Get $99 worth of multiplayer games for $10 in the latest Humble Bundle

The latest Humble Bundle casts its money-saving, charity-supporting, game-gathering net over a range of local multiplayer games fit for bringing you and your mates closer together/driving you apart forever. From now through the next two weeks, the Humble Hooked on Multiplayer Bundle is live. Have a gander at Helldivers' PC release trailer:Beating the average price of this bundle will also land you Move or Die and the Rampage Knights soundtracks. You can always choose your own preferred charitabl

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Final Fantasy 14’s latest update removes the two-week trial time limit

Today's release of the latest patch to the Square Enix MMO Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn, taking it to version 3.56, means players can now "experience the conclusion of the Heavensward main scenario." And for those of you who aren't currently players, the news is potentially even better, as the update also removes the 14-day time limit on the trial. #FFXIV free trial has been revamped! Now you can play the free trial without a time limit! The full patch notes are available here, and you can d

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Visiting NASA’s latest discovery in Elite Dangerous

Almost 4,000 exoplanets have been detected by astronomers to date, but the large number of Earth-sized planets in this particular system makes the discovery special. And when I heard about it, my immediate thought was: I want to go there in Elite Dangerous. And I was delighted to hear that the system would appear in the latest beta, and eventually the game itself. Further discoveries were made by NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope and the Very Large Telescope in Chile. After NASA's discovery, SETI (

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