Razer’s 2017 Blade Pro gets a hardware upgrade and THX certification

In this case, Razer is touting its refreshed Blade Pro as the world's first THX-certified laptop. "Through the processes of THX, the Razer Blade Pro screen is calibrated and tested for resolution, color accuracy, and video playback performance. The 2017 model Blade Pro still features a 17.3-inch 4K IGZO panel with touch support. The Blade Pro tackles gaming with a GeForce GTX 1080 GPU. The upgraded Razer Blade Pro will be available in April starting at $4,000 (£3,799.99 / €4,499.99).

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MLG to experiment with banning Peacekeeper in For Honor tournaments

Ubisoft's medieval beatdown game For Honor has a Peacekeeper problem. However, when PK [Peacekeeper] is used these tactics are not needed as simply spamming light attacks can usually guarantee hits, even against experienced players," he wrote. The purpose of the message was to call for a ban on the use of the Peacekeeper class in MLG tournaments, and MLG, reflecting the seriousness of the complaint, agreed. "For online tournaments, we will try running a tournament with peacekeeper banned, and th

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MSI shows off GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Armor and Aero graphics cards

Over on its global website, MSI has added some new additions to its GeForce GTX 1080 Ti lineup. They include the GTX 1080 Ti Armor and Aero, both of which come in stock clocked and overclocked variants. MSI's GeForce GTX Ti Aero 11G is similar to Nvidia's Founders Edition but with a more colorful cooler. MSI's Armor cards come with a little more visual bling. Like the Aero variant, the non-OC Armor model sticks to Nvidia's reference clockspeeds—1,480MHz base and 1,582MHz boost.

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Divinity: Original Sin 2 demos new Summoning and Polymorphing skills

During Larian Studios' hugely successful Divinity: Original Sin 2 Kickstarter campaign, backers were given the opportunity to vote for their favourite skill schools that'd be introduced as Stretch Goals at a later date. To this end, as part of the project's 35th Update, the early accessible role-player has now added Summoning and Polymorphing to its sorcery-endowed bounds. As detailed via the game's Kickstarter campaign page, the Summoning school lets players conjure personal elementals which ma

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Planescape: Torment Enhanced Edition confirmed, Chris Avellone is helping out (updated)

Update: The countdown site is still ticking away—five hours left at the moment--but the Planescape: Torment Enhanced Edition announcement trailer has gone live anyway. We'll no doubt have more details soon, but for now you can just kick back and enjoy the trailer below. As in, Planescape: Torment Enhanced Edition. Beamdog will have its work cut out for it when it comes to "enhancing" Planescape: Torment. I enjoyed Baldur's Gate Enhanced, but the new characters felt slightly out of place, not to

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Buy a GTX 1060 and get For Honor or Ghost Recon Wildlands for free

Nvidia's GeForce GTX 1060 price-to-performance ratio is reason enough to consider the card, but if you're looking for added incentive to upgrade, you can now score a free copy of For Honor or Ghost Recon Wildlands. Initially the free game offer applied to qualified purchases of a GeForce GTX 1070 or 1080 card, desktop system, or laptop. It later expanded to included the GTX 1080 Ti after it launched, and now the GTX 1060 is joining the party. "The GeForce GTX 1060 is the ‘Recommended’ GPU for bo

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Have the Majors been good for the Dota 2 scene?

In a month, the top Dota 2 teams will descend upon Kiev, Ukraine, for the next in Valve’s series of official tournaments, the Majors. Namely, there are questions about how these Valve tournaments, regarded by the community as extremely important, have interfered with third-party events. In the 2014-2015 season, excluding Valve events there were 24 ‘premier’ and 38 ‘professional’ events, per Valve’s ticketing system, for a total of 62. Valve clearly wanted to make a tournament system that added l

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Ark: Survival Evolved’s next patch will feature a ‘total inventory menu redesign’ (Updated)

Update: Here's a peek at the new menu, via Jeremy Stieglitz on Twitter (you can enlarge the image by clicking the top right corner for a better look):Original story: I've chosen a picture of one of Ark: Survival Evolved's giant snails for this particular news story. That's because Ark's next patch, v256, will among other things apparently provide a long, long, long overdue 'total inventory menu redesign' according to recently added notes to the Steam discussion post and this tweet from Studio Wi

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Visiting NASA’s latest discovery in Elite Dangerous

Almost 4,000 exoplanets have been detected by astronomers to date, but the large number of Earth-sized planets in this particular system makes the discovery special. And when I heard about it, my immediate thought was: I want to go there in Elite Dangerous. And I was delighted to hear that the system would appear in the latest beta, and eventually the game itself. Further discoveries were made by NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope and the Very Large Telescope in Chile. After NASA's discovery, SETI (

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Build guide: the best cheap gaming PC

This build is aimed at creating a gaming PC that performs decently well for as little money as possible. Long story short: this is the best gaming PC build for $500. As this is a budget build, the best RX 470 variant to buy is the cheapest. (It's also our top pick for best budget SSD.) Fractal Design is one of our favorite case manufacturers, and the Core 1100 is a great case for this budget build.

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