• If anyone thought that delaying Cyberpunk 2077 by five months to September would give its developers a little more breathing room, well, guess again. In a call with investors on Thursday, CD Projekt’s chief executive admitted that development crunch will still be necessary as CD Projekt Red brings this project to term. What CD Projekt Red has on hand now is “playable; the whole game,” Kicinski said, adding that “it’s been like that for a couple of months.” Investors also pressed Kicinski for CD
    Cyberpunk 2077 still needs crunch time to complete, CEO says

  • There’s a Mortal Kombat animated film on the way, and Warner Bros. expects it to release before the end of June, The Hollywood Reporter reports. The film is called Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge. Seitz voiced Scorpion in Mortal Kombat X and is Tygra and Mumm-Ra in Cartoon Network’s upcoming Thundercats Roar. Two producers with animated Batman experience are helming the project: Rick Morales (Batman vs. Two-Face) and Jim Krieg (Batman: Gotham by Gaslight). Mortal Kombat 11 is the serie
    Animated Mortal Kombat movie 'Scorpion's Revenge' launching by June

  • Esports scholarships. The ESA, the trade organization representing United States video game publishers, announced on Thursday that it is expanding its 20-year-old scholarship program to include esports competitors in college. The ESA Foundation’s esports scholarship is intended to elevate the participation of women and minorities, who account for a very small percentage of recipients of the esports scholarships awarded by other organizations. The National Association of Collegiate Esports estima
    The ESA creates an esports scholarship for college competitors

  • Their players would watch a video monitor, showing the pitcher from the center-field TV camera, and therefore the catcher’s signs. In the method I use — one of several available to a player — I can guess location, I can guess pitch, or I can guess location and pitch. After their code-talkers in the dugout saw the catcher put down the digits for a curveball, WHAM-WHAM went the trash can: off-speed pitch coming. In MLB The Show 19, if you guess both location and pitch correctly, an alert sounds an
    How MLB The Show illustrates the deadly effectiveness of the Astros' cheating

  • While Valve is returning to the Half-Life franchise after more than a decade with its VR-exclusive Half-Life: Alyx this year, the company says it’s “absolutely not” developing another heavily rumored game: Left 4 Dead 3. In a statement to IGN, Valve said that it “briefly explore[d] some Left 4 Dead next gen opportunities a few years ago,” but that it’s not working on a new Left 4 Dead now and hasn’t done so for years. A new Left 4 Dead game has been rumored for close to a decade, mostly in the f
    Valve says it's not working on Left 4 Dead 3

  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege publisher Ubisoft has filed a lawsuit against the owners of an alleged distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack website. DDoS attacks in Rainbow Six Siege have been a big problem for Ubisoft. In September 2019, the developer enacted a multipronged plan to stop players that perpetuate DDoS attacks, which create lag in multiplayer matches and can crash servers. Now it’s looking to quash the problem from the source — a group of people the company says are selling s
    Ubisoft files lawsuit against Rainbow Six Siege DDoS attackers

  • Ubisoft is overhauling the central editorial team that advises on all of its productions, following lackluster sales of two Tom Clancy games that CEO Yves Guillemot blamed on a lack of differentiation in consumers’ minds. This change is meant to give Ubisoft’s individual franchises, from For Honor to Assassin’s Creed, more distinct identities. An unnamed source told VGC that the previous structure often meant that the tastes and opinions of one or two important people in the editorial team made
    With all its games looking the same, Ubisoft shakes up its editorial team

  • But a very cute Pokémon chewing cookies? The Pokémon Company released two ASMR-styled videos this week, one of which features grass-type Pokémon Chespin eating crunchy, colorful cookies. (Honestly, The Pokémon Company missed an opportunity by not releasing this one as a Yule Log video.) But really, it’s the Chespin video, published on the Pokémon Kids TV YouTube channel, that’s got it all — part mukbang, part ASMR. If neither of these are up your alley, Nintendo’s actually got quite a few ASMR v
    Official Pokémon ASMR is a great way to chill out

  • Super Bowl weekend is one of the biggest and busiest weekends in all of sports, and now Fortnite is coming along for the ride. To celebrate the NFL’s biggest game, Twitch is hosting a Twitch Rivals Fortnite tournament which will include some of the world’s most famous Fortnite streamers teaming up with NFL athletes live in Miami — the site of Super Bowl LIV. The tournament, which Twitch has dubbed the Twitch Rivals Streamer Bowl, will feature 16 different duos. There will be an official Twitch R
    Twitch is hosting a Super Bowl Fortnite tournament

  • Horizon Zero Dawn, a PlayStation 4 exclusive when it was released in 2017, is coming to Windows PC, according to a Kotaku report. Developer by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, Horizon Zero Dawn is a critically acclaimed action role-playing game set in a world with hulking robot creatures. Kotaku reported Horizon Zero Dawn will be released on PC this year, the first time it’s on a platform outside of PlayStation. While Horizon Zero Dawn’s possible release on PC is
    Report: PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn coming to PC

  • That’s called output randomness, and Mark Brown does a wonderful job explaining it, and its sibling input randomness, in this video. Output randomness is best described as having an 87% chance to hit in XCOM and somehow whiffing the shot completely. Furthermore, a bad outcome from output randomness can, in effect, become useful input randomness for the player’s next turn. Input randomness is essentially information before the action: the draw of cards before a turn, or the creation of a procedur
    Games use two types of randomness. Which one is more fair?

  • With the bush fires ongoing in Australia, some game companies are putting relief efforts together via purchase of in-game items or games themselves. In a blog post on its website, the studio announced the new “Guardians for Australia” shirt. The shirt features the classic Guardian spaceship flying over some kangaroos on a hot plain — with the Destiny symbol on the corner of the shirt, seen above. Like most Bungie store purchases, the shirt comes with an in-game emblem called Star Bright (seen ab
    New 'Guardians for Australia' shirt gives Destiny fans a way to donate and get swag

  • Following the delay of Cyberpunk 2077 from April into September of this year, developer CD Projekt Red says the game’s multiplayer component likely won’t surface until “after 2021.” “Given the expected release of Cyberpunk 2077 in September, and frankly speaking of the series of events we expect to occur after that date, 2021 appears unlikely as a release date for the Cyberpunk multiplayer,” Nowakowski said. Related Cyberpunk 2077 delayed to SeptemberThe multiplayer component for Cyberpunk 2077
    Cyberpunk 2077 developer says multiplayer won't be available until after 2021

  • A limited edition Humble Bundle, called the Australia Fire Relief Bundle, was announced on Thursday. The Australia Fire Relief Bundle has a promised value of over $400. That’s the minimum to receive the games, but you’re always welcome to pay more than $25 for the bundle. Humble typically donates 10% of each Humble Bundle purchase to charity, but is sending 100% of the money it makes from the Australia Fire Relief Bundle to the World Wildlife Fund, RSPCA Australia, and Australia’s Wildlife Infor
    Humble joins in fire relief efforts with a charity bundle of Australian games

  • The GOATS meta — a strategy requiring all tanks and healers — dominated Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch League in 2019. Today, the developer revealed a new skin that’ll be released ahead of the Overwatch League’s Feb. 8 kickoff: GOAT Brigitte. To celebrate the Greatest Of All TimeGOAT Brigitte will be available February 6th to kick-off the start of #OWL2020 pic.twitter.com/C70YYJ41of — Overwatch League (@overwatchleague) January 16, 2020″To celebrate the Greatest Of All Time,” Blizzard tweete
    New Overwatch League skin is a homage to the infamous GOATS meta

  • After being ported to virtually every video game platform known to man, the world and lore of Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is now set to arrive inside its own sibling MMO, The Elder Scrolls Online. The team at developer ZeniMax Online Studios unveiled new details about its upcoming season of content, titled The Dark Heart of Skyrim. In the second quarter, ZeniMax says it will release The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor, a new and complete chapter in the ongoing story of the popular MMO.
    The Elder Scrolls Online Skyrim expansion detailed, watch the new trailer

  • Today has been thick with Fire Emblem: Three Houses news, starting with the addition of Byleth to the Super Smash Bros. But the hits keep coming, as Nintendo has dropped news of the fourth wave of DLC content coming to Three Houses on Feb. 12, and it sounds like it’s going to be meaty. Thus far the Fire Emblem: Three Houses expansion pass has added a small handful of costumes, items, and playable characters, but the fourth content release will feature a new side story called Cindered Shadows. Th
    Fire Emblem: Three Houses gets a secret fourth house in DLC

  • Gris, A Plague Tale: Innocence, and Children of Morta will join the Xbox Game Pass for PC library in the coming weeks, bringing that collection to a total of 180. Xbox Game Pass for PC, still in beta, launched during E3 2019. Access to its lineup of PC titles is included with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, a new subscription also announced at E3 2019 (and which also bundles in Xbox Live Gold). Ordinarily, Xbox Game Pass for PC is $4.99 a month; Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is $14.99 a month. Children of Mo
    Xbox Game Pass for PC adding three indie games this month

  • Cyberpunk 2077, the highly anticipated new role-playing game from the studio behind the Witcher series, has been delayed. The game was previously expected on April 16; now it won’t launch until Sept. 17, five months later. We want Cyberpunk 2077 to be our crowning achievement for this generation and postponing launch will give us the precious months we need to make the game perfect.” We have important news regarding Cyberpunk 2077’s release date we’d like to share with you today. The delay appli
    Cyberpunk 2077 delayed to September

  • Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition comes to Switch for the first time on Feb. 20 — nine months after the original Devil May Cry hit the system. But the new Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition also brings a huge quality of life improvement to the 2005 action game: the ability to seamlessly swap your weapon style on the go. In Devil May Cry 4, Devil May Cry 5, and DMC, you can switch up which weapons you’re using pretty quickly. But the new seamless style switching works just like the other games — you s
    Devil May Cry 3's Switch debut includes a new seamless style switching feature

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