• Devil May Cry 5 is real, it stars Nero, and it’s coming in spring 2019. Don’t worry, the teaser ended with a quick appearance from original Devil May Cry protagonist Dante as well. But still, nice of Microsoft to give Nero and friends a great big stage to do their debut on, right? Oh, and one last thing: despite the fact that Microsoft now owns Ninja Theory, which developed DmC: Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 5 is being built internally at Capcom. We’ll just have to wait and see what Ninja Theory
    Devil May Cry 5's coming in spring 2019 and it stars Nero, Dante, and a wise-talking mechanic

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    My PlayStation brothers and sisters, Black Friday is truly upon us. We’re fearlessly sifting through the internet to bring you the very best Black Friday gaming deals 2018 right through the shopping season, but to save you some time we’ve also compiled this might list of every PS4 game in the Black Friday 2018 sale. You’ve got all the US games at the top, with the UK games below that. US deals for PS4 games for Black Friday 2018UK deals for PS4 games for Black Friday 2018Looking for consoles and
    Here's EVERY PS4 game in the Black Friday 2018 sale

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    If you’ve been intrigued by Ubisoft’s Starlink: Battle for Atlas – a science fiction flavored take on the toy-enabled gaming trend – then Amazon’s Deal of the Day is just what you need to finally take the plunge. All three versions of the game are just $39.99 today, a 47% – or respectable $35 – off the usual price. Hurry though, as this deal will be over before Black Friday even begins. The game is designed to let space explorers of all ages live out their engineering and interstellar exploring
    Starlink Battle For Atlas for PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch is $35 off today only

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    Bethesda released the first major performance patch for Fallout 76 today, and at least on PS4 and Xbox One, it’s almost as big as the game itself – a whopping 47GB and change. On PC, the patch is only 15GB, but Bethesda’s launcher won’t start the download unless you have 50GB of free space anyway. Most of the update consists of much-needed performance improvements. Bethesda says “the Fallout 76 game client and servers have received additional stability improvements.” Perhaps most importantly, th
    Latest Fallout 76 patch is almost 50GB and includes a Bureau of Tourism bug fix

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    But, in the end, all you really need to know is that Samsung calls its flagship TVs QLED, or Quantum-dot Light Emitting Diode, televisions. Put simply, QLED TVs are a refinement of the existing LCD standard for panel backlighting. Rather than individual pixels giving off light, as is the case with OLED TVs, Samsung’s QLED TVs use traditional backlighting, albeit with a quantum dot color filter layered atop the LCD backlight. So it goes without saying that when a QLED TV goes on sale for less tha
    Yikes! Samsung's beautiful QLED TV is less than $700... and it's great for 4K gaming

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    It’s not even Black Friday yet, and I’m pretty sure we’ve found the cheapest price on Xbox One in the UK right now. This Xbox One S with a 1TB hard drive (so, not the 500GB) is going for £179 over at AO’s page on eBay. The Minecraft stuff is just the icing on the cake. Most cheap Xbox One S deals come with the smaller HDD, which is 500GB, so this is extra good value. And if you want more, here are our Black Friday Xbox One deals.
    Xbox One 1TB with Minecraft AND starter packs for... wait for it... £179 (save 28%)

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    If so, run on down to our best Black Friday Nintendo deals. Take a look at our best Black Friday entertainment deals for everything you movie-lovers need. Obviously we’re the best place to find all the best Black Friday gaming deals, but there’s so much more out there. Where to find great Black Friday dealsIf you love a graphics card and can’t get enough mouse and keyboard, the Black Friday PC gaming deals and Cyber Monday PC gaming deals from PC Gamer should be locked and loaded in your browser
    Where to find the best Black Friday games and gadget deals 2018

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    Hands up who wants a free Nintendo Switch? Well, good news, because this Black Friday, EE is giving away a free Nintendo Switch with select phone deals until Midnight on November 23. Shop the best EE Black Friday phone deals with a FREE Nintendo Switch! You can check out all the free Nintendo Switch Black Friday phone deals EE has right now below, but as you can see, there’s no bad offers. It’s really just a case of finding the best phone for you and sitting back and waiting for your new phone a
    EE is giving away a FREE Nintendo Switch with select phone deals this Black Friday - but only until November 23

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    No need to check your calendar, it is indeed Monday, but the Black Friday deals have already begun in earnest at Walmart. At this price, stock is probably going to go super fast, so if you’re in the market you’ll want to jump on this deal ASAP. This includes both Xbox 360 as well as original Xbox games, growing numbers of which are playable on the Xbox One through backwards compatibility. It runs Red Dead at native 4K (unlike the Pro, which upscales it from 1080) and after more than 100 hours I
    Xbox One X is $100 off at Walmart in an early Black Friday deal, grab it before it disappears

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    One of the best PS4 games of this year is Sony’s very own God of War, and obviously Amazon is recognising that because its already got an early Black Friday game deal offering the stellar title for just $29.99. But don’t fret if all that axe-wielding and Norse mythology doesn’t float your boat, because Amazon is doing another deal on a top PS4 game in the form of Spider-Man PS4. It’s currently just £28.99, down again from the usual price of £54.99, which seeing as it only came out like just over
    Oh BOY! God of War is just $30 right now on Amazon

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    The Amazon Black Friday deal sees a whopping 55% knocked off the Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones for Apple devices. Should you buy the Bose QuietComfort 25 headphones? 1 Amazon customer reviews ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ $229 View Show More DealsBose QuietComfort 25 headphones – Noise cancellingLet’s start with the most important feature of the Bose QuietComfort 25 headphones – the noise cancelling. Bose QuietComfort 25 headphones – Sound qualityNoise cancelling is all well and good, bu
    These amazing Bose QuietComfort 25 headphones have 55% off (£129.94)... but should you buy them? Yes

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    Right now, you can grab a Nintendo Switch console – with no games – in either the Neon or Grey flavour, for just £249 from Amazon. That’s enough for a new game, or an SD card AND a case to protect your new Switch. Given how fast the Switch sold during Black Friday last year, it’s unlikely that stock will last at Amazon, because demand is still super high for Nintendo’s console. One thing that stays constant with the Nintendo Switch console is the price. Here’s all the Black Friday Nintendo deals
    Nintendo Switch console is £30-off at Amazon, right now. At £249, it won't last long...

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    Worse still, they could be caught in the crossfire between Thanos and the new Big Bads, if an extract from an official Marvel novel turns into more than a wink and a nod towards the future. Thanos: Titan Consumed, a prequel of sorts to Avengers: Infinity War charting the Mad Titan’s ascent before getting his hands on the Infinity Gauntlet (via Screen Rant), is an interesting enough concept in and of itself. And because the Celestials and the others, the ones whom the Celestials fear, keep close
    A new Thanos book teases more Avengers 4 villains – and even the Mad Titan should be running scared

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    Amazon’s early Black Friday deals blitz continues with a deep discount on the SteelSeries Rival 600, one of the best gaming mice available (and one that ranks very highly on our guide to buying the best gaming mouse). The Rival 600 already feels underpriced at its £79.99, so cutting that price in half makes it damn near irresistible. If you’re looking for a gaming mouse and don’t way to spend loads on something in the ultra-premium range, you should jump on this deal immediately. If you’re looki
    Get a SteelSeries gaming mouse for half the price (£39.99) during Amazon's early Black Friday deals

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    For the price, the Razer Kraken Pro V2 has been an effective means to attaining realistic sound throughout lengthy competitive gameplay sessions. Unlike a lot of gaming headsets designed exclusively for PCs or specific console brands, part of the Razer Kraken Pro V2’s appeal is that it’s compatible with anything sporting a 3.5mm headphone jack. Although it’s not technically a “surround sound headset,” you can configure 7.1-channel virtualized surround sound for the Razer Kraken Pro V2 in the sna
    Suited for consoles and PC, the Razer Kraken Pro V2 is 38% off

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  • The Golden Joystick Awards 2018 are done after a night of laughter, tears, banter, and partial Fortnite cosplay. If you missed the show, which was broadcast live from London’s Bloomsbury Big Top, you can catch all 75 minutes of it right here. You can also watch it again even if you already saw the whole thing live, I won’t tell anyone. You can consult the full list of Golden Joystick Awards 2018 winners as well if you can’t stand the suspense. Even if you don’t have time to watch the whole Golde
    Watch the entire Golden Joystick Awards 2018 show right here

  • This week we heard the sad news that Stan Lee, the legendary Marvel comic book creator and writer, died at the age of 95 . But my favorite Stan Lee moment – what I think is his best cameo – has to be his appearance in Thor: Ragnarok. It’s the fact he’s so out of place, so far from home, looking so different, and actually mildly menacing, that makes it such a beloved Stan Lee moment for me. Noooooooo!” Stan Lee cackles in the background. Sam LoveridgeMeeting the man himself(Image: © Getty)I was l
    What's your favorite Stan Lee moment or memory?

  • Microsoft is reportedly working on a new Xbox One S which doesn’t have a disc drive and only plays digital games, according to a new report from Thurrott . The decision to axe the system’s disc drive was reportedly driven by two main factors. The first one is obvious: a decisive pivot to digital games. Microsoft is also reportedly preparing a new Xbox One S model which does have a disc drive and is scheduled to release after the disc-less model. This would position the systems as the last hurrah
    Rumor: Microsoft is preparing a disc-free Xbox One for 2019

  • During the Golden Joystick Awards 2018 today, FromSoftware’s visionary director Hidetaka Miyazaki won the Lifetime Achievement award for his outstanding contributions to the industry. Miyazaki directed such influential games as the Dark Souls series and Bloodborne, which redefined how players and developers alike approach difficulty and worldbuilding in games. As the latest winner of the Lifetime Achievement award, Miyazaki joins the ranks of esteemed video game luminaries like Hideo Kojima, Sid
    Dark Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki takes the Lifetime Achievement award at the Golden Joystick Awards 2018

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