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    Latest Gaming News & Rumors

  • Electronic Arts s released the launch trailer for their next big franchise Anthem. While serving nicely in hyping up the online shooter, it’s the new gameplay video focusing on the Endgame of Anthem which is really full of new info. EA and BioWare are of course very well aware of this and have released a new gameplay video all about Anthem’s Endgame. What you’ll play at launch involves a substantial storyline, but the end of that story is really just the beginning of the ongoing adventures you’l
    Anthem gets Launch Trailer, Shows off Endgame Gameplay

  • After customers who pre-ordered EA’s much-hyped online shooting experience Anthem had an early go at the game in a VIP Demo, everyone regardless whether they purchased the game can now try out the Open Demo throughout the weekend. Now, with the launch of the Open Demo for the game, gamers can finally make up their own impressions on the game until this Sunday. You can download the demo through EA’s game service Origin here. So, what does the demo of Anthem have in offer? There’s little reason no
    You can try out the Open Demo for Anthem right now until Sunday

  • Bandai Namco formally announced their newest Dragon Ball game. Dragon Ball Game – Project Z: Action RPG is the mouthful working title and is planned to come out this year for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Dragon Ball games aren’t really that uncommon. In recent years, fans of the over-the-top action series have been able to enjoy the excellent Xenoverse games and Dragon Ball Fighter Z. In 2019, the project of a New Game focusing on the World of Dragon Ball Z begins!
    Dragon Ball Z Action RPG Project Z announced for 2019

  • Nintendo shared a development update video for the highly anticipated new entry Metroid Prime 4. It has been a long two years when Nintendo unveiled Metroid Prime 4 to the masses. Many Metroid fans consider the last true Metroid game 2007’s Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. None other than Retro Studios, the spiritual successor studio of legendary Rare, is now responsible for Metroid Prime 4. As the original creators of the Metroid Prime trilogy, this can be seen as a good thing but there’s a catch.
    Nintendo apologizes to fans as Metroid Prime 4 restarts development

  • Resident Evil 2 Remake is out in some places of the world right now and will soon be out for the rest of the world in mere hours! With that said, here are some things to help you survive the apocalyptic events of Raccoon City in Resident Evil 2 Remake. The undead are truly undeadIn Resident Evil 2, zombies are arguably more threatening than in the vast majority of other zombie games. Know when to take items and when to leave themItems in Resident Evil 2 are your best friend. Resident Evil 2 is o
    Guide: Everything you need to know to survive Resident Evil 2 Remake

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    Latest Gaming News & Rumors

  • 4A Games released a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming open-world shooter Metro Exodus. Only three weeks until the third entry into the post-apocalyptic Metro series takes us on a journey through the Russian wasteland. But similarly important to the Metro games is its large arsenal of pre-apocalypse real-world weapons and ingeniously cobbled-together specialties. It’s not only the weapons themselves which set Metro Exodus apart. Metro Exodus releases February 15th for PC, PlayStation 4 and
    New Metro Exodus Trailer is all about its Weapons and Customization

  • Sega has shared the release date for the PC version with February 19th. The most recent game Sega unleashed upon PC gamers is the excellent puzzle-adventure game Catherine Classic. It was already known back then that Sega planned on releasing Yakuza Kiwami on PC as well. That has changed now however, as Sega has shared a new trailer for Yakuza Kiwami with the PC release date. In approximately one month PC gamers shall continue the fantasy of living the life of a Japanese gangster.
    Sega finally unveils February 19th as Yakuza Kiwami release date on PC

  • While it’s definitely a fantastic game, some rejected the idea of it being a Resident Evil game because it changed the way you played. Now, two years after Resident Evil 7, we’ve come full circle on the series with the release of Resident Evil 2 Remake. There’s something very particular about the way Resident Evil handles which goes hand in hand with the fear factor. Fans will appreciate the smooth controls that still maintain the classic Resident Evil feel, the genuine feeling of horror, the gr
    Review: Resident Evil 2 Remake masterfully modernizes a horror classic

  • Layers of Fear 2, the unexpected sequel to 2016’s original psychological-horror hit, has gotten a brand-new trailer. Unveiled during PAX South 2019, this second look at the upcoming horror game gives a lot more clues on the setting. The first Layers of Fear was a positive surprise for fans of horror games as it aimed to offer a deeper experience in the genre. Similarly, Layers of Fear 2 is following these footsteps by revolving the story around another art form. Layers of Fear 2 is set to come o
    Layers of Fear 2 takes you on a Cruise Ship of horrors in new Trailer

  • Developer Treyarch is planning a free trial for the Call of Duty series-first battle royale mode starting tomorrow. Gamers on PC, PS4 and Xbox One will have the opportunity to try out the Blackout mode between January 17-24. Every CoD game is a massive seller on a regular basis but Black Ops 4 still managed to break expectations in a massive way. We really enjoyed Black Ops 4 and felt impressed how well Treyarch pulled off the feat of breathing new life into the known formula. Between January 17
    Try out Black Ops 4’s Blackout from January 17-24 in a Free Trial

  • When the original Gear.Club Unlimited launched for the Nintendo Switch, I was quite positive about it, especially after coming out of its mobile counterpart which was riddled with microtransactions and other mobile trappings. It also helped that the competition was pretty much non-existent for a racing game featuring licensed cars. Anyone familiar with the original Gear.Club on the Switch will undoubtedly feel right at home with Unlimited 2, as most of it remains unchanged. I enjoyed the progres
    Review: Gear.Club Unlimited 2 on Nintendo Switch is a disappointing racer

  • Known as the Hitman HD Enhanced Collection, both games will come as a digital only bundle for $59.99 on January 11th, 2019. Both games will play in 4K, 60 FPS, improved textures, lighting, and plenty of other details to modernize the games. “We’re very happy with this collection and how we were able to update and remaster two of our classic Hitman titles for modern consoles,” said Hakan Abrak, CEO, IO Interactive. “Hitman: Blood Money and Hitman: Absolution have helped us on our journey to where
    Hitman: Blood Money and Absolution getting 4K remasters this month

  • According to the game credits in Valve’s newest card game Artifact, a legendary writer responsible for the iconic Portal 2 and Half-Life 2 Episodes has quietly returned to its former employer. Erik Wolpaw left Valve in 2017, after more than 10 years at the company and his hushed rejoining of Valve lead to speculations what the Seattle-based gaming giant could be up to. Erik Wolpaw joined Valve way back in 2004 and was an important figure at the game studio, who has worked on Valve classics like
    Half-Life 2 writer Erik Wolpaw has returned to Valve

  • Players of GTA Online can now experience car soccer, made super popular by Rocket League, in the brand-new Arena War mode Bomb Ball. Of course, Bomb Ball isn’t just a simple copy of Rocket League and puts its own satirical spin on the vehicular sport. Bomb Ball is live now for all GTA Online players across all platforms and is part of this month’s festive update. Accompanying the new addition of a car combat/sport mode, players of GTA Online will also receive plenty of new ingame cosmetics, cars
    Rocket League comes to GTA Online in form of Bomb Ball

  • While we’re still basking in the glory of some of these games, 2019 is already starting to look mighty appealing. Without further ado, here are GameZone’s most anticipated games of 2019. Resident Evil 2 Remake – Xbox One, PS4, PCRelease Date: January 25th, 2019Resident Evil is one of gaming’s most renowned franchises. Crackdown 3 – Xbox One, PCRelease Date: February 15th, 2019After much delay, Crackdown 3 will finally be released as Xbox One’s first 2019 AAA exclusive in February. Of course, the
    GameZone’s most anticipated video games of 2019

  • This second game, users can now grab free of charge until January 10th, is none other than 2010’s cult platformer Super Meat Boy. The newest addition to this nice trend is the new free game in rotation at the Epic Store. Super Meat Boy was arguably one of the most important titles and responsible for the rise of indie games. Mind you, play not finish, as Super Meat Boy offers a devilishly challenging experience with it’s one-hit-death mechanics. So, head on over to the Epic Store and claim your
    Brutally difficult platformer Super Meat Boy is new Epic Store freebie

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    For a limited time, you can claim your very own copy of the excellent sci-fi adventure game SOMA for absolutely free on their website. The generous Christmas gift promo is part of GoodOldGames’ winter sale which is currently going on. SOMA is Frictional Games’ most recent game and features all the hallmarks of the talented Swedish studio’s past works. They are probably best known for their atmospheric horror game Amnesia: The Dark Descent and the Penumbra series. It would be a darn shame to tell
    Excellent Sci-Fi Adventure SOMA free for a limited time on GOG

  • Fans of The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim should pay attention to Beyond Skyrim. The huge multi-team mod project has unleashed the first video in their dev diary series and it’s a doozy. The dedicated modders behind the project aim to expand the already large world of Skyrim by introducing the entire continent of Tamriel to 2011’s blockbuster RPG. For those unaware of the ambitious project, Beyond Skyrim first started over four years ago. This enormous continent is home to the locations of previous The
    Beyond Skyrim Dev Diary showcases massive Continent of Tamriel

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