• The least expensive of the bunch is the RX 5700 Red Dragon—it carries a $359 MSRP, which is just $10 above reference. Here’s how the full Red Devil/Dragon lineup looks:PowerColor RX 5700 XT Red Devil Limited Edition—$449PowerColor RX 5700 XT Red Devil—$439PowerColor RX 5700 Red Devil—$389PowerColor RX 5700 XT Red Dragon—$409PowerColor RX 5700 Red Dragon—$359As for the Limited Edition card, it carries a $20 premium over the regular 5700 XT Red Devil, which gets you an RGB mouse pad and, less inte
    Pricing looks good on PowerColor’s Red Devil and Dragon Radeon RX 5700 cards

  • Doom Eternal’s Battlemode is a new 2v1 fight between a pair of player-controlled demons and a heavily-armed human Slayer. It was shown off during the Quakecon 2019 keynote and now you can give the multiplayer overview a watch, getting you ready for the November launch. The Revenant has a jetpack, the Pain Elemental floats and the Slayer can spend lots of time soaring across the map thanks to jump pads monkey bars. The Pain Elemental, with its lofty view of the battlefield, will probably make a h
    Doom Eternal's multiplayer trailer shows off the 2v1 Battlemode

  • 1C Entertainment has announced that Kings Bounty 2 is in development and expected out next year. The original King’s Bounty predates Heroes of Might and Magic and let wandering adventurers explore a bunch of fantasy realms, recruit troops and creatures, and get into turn-based tactical battles. A decade later the series returned with King’s Bounty: Legend, which introduced more RPG elements, a lot of silliness, and you could marry a zombie. While the tactical battles remain, King’s Bounty 2 seem
    King's Bounty 2 takes the tactical RPG in a new direction

  • Alongside a broad back-to-school promotion, Lenovo is also slashing prices on a bunch of its Legion prebuilt desktops and laptops in an event it’s calling Intel Gaming Days. Running from August 15th through September 1st, the sale features price cuts on a huge range of Legion systems, from their Y-series of laptops to their traditional desktops and bulky Cubes. During the promotion, you can save yourself up to $550 on Legion desktops with the code INTELGAMERDAYS. Lenovo laptops and desktops on s
    Celebrate whatever Intel Gaming Days is with discounts on Lenovo desktops and laptops

  • No Man’s Sky Beyond launched yesterday, and while some astronauts have been socialising in space and playing in VR for the first time, others have been getting booted out before they get to the good stuff. A new update, released today, aims to tackle some of these stability issues. Most of the bug fixes tackle crashes, including rendering, memory and VR-related issues. One of the main problem areas, the Space Anomaly that houses the Nexus, should also be less likely to cause your game to crash.
    No Man's Sky Beyond's first update tackles stability issues

  • Time-travelling ‘competitive tower defense’ game Rock of Ages is receiving another sequel early 2020. In Humpty Dumpty mode you must gently bowl the famously fragile egg man gently down dangerous assault courses. It’s good to see that ACE Team’s sense of humour is a big part of the third game. Rock of Ages 3 will feature no fewer than 20 boulders, including the classic moon-with-a-face boulder, a big fist-shaped boulder, and a giant wheel of cheese. There’s more on the Rock of Ages 3 official si
    Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break is coming to flatten your castle next year

  • The game has you investigating the disappearance of a young boy in the same region where the Blair Witch is rumoured to hunt. I’m sure the kid’s just fine. That’s the set up for the new Blair Witch game, which comes from the team that made pretty-but-flawed horror game Layers of Fear and Observer. Hopefully that’s just the first one, and not Book of Shadows or the 2016 Blair Witch. Blair Witch is out in a few weeks, on August 30.
    Blair Witch trailer shows completely safe and normal forest

  • Vampire: The Masquerade—Bloodlines was based on the tabletop RPG Vampire: The Masquerade. The videogame’s protagonist was defined by the same skills and abilities, and its vampiric clans used broadly the same disciplines. In the pen-and-paper game Thinblood Alchemy lets them temporarily counterfeit any other clans’ powers, and for Bloodlines 2 they chose three to focus on. “The three Thinblood Disciplines – Chiropteran (Affinity to Bats), Nebulation (Mist Form), and Mentalism (Telekinesis) have
    Bloodlines 2 dev explains how it connects to the tabletop RPG

  • (Image credit: Future)In a shock announcement, Gfinity Esports Australia has confirmed it will cease its operations in the country by the end of November. Best known for its Gfinity Elite Series – which hit Australia across two events in 2018 and 2019 – Gfinity also collaborated with the Hoyts Cinemas chain on the launch of a dedicated esports arena in Sydney. “This is a very difficult announcement for all our staff,” Gfinity Esports Australia CEO Dominic Remond said in a statement. “We will con
    Gfinity Esports Australia is shutting down

  • No Man’s Sky Beyond launched today, bringing with it VR support, 32-player multiplayer on PC, and lots of other new features I’ve gotten tired of summarizing at the beginning of these articles. It’s hardly a surprise that not everything is working immaculately with an update this big, but some of the issues are pretty serious. My next visit to The Nexus, however, resulted in screen freeze and a crash to desktop while flying into the entrance. A number of crashing issues have been reported both w
    No Man's Sky Beyond has launched, but it's also been crashing

  • Sometimes they are old games we’ve been meaning to go back and try, like Titanfall 2, sometimes they’re new or living games like Destiny 2. Sometimes you might get a story about alien contact and burning space stations, like Andy’s adventure in Elite Dangerous this month. I have never done this, because, despite having played a lot of Destiny 2, I’ve barely touched competitive at all. By just my tenth game I’m Brave III, which is nearly halfway to my goal. (Image credit: cardboard computer)I’ve
    PC Gamer plays: Destiny 2, Kentucky Route Zero, Elite Dangerous, and Titanfall 2

  • Earlier this week, Unknown Worlds told key reseller G2A it owed the developer $300,000. The gist of G2A’s post is that Unknown Worlds’ losses through chargebacks came from sales of Natural Selection 2 in 2013, a year before G2A existed. “Launched in 2014, G2A Marketplace was celebrating its 5th birthday this year,” the post reads. It’s unlikely to inspire Unknown Worlds or others to work with G2A to combat fraud. The page doesn’t specify precisely when in 2013 the G2A Marketplace went live, but
    G2A responds to Unknown Worlds' accusations, calling them slander (Updated)

  • Once a game is in the wild, the tiniest crack in the code will instantly be swarmed by a freight train of players who exploit the issue for their own gain. Our question for our staff and readers is: What’s the biggest game exploit you’ll admit to using? The game hadn’t acknowledged that the weapon left my inventory yet, so it just dropped a copy. I’ve since replayed the game without using the exploit, but I still feel bad about using it that first time. Robin Valentine: Nothing, ever(Image credi
    What's the biggest game exploit you'll admit to using?

  • THQ Nordic has slyly revealed a few more of the 81 games it apparently has in development. Last year, it gobbled up Koch Media, adding the likes of Saints Row and Dead Island to its increasingly massive catalogue of games, and a recent financial report confirms new games for both series are in development. The Saints’ last main outing was back in 2013, with superb superhero romp Saints Row 4. It left things open to more shenanigans, but Volition instead turned its attention to Agents of Mayhem,
    Volition is working on a new Saints Row

  • The Falconeer is a dogfighting game set above an ocean world, but instead of jets or spaceships peppering each other with rockets and lasers, it’s massive birds. Gameplay from last year pits the falcon and its little human rider against a dragon—oh dear—in the middle of a storm. It promises “classic dogfighting mechanics”, though I’m not sure how they translate to riding a bird. As a falconeer, you’ll work your way up from squire to legend, taking on jobs and quests for various benefactors or ju
    The Falconeer is a dogfighting game with giant birds

  • Need for Speed: Heat is the next instalment in EA long-running racing romp, confirming the leak from Australian retailer Gameware. You can watch the reveal trailer above, which gives us a taste of the story but no in-game footage. Not for the first time in Need for Speed, the cops are involved, this time a ‘rogue police force’, though we don’t know much about them yet. It was even more evident in the last game, Payback, which was less ‘so bad it’s good’ and more just plain bad. Need for Speed: H
    Need for Speed: Heat will pit you against rogue cops in November

  • Everyone’s favorite Twitter personality —and also musician, rapper, producer, actor, and more—Ice-T voices an AI character named Balex in Borderlands 3. Balex is a ship’s navigation AI who was booted out of his downed craft by the combat AI after she stuffed him into a teddy bear. He helps guide the vault hunter through the ship, called the Family Jewel, in search of a vault key fragment. He insists he’s more than just a navigation AI, and then reprimands himself whenever he navigates. Head here
    Ice-T voices a character in Borderlands 3

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  • Nauticrawl jams you inside a weird alien vehicle that you don’t know how to pilot and just lets you get on with figuring it out, or not figuring it out, dying and then trying a different approach. It’s part sim, part roguelike and learning how to control your new vehicle is one big puzzle. Creator Andrea Interguglielmi says it’s the product of a childhood spent pretending to pilot submarines and robots, and years spent playing space sims and text adventures. I’m reminded of Objects in Space, a s
    Learn how to pilot a stolen alien vehicle in Nauticrawl

  • Sea of Thieves’ August update, Dark Relics, introduces new voyages for you to complete and chests for you to hunt down, but forget all of that, because the most important new addition is harpoon guns on rowboats. Harpoon guns are, next to maybe fishing, the best thing Rare has added to its increasingly entertaining piratical romp. The Dark Relics voyages aren’t floating my boat quite as much. Skeletons have stolen some relics, so you need to hunt them down across three voyages and get them back.
    Sea of Thieves' Dark Relics update finally sticks harpoon guns on rowboats

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