• 4A Games has said previously that Metro Exodus will be more open than the previous games in the Metro series, but it won’t be a completely open world like that of Stalker. For one thing, individual levels in Exodus will be much larger than anything seen in the previous games. The biggest outdoor level in Last Light was roughly “200 meters to 100 meters,” Prokhorov said,. That means everything from weapons, attachments, and other loot, to “frozen stories” that reveal more about the game world and
    Metro Exodus is bigger than 2033 and Last Light combined

  • Hot on the heels of its anomaly-overhauling, multi-star system-flaunting 2.1 update reveal, Stellaris has unveiled its latest story pack. Named Distant Stars, the as yet undated narrative expansion targets exploration and discovery. They might unearth “hidden traces of an ancient gateway network” or unique solar systems ripe for research. Like Phil, I enjoyed the 4x-meets-grand strategy venture’s early game promise at launch, but struggled with its mid-late game lulls. It’s in a much better stat
    Stellaris unveils Distant Stars story DLC with gentle giants and angry space neighbours

  • Fortnite’s latest update adds plunger-like sticky grenades, named Clingers. In Save the World, stickies cannot damage player-built structures. Elsewhere, Save the World adds the Noble Launcher—a heavy weapon that fires a “wave of piercing energy”. Update v3.6 also brings with it a ‘Self-Service Cosmetic Returns’ feature, whereby emotes, gliders, harvesting tools, back bling and outfits can be exchanged; whereas Battle Passes, Battle Pass tiers, Starters Packs, Founder’s Packs and Founder’s Pack
    Fortnite adds plunger-like sticky grenades

  • Escape Doodland, you may have gathered, is a game about escaping Doodland. More specifically, it’s a co-op 2D auto-runner with art straight out of the notebook of a bored art student with too much paper on hand. The best doodles are simple, silly ideas taken way too far, and Escape Doodland nails that bonkers look. You can play Escape Doodland with up to four people at once, so it’s important to have varied characters. The devs say the bulk of Escape Doodland is finished, and that the Kickstarte
    Escape Doodland looks like a lo-fi Rayman Legends

  • Last weekend, Fortnite Twitch-streaming phenom Tyler “Ninja” Blevins tested his mettle in competitive Fortnite for the first time. Logically, streamers who win a lot at Fortnite are bound to win competitive Fortnite tournaments, right? Ninja Vegas 2018 actually managed to destroy the image of popular streamers as Fortnite demigods and the public perception of what competitive Fortnite looks like. As we’ve seen in major PUBG tournaments so far, competitors at Ninja Vegas spread themselves out, av
    Ninja held a Fortnite competition in Vegas, but underdog players stole the show

  • Following some fairly blatant hints last week, it’s now confirmed that Fortnite will launch in China soon – though how soon is still anyone’s guess. The publisher is Tencent, of course, and alongside bringing the game to Chinese audiences, the company will also pour a $15 million investment into esports both in China and internationally. Tencent currently owns 40 percent of Epic Games, and rather ironically, is also the Chinese publisher of the mobile version of PUBG. While Fortnite quickly ecli
    Fortnite confirmed for China, with $15m esports investment

  • Today, Kotaku reported that in response the studio has filed lawsuits against two of the three French outlets who reported on those conditions. Quantic Dream management angrily denied the claims in the reports filed by Le Monde and Mediapart, who are named in the suit, and Canard PC, which apparently is not. The lawsuit relates to a collaborative investigation into working conditions in the game industry conducted by Le Monde, Mediapart, and Canard PC. For this story only, we also worked in para
    David Cage's Quantic Dream sues French media outlets over negative coverage

  • Art by Michael FitzhywelBraid is one of those games that rolls lazily off the tongue in conversations about the most influential indie games of all time. Did Braid directly inspire a generation of indie developers? Or was it just one indie project among many that managed to find an audience at a time when distribution platforms like Steam and Xbox Live Arcade were making games more accessible? Playdead developed Limbo, a game that’s often mentioned in the same sentence as Braid. Before those gam
    Does Braid deserve its status as the iconic breakthrough indie game?

  • Overload, the 6DOF (six-degrees-of-freedom) shooter from the folks who made Descent, was successfully Kickstarted in March 2016 and hit Steam Early Access in March 2017. Today, developer Revival Productions announced it will officially release on Steam and GOG May 31, and that it will launch with the multiplayer which was originally going to be added on later. As you progress, you can outfit your spaceship with 16 different weapons. Descent’s official sequel, Descent: Underground, was made by De
    Descent successor Overload officially releasing next month

  • Note that the video has been edited to cut out a couple retries and shorten bits of my goofing around. A ‘serious’ spy action game in VR would be tough considering the first thing I, and probably just about anyone, wanted to do was start picking things up and chucking them at heads. First-person walking is a tricky thing in VR, and the best a dev can do is offer lots of choice. I bet there’ll be at least one stand-out scene—hopefully something no one’s tried yet in VR—that we’ll be talking about
    Watch me jump out of a plane after annoying everyone on board in VR spy action game Defector

  • Jagex responded with Justiciar armor, a new best-in-slot armor set (above). “I was expecting a bit of a response”Justiciar Armor The prototype armor was darker, Gothic, and widely praised. Players said there was enough DPS gear but not enough tank gear, so it was narrowed down to just one armor set. Some players said it was too similar to existing armor, including armor from Runescape 3, the newer, mainline version of Runescape. For all the memes, the Justiciar armor fiasco is a great example of
    How a bunch of Reddit memes became the best armor in Runescape

  • Developer Monothetic announced today that Beacon, their top-down sci-fi shooter with permadeath and procedurally generated levels, will launch in ‘First Access’ on Itch .io on Monday, April 30. First Access, er, access will cost you $20, and anyone who purchases a key will also receive a Steam key when Beacon officially releases. Beacon first caught our eye in March 2016 , and we only became more interested after talking with its creators earlier this year. You play as Freja Akiyama, a young mil
    Stunning sci-fi shooter Beacon launching on Itch.io next week

  • The PUBG Global Invitational 2018 will bring the world’s top 20 pro PUBG teams together in Berlin to do battle in “the first major PUBG esports tournament officially hosted by PUBG Corp,” with a total prize pool of $2 million up for grabs. Teams taking part will be selected through a process of regional qualifiers to be held in July in North America, Europe, and Asia. “The PUBG Global Invitational 2018 is a landmark moment for PUBG Corp. as a showcase of the potential of PUBG esports,” PUBG Corp
    The PUBG Global Invitational 2018 will see 20 teams do battle for $2 million in prizes

  • But a new Doom mod called Mr. The titular Mr. Friendly—that’s you—is a demon too, but one of the good guys: A Guardian Demon who talks with the other demons to help them chill out, and maybe work through their feelings a bit, after the Doomslayer has rampaged through the area. (All the demons in the mod have names, and yes, you can go fishing.) It’s almost a total conversion, and it will work with any Doom Iwad and “a majority of user-created vanilla Doom levels.” Friendly is a “playable alpha”
    Help demons come to terms with their crappy jobs in the Doom mod 'Mr. Friendly'

  • Good, because it’s deal time in board game land. 7 Wonders Duel$23.99 (20% off)It’s only 20% off, but getting one of the best two player board games you can buy on sale is a pretty good choice. Whistle Stop$43.31 (28% off)Last year’s best train game, a phrase you can really only say in board games, Whistle Stop is an accessible racing and/or delivery game with the neat twist of being played on a randomized hex board. Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective$30.99 (38% off)If you don’t actually love
    The best deals in Amazon’s board game sale

  • Kingston has been the king of budget drives for a while now, especially with its 240GB drive for $70. The company’s 128GB SSD has now fallen to just $36. In real-world testing, it has an average sequential read speed of 482MB/s and write speed of 231MB/s. That’s not as fast as some other 128GB SSDs, but it’s only 36 bucks—roughly half the price of a new AAA game. You can buy the Kingston A400 SSD from Amazon.
    Upgrade to an SSD right now for just $36

  • Around this time two years ago, Corsair unveiled its Carbide Series Spec-Alpha mid-tower case. Fast forward to today and you can bring home the same case for just $30. At $30, the Spec-Alpha falls decidedly into budget territory. The case utilizes a tool-less design for storage too. For the front I/O, you get two USB 3.0 ports, headphone and microphone jacks, and power and reset buttons.
    Get a Corsair Carbide Spec-Alpha case for $30 after rebate

  • You can still order first generation Ryzen processors from places like Amazon and Newegg, though for how long remains to be seen. There are half a dozen first generation Ryzen chips that are noticeably absent from AMD’s updated price list. They include:Ryzen 7 1800XRyzen 7 1700XRyzen 7 1700Ryzen 5 1600XRyzen 5 1400Ryzen 3 1200That’s not the full stack of first generation Ryzen hardware—the price list still has entries for the Ryzen 5 1600, Ryzen 5 1500X, and Ryzen 3 1300X, plus the company’s Thr
    AMD’s updated price list suggests a phasing out of first generation Ryzen CPUs

  • Devolver Digital’s “compact action-RPG” The Swords of Ditto, which as we noted last year stands out from the crowd by rejecting the retro-pixelated look in favor of a sharp, more detailed visual style, will be out tomorrow. Swords of Ditto writer Ed Fear revealed more about that aspect of the game on Twitter. Aside from the usual dungeon-splelunking gear like swords and bows, The Swords of Ditto will offer up more exotic items including vinyl albums (something by Dire Straits, I would assume), a
    The Swords of Ditto comes out tomorrow, so let's watch the new trailer

  • MSI is rolling out a new Mag Pylon mid-tower case that it’s positioning under its “Gaming Gear” umbrella of products. The Mag Pylon sports a dual-chamber design that is pretty common these days. You can install a graphics card up to 14.57 inches long in the Mag Pylon. The front I/O consists of two USB 3.0 ports and two USB 2.0 ports, along with separate headphone and microphone jacks. The case looks attractive and offers plenty of features.
    MSI wraps its newest mid-tower case in tinted tempered glass

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