• MachineGames’ narrative designer Tommy Tordsson Björk told that the ‘only way’ the Wolfenstein developers can focus on creating and immersive single-player experience is without the distraction of multiplayer. Björk’s feelings on multiplayer have been echoed in the past with Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus’ predecessor, The New Order. Instead of working to “continuously improving a singleplayer experience” you’d have to be hiring people for multiplayer game creation and mainte

  • Today, Bethesda revealed the required and recommended hardware specifications for the PC version of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. They’ve also noted that new AMD GPU drivers for Windows 8.1 will not work, but that’s not a concern for most Wolfenstein fans on PC. As mentioned earlier, the graphics settings menu for the PC build will have plenty of customization. Bethesda is also quite proud of its anti-Nazi message in Wolfenstein, with their VP stating that it’s “disturbing” that Wolfenstein
    Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus on PC: Here Are The Recommended Specs

  • Now, a former BioWare developer, Manveer Heir, who worked at BioWare Montreal during the development of both Mass Effect 3 and Mass Effect Andromeda, has come out with a different viewpoint on microtransactions. They don’t actually care about what the players want, they care about what players will pay for. “I’ve seen people literally spend $15,000 on Mass Effect multiplayer cards.” The former BioWare developer went on to comment that the push to create more opportunities for microtransactions i

  • Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski has added to Leto’s talk of a third movie, offering a bit more details on its current state. According to Kosinski, Tron: Ascension, the third film in the franchise, made it to the script stage and has been there ever since. “Jared and I had actually been talking about Tron since Tron: Legacy back in 2009,” Kosinski said. “We almost put him in that movie, actually in [the End of Line club scene]! So, on the bright side, the movie actually has a script, on th
    Tron: Legacy director talks Tron 3

  • Nintendo Switch sales are passing the sales numbers of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 of last year. This marks the third straight month that Nintendo Switch has been No. This came after the news that Nintendo Switch reached 2 million units sold in America alone, garnering both an internal and competitive achievement. The chart from Statista compares the U.S. Nintendo Switch sales in 2017 to the best-selling platforms of 2016, and sure enough, it’s selling better than the competitors did in 2016. The
    Nintendo Switch Selling Better Today Than Xbox One and PS4 Did Last Year

  • The most powerful video game system known to mankind (or so I’ve been told), is less than two weeks away and as I sit here deciding whether or not to keep my pre-order or sell it, Microsoft drops a new, worldwide premier commercial set to air on TV. The video (below) features a mix of gameplay, live action movies and more as it touts the system’s capabilities, like “true 4K gaming.” A few of the games featured in the trailer include Assassin’s Creed: Origins, Forza 7, Halo Wars, Cuphead and of c
    [Watch] Microsoft debuts Xbox One X World Premier TV Commercial

  • Nintendo will be hosting a Nintendo Direct later this week that has been detailed to be focusing on the Animal Crossing franchise. Unfortunately, the Animal Crossing Direct will not be talking about a new Nintendo Switch or 3DS game in the Animal Crossing series. Instead, the Direct will be focusing on the Animal Crossing mobile game. The Nintendo Direct broadcast will not be live and might be canceled without prior notice, if Nintendo suffers issues with the system. The Animal Crossing Direct w
    Animal Crossing focused Nintendo Direct coming tomorrow

  • Nintendo may have just announced a new 3DS XL by using an Amazon listing. As you can clearly see in the image above, that’s a New 3DS XL with a Super NES theme, complete with a retro-themed box and button colors on the inside. This device wasn’t announced anywhere prior to this listing showing up, which is odd that Nintendo wouldn’t say something themselves, though it’s possible that Amazon listed this device accidentally and it could be pulled. This new retro-themed 3DS XL will apparently retai
    Nintendo stealth announces SNES themed 3DS XL

  • During TwitchCon, IGN Access had the chance to speak with “PlayerUnknown” himself, Brendan Greene and ask the creator of the mega-popular PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, what’s next, where does he see his game in five years and what’s that about a physical copy of the game? Greene said that he doesn’t expect to see a PUBG 2, as the game is being built as a service. Players will buy the “box” and this is what you get and then from there, the game will just grow. Greene’s phrase of “buy the box” is

  • Over the weekend, the first set of backward compatible OG Xbox games leaked online and it turns out that the leak was fairly accurate. Microsoft has officially revealed the first 13 games that will be hitting the XBox One tomorrow, October 24th. Each game has been enhanced to 1080p resolution, with higher and/or smoother frame rates and faster loading times. Here are the 13 games:Star Wars: Knights of the Old RepublicNinja Gaiden BlackCrimson Skies: High Road to RevengeFuzion FrenzyPrince of Per
    First 13 backward compatible OG Xbox games for Xbox One announced

  • The Evil Within 2 was recently released last week, and according to our own Cade Onder, it was a “haunting and emotional masterpiece.” It wasn’t until recently that someone found out that there’s a hidden first-person mode on the PC version of the game. First of all, you need a PC copy of the game (sorry console folks!) After you do this, type “pl_FPS 1” and the game will enter first-person mode. If you just want to experience the game in first-person mode though, simply close the console with t
    You Can Play Evil Within 2 in First-Person Mode on PC, Here's How

  • In case you can’t read Japanese, though, neither can I, the header above says Shen Megami Tensei V. In a post to the company’s Twitter page, Atlus, has announced that the new game in the series is coming to the Nintendo Switch, exclusively. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Shen Megami Tensei, it’s from Atlas, the same company that produces the popular Persona franchise. In fact, some refer to SMT as the “parent” franchise to Persona, though the game has a very different focus. Where Pers
    Shen Megami Tensei V is coming Exclusively to the Nintendo Switch

  • Of course, this was well before GTA Online raked in a ton of money. Red Dead Redemption 2. With GTA V, the single-player game was absolutely massive and very, very complete. Despite Grand Theft Auto V’s lack of single-player DLC, Rockstar’s director of design claims they are still committed to the single-player experience. So it looks like you can take those GTA 5 single-player DLC hopes and transfer them to hopes that Rockstar supports Red Dead Redemption 2 with single-player DLC.
    Rockstar explains why there was no GTA V story DLC

  • Compared to the Wii U, the Nintendo Switch has been getting infinitely more support from third-party developers. That’s not just Nintendo hyping their own message, countless developers have raved about how much easy it is to develop their games for Switch. The team’s Director of Development, Adam Creighton, went on at length about how development tools have improved while talking to GamesRadar. “We have a long history developing for Nintendo hardware, and the Nintendo Switch has far better devel

  • Battleborn has released its Fall Update, which means, as Gearbox previously confirmed, that the company has officially moved on from the game. Battleborn’s final patch brings six premium Borderlands skins, some new taunts and finishers, as well as a host of fixes and improvements. Prior to these changes, low damage skills became relatively more powerful as players leveled up when compared to high damage skills and attacks. These changes are intended to normalize those relationships so that as pl
    Battleborn releases its final update, brings premium Borderlands skins and more

  • While the company seems to be keeping most of the console’s little details a surprise, Albert Penello let it slip on Twitter that adopters of the new console will be met with a unique bootup screen made exclusive for the Xbox One X. …possibly 🙂 — Albert Penello (@albertpenello) October 20, 2017Details on what the bootup screen will look like are understandably being kept under wraps, but we won’t have to wait long to find out. The Xbox One X launches on November 7th, 2017 and is expected to b

  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of 2017’s biggest names, so it comes as no surprise to see it get parodied. Ryan Higa, a professional singer and entertainer who runs two separate YouTube channels recently published BATTLEGROUNDS The Movie!, a 7-minute fake trailer poking fun at the many different intricacies of what it’s like to play PUBG, namely with a newbie. has catapulted to the #3 spot on YouTube’s Trending video page, accruing over 3.3 million views in that time. While it’s not the fi
    [WATCH] New PUBG fake movie trailer is trending on YouTube

  • Site founder Tyler Malka, who goes by the alias “EviLore”, has found himself in hot water after being accused of sexually assaulting a woman. This all comes in the wake of a number of sexual harassment accusations in both Hollywood and the gaming industry. With that said, members of NeoGAF are taking a stand against Malka who already has a history of sexual harassment/assault, dating back many years. — Liam Robertson (@Doctor_Cupcakes) October 22, 2017You can view a fe
    Gaming forum NeoGAF goes up in smoke after sexual harassment allegations against founder

  • has announced that Mafia 1 is available once again in digital distribution DRM-free exclusively through them. Mafia rose to prominence back in 2002 in the wake of Grand Theft Auto 3’s now-legendary take on open-world gameplay, though it served as a period piece on 1930’s gangsters. In Mafia, players take on the role of Tommy Angelo, a cab driver who inadvertently finds himself in the world of organized crime on the streets of Lost Heaven. Mafia gives players the opportunity to take part
    Mafia 1 re-releases exclusively on

  • Site founder Tyler Malka, who goes by the alias “EviLore”, has found himself in hot water after being accused of sexually assaulting a woman. This all comes in the wake of a number of sexual harassment accusations in both Hollywood and the gaming industry. With that said, members of NeoGAF are taking a stand against Malka who already has a history of sexual harassment/assault, dating back many years. — Liam Robertson (@Doctor_Cupcakes) October 22, 2017You can view a fe
    Gaming forum NeoGAF goes up in smoke after sexual harassment allegations against founder

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