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    Julian Gerighty, game director at French gaming giant Ubisoft, seemingly teased that a new Splinter Cell game is incoming, in a tweet. Julian Gerighty of The Division fame, surprised gamers worldwide in a new Tweet where he nonchalantly confirmed the existence of a brand-new Splinter Cell game. We wouldn’t hold it against younger gamers these days if the name Splinter Cell or Sam Fisher didn’t ring any bells. It has been an astonishing six years since the last game in the series was released wit
    Ubisoft Director teases new Splinter Cell game for E3

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    Several weeks later, Rockstar Games launched a beta for Red Dead Online, a successor to GTA Online. The road has been bumpy but Rockstar is finally able to take it out of beta and kick off the true Red Dead Online experience. Starting today thanks to a new update, players will find new activities, clothes, and gameplay mechanics in Red Dead Online. (This option is available in both Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online). Finally, Rockstar has addressed the future of Red Dead Online by teasin
    Red Dead Online exits beta; Adds poker, story missions, and new roadmap

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    New details are emerging about the movie reboot to the legendary fighting series Mortal Kombat. Who could ever forget the gloriously cheesy first Mortal Kombat movie from 1995 which brought us one of the most memorable theme songs in the history? Now, details are still a bit slim about the actual movie but the Premier of South Australia proudly confirmed today that Warner Bros. will shoot the new Mortal Kombat movie in South Australia. Furthermore, we learn that the script for the new Mortal Kom
    Mortal Kombat movie reboot starting pre-production this month

  • Rockstar Games has announced they’ve acquired a new studio located in India known as Dhruva Interactive for $7.9 million, mere pocket change for the gaming giant. This acquisition sees the expansion of Rockstar India which was officially opened in 2016 after being formerly known as Technicolor India. “Dhruva Interactive has been a beacon of Indian game development for decades and we are excited to bring them into the Rockstar family,” said Daniel Smith, Studio Manager of Rockstar India. “Rocksta
    Rockstar Games acquires Indian studio Dhruva Interactive

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    During the new PlayStation State of Play, the gaming giant showcased several new games including a new Predator game exclusive to PlayStation 4. Titled Predator: Hunting Grounds, the team behind Friday the 13th: The Game is looking to make another asymmetrical multiplayer game with an iconic horror IP. Details are scarce right now but the game is being developed in partnership with Fox and will release on PlayStation 4 in 2020. We also got an update on a long-awaited game: Final Fantasy VII Rema
    Sony shows off PS4 exclusive Predator game and Final Fantasy VII trailer

  • After six years, Borderlands is making a return but the series’ most recognizable voice won’t be returning. Voice actor David Eddings has voiced the annoying yet very lovable Claptrap since the start but will not be returning for the third mainline Borderlands title for major reasons. Now that Borderlands 3 has been officially revealed, Eddings has pushed out even more allegations stating that Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford assaulted him and he was underpaid. When talks for Borderlands 3 began, Edd
    Claptrap voice actor David Eddings accuses Gearbox CEO of assault

  • Electronic Arts announced their plans to launch their console gaming subscription service EA Access on the PlayStation 4. EA Access originally started out as an exclusive gaming subscription for the Xbox One in summer 2014 and has quickly become a must-have for value-oriented users. This makes the value proposition that much better, seeing that a subscription gives access to a large library of over 50 games. Electronic Arts just announced that EA Access is finally hitting PlayStation 4’s this Ju
    EA Access is coming to PlayStation 4 this Summer

  • In an exclusive interview with Variety, Microsoft has told the press that for the upcoming 10-year Anniversary event in Sweden they won’t be inviting the game’s original creator Marcus “Notch” Persson. This May 17th, fans of the industry-changing true sandbox game Minecraft will be gathering in Stockholm, Sweden. Microsoft is planning to hold a very special celebration there as this year marks the charming block builder game’s 10th anniversary. It’s exactly this fall from grace by Notch which no
    Minecraft creator Notch not wanted at 10-year Anniversary

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    Captive PortalPlease login to browse the internet.

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    The gaming giant vows to pledge €500,000 towards the repairs and wants gamers to donate themselves by giving away Assassin’s Creed Unity on PC. As you might have heard by now, this Monday marked a tragic event for the world-known Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris. So, as to not feel helpless and aide the restoration, Ubisoft announced that they are going to donate €500,000. Ubisoft also wants more people to take part in the donation run and has thus decided to give away Assassin’s Creed Unity away f
    Free Assassin's Creed Unity as part of Ubisoft's Notre-Dame campaign

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    The futuristic graphics technology known as ray tracing is now also available for owners of the previous GTX cards via the newest graphics drivers. Ray tracing has long been hailed as the holy grail of graphics technology. There’s a reason why ray tracing wasn’t a thing prior to the release of Nvidia’s new RTX graphics cards. For some reason, Nvidia has now decided to enable ray tracing functions on their older GPU models. Any card shy off the ultra-high-end GTX 1080Ti simply struggles to delive
    Nvidia enables Ray Tracing for older GTX GPUs in new graphics driver

  • Rage 2 is showing substantial amounts of gameplay in a new video exclusively on IGN. The gameplay video shows off never-before seen areas and covers the gamut of first-person shooting and car combat. It’s the first time we get to see this area of Rage 2’s large open-world in action, and we’re liking what we’re seeing here. The similarities to 2015’s excellent Mad Max video game are eerie but make a lot of sense. Rage 2, unlike its predecessor, is a multi-studio project worked on by id Software a
    Watch 11 Minutes of Rage 2’s heart-pounding gameplay in action

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    It looks like Octopath Traveler is headed to the PC. The news broke out after a listing for a PC version of the Nintendo Switch JRPG appeared on the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea. Gematsu reported on the rating for Octopath Traveler where the page of Korean rating agency clearly states PC Octopath Traveler. There are no details on when we can expect Octopath Traveler to come out on PC but if we had to guess, it won’t take too long. Octopath Traveler launched last summer exclu
    Switch JRPG Octopath Traveler has been rated for PC

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    Multiple special editions of the game have also been announced with the most deluxe going for a whopping $249. We reported recently about suspicious remarks from Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford with regards to a possible timed-exclusivity for Borderlands 3 on the Epic Games Store. It didn’t take long for an official confirmation that the game will indeed be available for six months only on the Epic Games Store on PC. They are as following:The “Borderlands 3” Standard Edition: $59.99Base gamePre-orde
    Borderlands 3 launches September 13, PC Exclusive on Epic Games Store

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    During the entirety of April, everyone will have the chance to play Blackout free of charge as part of a Free Access promo on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Continuing the tactic no withhold anything from free players, the Free Access will feature the original Blackout map and the new second map Alcatraz. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 launched last October and was sort of a giant experiment and risk for publisher Activision. Even more, on PC Black Ops 4 didn’t release on Steam and instead on the pu
    Play Black Ops 4’s Blackout for free throughout April

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    Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford commented on a theoretical idea of the company’s newly-unveiled looter shooter Borderlands 3 being tied to a digital storefront as an exclusive. While no concrete admission has been made, the words of Pitchford are hinting that BL3 might be the next big timed-exclusive for the Epic Games Store. 1/3 — Randy Pitchford (@DuvalMagic) April 1, 2019Borderlands 3 was officially unveiled just last week after years of news that developer Gearbox had been hard at work
    Randy Pitchford talks about Borderlands 3 Epic Store exclusivity

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  • Wall Street Journal is reporting that Nintendo is actively working on not one but two new models for their successful hybrid console Switch. According to WSJ, these two models will be decidedly different from a design standpoint and could come as early as this summer. Takashi Mochizuki broke the news which is behind a paywall but the gist is that Nintendo apparently wants to double-down on the surprise huge success the Nintendo Switch has been experiencing by introducing two new options for diff
    Rumor: Nintendo will bring out two new Switch models this year

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