• 4A Games has said previously that Metro Exodus will be more open than the previous games in the Metro series, but it won’t be a completely open world like that of Stalker. For one thing, individual levels in Exodus will be much larger than anything seen in the previous games. The biggest outdoor level in Last Light was roughly “200 meters to 100 meters,” Prokhorov said,. That means everything from weapons, attachments, and other loot, to “frozen stories” that reveal more about the game world and
    Metro Exodus is bigger than 2033 and Last Light combined

  • It’s not often that a developer takes the words right out of my mouth, but developer Supergonk did just that when they, too, called Trailblazers “F-Zero meets Splatoon.” Trailblazers supports 3v3 online multiplayer and four-player local split-screen multiplayer, though you can also play by yourself in singleplayer challenges. Of course, its painting mechanic is more exciting in multiplayer where you can blaze a trail for your teammates to ride like a slipstream. “Some drivers are paint-focused,
    Trailblazers is a co-op racer about painting ever-changing tracks

  • Qualcomm may have the edge when it comes to 4G connected PCs at the moment, but Intel is fighting back. The Santa Clara chip maker said it is collaborating with industry partners to inject Windows laptops with 5G connectivity next year. Upcoming 5G-capable PCs will use Intel’s XMM 8000 series commercial 5G modems to deliver much faster wireless speeds to detachable 2-in-1 devices and laptops. Intel also hinted at there being 5G gaming laptops, as it made a point to extol the benefits of 5G on ga
    Intel is bringing fast 5G wireless connectivity to PCs next year

  • Hunt: Showdown, the competitive supernatural bounty hunting game that we like very much (even though it suffers from a few issues) is now available to everyone on Steam Early Access. Stats will be tracked on leaderboards, and new stats, lore, and other features will be added as the Early Access period unfolds. “Hunt: Showdown is an Early Access title, and players should note that they will experience crashes, as well as optimization, performance, and balancing issues,” Crytek said. Hunt: Showdow
    Hunt: Showdown is now available on Steam Early Access

  • As it pertains to laptops, this Alienware 15 with a Core i7-7700HQ processor and GeForce GTX 1060 GPU can be had for $1,300. The laptop is on sale for $1,700, down from $1,950. However, if you use coupon code AW400 at checkout, it knocks an additional $400 off the price. To start with, the GeForce GTX 1060 GPU has the full 6GB of GDDR5 allotment, as opposed to the 3GB model. The GeForce GTX 1060 GPU is not to going to manage playable framerates in too many games at 4K, but if you need or want th
    Get an 4K Alienware 15 laptop with a GeForce GTX 1060 6GB for $1,300

  • Astroneer got a big, free update today—its “biggest update to date,” developer System Era Softworks reckons—that makes significant additions to its base building and power systems. New base platforms are the high point of the update. You can use a small fabricator to print medium platforms straight from your backpack, or print a medium fabricator and plop it down if you need larger objects. System Era says existing bases will automatically be updated to fit these new systems, but advises that yo
    Astroneer's biggest update yet is all about building bases

  • Internet service providers and wireless carriers are still bound by net neutrality rules, but only for two more months. That’s because the Federal Communications Commission cut through the last bit of red tape today by publishing the repeal of net neutrality rules in the Federal Register (PDF). At that point, ISPs and wireless carriers will no longer have to adhere to net neutrality rules that were put in place under the previous administration. Opponents of net neutrality also claim that existi
    FCC sets April 23 kill date for net neutrality rules

  • Rhode Island Representative Robert Nardolillo has announced plans to introduce legislation that will add a ten percent tax to all M-rated (or higher) videogames sold in the state. “There is evidence that children exposed to violent videogames at a young age tend to act more aggressively than those who are not,” Nardolillo said, without actually citing any supporting evidence. “This bill would give schools the additional resources needed to help students deal with that aggression in a positive wa
    Rhode Island Rep. calls for special tax on violent videogames

  • Corsair today announced the Obsidian 500D, a new mid-tower case that retains the brushed aluminum design of other Obsidian cases, but adds “smoked” tempered glass side panels. I haven’t spent any time with Corsair’s new case, but it looks to be the same way. “With its clean exterior lines, smoked tempered glass side panels and a curved aluminum front, the Obsidian 500D combines minimalist design with the best in premium materials. Corsair calls the darkened glass smoked, we say tinted. You can i
    Corsair’s new brushed aluminum case uses smoky glass to dim the lights

  • In fact, the fog of multiple wars made me almost forget about Total War: Arena—the online-only 10v10 competitive battler that Wargaming is overseeing. Its open beta kicks off today. “Together with beta testers, we’ve crafted a game that easily lets newcomers jump in and start battling, while fulfilling the promise to seasoned veteran strategy players who have been at war for years.” We can’t wait for new players to try out this unique Total War multiplayer experience, while we work on more facti
    Total War: Arena rolls out open beta

  • Final Fantasy 15 stormed the PC Gamer Weekender 2018 with a trio of trailers detailing its base game, Comrades multiplayer expansion, and scope for adorable civilian Cactuar mods. If you fancied any of that, the JRPG’s incoming Windows Edition is getting a complimentary demo next week. Bringing with it the entirety of chapter one, it’s available to download on Monday, February 26. “If you pre-purchase or purchase FF15 Windows Edition on Steam before 1st May 2018, you can claim the Half-Life pack
    Final Fantasy 15 to get free demo next week, limited-time Half-Life Steam crossover

  • With this in mind, the University of Cambridge’s Bad News is a game designed to help players spot falsified stories online. In conversation with the BBC, Dr Sander van der Linden, the director of the University of Cambridge’s Social Decision-Making Laboratory, underscored how the game reflects reality. “These techniques are out there, they are being used by real people,” van der Linden says. Van der Linden suggests Bad News aims to maintain an ideological balance by including both left and right
    Bad News browser game aims to help players identify fake news

  • Yume Nikki’s Dream Diary sequel kicked off a suitably cryptic, weird and haunting teaser campaign last month. It’s just about ready for public consumption—due to launch on Steam tomorrow—and has now dropped some wonderfully terrifying in-game footage. Here’s that:Against its 16-bit source material, I’m digging Dream Diary’s gruesome Inside-meets-Pathologic-esque aesthetic. Yume Nikki Dream Diary is set to arrive on Steam tomorrow, February 23. For more Yume Nikki reading, check out this fascinat
    Yume Nikki sequel teases terrifying in-game footage ahead of tomorrow's launch

  • Following last week’s lovestruck special and this week’s Battle Pass season three announcement, Fortnite’s update v3.0.0 lands today. Focused on building improvements for the most part, loads of changes befall both Battle Royale and its Save the World counterpart. Turbo Building, says Epic in this blog post, lets players hold down their primary fire button and continuously place a pre-selected building piece. With this in mind, Epic notes that it’s changed Battle Royale’s netcode so that switchi
    Fortnite update 3.0.0 adds extensive building improvements

  • Blizzard’s efforts to demonstrate the longevity of Warcraft III continue, with a Warcraft III invitational set to take place on February 27 and 28. That PTR was launched just last year – 15 years after Reign of Chaos originally released. That PTR launch was accompanied by a patch, and here’s another one “coming” as well, according to the community post. The Invitational will be hosted by Back2Warcraft’s Neo and Remo on the Back2Warcraft Twitch channel. These rumours re-surfaced last week when so
    Blizzard is hosting a Warcraft III invitational later this month

  • If it survives, it will be doused in a healthy helping of nacho cheese and oatmeal. Nacho cheese and oatmealI’m no Gordon Ramsay, but our nacho cheese and oatmeal spread is guaranteed delicious. After feeding it some nacho cheese, a good portion of the keys stopped working and the space bar started to glitch. I sucked up the soda using paper towels, and then scooped up the remaining nacho cheese using a folded cloth. Unless an entire refreshments table tilts onto your keyboard, a disaster of thi
    We tried to destroy Corsair's spill-resistant keyboard with Doritos and soda

  • VIDEO: Our senior reporter, Steven, takes a quick 10-minute look at Into the Breach, the new strategy game from the makers of FTL. Into the Breach might look like a 16-bit turn-based strategy game from the Game Boy Advance era, but beneath that cute exterior is one of the most innovative strategy games I’ve played. Unlike FTL, the first game from developers Subset Games, Into the Breach is all about deterministic strategy. Not only will attacks always hit their intended target, but you can even
    Watch us play Into the Breach, the subversive strategy game from the makers of FTL

  • Back in December, Valve made some major changes to the Steam Curators system intended to make it easier to “find and follow Steam Curators that you know and trust.” Now there’s a new option that does precisely the opposite, by enabling Steam users to ignore curators whose suggestions aren’t making the grade for you. You can take that one step further by ignoring all the top curators recommended by Steam, which will cause Steam to stop recommending any curators at all. It’s a fairly small change,
    Steam users can now choose to 'ignore' curators they don't like

  • If you’ve ever wondered what the inspiration for Half-Life 1’s ludicrously creepy baby boss fight was, then wonder no more: it was Gabe Newell’s son. Gray Newell (who in case it isn’t obvious, is Gabe Newell’s son) talked about his quasi-cameo during a new interview with Valve News Network, in which he also spoke a bit about his own game project, Fury, and Valve itself. “When my mother was in child birth they were thinking, what’s something really scary? And at the time, having a child seemed re
    Gabe Newell's son thinks Valve needs to try something new

  • This is the latest version of the D2 dev roadmap, as of 2/21/18Bungie rolled out a Destiny 2 development roadmap at the end of January that laid out its plans for the future of the game through the beginning of season 3, set to arrive in May. Today it posted a slightly modified version of that map, which has a few of the upcoming features, including unique Nightfall rewards and changes to Exotic weapon and armor balance, pushed farther back in the schedule. The Exotic sandbox changes, originally
    Destiny 2 'development roadmap' runs into some delays

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