• If you loved the world of Amnesia: The Dark Descent but found it all too scary, then The Shadow of the Ramlord might be more your speed. It’s an hour-long Lovecraftian adventure built using assets from The Dark Descent and its sequel, A Machine for Pigs, and promises to be light on scares but heavy on environmental storytelling, atmosphere and necromancy. They say it’ll appeal to those who enjoyed SOMA, the semi-scary, philosophical survival horror from Frictional Games, the same developer that
    This Amnesia mod is a standalone Lovecraftian tale without any scares

  • Apex Legends already has one loveable robot, Pathfinder, but there’s plenty of room for another. Yesterday he gave an answer: he’s keen, and so is Respawn’s CEO Vince Zampella. I am also down.February 16, 2019Clearly, that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen, and there are plenty of other interested parties on both sides including Sony’s Columbia Pictures, which distributed the 2015 film. Chappie’s aesthetic isn’t too different to Pathfinder’s either, so I’m sure there would be a way to tie them t
    Respawn and Chappie's creator keen for Apex Legends tie-in

  • Last week, we revealed all the Soviet divisions Eugen has designed for Steel Division 2, so this week it’s the opposition’s turn. Historically, the German line was demolished by the Soviet assault, but in Steel Division 2, the Axis can still field plenty of experienced, well-equipped troops. 5th Panzerdivision (German 5th Armoured Division)The German 5th Armoured Division has a lot of weight to throw around. 20th Panzerdivision (German 20th Armoured Division)The German 20th Armoured Division was
    Every new Steel Division 2 Axis division revealed

  • The chances of a new Dino Crisis appearing in the near future are probably pretty low, but if you’re still carrying a torch for Capcom’s dino survival horror romp, there’s finally a Resident Evil 2 mod that might scratch your itch, putting Dino Crisis’ Regina and Dylan into the remake. The Dino Crisis mod pack swaps Claire for Regina and Leon for Morton, and you can find some goodies—there are new weapons, including the Glock—waiting for you in the RPD main hall. It turns out Sherry is a Dino Cr
    Resident Evil 2 Remake mod adds Dino Crisis costumes and weapons

  • Crackdown 3 is out now, and players have already started tearing across the city. As well as the singleplayer campaign, you can team up with a mate and cause some mayhem in co-op, but there’s an unexpected caveat: the co-op campaign is locked at 30fps, even when both players are on PC. The singleplayer campaign doesn’t have the same restrictions—you can unlock the framerate—and it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with Crackdown having crossplay. Microsoft claimed that the framerate wouldn’t b
    Crackdown 3 co-op reportedly locked at 30fps

  • Alfonso Ribeiro’s suit against 2K and Epic Games over the use of his character’s dance from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is facing a pretty significant obstacle. The US Copyright Office has refused his copyright registration. Since ‘The Carlton’ wasn’t already copyrighted, Ribeiro and his lawyers first had to register with the US Copyright Office. For copyright purposes, there’s a distinction between a dance and a choreographed work, and for a dance to be considered the latter, it needs a sufficient
    Fortnite Carlton dance lawsuit hits copyright speed bump

  • Mortal Kombat 11’s latest character reveal trailer brings back the assassin Jade. She’s got a big stick and is looking a lot more undead than the last time we saw her. Jade’s not the only undead warrior. Mortal Kombat 11 is due out on April 23. Hopefully the PC port will be better than Mortal Kombat 10’s.
    Jade's Mortal Kombat 11 fatality shows off an interesting use for her staff

  • Fortnite is giving away the Season 8 battle pass free, providing you can complete 13 challenges before the end of the Share the Love event. Epic dropped the announcement in today’s patch notes which detail the requirements for the surprise Valentine’s day gift. Everyone that manages to complete 13 Overtime challenges before February 27 will receive a Season 8 battle pass completely free, earning two Season 8 outfits immediately, as well as the chance to earn up to five more. The event runs until
    Fortnite's Season 8 battle pass will be free

  • THQ Nordic has today acquired Warhorse Studios, the developers behind Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The news comes exactly one year after the release of the medieval open-world RPG, Kingdom Come: Deliverance and has now sold over 2 million copies across all platforms. Here’s what says Lars Wingefors, CEO of THQ Nordic AB, had to say about all of this. “Warhorse Studios is one of the leading independent studios in Europe and I am proud to welcome them to the THQ Nordic group. Kingdom Come: Deliveran
    THQ Nordic acquire Kingdom Come: Deliverance makers Warhorse Studios

  • Microsoft is expected to unveil its next-generation HoloLens headset during a scheduled press event on February 24, and as that date draws closer, a short teaser video has emerged. We can also see what looks to be carbon fiber construction in the second half of the clip. According to TechCrunch, there are reports suggesting HoloLens 2 will use a Qualcomm 850 chip and new Project Kinect sensors. HoloLens set the stage for mixed reality headsets for Windows 10, of which there are now several model
    Microsoft’s likely HoloLens 2 teaser hints at carbon fiber construction

  • District 9 director Neill Blomkamp has certainly been making the rounds recently. Just last week we reported that he visited Creative Assembly’s studio for a look at their new but so-far-unannounced FPS game and now it seems he has some involvement in Anthem, if a tweet this afternoon is anything to go by. #anthemgame pic.twitter.com/5SxlTO6W1iFebruary 11, 2019While we have no way of knowing what the tweet is referring to specifically, fans are putting forward any number of suggestions, from a f
    Neill Blomkamp hints at involvement with Anthem

  • An update for Battlefield 5 which is set to drop tomorrow will add four-player co-op as well as Nvidia DLSS support. We first heard about the four-player co-op last year. The mode, named Combined Arms, will let you team up with up to three friends to take on AI enemies in eight different PVE missions with objectives across four different maps. As for multiplayer, Rush mode will be back at the beginning of March, but only for a limited time during Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes. Additionally, the u
    Battlefield 5 update will add 4-player co-op and Nvidia DLSS support tomorrow

  • Total War: Three Kingdoms has had its release date pushed back and will no longer be out on March 7. Instead, we can expect to see the game released on May 23. The initial release date was revealed back in September, and since then we’ve had a number of trailers detailing various heroes and factions such as Cao Cao and, most recently, the tyrannical Dong Zhuo. A number of features and mechanics have also been detailed, including an overhauled diplomacy system and spycraft. Total War: Three Kingd
    Total War: Three Kingdoms release date has been delayed

  • An open beta for The Division 2 was all but confirmed by during an official livestream over the weekend. The Division 2’s developers and community team jumped into the private beta and streamed this weekend while chatting with the community and answering questions. In a clip captured by Reddit user TiniestBuckle, one of the devs is heard to say “we’re going to fix that for the open beta” when addressing an issue currently in the game. An open beta would give developers a chance to properly stres
    The Division 2 open beta was seemingly revealed on a livestream

  • It appears that Mortal Kombat 11 has had most of its remaining roster revealed by way of leaked Steam achievements, last week. The achievement list seems to confirm that Kung Lao, Cassie Cage, Frost, Kotal Kahn, Erron Black, Jacqu, and Jade—as well as a few new characters—will be joining the roster. Mortal Kombat 11 was first announced at the Game Awards last year, with more details revealed a few weeks ago via a live stream by developers NetherRealm. The reveal included both story and gameplay
    Mortal Kombat 11 director Ed Boon responds to roster leak

  • Valve has been forced to update the Steam VR beta in order to keep up with ‘Beat Saber experts.’ “Increase limits of what we thought was humanly possible for controller motion based on tracking data from Beat Saber experts,” the patch notes stated. One of these checks is the presumed maximum speed that it’s physically possible for someone to move their wrist, but it seems Beat Saber players have proved them wrong, prompting the update. If you’re unfamiliar with Beat Saber, imagine Guitar Hero wi
    Beat Saber players were too fast for Steam VR

  • Eviternity is a massive project put together by the Doom modding community consisting of six five-map episodes which use a new high-quality texture pack. The episodes each explore a different theme, with examples like “Icy castles”, “Medieval”, and “Industrial/Brutalism”. There are a couple of secret maps as well, because what would Doom be without secrets? Though it was initially released in December, Eviternity has just had a final revision, and you can read all about its changes here. Or you
    Doom megawad Eviternity hits final revision

  • Microsoft Solitaire Collection, the version of Solitaire that comes free with Windows 10, is adding a leveling system. This news has been brought to us via the weirdly good video you can see above, which riffs off the famous “in a world” trailer for Comedian. To quote the video: “Solitaire is going to add a player leveling system with experience points and rewards.” So I guess Solitaire is an RPG now? Anyway, here’s the trailer for Comedian featuring the legendary voice actor Hal Douglas, RIP.
    Microsoft Solitaire Collection adds a feature everyone has been waiting for: Leveling up

  • The JRPG series Ni No Kuni is being made into an animated movie by Level-5, and will release in Japan this summer. It’s being directed by Yoshiyuki Momose, who as well as working on both Ni No Kuni games has directed several shorts and commercials for Studio Ghibli. Composer Joe Hisaishi is another familiar name for Ghibli fans, having scored movies including Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke. It will apparently tell a new story in the Ni No Kuni setting, about a boy named Yu (voiced by Kento
    Ni No Kuni is being made into a movie

  • The Resident Evil 2 Remake gave a facelift to every aspect of the original, including the UI. It’s now much sleeker, and easier to navigate—but that hasn’t stopped some fans feeling nostalgia for the menus of 1998. If you’re one of them, then you should grab a new mod called Classic UI, which reverses many of the changes, giving you a retro health bar, classic save icons with character portraits, and the original Resident Evil 2 logo, alongside other tweaks. You can grab it here, courtesy of mod
    Resident Evil 2 Remake mod restores the classic UI

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