• PES, the soccer game also known as “not FIFA, the other one” has signed up some star power for PES 2018. David Beckham, husband to Spice Girl-turned-fashion designer and father to a brood of Instagram stars, has joined the roster. Fans will get to experience five “eras” of Beckham, from his start in the UK to his appearances in Spain, Italy, and the USA. If you’re not a soccer fan, just know that Beckham is as big a celebrity as the sport gets. PES 2018 will be released on September 12 for PS4,
    Your mom's favorite soccer player David Beckham stars in PES 2018

  • Just a few days left until the standalone Uncharted 4 spin-off, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy can discover the untapped paradise of your PS4 hard drive. To celebrate the game’s impending launch, Sony and Naughty Dog have released one final trailer – and it’s got all the beautiful locales, deadly traps, exciting set pieces, and expertly-crafted drama you’ve come to expect from the series. There’s a depth there that just hasn’t existed before, both for the heroines and other characters including new
    Uncharted: The Lost Legacy's launch trailer is full of explosions, treasure, and drama

  • The latest look at creature slaughter saga Monster Hunter World is supposed to show off the new location, but we can’t tear our eyes away from the hideous, naked parrot-thing that appears halfway through. Apparently this abomination is the Kulu-Ya-Ku, one of the enemies you can expect to face in World’s dense environments. “The monster called Barroth, the idea for him came from watching the movement of bulldozers on a construction site,” Monster Hunter Tri game director Kaname Fujioka told Edge
    This new Monster Hunter World trailer stars the fugliest flamingo beast ever

  • It’s a riff on Halo’s Infection gameplay, where one team is zombies and the other is comprised of survivors. The zombies try to kill all the survivors, which switches them over to the zombie side. ItsDeltin made a bot that could handle the complexities of the team-switching, which isn’t a function the regular custom game modes can do. Zombie mode isn’t the only custom game style dreamt up by dedicated players, and PC players aren’t the only ones with the great options. Here are a few other commo
    Check out a fan-made Overwatch zombie mode (and 3 other custom games you should try)

  • Did you watch that incredible Guardians of the Galaxy 2 disco music video, “Guardians Inferno,” starring the main cast and David Hasselhoff? After all, I had a movie to make – storyboards to draw, Living Planets to cast, and robotic brothels to build,” Gunn wrote. But the idea wouldn’t go away, and Gunn kept plugging away, writing the lyrics in the back of a car on his iPhone. So just keep that in mind when you see Pratt chasing down dinosaurs next year; between takes, he was dressing up as a ro
    Guardians of the Galaxy 2 director explains how the hell that trippy disco music video actually happened

  • If you want to know as little about Avengers: Infinity War as possible before it hits theaters next year, turn back now. (via steve_cas on Instagram) 17, 2017The art was originally posted by concept artist Steve Cas on Instagram, but was since taken down. ), Spider-Man wearing the Iron Spider-inspired (say that five times fast) suit from the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Star-Lord, and down in the bottom-left we have Rocket. The Guardians look the least changed
    Check out bearded Captain America, Teen Groot, an Iron Man redesign and more in this Infinity War art

  • In just a few months, eager Pokemon trainers will be able to pick up Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, the revamped versions of Nintendo’s latest entry in the main Pokemon series. Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon introduce new features, including a new Pokemon evolution for Rockruff, new fashion styles for trainers (no more chicken hat! Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are a curious duo for Nintendo’s pocket monster franchise. You can pick both up in a “Ultra Dual Edition,” but for all intents and purpo
    Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon add new Pokemon, trainer style, and most important, new story

  • A few years ago, around the time of season 3 , I was talking to a friend about Game of Thrones. Well in broad strokes, Game of Thrones has been playing with some tried-and-true narrative tropes for a long time. 15 amazing fan theories for Game of Thrones season 7Defined against this historical sense of normal, the protagonist is eventually called to action. The generational cross-over we currently find ourselves observing in the real world often seems potent with the same tensions as Thrones. A
    Why Game of Thrones’ endgame is just the real world, post-Brexit, with additional dragons

  • Whether you’re following them on an adventure or falling in love with them, they make the big-screen experience what it is. All the visual effects in the world don’t mean a thing if you don’t have a great character to pull you into the story and make you care. Our sister magazine Total Film wants YOU to vote for your favourite characters ever, so it’s time to start whittling down your picks. No need to panic if you don’t see your top choice on the list – you can add your own entry at the bottom.
    Poll: Who’s your favourite movie character of all time?

  • Ron Howard sure likes his behind-the-scenes pics. Since he was signed on as the replacement director for the (still untitled) Han Solo movie, he’s tweeted out everything from what is definitely, maybe Lando’s wardrobe to water bottles and street signs. Are those… Disney Infinity figures of Han and Chewie on Howard’s desk? Oh suuuure, Disney, go ahead and cancel those wonderful figures for the rest of us and keep ’em all for yourself. You’re a real lucky duck, Ron Howard.

  • For Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram users, it’s as easy as uploading your original piece of artwork accompanied by the hashtag #ITFanArtUK. Experience the darkness unfolding in the fictional town of Derry, Maine – King’s terrifying portrayal of the city of Bangor, in America’s north eastern state. You’ll also visit other instantly recognizable locations from King’s work, including the infamous ‘pet cemetery’, and then pass by the home of the undisputed Master of Horror. Your guide for this incred
    Create your own original It artwork to win the ultimate Stephen King fan experience

  • But this perspective, while understandable, doesn’t quite reflect the realities of game development. And if there’s a perception that games are buggier now than they’ve ever been before, that might just be because it’s true. As such, full-time studio staff are generally moved onto new projects as soon as their contribution to a project is concluded. The QA team will then report back to the developers with an exhaustive catalogue of every issue found during testing. But what happens next might su
    Why do developers release glitchy games?

  • This week he’s in the Reef, with a generally solid selection of armour (you can smell the faint praise from here, right?) So good that you almost definitely already own them, but if you don’t, you absolutely should, immediately. They just give you an extra melee for every charge, and a chance of auto-reloading your weapon with every stab. As for the MIDA Multi-Tool, what it lacks in stand-out perks, it makes up for in ‘Holy shit, this is good’. It can trigger chain lightning on hit, and if you s
    Destiny: Xur weapons, gear, and location, August 18 - 20. Bad Juju, MIDA Multi-tool, and Zhalo Supercell!

  • The standalone Obi-Wan Star Wars movie is reportedly in talks with a potential director, taking a step forward from ‘this idea has to happen’ to ‘oh heck yeah this idea is actually happening’. In any case, Lucasfilm is clearly interested in branching out to tell different kinds of Star Wars stories outside the main trilogy. According to the report, Daldry will oversee the Obi-Wan movie’s writing and direction (along with Lucasfilm, of course) if the deal goes through. In other words, we don’t kn
    The Obi-Wan standalone movie takes another step toward reality with a reported director pick

  • Overwatch fans in particular will have some potentially exciting events to look forward to, including a new animated short and the reveal of a new map. A playthrough will be shown as part of the Overwatch Insights panel, which starts at 7am Eastern on August 23. If I had to guess, the short will focus on Junkrat and Roadhog, seeing how it looks like Junkertown will be the game’s next map. Last but containing the highest concentration of both doom and fist, Overwatch FX Artist Rachel Day will del
    Overwatch gets a new animated short, map, and making-of Doomfist presentation at Gamescom

  • For a brief moment in The Walking Dead season 7’s grisly premiere, we got to indulge with Rick in a flight of fancy; another world where his band of survivors never met the end of Negan’s bat. The family dinner scene was short but effective in showing Rick’s battered (sorry) mental state, a merciful yet painfully short break from reality. Now a deleted scene from the season 7 Blu-ray reveals it could have been much longer. For more on the actual show on AMC, read our The Walking Dead season 8 in
    This Walking Dead S7E1 deleted scene gives you more of the happy ending your heart needs

  • Call of Duty: WW2 is taking the series back to its roots, and not just with the single-player campaign. The fan-favorite Zombies mode is being reimagined by developer Sledgehammer Games as something far more horrifying than recent entries, though it should still feel familiar to fans. “We’ve got some bets on how long it’s gonna take the rest of the community to figure these out.” Zombies mode has always been a treasure trove of secrets, with some Easter eggs telling entire storylines and inspiri
    Not even Call of Duty: WW2's testers have found all of the Easter eggs in the game's Zombies mode

  • Loot Crate, the purveyor of the nerdiest collectible boxes around, is creating a special, limited edition Call of Duty: WW2 Loot Crate to mark the release of the vintage-flavored shooter. The crate will cost $49.99, but promises war-themed content worth more than $90. Of course, part of the joy of a Loot Crate is that its contents are a mystery, but past boxes can give us an idea of what to expect. We do know Sledgehammer is working with Loot Crate to curate the box, so it should hit home for fa
    A limited edition Call of Duty: WW2 Loot Crate is coming in time for Christmas, but what will be in it?

  • But that’s just what Subsurface Circular asks of you. And I do mean brainchild, because Subsurface Circular is just a little bit brilliant. (Image: © Mike Bithell Games)Interestingly, there’s no spoken dialogue in Subsurface Circular aside from the intermittent station announcements from the tannoy. The subsurface circular is full of more mysteries and enigmas than it initially suggests. In fact, the only thing that really annoys me about Subsurface Circular is how self-reflexive it is.
    Subsurface Circular review: “A robot mass murder mystery”

  • In the Planet of the Apes universe, the answer is ‘a video game’. Set between Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and War for the Planet of the Apes, the newly-announced Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier is… well, I guess you could call it a game of the Planet of the Apes. Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier is a Telltale-style narrative adventure, with players taking on the role of two characters – one human, one ape. Telltale-style gameplay, Hollywood production values, and involvement from Andy Se
    Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier is a Telltale-style game with Hollywood-style production

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