• Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry compared the newly released Skyrim for Nintendo Switch with the PS4 version, as well as comparing the new game’s docked and undocked modes. The results would be more shocking if the Nintendo Switch wasn’t already acing everyone’s expectations already, and that is in no way a bad thing. Take a look at the Digital Foundry video for a full analysis. According to the guys at Digital Foundry, however, the dip in quality is pretty acceptable, considering what the end produc
    Digital Foundry Compares Skyrim on Switch vs PS4

  • It’s Friday, and that means that Xur is back in Destiny with all of his goodies. This week, Hunters will probably be disappointed, but at least Titans and Warlocks have something to look forward too in Destiny 2. Altogether, Xur has brought a fully new list of items – all four of them are available through Xur for the first time! As far as Destiny 1 goes, well, Hunters there will actually be happy! Check out all the details below!
    Destiny 2 (and Destiny 1): Xur, Agent of the Nine, location and Exotic gear (11/17/17)

  • Last month a GameStop ad revealed the PowerPass service for PowerUp Rewards members that allowed gamers to subscribe to a six-month program for $60. The PowerPass service was set to allow subscribers to pick out any pre-owned game, play it, and swap it out for another one at any GameStop location with the option of keeping the last game. The PowerPass program launched this week and has already been ‘temporarily’ paused because of unspecified ‘limitations’ on GameStop’s part. We have elected to t
    GameStop temporarily freezes PowerPass used game program

  • John Wasilczyk, the Executive Producer at DICE, took to the Star Wars: Battlefront 2 site to say that the price of heroes will be reduced by 75% and that fan feedback has been the ultimate reason for this change. Here’s the post in full:Since the start of the project, listening to fans has been important in making sure Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II is the very best experience for all of you. Listening, and providing choices in how you play, will always be our principle with Star Wars Battlefront II
    EA has reduced the cost to unlock heroes in Star Wars Battlefront II by 75%

  • In 2008, a tense home invasion film by the name of The Strangers was released. There were rumblings of a sequel for years after the inital release of the first film and a script even floated around on the web. Now, it’s finally happening and will hit theaters just two months before the first film’s ten year anniversary. The film titled The Strangers: Prey at Night will follow a family staying at a mobile home park who eventually have to survive a night being terrorized by the creepy murderers fr
    [Watch] The Strangers sequel gets a trailer, titled The Strangers: Prey at Night

  • The DC movie universe is a bit… troubled, to say the least. Batman isn’t Bruce Wayne, it’s Thomas Wayne, Bruce died instead of his father and Martha Wayne ended up becoming the Joker instead of whoever would’ve donned the face paint and purple suit. Up until now, we haven’t had any concrete details about the Flashpoint movie but DC’s golden boy, Geoff Johns, spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the movie and stated that Batman will be in the movie amongst other things that they “couldn’t do a
    Yes, Batman will be in DC's Flashpoint movie

  • Yes, there’s a new trailer for a movie that’s based off a video game and this time it’s the beloved classic Rampage. Yes, the game that has you playing as gigantic animals who go on a *clears throat* rampage in a large city. Not only is he trying to save George but also save humanity from ultimately being destroyed by not only George but other creatures who have been mutated as well. You can check out the trailer below. Rampage opens on April 20th, 2018.
    [Watch] Rampage movie trailer highlights an explosive concrete jungle

  • We were bombarded by developers with some of the highest rated games this year such as Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, Super Mario Odyssey, Assassin’s Creed Origins, Shadow of War, and many more. The NPD report for October 2017 has finally been released so let’s see what games managed to make the biggest waves. The biggest surprises come in the form of Assassin’s Creed and Mario as they released in the final week of October, giving it little time to make an impact in sales. Ubisoft also manage
    NPD: Shadow of War, Assassin's Creed, and Mario lead October game sales

  • As per usual, the discounted games for Xbox consoles have begun appearing on Xbox Live ahead of time! On top of the discounted games, Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold will be on sale for $1 during the same dates – $1 for one month of Game Pass and Gold access. Xbox Live Gold members will be able to access the discounted titled between November 17th and November 20th. USD 39.99 USD 20.00(Save 50%) Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands – Standard Edition USD 59.99 USD 30.00(Save 50%) America’s Great
    Black Friday 2017: Discounted Xbox One, 360 games appear ahead of time; Listed

  • Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is one of the top games of the year – if its glowing review didn’t make that clear enough. I got to ask Andreas Öjerfors, Senior Game Designer at MachineGames, a number of questions in an email interview that range from tackling gameplay, their writing process, and more. If you have yet to play Wolfenstein II, there are some spoilers within this interview so beware! GZ: Wolfenstein II has a lot of diverse characters both through race, gender, and personalities. W
    Interview: How Wolfenstein II's story and gameplay mechanics came to be

  • By now, you’re probably aware of the drama around Star Wars: Battlefront 2. In hopes of looking to smooth things over with the community, Star Wars Battlefront developer DICE took to Reddit to answer the community’s questions. John Wasilczyk, executive producer for Star Wars: Battlefront 2, addressed the topic of how long it takes to unlock items in the game. Paul Keslin, Multiplayer Producer on Star Wars: Battlefront 2, addressed why the Arcade mode has a daily cap on credits. Star Wars: Battle
    Star Wars Battlefront 2: Devs say estimated unlock times are not accurate, loot crate adjustments coming, & explain Arcade credit cap

  • Original:While Ubisoft looks to buy back their shares, Vivendi appears to be delaying the hostile takeover of Ubisoft. This month, Vivendi was legally obliged to make an offer to purchase Ubisoft – but only if their shares hit 30%. According to Vivendi’s own press release, the company doesn’t intend on making an offer to buy Ubisoft “over the six coming months.” Vivendi does not state that they will be selling off their Ubisoft shares. With Ubisoft already generating Vivendi plenty of money, Viv

  • The PS4 and Xbox One versions are remastered, while the Nintendo Switch version is a feature-updated version. YouTuber Candyland has kindly lined up the PlayStation 3 version against the PlayStation 4 version, the PS4 Pro version, and the Nintendo Switch version. Looking at the video it looks like the Nintendo Switch is much cleaner than the PS3 version, but shares a similar draw distance. Other aspects of the game on Nintendo Switch (like faces) are fairly compatible with the PS4 version (as is
    [Watch] L.A. Noire PS3 vs PS4 vs PS4 Pro vs Switch graphics comparison

  • It finally happened, the Black Friday ad for GameStop has leaked and detailed a ton of discounted games, game bundle deals, and consoles. The sale includes the PS4 Pro for $350, Xbox One S bundles anywhere from $189 to $229, and more! There’s plenty to look at! Relevant: Kohl’s, Costco, Dell, Nintendo Holiday Deals, Target, Best Buy, ROCCAT, PlayStation, Xbox, Newegg, ToysRus & Walmart Black Friday ads. View the game deals below or the full spread here:Console/Accessories:1TB PS4 Pro $349.00500G
    Black Friday 2017: GameStop ad leaks; Game deals, PS4/Xbox One discounts, and more

  • Xbox One owners can look forward to a relatively small update (455MB) to download today! Although it’s small, the update brings some user requested updates like the ability to hide games with no unlocked achievements. The update will bring improved parental controls, accessibility for Xbox Live Gold & Game Pass in Guide, and will effectively resolve the Xbox One X Blu-Ray issues. When you set up a new Xbox, we’ll ask if you want to apply them. Give a gift from the Microsoft Store, including most
    Xbox One System Update Released; New features, Xbox One X Blu-Ray fix included

  • This weekend, Guardians can expect to bring in extra XP, but only if they are with a clan member in your fireteam. What Bungie calls the ‘Clarion Call’ will be kicking off this weekend bringing double XP for everything Guardians do while with a clan member. Double XP will begin at 10 AM Pacific on November 17 and run till 10 AM Pacific on November 20. In other news, after some downtime for maintenance, Destiny 2 is back up with a couple fixes and one addition. In addition to this, the companion
    Destiny 2 Update 1.0.7 Patch Details; Double XP Weekend This Weekend

  • Star Wars: Battlefront 2 will be officially released tomorrow, but the hype around this game isn’t your typical game release hype. Now, the Belgian Gaming Commission is investigating Star Wars: Battlefront 2’s loot crates to determine whether they qualify as gambling. Outlets seem unsure on what to score the game as the loot boxes and gameplay fall on opposite spectrums. A thrilling Star Wars moment can end up feeling gross when you’re reminded of the microtransactions mid-match. Star Wars Battl
    Review Roundup: Star Wars Battlefront 2 is conflicting and divisive

  • To this date, Net Neutrality has maintained that internet service providers must provide equal broadband access to ensure an “Open Internet.” It kept internet users from facing higher prices to reach certain services (think Xbox Live, PSN). Here’s how Net Neutrality being reversed (or removed) could affect gaming or your browsing/streaming habits. If an anti-Net Neutrality law is passed, internet service providers will be legally allowed to charge you more money to access premium sites (ie. Over
    FCC Plans Vote to Kill Net Neutrality Rules This December, Say Sources

  • And yet, here we are, an expertly ported Skyrim in its entirety to the Nintendo Switch. It’s impressive that this version of Skyrim is based on the Special Edition that came out for Xbox One and PS4. However, as this section’s name indicates, whatever you disliked about Skyrim, whether we’re talking about the launch edition or the latest Special Edition, that’s still there. The Switch factorDOOM’s port to the Switch was impressive for numerous reasons, but mostly because it’s a current gen title
    Review: Skyrim for Nintendo Switch is an impressive feat

  • Cyberpunk 2077 remains mostly a conglomerate of conjecture and speculation amidst the small details that CD Projekt RED has strategically sprinkled out. CD Projekt RED CEO Adam Kiciński told Strefa Inwestorow (via TechRaptor) that multiplayer was “necessary” to achieve “long-term success” when asked if the game would have it. Online is necessary, or very recommended if you wish to achieve a long-term success. At some point, we have mentioned that there will be a certain online element related to
    Cyberpunk 2077's online component is being built with long-term success in mind

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