• 4A Games has said previously that Metro Exodus will be more open than the previous games in the Metro series, but it won’t be a completely open world like that of Stalker. For one thing, individual levels in Exodus will be much larger than anything seen in the previous games. The biggest outdoor level in Last Light was roughly “200 meters to 100 meters,” Prokhorov said,. That means everything from weapons, attachments, and other loot, to “frozen stories” that reveal more about the game world and
    Metro Exodus is bigger than 2033 and Last Light combined

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    EVE Online’s Invasion World Tour, which saw CCP hit the road and host a series of smaller conventions instead of the now traditional EVE Fanfest in Iceland, hits its last stop this weekend. It will quickly be followed by the launch of Invasion Chapter 2, the second part of the MMO’s latest expansion. Invasion Chapter 2 kicks off on November 23, but before that CCP will be in London’s Indigo at the O2 Arena to end the tour. The event will begin with the EVE Invasion World Tournament, followed by
    EVE Online's Invasion World Tour finishes this weekend

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    Quantic Dream announced in March that its previously PS4-exclusive games Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human would finally make their way to PC, via the Epic Games Store, later this year. Detroit: Become Human is set in a near future where androids “speak, move and behave like human beings,” but exist only to serve. and I have to wonder whether Quantic Dream will have anything fresh or interesting to offer in its take on the topic. Detroit: Become Human is available for pre-
    Detroit: Become Human becomes a PC game in December

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    Oculus Link software is now available in beta form, which means it’s now possible to play any game developed for PC VR, and the Rift headset, on the Oculus Quest. This is a welcome upgrade to what we already viewed as the best VR headset (when factoring in bang-for-buck). That’s assuming Oculus Link works as advertised. And while Rift S offers the highest fidelity gaming experience available, Oculus Quest is making it easier to get into VR than ever before. According to Oculus, the Oculus Link s
    Oculus Link beta turns the Quest into a PC VR headset and is available now

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    A handful of minions have also been tweaked:Primalfin Lookout: Moved from Tavern Tier 5 to Tavern Tier 4Moved from Tavern Tier 5 to Tavern Tier 4 Voidlord: Moved from Tavern Tier 6 to Tavern Tier 5Moved from Tavern Tier 6 to Tavern Tier 5 Junkbot: Moved from Tavern Tier 4 to Tavern Tier 5Moved from Tavern Tier 4 to Tavern Tier 5 Coldlight Seer: Moved from Tavern Tier 3 to Tavern Tier 2″We wanted to buff both Demons and Murlocs, so we moved those minions down a Tavern Tier. Junkbot was a bit too
    Hearthstone Battlegrounds swapping four new heroes in as part of a re-balance

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    AMD is laying claim to the world’s first 7nm professional workstation graphics card, the Radeon Pro W5700. Both of those housed 7nm Vega 20 GPUs, but AMD’s boasting with its Radeon Pro W5700 comes from differentiating between server/datacenter accelerators (Radeon Instinct) and professional workstation cards (Radeon Pro). Even without that distinction, the Radeon Pro W5700 is the first instance of AMD’s current generation Navi GPU and underlying Radeon DNA (RDNA) architecture extending out of th
    Radeon Pro W5700 expands Navi's reach from playing games to making them

  • Looks like Black Friday has arrived early… well, particularly if you’re looking for some fast storage for your PC. As its deal of the day, Amazon currently has the 1TB Samsung EVO 970 NVMe SSD, one of our favorites, for just $149.99. That’s the lowest price we’ve seen the drive, and a very tempting price for a reliable M.2 drive. While we do expect other drives to get price cuts during the Black Friday SSD sales, it will be tough to beat this offer on the Samsung drives. And, at this price, we
    1TB Samsung EVO 970 SSD deal: get it for less than $150, the cheapest price ever

  • Former Uncharted creative director Amy Hennig has joined a film production company, Skydance Media, to run a new interactive division, which Skydance boasts will “shape the future of interactive media,” apparently. On Twitter, Hennig said that the creative team will be exploring “new frontiers in interactive storytelling,” though no games have been announced yet. Hennig is joined by former EA producer Julian Beak, who serves as vice president, continuing a partnership that started with the unfor
    Amy Hennig launches an interactive studio in a movie production company

  • It’s in these details, and in its open free-roam MMO areas, that Kingdom Under Fire 2 shows its real age. (Image credit: Gameforge, Blueside)Even if so, Kingdom Under Fire 2’s MMO and action RTS sections feel a bit like oil and water in a glass. KUF2’s instanced action RTS battles seem interesting and have a balance between close-combat and tactical that I honestly enjoyed. If Blueside and Gameforge are marketing a unique action-RTS experience with instanced co-op, why am I playing an MMO? Why d
    After 10 years, Kingdom Under Fire 2's action-RTS combat was almost worth the wait

  • In this hero tier list, I rate all 24 heroes from best to worst. Tier S: Best of the bestThe CuratorPassive Hero Power: Start the game with a 1/1 Amalgam that has all minion types. Tier A: You cannot possibly go wrong with these HeroesMillificent ManastormPassive Hero Power: Mechs in Bob’s Tavern have +1/+1. Toki’s Hero Power refreshes the Tavern and adds an additional minion from the next Tavern Tier. The ability to save gold for future turns can mean early Tavern Tier upgrades or additional re
    Hearthstone Battlegrounds heroes tier list: who to pick, who to avoid

  • Disney Plus drew 10 million subscribers in its first day, so evidently that’s enough for a lot of folks to commit to a new monthly fee. Free trial (Image credit: Disney) Sign up for the Disney+ 7-day free trialWant to try before you buy? How and where to get a Disney Plus sign-upFor those with access to Disney Plus right now, there are three basic deals available—the standard membership, a triple-bundle, and a special Verizon offer that gives you the service with a data plan. 1 year of Disney Pl
    The cheapest deals on Disney Plus, because we all need a bit of Mandalorian

  • It appears that Rockstar Games could be moving in earnest toward the next Grand Theft Auto reveal: Earlier this month, hip hop group City Morgue shared an image on Instagram suggesting that it was involved in a partnership with the studio that would be revealed next summer. That description could be fairly applied to other Rockstar games, though, including Grand Theft Auto 5, which despite being six years old is still tremendously popular, and maintain a solid grip in the top ten most popular ga
    Hip hop duo City Morgue hints at a new Rockstar game coming next year

  • (Image credit: PUBG Corp)PUBG’s loot box system is getting an overhaul, with locked crates set to be removed altogether. Random crate purchases with BP will no longer have the chance to contain locked crates starting from December 18. Locked crates already owned will still operate in the same way into the future. “However, the value of the locked crates are very low among other PUBG items. This means that paid crates are not an appealing reward to players, making the experience of acquiring a lo
    PUBG is ditching crates you need to pay to unlock

  • In the Valley of Gods, Campo Santo’s follow-up to the excellent Firewatch, was unveiled at The Game Awards in late 2017. The Twitter bios of Ng and Hummel both indicated that they were working on In the Valley of Gods as recently as October 2019, while Rodkin’s bio made the same reference up to September. What is going on with In the Valley of Gods? The website for In the Valley of Gods is still up, and so is the Steam page. Taken altogether, it seems a bit odd at the very least, and not at all
    Firewatch fans are worried that In the Valley of Gods has been canceled

  • The Jedi: Fallen Order Dathomir planet hides a seriously cool secret amid its craggy, Martian-like wastes. There are two ways to get the Jedi: Fallen Order dual-bladed lightsaber and one of them includes a visit to this perilous planet. The slower way is to get Force Push from Zeffo, acquire the Scomp Link, and return to Bogano. Instead we’re going to show you the quicker way to get the dual-bladed lightsaber in Fallen Order so you can at least try to be as cool as Darth Maul. How to get the Jed
    Get this essential lightsaber upgrade in Jedi: Fallen Order right away

  • My time in Yes, Your Grace is spent in one of two ways: sighing inwardly or secretly wanting to chop off people’s heads. Heavy is the head that wears the crown, and after an hour of play I’ve decided it would lighten my load if I could just execute everyone. I’d like to be more generous but I’m not exactly swimming in riches—despite my expansive castle, I feel like I’m always a week away from financial ruin. That good feeling doesn’t last long, though, as the wedding—as it often does in fantasy
    I'm being a good king in Yes, Your Grace but part of me wishes I could just execute everyone

  • Then you need the Stadia app to configure your Stadia account, sync a controller and start playing games. The Stadia controllerThe Stadia controller is solid but not heavy, with weighty-enough buttons and two thumbsticks that move smoothly but feel sturdy. Even stranger is that the Stadia website will recognize a PS4 controller as a Stadia controller, and pressing the PlayStation button has the same function as pressing the Stadia logo button. I also had trouble connecting my Stadia controller t
    Google Stadia verdict so far: Not ready for prime time

  • Spintires, the driving sim that reflects man’s primal battle with nature by making you drive through loads of mud, is now going to Chernobyl in a new expansion. It’s like Stalker, but you’re only interested in finding logging sites and keeping your precious truck running. The expansion includes two new vehicles, the B-157 and B-505, which will hopefully be hardy enough for the tough job. The expansion is for Oovee Games’ original Spintires from 2014, rather than Mudrunner (formerly Spintires: Mu
    Spintires is driving to Chernobyl in its latest expansion

  • You don’t always have to spend a ton of cash to nab yourself a sick gaming keyboard. Right now the Razer Blackwidow Essential is available at Amazon for just $55 ($27 off). While the “essential” name might be indicative of a lack of features, all of the trappings of a top-tier mechanical keyboard are still present here. Gaming keyboard dealIf you’re looking for a relatively simple gaming keyboard, but still want robust mechanical switches and versatile customization software, look no further tha
    Before Black Friday hits - save $30 on the Razer BlackWidow Essential mechanical gaming keyboard

  • Amazon has a great gaming headset deal on a Corsair HS60 V2 Pro gaming headset with 7.1 virtual surround sound. The HS60 Pro V2 is currently $39.99, over 40 percent off, and that makes it the lowest price we’ve seen on the site. The Corsair HS60 V2 actually made our best gaming headset list earlier this year (before getting knocked off by the Creative Sound BlasterX H6). The V2 Pro uses custom-tuned 50mm neodymium audio drivers and 7.1 virtual surround sound for some multi-channel goodness that
    Pick up the awesome Corsair HS60 Pro headset for only $39.99 on Amazon

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