• If you’ve been mulling over upgrading the system memory on your PC, then you might want to wait a bit longer, as a new report suggests that the price of RAM could soon drop by as much as 20%. This is according to DRAMeXchange, the memory-watching division of analyst firm TrendForce, which has forecast a drop in DRAM prices of almost 20% in the first quarter of this year. Prices for 4GB and 8GB RAM sticks have already begun to drop this year, and price tags are expected to fall by at least 10% in
    About to upgrade your PC’s RAM? Hold fire, as prices could soon drop by 20%

  • Alongside the announcement of the Alpha A6400, Sony has said it’s bringing major firmware updates to the Alpha A9, A7R III and A7 III. First up, the Alpha A9 will get a version 5.0 of its firmware in March, which will bring a number of improvements to the camera’s already advanced autofocus system, including Real-time Tracking and Real-time Eye AF. Real-time Eye AF for animalsThis will be followed by version 3.0 of the Alpha A7R III and A7 III firmware in April, bringing with it not only Real-ti
    Major firmware update promised for Sony Alpha A9, A7R III and A7 III

  • EA’s track record with Star Wars games isn’t stellar, and a new report suggests that it has cancelled an open-world game based on the series that was being developed by EA Vancouver. The open-world game actually came about from another Star Wars game that was cancelled by EA, a linear single-player game codenamed Ragtag and developed by Dead Space creator Visceral. When EA cancelled that game and closed Visceral (in a move so ruthless it would give Emperor Palpatine pause), EA Vancouver stepped
    EA cancels open-world Star Wars game

  • There’s a new iPhone 11 leak of a render that gives us an idea how Apple’s 2019 smartphone may appear. Last week, notable leaker @OnLeaks revealed a render of a possible prototype for the upcoming iPhone 11 displaying a triple-camera setup set in a square mounting. The front notch is also slightly (but not noticeably) smaller than that on the iPhone XS. Perhaps each design will be produced as different-tier versions, like this generation’s equivalent of the iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max. Check out
    iPhone 11 renders show off horizontal triple-camera setup

  • Roccat’s latest mechanical keyboard is largely thanks to its new Titan mechanical key switch that makes a powerful impact upon first glance. Luckily, Roccat’s Vulcan is the complete package featuring the company’s new proprietary mechanical Titan switches. Mechanically, however, the company didn’t start entirely from scratch with the Titan switch; it’s more refinement than revolution, unlike Razer’s recent Optomechanical hybrid switch . And that certainly won’t be the last we see of the Titan s
    How Roccat built the Titan switch inside the brilliant Vulcan keyboard

  • Image Downloader for Instagram does exactly what the name suggests, making it incredibly simple to grab images you like. The extension adds a download button to all Instagram images, and clicking this will automatically download an image to your default download location. Image Downloader for Instagram works very well, but it is simple. You can download images one by one, or build up a download list and grab them en masse. This is a website designed with the sole purpose of downloading Instagram
    The best Instagram image downloader 2019

  • The Polk Command Bar turned heads last summer, squeezing Amazon’s Alexa assistant into a soundbar that appeared to have an Echo Dot embedded inside it. Today it’s getting even closer to the Amazon device family by introducing a new feature that’s a first of its kind for soundbars. Polk has today announced that the Command Bar will be getting support for Amazon’s multi-room music (MRM) ecosystem, allowing it to work alongside Echo speakers to bring synced audio right across a home where other MRM
    Alexa-enabled Polk Command Bar now works in multi-room with Echo devices

  • It was like driving a remote control car… with a real car. Having a journalist driving a $50,000 test car in front of a few monitors probably doesn’t make sense, especially at CES. I first started talking about a car control center about 10 years ago. Of course, mishaps will happen, so these operators could also assume control of cars at will. At a stage where physical vehicles drive themselves, remote operation will become essential as a back-up.
    This automotive giant debuted one of the coolest driving demos ever

  • Long after Siri, Cortana, Alexa, Bixby and a half-dozen others, Pandora has finally announced a new ‘voice assistant’ helper called Voice Mode for its iOS and Android apps that will begin rolling out to devices starting today. Voice Mode, which is really a set of specified voice commands rather than a robust assistant in the vein of Siri or Alexa, can be activated by saying “Hey Pandora” while the app is open. Putting the ‘personal’ back in personal assistantsWhat separates Pandora’s Voice Mode
    Pandora finally gets voice commands on iOS and Android

  • Photo credit: Joe MillerIBM Watson isn’t known as a consumer-grade bot that works like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. (Aurrigo operates autonomous shuttles in highly controlled settings like a college campus, but IBM Watson is not currently available in the shuttles.) (I noticed the bot does not respond to any variations like Hey Watson or just Watson.) It was a curious feeling in the self-driving shuttle knowing that a much more powerful bot than Alexa was controlling the ride. Image 1 of 3
    How IBM Watson will improve your morning commute

  • Toshiba’s Canvio 4TB external hard drive isn’t an intrinsically bad product, but the competition is so much better in this price range that it’s difficult to recommend this drive. The DTB440 (otherwise known as the Canvio Basics 4TB or the HDTB440XK3CA) is part of the 2019 range launched by Toshiba. It is a traditional 2.5-inch external hard disk drive that comes with a USB 3.0 connector and a matte plastic enclosure. HardwareThe drive is available in 1TB, 2TB and 4TB models from Toshiba (one of
    Toshiba Canvio 4TB external hard disk drive (2019 edition) review

  • techradar wrote a new post, (no title), on the site 2 days, 17 hours ago

    The moment that Rocket League fans have been waiting for has arrived, with the game’s developer Psyonix announcing that full cross-platform play is now available, allowing PS4 players to finally engage in cross-play with not only PC players, but Xbox One and Nintendo Switch players as well. “Today’s announcement is an important one for us here at Psyonix, because we know how much our community has wanted FULL cross-platform support for quite some time,” said Psyonix’s Jeremy Dunham in the announ
    Sony finally allows Rocket League cross-play between PS4, Xbox One and Switch

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    At MWC in February 2017, Oppo showed off phone camera technology that allowed for a 5x optical zoom , and while it never saw the light of day in any smartphone currently on the market, we could soon see that impressive spec double. According to Chinese tech site My Drivers , Oppo has sent out invites to a January 16 launch event with the tantalising (and roughly translated) tagline of “ten times the view” (十所为见). Invitation to Oppo’s January 16 event [courtesy of My Drivers] (Image: © My Drivers
    New Oppo smartphone camera rumored to have 10x optical zoom

  • techradar wrote a new post, (no title), on the site 2 days, 20 hours ago

    After integrating Rich Communications Services (RCS) into Android Messages almost two years ago, and talking up the advantages of the SMS successor at last year’s MWC, the company just announced that it has added RCS to its mobile pseudo-network, Google Fi. In short, RCS has a lot of the features we already enjoy on iMessages, WhatsApp and other data-based messaging services. Thus, RCS remains fragmented for the Android ecosystem, even with Google’s news today: If you’re using a phone designed f
    Google Fi is adding RCS Chat, the successor to SMS

  • With Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked 2019 event scheduled for February 20, it’s always been assumed that the company’s upcoming Galaxy S10 smartphone range would be officially revealed at the conference. Now, it seems it won’t be alone – thanks to some not-so-cryptic billboards installed at the famous Place de la Concorde in Paris, France, it appears that Samsung’s highly-anticipated foldable phone will also be officially unveiled at the event. Written in Hangeul, which is the South Korean alphabet, t
    Samsung foldable phone reveal looks imminent, teased in new Paris billboards

  • Eager to take the fight to Chinese smartphone manufacturers, Samsung is planning to launch a new range of budget Galaxy M series phones in 2019, with the handsets expected to arrive in India first, as reported by Reuters. Samsung’s decision to debut the new budget handset line in India is believed to be a direct result of the South Korean company’s market share having recently been overtaken by Xiaomi in the region. Cheap… but good“The M series has been built around and incepted around Indian
    Samsung’s new Galaxy M phones aim to take on cheap Chinese rivals

  • For subscribers of Nintendo’s Switch Online service , the platform allows for online multiplayer as well as offering a capable emulator of the gaming company’s debut console – the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). Eagle-eyed Twitter user Kapu has spotted some clues hidden within Nintendo Switch Online’s coding that lists 22 SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) titles that Kapu expects will be arriving with the service, joining the existing 20 NES games already on offer . The list is ful
    Nintendo Switch Online subscribers may soon get access to SNES games

  • If you’re the owner of one of its LIFX Tile smart lighting kits, you’ll soon get an all-new feature that will bring touch controls to the lighting system. Actually, no – the LIFX Tile was already secretly equipped with accelerometers embedded in each of its wall-mountable lighting units, meaning that all it requires to be activated is an over-the-air firmware update. New lighting optionsSimply tap one of the lighting modules, and the connected LIFX Tile units will cycle through different lightin
    LIFX Tile smart lighting update unlocks secret tap-to-change color feature

  • Without further ado, here are the winners of TechRadar’s 2019 CES Awards! HDMI 2.1It’s hard to count on one hand all of the 8K TVs at CES 2019. LG 8K OLED (OLED88Z9)The LG 8K OLED (OLED88Z9) is peak CES. Panasonic GZ2000 4K OLED TVJust like the Las Vegas strip itself, the TVs of CES 2019 have been all about the glitz. Royole FlexPai Foldable PhoneThe Royole FlexPai is seriously cool and it’s one of the hottest products at CES 2019.
    The best CES tech: TechRadar’s 2019 CES Awards

  • Pimax’s ‘8K’ headset seemed too good to be true, but after some delays post-successful Kickstarter, the company is ready to start shipping next month, the company told us at CES 2019. Let’s be clear on one point: when we tried on the headset, the ‘8K’ did seem to deliver on its claims for a 200-degree field-of-view. This expands your peripheral vision in the ‘8K’ headset beyond what you’d see in competing devices. Thankfully, it isn’t much heavier than a typical VR headset, though anyone seeing
    Pimax’s ‘8K’ ultra-wide high-resolution VR headset is slated to ship in February

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