A letter from the Pathfinder to the director of the Andromeda Initiative

I’m pretty sure Drack can’t even fit into the stall, so I’m not sure what he’s been doing. I know, I know, I’m nitpicking, and it’s not like you designed the ship. But the little things add up out here, and there are certain… discrepancies. We just spent six weeks scanning planets and found some iron, so that’ll really help the colonization effort. It’s the little things you do that make a big difference.

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Road-trip sim Jalopy is a haunting piece of Eastern Bloc nostalgia

I grew up in ’90s Yugoslavia, an Eastern European country that no longer exists. Its tenacity and stubbornness is a testament to the sort of absurdity that Jalopy, a lo-fi Eastern Bloc road-trip sim, attempts to recapture. Thankfully, a gas station is nearby. I’d rather deal with a broken car than broken human beings. When I finally reach Yugoslavia, the game shows off the coastal area—something I’ve never seen before.

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What open-world games on PC need to learn from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Its lineage has cross-pollinated to almost every singleplayer open-world game, dotting their landscapes like acne in case, god forbid, I miss something. Yet the irony here is that Breath of the Wild treats its audience with a respect that few open-world games ever do these days. Breath of the Wild treats its audience with a respect that few open-world games ever do these days. To find them, I must observe the environment in a way I haven't done before in open-world games. Unfortunately, open-wor

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The designers of Dishonored, Bioshock 2 and Deus Ex swap stories about making PC’s most complex games

We put together a roundtable of familiar faces, all of whom have had a major hand in exploring or creating immersive sims. When I look at what games can do that other media can't, I instantly go right to the immersive sim. Immersive sims often go very fast, and very loud, but generally only if you trigger the right sequence of actions. Because one of the defining characteristics of the immersive sim for me is that it's about roleplaying not roll-playing. On the next page, our panel share stories

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An erratic journey to the moon in Space Engineers

In a Steam sale long ago, on a whim, Samuel picked up the sandbox and construction game Space Engineers. To the moonPhil Savage Veteran of Kerbal Space Program, so knows about pretend space. On the down side, getting to the Moon would mean doing the entire journey looking 90 degrees away from the Moon. Phil: I suspect that Space Engineers doesn’t model most of the forces that would prevent our ship from getting off the ground. If the other bits of the ship are space Lego, this is space Duplo.

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Why I love Broken Sword’s sense of humour

WHY I LOVE In Why I Love, PC Gamer writers pick an aspect of PC gaming that they love and write about why it's brilliant. While he enjoyed games such as Dear Esther and Journey, there was little amusing happening from a contemporary perspective. Stobbart's sense of humour is often observational, much of which is projected via his methodological thought processes and internal monologues. While writing about Broken Sword's origins last year, I caught up with series mastermind Charles Cecil and ask

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