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  • Cult classic sci-fi movie Face/Off is being rebooted. As revealed by Deadline, the Face/Off reboot has been given the green light by Paramount, though nothing else has been revealed. However, it looks as if Face/Off is going full steam ahead with the reboot treatment and won’t be a continuation of the franchise. Nothing, though, will beat the news that we’re getting a Face/Off reboot written by the Sonic movie director. Alien, Blade Runner, and more all star in our look at some of the best sci-f
    A Face/Off reboot is coming, scripted by the Sonic movie writer (because 2019 just doesn’t stop)

  • You’ll want to know how to watch the Apple Event stream later on today in that case, because it’s when Apple will reveal everything it has planned for the next year or so. From the Apple Event start time to the Apple livestream and more, we’ve got everything you need to know about how to watch the Apple event right here. How to watch the Apple Event: StreamYou’ve got a few options for where to watch the Apple Event happening later today. We saw the full Apple Arcade games list yesterday, but wha
    How to watch the Apple Event today: Find out about the new iPhone and Apple Arcade

  • Now, with Minecraft Earth on the near horizon, it would look as if developer Mojang is setting its sights on conquering the planet – taking Minecraft away from the screen and out into the world. Edge Magazine sat down with the Redmond contingent of Mojang to uncover the design philosophy at the heart of Minecraft Earth, the studio’s wild augmented reality experiment. Edge 337 (Image credit: Future) Edge Magazine has exclusive details on Minecraft Earth. “Minecraft Earth is a dream we’ve had for

  • Apex Legends is getting physical. On October 18, two special editions for Xbox One, PS4, and PC will drop in retail stores for $19.99. There are two versions: the Apex Legends Lifeline Edition and the Apex Legends Bloodhound Edition, both of which will come with a slew of character-specific exclusives. The dueling Editions are angel and devil themed, with Bloodhound’s version steeped in blood red, and Lifeline’s all white and gold. Both physical editions of Apex Legends will be available October
    Choose your Apex Legends Special Edition at retail stores starting October 18

  • Ever since the reveal of Destiny 2 Armor 2.0 , a new and greatly expanded armor system coming in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep , players have wondered if weapons would receive a comparable upgrade in an upcoming season. In a recent chat with Kinda Funny , Destiny 2 director Luke Smith confirmed that Bungie doesn’t have a would-be Weapons 2.0 in the works at this time, but he says the team is looking at weapons as a part of broader build variety. “We’re looking at weapons overall right now,” Smith says ar
    Destiny 2 director Luke Smith says Bungie is not working on a Weapons 2.0 system

  • It’s called “Fortnite Jet Black” because it comes with a special bundle of in-game content and V-Bucks for Fortnite , not because Fortnite has its own special, Vantablack-like shade of darkness. The Fortnite content comes in three parts: the Neo Versa Outfit, Neo Phrenzy Back Bling, and 500 V-Bucks to spend on whatever you want in the in-game store. Epic Skins like Neo Versa typically cost 1500 V-Bucks (about $15) by themselves, so this deal gives you at least 2,000 V-Bucks worth of in-game stuf
    Get a new DualShock 4 and 2,000 V-Bucks worth of Fortnite stuff for under $45

  • If you’re up for a quality gaming PC or are due a big upgrade, there’s still some banging offers on Alienware gaming PCs from Dell right now. Though they usually hold a prohibitively high price point, this deal is genuinely good and will offer you a great way into high-end gaming PCs and ray traced gaming. This will provide you with an instant way into ray-tracing for PC gaming, all while removing what for some might be the inconvenience and time needed to build your own PC. This is today’s best
    Get more than $800 off this impressive Alienware gaming PC

  • “My hypothesis is that when CDPR said “Night City will be a bit smaller than the world of the Witcher 3” they meant the fake, 136 sq km world of TW3. “I really hope they didn’t mean the actual, real-size version of the world haha. CD Projekt Red have yet to comment on the figures, and whether they hold any accuracy, but LordParsifal’s findings are already kicking up a storm on the official Cyberpunk 2077 Reddit page, so it’s likely that members of the studio are aware of its predictions. Perhaps
    Cyberpunk 2077's map will be 1.5 times larger than GTA 5's, according to the latest fan theory

  • Square Enix has announced that the Final Fantasy 7 remake will debut a shiny new trailer during the Tokyo Game Show 2019. The trailer also showed off some gameplay, including a look at the combat with multiple characters getting stuck in on the action. The Tokyo Game Show is set to kick off on September 12 and will run until September 15. Here’s to hoping we’ll get to see another slice of gameplay and a better look at some of the characters in action. Here’s everything confirmed in the Tokyo Gam
    A new Final Fantasy 7 remake trailer will be shown during Tokyo Game Show 2019

  • We’ve known for some time now that 2018’s Vampyr was making its way over to Switch, and now we know exactly when. Just in time for Halloween, studio Dontnod has announced that Vampyr will hit the Switch October 29, with pre-orders for the digital and physical versions open now. PR for the Switch port of Vampyr is very straight-forward, without mention of any Switch-exclusive perks to differentiate from versions on other platforms. If that’s your thing, you can pre-order Vampyr digitally on the N
    Vampyr is coming to Switch just in time for Halloween

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  • It looks like Pokemon Sword and Shield might be the first Pokemon game to include an autosave function. During the September 4 Nintendo Direct , fans were treated to some new Pokemon Sword and Shield announcements, including the reveal of two new Pokemon and the ability to cook curry rice. But as the trainer walks into the store, a “now saving” message appears in the top right corner of the screen, which looks an awful lot like autosave function, no? But for others who have historically used Pok
    Pokemon Sword and Shield might be the first Pokemon game with an autosave function

  • Getting a cheap deal on a gaming laptop is essential. And Walmart is offering such a deal right now: it has slashed the price of the Lenovo Legion Y545 to $1,200 down from its list price of $1,600. There are also some noteworthy features squirreled away inside the Legion Y545 – underneath its Full HD 144HZ IPS screen. The same is true of the i7 processor, making this machine a decent rival for some of the best gaming PCs . Remember, you’ll probably want to team your new gaming laptop with some o
    Save $400 (that's 25%) on this superb Lenovo Legion Y545 gaming laptop

  • Initial reviews for the upcoming looter shooter sequel are expected later today, September 9, at 7AM PST/10PM ET/3PM BST, and it looks like Gearbox is preparing to release one more trailer to celebrate the embargo lifting, too. The launch trailer appears to lift directly from Borderlands 3’s grand opening cinematic, which follows in the footsteps of previous games with a musical, action-packed cutscene that sets the tone (and story) of the shlooting to come. It’s likely that Gearbox will release
    Gearbox accidentally leaks its own Borderlands 3 trailer, and it's giving off serious Guardians of the Galaxy vibes

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  • From 9 September – 30 September 2019, you can get a big discount on their Sky Cinema, Entertainment, and Kids passes. Meanwhile, the three-month Sky Cinema equivalent is £24 by itself (a saving of 33%). Even three months of NOW TV Kids Pass has dropped by 33% to £8. Equally, getting the three-month Kids Pass and a three-month Entertainment Pass allows you to reduce the cost by a further £4, resulting in a 39% lower price tag. On top of that, a 6-month membership to Sky Cinema and Entertainment P
    Save up to 52% on NOW TV - this month only

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  • Turns out it is called “Cross” after all. Square,” PlayStation UK insisted via Twitter (thanks, Eurogamer ). Crosses form a square,” said one commenter. Exes form a rectangle. – Crosses form a square.- Exes don’t have the same distance between each stick.- Exes form a rectangle.Basic geometry.
    Apparently we've been calling the 'X' button on the PlayStation controller the wrong name all this time

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