• This year’s GuardianCon charity stream has been a massive success, totalling a whopping $3.7 million in donations over the course of the weekend, all to benefit the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and its ongoing fight against childhood cancer. This year, Bungie staffers participated in part of the weekend livestream, raising around $400,000 during their time on the stream. Here’s the video (thanks, Dexerto):For its part, St. Jude tweeted its thanks to everyone who participated in the char
    GuardianCon raised more than $3.7M for charity this weekend

  • (Image credit: Future)Detention, the ruminative Taiwanese horror game by Red Candle Games, is getting a film adaptation, and its set to hit cinemas in Taiwan this September. The film adaptation is directed by John Hsu, who provided the following statement (via Taiwan News). “As a gamer, the original Detention game left me shocked and made a deep impact,” he wrote. My goal was to keep the film true to the spirit of the game, but to further develop a unique vision and emotion. I wanted to create a
    Taiwanese horror game Detention is getting a film adaptation

  • Since January, once a week 83-year-old Shirley Curry has been cracking open a book and reading it to her audience of some 600,000 Youtube subscribers. Not just any books—the books inside Skyrim, which she’s been playing as the Skyrim Grandma since 2015. Still, they’re soothing with Shirley Curry reads them, and that’s the whole point. After reading last week’s book, Watcher of Stones , Curry pauses for a moment, asks Inigo for his opinion on the book (he doesn’t have one), then offers her take.
    Make your day a little brighter by watching Skyrim Grandma Shirley Curry read a book

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator was one of the best things to come out of E3—and the prospect of soaring over realistic cities and snowy mountains just got even more appetizing. The game will support “third-party content development and community content creation”, the development team confirmed in a blog post this week, and no doubt modders are already licking their lips. Microsoft didn’t specify exactly how it would support community content, but my guess is that we’ll see something akin to the Min
    Microsoft Flight Simulator will support 'community content'

  • Destiny 2’s Lord of Wolves burst-fire shotgun is overpowered. In PvP, that means repeatedly dying to the weapon, which can shut down super abilities in an instant. Bungie intend to nerf the gun, but not immediately, according to creative director Luke Smith, who says a quick fix would put too much strain on the dev team. “To ask a team to do that back-to-back, full disclosure, is not a thing we want to do. In a later blog post, Smith said the weapon was particularly broken in PvP games on PC.
    Bungie delays Destiny 2 shotgun nerf to reduce workload on dev team

  • A few years ago a StarCraft 2 mod gave one of its maps the cartoon stylings of CarBot Animations, whose YouTube series StarCrafts has been turning the classic RTS into something much more adorable since 2012. Now they’re doing something similar for StarCraft: Remastered, only this time it won’t be tucked away in Arcade Mode. It’s a reskin for the entire game, with even the cutscene talking heads turned cute and cartoonish. This visual overhaul was created with help from Blizzard and has taken ov
    StarCraft: Remastered is getting a cartoon reskin

  • Survival RTS They Are Billions came out of Early Access recently with a full campaign mode to supplement its existing survival mode. It received a rough reaction on Steam’s user reviews, with recent reviews dropping from Very Positive to Mixed. Developer Numantian have responded to the feedback with the first of many updates. The difficulty of the first few missions has been lowered, and the default mode is now Accessible rather than Challenging to encourage new players to start there and work t
    They Are Billions campaign patch alters difficulty, time limits

  • In Streets of Rogue you’re a member of the Resistance, with missions to do in a procedurally generated city. You’re expected to carry them out with whatever tools your character has at their disposal. This is the kind of game where you can put poison gas in air vents, but it’s also got pills that turn people into giants. Streets of Rogue has been in Early Access for over two years, but as that trailer above shows, developer Matt Dabrowski is ready for his game baby to leave beta. Streets of Rogu
    Roguelite immersive sim Streets of Rogue is leaving Early Access

  • After a couple of delays, Halo: The Master Chief Collection’s first test on PC is expected to begin soon. 343 Industries was aiming for June, after E3, and now the flighting for Halo: Reach is on track to start next week. Registered Halo Insiders will be the first to get their hands on the remastered Reach, but only a small number of them. “We need to take our time to ensure we’re sending out a quality flight to our Halo Insiders,” Junyszek said. While this test won’t be a public, the details wi
    Halo: The Master Chief Collection's first closed PC test starts next week

  • Another week, another Epic Games Store freebie. This time it’s swashbuckling space sim Rebel Galaxy, and you can add it to your library today. It’s also getting a sequel, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, which is more of a dogfighting space sim. Check out three hours of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw gameplay. In a week, you’ll be able to grab Last Day of June for free, too.
    Rebel Galaxy is free for a week on the Epic Games Store

  • Dota Underlords’ beta went live yesterday and, at the time of writing, it already has more than 170,000 people playing it concurrently, according to SteamDB. This is just based on Steam numbers and does not include all the Android and iOS players. Dota Autochess quickly became one of the most talked about mods, even beyond the Dota 2 community, echoing the original Defense of the Ancient’s rise to prominence. There are already a few new versions in development, though Valve’s been pretty quick i
    Dota Underlords has more than double Artifact's peak player count

  • Apex Legends has received a client patch on PC, focused on data centre improvements like making it clearer what server you’ve selected. Clients will also now increase the rate they send user inputs to the server. The selected data center will be highlighted in orange. Clients will now send user input to the server at a higher rate. In this patch we’re adding more telemetry to help us identify specifically how this error is being caused.
    Apex Legends PC patch adds data centre and client improvements

  • pcgamer wrote a new post, Site Blocked, on the site GoGame.com 4 days, 21 hours ago

    Sorry, http://www.pcgamer.com has been blocked by Manhattan Computer Solutions. If you require immediate access to this site please contact Manhattan Computer Solutions on 0861 626 266. If you require access to this site please click on the link below.

  • Speaking of maps, all DLC maps will be free in both matchmaking and private play, so you’ll always be able to play with your mates. Gears of War 4 also unlocked DLC maps in multiplayer, but to get access to them in private matches you had to buy the season pass. It’s essentially a free battle pass. No loot boxes and maps for everyone should keep prospective players happy, and a free battle pass is a very nice surprise. I’ve never bought a battle pass in my life, so this is going to be a novelty.
    Gears 5 won't have a season pass and DLC maps will be free

  • RPGs shouldn’t have to focus on combat, shouldn’t have to even feature it, and an upcoming example of the latter is intriguing text-based RPG Roadwarden. In it, you play as a sort of highway defender, protecting the roads from hostile creatures and the resurrected dead. It’s a fantasy world brought to life with environmental pixel art, but mainly with big giant globs of narration and dialogue. The focus, however, is on the involved conversation system. Think Dragon Age 2’s earnest, nasty or sarc
    Roadwarden's demo lets you test its cool attitude-driven conversation system

  • Dota Underlords, Valve’s standalone take on the Dota Auto Chess mod for Dota 2 (which, let us not forget, is Valve’s standalone take on the Defense of the Ancients mod for Warcraft 3), is now live and free on Steam. This will introduce progression, cosmetics, custom boards, and a host of other new features to the Dota Underlords experience. This will introduce progression, cosmetics, custom boards, and a host of other new features to the Dota Underlords experience. Every season we’ll say goodbye
    Dota Underlords open beta is now live on Steam and mobile devices

  • Children of Morta was announced in 2014 as a roguelike action game about the Bergsons, an extended family that’s served as the guardians of the mystical Mount Morta for generations. I had some issues getting the demo to run, including one crash-to-desktop, but after a reboot it fired up and ran without trouble. For reasons I don’t fully (or even slightly) understand, the demo will only be available until June 22, which is a shame because it’s really good. If you’ve had any interest at all in Chi
    Children of Morta gets a time-limited demo on Steam, and it's really good

  • Amazon’s Deal of the Day takes a hefty 40 percent or more off of various Logitech PC gaming peripherals, including mice, keyboards, and headsets that you can currently save quite the pretty penny on. Here are a few highlights you can expect to snag from the deal, which is only going on through today. (Image credit: Logitech) Logitech G635 Gaming Headset | $99 (save $40)The G635 headset is pricier, but its 50mm Pro-G drivers and DTS surround sound let you hear everything around you with sparkling
    Tons of Logitech peripherals are marked down on Amazon today

  • Welcome back to The PC Gamer Show , our weekly livestreamed podcast. You can catch the show live on Wednesdays at 1 pm PDT on our Twitch channel , or after the fact at any of the links below. On this week’s show, James, Steven, and Wes revisit all the big game news and reveals from E3, including Elden Ring, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Watch Dogs Legion, Doom Eternal, Cyberpunk 2077, and more. How to listen:Hosts this week:James Davenport ( Twitter , Twitch )Wes Fenlon ( Twitter )
    The PC Gamer Show 165: The big E3 recap show, featuring Cyberpunk 2077

  • Dota Underlords, Valve’s standalone Auto Chess game and the heir to mod Dota Auto Chess , is in closed beta for those who have a Dota 2 battle pass. If you’re wondering about huge changes to the game mechanics in Dota Underlords, as opposed to Dota Auto Chess, it’s a bunch of small things and one big change. Though there are huge quality of life improvements, Underlords and the smartphone Auto Chess game are two forks of the same design. That doesn’t mean there aren’t improvements in Underlords:
    Dota Underlords is a streamlined Auto Chess with some nice tweaks

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