know, I’m nitpicking, and it’s not like you designed the ship. But the little things add up out here, and there are certain… discrepancies. We just spent six weeks scanning planets and found some iron, so that’ll really help the colonization effort. It’s the little things you do that make a big difference.

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Elite: Dangerous PAX trailer hints at trouble ahead for the human race

The search for the mysterious alien race known as the Thargoid in Elite: Dangerous seemed to finally bear fruit back in January, when a pilot encountered a bizarre, flower-like alien ship. Going by the "Unknown" trailer released today at PAX, he was 100 percent right—and it's time to start splashing. The trailer is unfortunately brief, and to be fair to all involved it may have ended with a handshake and the friendly exchange of information and technology under the shadow of that massive alien s

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An erratic journey to the moon in Space Engineers

In a Steam sale long ago, on a whim, Samuel picked up the sandbox and construction game Space Engineers. To the moonPhil Savage Veteran of Kerbal Space Program, so knows about pretend space. On the down side, getting to the Moon would mean doing the entire journey looking 90 degrees away from the Moon. Phil: I suspect that Space Engineers doesn’t model most of the forces that would prevent our ship from getting off the ground. If the other bits of the ship are space Lego, this is space Duplo.

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FTL and Borderlands crash together in this co-op VR game from the makers of Chronos

Of course, there's more to From Other Suns than FTL with three-player co-op. Handling movement in first-person VR games has been one of the biggest challenges for the genre—and it's one that still lacks an elegant solution. Most VR games rely on teleportation to sidestep the nausea-inducing feeling of standing still physically while moving in-game. I watch from a fixed perspective as my character moves forward and when I stop moving my perspective snaps back into my body. To put it simply, it's

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