Figment is a beautiful isometric puzzler ‘set in the recesses of the human mind’

Billed as a "musical action-adventure set in the recesses of the human mind", Figment is the latest game from Bedtime Digital Games—a gorgeous hand-drawn isometric puzzle game with combat elements. Assuming control of Dusty—"the mind's former voice of courage"—it's your job to face your fears, do battle with nightmares as you explore fragments of the mind, and help restore the courage the mind has lost. Each scene unfolds against a score of animated music, each variation of which is said to be "

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MLG to experiment with banning Peacekeeper in For Honor tournaments

Ubisoft's medieval beatdown game For Honor has a Peacekeeper problem. However, when PK [Peacekeeper] is used these tactics are not needed as simply spamming light attacks can usually guarantee hits, even against experienced players," he wrote. The purpose of the message was to call for a ban on the use of the Peacekeeper class in MLG tournaments, and MLG, reflecting the seriousness of the complaint, agreed. "For online tournaments, we will try running a tournament with peacekeeper banned, and th

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Everything new in Stellaris: Utopia, one of Paradox’s biggest game updates ever

Traditions (free patch feature)What’s new: Empires will now generate a new resource called Unity from building certain structures and taking certain actions. Prosperity helps you turn Space Resources and Space Labor into more sweet, sweet, space cash. Your pops can’t survive in non-Hive Mind empires, and non-Hive Mind pops in your own (including on worlds you’ve conquered) will be automatically consumed (literally turned into food) by the swarm. This, understandably, gives you a diplomatic penal

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