• If you’re looking to snag a great Nintendo Switch deal today then we have a fantastic offer for you today. The box includes the Nintendo Switch console, the Nintendo Switch dock in black, and the Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy‑Con controllers. While the $24 coupon code might not seem like much, discounts on the Nintendo Switch are extremely rare. Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy‑Con $299 $274.99 at AmazonSave $24 on the Nintendo Switch console at Amazon when you apply the extra saving
    Nintendo Switch sale: the console gets a rare $24 price cut at Amazon

  • The trailer, which features a stirring voiceover from lead character Arthur Morgan (voiced by Roger Clark), gives us a good look at the PC version’s numerous upgrades in fidelity thanks to its 4K maximum resolution. Red Dead Redemption 2’s PC trailer is available to watch at the YouTube embed below. However, if for some reason you’re having trouble playing the 4K/60fps video, you can also check it out at the Rockstar Games website. As a bonus for those who pre-purchase Red Dead Redemption 2 on t
    Saddle up for Red Dead Redemption 2's stunning 4K/60fps PC trailer

  • It’s the Internet Archive’s mission to preserve as much of the internet as possible in a monolithic digital library in order for both researchers and the general public to have free access to the wealth of knowledge and other miscellany found online. One neat byproduct of this is the preservation of MS-DOS based games, with the current collection weighing in at just under 7,000 titles, thanks to the recent addition of another 2,500 games. And who doesn’t love free games? Thousands of gamesAs is
    2,500 free DOS games added to Internet Archive's web player

  • With Nintendo seemingly sitting on its hands when it comes to a possible Game Boy Classic release (the device’s 30th anniversary has already come and gone), retro-gaming hardware maker Analogue has seized the opportunity to develop its own throwback handheld, announcing the Analogue Pocket for launch in 2020. According to Analogue, the device purports to play pretty much every cartridge-based portable game ever released on its high resolution (1,600 x 1,440-pixel) backlit LCD screen – without em
    Analogue Pocket will make all your retro Game Boy carts playable again in 2020

  • And that may be the situation faced by some Google Stadia players at launch. Revealed in the small print of a YouTube video, the Google Stadia controller will only work wirelessly when used with a Chromecast Ultra dongle at launch. It appears then that if you’re hoping to play on a computer, tablet or phone, you’re going to need to plug the controller in. An unusual controllerThese limitation are a frustration (though may be rectified after launch), but it must be noted that the Google Stadia co
    Google Stadia controller only works wirelessly with Chromecast Ultra for now

  • For now, though, it looks like the PlayStation Now platform – which lets you stream a curated list of legacy PlayStation games directly to your console – will still be available on PS5. Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu recently featured an interview with software engineer Yasuhiro Osaki, who works at Sony Interactive Entertainment. According to DualShockers, Osaki confirmed that PS Now would continue on the next-gen PS5 console, though with some surprising limitations given wider trends in strea
    PS5 will have PS Now – but it'll miss out on a key Xbox and Stadia feature

  • A little trash talk here and there when you’re online gaming can be an enjoyable part of a competitive atmosphere. As of today, Microsoft is addressing that on Xbox One with new content filters for private messages. If you’re an Xbox Insider, the latest build of the Xbox UI offers a new feature that lets you add varying degrees of content control to messages coming to your inbox. These settings can be tweaked for whether they’re messages coming from known or unknown contacts too, like in message
    Xbox testing troll-blocking private messaging feature

  • “There’s no way Baldur’s Gate is going to work on Nintendo Switch,” was the general consensus in the TechRadar office when Skybound Games and Beamdog announced they were porting a selection of classic PC role-playing games to Nintendo’s handheld. Thankfully, our doubts were unfounded – from Baldur’s Gate to Planescape Torment, these ports are magical. Until now that is, with both Baldur’s Gate games, Icewind Dale and Planescape Torment now available on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One, with Nev
    Baldur’s Gate for Nintendo Switch is a dungeon master: CRPG port is magical

  • Fortnite Chapter 2 has begun! To download on iOS or Android (mobile), you’ll need the APK launcher from the Epic Games website – though you can find all that info in our Fortnite mobile guide. Fortnite Chapter 2 will require a 5.27GB download, compared to 13GB on consoles and 14.9GB on PC. And if you haven’t been following the Fortnite news, then what you need to know is that a massive black hole blew up the old Fortnite island map, and servers have been down for two days. We’ll be updating this
    Fortnite Chapter 2 is available to play – though you'll need to download it first

  • Fortnite Chapter Two is a phrase you’ll be hearing a lot this week – here’s why. You can also view the first cinematic trailer for Fortnite Chapter Two below. When will Fortnite Chapter Two start? You can download and play Fortnite Chapter Two now! Twitch Prime benefitsThose who use Twitch Prime and play Fortnite will be glad to know that they have access to free loot right now.
    Fortnite Chapter 2 news, updates, maps, trailers, and download sizes

  • Want to know what’s going to be on Disney Plus at launch? Well, you won’t need to wait until November 12 to find out, as the official Disney Plus Twitter account is currently posting every Disney Plus TV show and film that will be on the service at launch – or, most of them at least. You can see a brief video in the post below, which shows off a number of titles at increasing speed, though if you head over to the Disney Plus Twitter you can see everything being posted by the profile. The wording
    Every Disney Plus launch title is being posted on its official Twitter account

  • Indeed, Relativity has just received $140 million worth of Series C funding towards its overarching aim of being the first company to launch an (almost) entirely 3D printed rocket into orbit. Other outfits, like SpaceX, may 3D print certain parts, but not the whole rocket – or rather 95% of it, with the exceptions being some electronics, cables and rubber gaskets – with that process achieved by giant 3D metal printers called Stargate. Stargate produces all the large parts needed for the rocket,
    Huge 3D printers could produce Mars-bound rockets soon

  • Instant Pot – best known for its fuss-free pressure cookers – is aiming to take over your entire kitchen with a new range of 10 devices to adorn your countertop. The flagship Instant Pot multi-cooker has received various upgrades, including a tougher inner pot that you can use for sautéing on the stove, a brighter display with 48 presets for different meals, and a new cooking progress indicator. It’s not all soups, stews and rice though – Instant Pot has unveiled a range of other multi-function
    Instant Pot rolls out 10 new cookers and blenders for hassle-free dinners

  • For players of the smash-hit battle royale Fortnite, some might be wondering why their entire game has been replaced by a black hole. These players were then sucked into a rift and were left staring at a predominantly black screen with a distant black hole at its center. This same black hole can be viewed via a livestream on the official Fortnite Twitter account. As such, it seems likely that when Fortnite does kick things back off for Season 11, it’ll return with a completely fresh map. Stay tu
    Fortnite's classic map has been swallowed by a black hole ahead of Season 11

  • What is ray tracing? Described as one of the most significant advancements in graphics technology, ray tracing allows games to portray incredibly realistic lighting, shadows and reflections. You’ll also need a video card that supports ray tracing, such as Nvidia’s range of RTX graphics cards. Current AMD cards support ray tracing via DirectX 12, although without dedicated hardware are unlikely to outperform Nvidia’s RTX cards. To give you an idea of how the technology affects gaming performance,
    Nvidia is bringing ray tracing to more classic PC titles

  • TBCThe Sony PS5 controller will release alongside the PlayStation 5 at the end of 2020 – sometime between October and December. PS5 controller priceA price for the PS5 controller has not been confirmed yet, but with the PS4 controller retailing for around £40/$50, we expect the new controller to be just a bit more expensive – maybe around £60/$70. Best PS4 controllers 2019: the top options for smarter gamingPS5 controller confirmed features(Image credit: Shutterstock)The PS5 controller will incl
    Sony PS5 controller release date, news and confirmed features

  • 1999 also gave birth to one of the most beloved and short-lived videogame consoles in history, the Sega Dreamcast, with its release acting as a bitter-sweet endeavor for Sega as a hardware developer. 20 years later and the Sega Dreamcast is still held in high regard by fans and retro enthusiasts alike, due to its innovative features and iconic library of games. Unfortunately, retro gaming hardware is extremely hard to find on the electronic marketplace at a low price, with Dreamcast prices avera
    Using the Sega Dreamcast in 2019

  • But even though a release window has been set for the end of 2020 – matching that of the Xbox Scarlett – there’s still no specific launch day or even price tag for the likely expensive console. That hasn’t stopped one retailer, however, from trying to pin down PS5 sales in advance. Dutch retailer 76 Game Mania is now taking preorders for the next-generation PlayStation 5 console, asking residents in the Netherlands for a holding fee of €50 (around $55 / £45 / AU$80) to make sure you get a PS5 as
    PS5 price still unannounced, though one retailer is already taking preorders

  • The feature will effectively turn every local co-op game and multiplayer game on Steam into an online game. Here’s how he explains the feature:Today our team announced another great new platform feature that will be built into Steam: Remote Play Together. This will allow friends to play local co-op games together over the internet as though they were in the same room together. An announcement explains, “All local multiplayer, local co-op and split-screen games will be automatically included in t
    Steam will soon let offline multiplayer games be played with friends online

  • Red Dead Redemption 2’s PC system requirements have been shared, along with the ways in which Rockstar has improved the graphics over the console versions. Putting up a wanted poster for 150GB is really going some, though, that’s for sure. Also following another trend we’ve recently witnessed in PC requirements is the fact that the game asks for 12GB of RAM as recommended, although only 8GB as the minimum spec. As a result, Red Dead Redemption 2 supports 4K resolutions (and higher) plus HDR on t
    Red Dead Redemption 2 PC system requirements demand a ridiculous amount of disk space

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