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    A new report suggests Matrix 4 will include a younger Morpheus, which could provide a hint as to what direction the fourth instalment will take. It’s not clear at this stage, though it may lead to Fishburne being replaced entirely. He was, after all, not included as part of the original announcement, which also confirmed Lana Wachowski’s return in the director’s chair. The idea of a young Morpheus starring in a Matrix prequel has actually been floating around for a while. Journey to another worl
    The Matrix 4 will reportedly include a younger Morpheus, despite Neo and Trinity’s return

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    Fire is officially coming to Sea of Thieves . In an incredibly funny slip-up during Rare’s weekly Sea of Thieves live stream, lead engineer James Thomas mentioned, in a rather offhand manner, that the team was working on adding fire to the game. Whether or not Thomas will be around for next week’s Sea of Thieves stream is up in the air, but it seems like the addition of fire is set in stone. Sea of Thieves is already an incredibly fun open-world game, and the addition of fire is going to make it
    Fire is coming to Sea of Thieves, but we weren't supposed to know that yet

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    Even the actors who are set to appear in Tenet are barely allowed to discuss the movie. While speaking to our sister publication Total Film, Aaron Taylor Johnson, who was promoting his new movie A Million Little Pieces, was only able to touch on the Nolan film, barely giving anything away. It’s a really great experience and I’m super-grateful to be a part of the cast. “I can’t really say anything else about the project, but I feel very lucky to be in a Nolan film because I love every film he’s m

  • The Bond 25 title has finally been revealed: Daniel Craig’s fifth and potentially final outing as 007 is called No Time to Die. The mission to rescue a kidnapped scientist turns out to be far more treacherous than expected, leading Bond onto the trail of a mysterious villain armed with dangerous new technology.” The mysterious villain, meanwhile, could be one Rami Malek. Speaking via video-link at the Bond 25 (as it was then called) launch in April, Malek said, “I promise you all I will be makin
    Bond 25 finally has a title: No Time to Die

  • EA unveiled the next stretch of the roadmap for Star Wars Battlefront 2 at Gamescom, outlining everything coming this fall, with major updates in September and December. There’s a new Clone Commando reinforcement which hearkens back to the Episode III tie-in game Star Wars Republic Commando, and Felucia, the Clone Wars-era map, will also arrive within the month. A version of Felucia was in the original Star Wars Battlefront 2, and we’ve been waiting to land on it again. Four player online co-op
    Star Wars Battlefront II is getting Rise of Skywalker content and a large-scale single player mode

  • The video game industry has undergone a wild transformation since August 1999, which is when GamesRadar first started out. So to celebrate GamesRadar’s 20th birthday, we asked developers what they think video games and the industry that surrounds it will be like in 2039? I have seen the grim underbelly of the games industry, too.” We are still making all the types and genres of games the industry has been making for the last 20 years. “In the year 2039, I expect making games to be as approachabl
    What will games be like in 2039? A panel of developers try to figure it out

  • I have seen Death Stranding at Gamescom, and I think I finally understand what the fuck is going on. Oh, and guess what, it’s true of Death Stranding as well. That is Death Stranding. There’s your story in Death Stranding; it’s no more confusing than that. For more, check out the best Death Stranding theories we’ve seen so far, or watch the video below for a look at the title’s recent gameplay demo from Gamescom.
    I have seen Death Stranding at Gamescom and I finally understand what's going on

  • The final characters in Mortal Kombat 11 ‘s Kombat Pack DLC are officially announced, and they’re as quirky as we’ve come to expect from the franchise that let us fight as the Predator. Joining the DLC ranks are Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800 Terminator, Batman’s nemesis the Joker, evil queen of the Outworld Sindel, and Todd McFarlane’s comic book hero, Spawn. Included in the leak, but not in this Kombat Pack, was Ash (likely from the Evil Dead franchise), Sheeva, and Fujin. Obvious Cinematic con
    Mortal Kombat 11 rounds out new character DLC with the Joker and the Terminator

  • The new Switch with improved battery life has been on shelves for more than a week, and now the big question is just how much extra game time it packs in for handheld-happy players – as well as if Nintendo snuck any other changes in there. According to Digital Foundry’s testing, the revised Nintendo Switch is capable of lasting nearly 80 percent longer than the original model in certain circumstances. Running at 50 percent screen brightness for each, the new Switch lasted for 5 hours and 2 minut
    New Nintendo Switch model can have almost 80 percent better battery life according to tests

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  • The Pokemon Company has confirmed Pokemon Sword and Shield will not use Pokemon Global Link, which has been a mainstay feature in the series for many years. Global Link is used for online multiplayer competitions, and also lets you track your battle rankings in competitive play. Pokemon Global Link was first introduced into the series in Black and White, where you would use Dream Smoke to sync your game up to the online features. Pokemon Sword and Shield’s ranked mode Battle Stadium has a five-t
    Pokemon Sword and Shield won't support Pokemon Global Link for competitive play

  • Dead By Daylight is getting a deadly visit from the Demogorgon in a new Stranger Things chapter update that will bring the horror of The Upside Down to the multiplayer survival gore fest. The new chapter is set to launch in September on PC and consoles, and will introduce a new killer in the shape of the Demogorgon and new survivors Nancy and Steve. The fun crossover chapter comes just after Stranger Things season 3 landed on Netflix back in July. All caught up on Stranger Things? Here are 80 St
    Stranger Things comes to Dead By Daylight in a new Chapter update, and the Demogorgon is out for blood

  • If you’ve been waiting for prices to come down on some of the biggest and best games of the last couple of years or so, this might be a great time to strike. There’s a bunch of discounted games over at Amazon for both PS4 and Xbox One covering all the genres, so there’s definitely going to be something for someone, no matter what you play. Some are at their lowest price ever like Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which is now going for just $20 on PS4 and the same price for Xbox One. And some of offer
    Snag some PS4 and Xbox One games for excellent prices at Amazon right now

  • Luckily, that means we get to revisit some of our favourite franchises, including Bill & Ted, a third instalment of which started filming earlier this year. Titled Bill & Ted Face the Music, the threequel will see the eponymous duo return, now with their daughters in tow. Playing Bill’s offspring is Samara Weaving, who is best known for appearing in SMILF and the Netflix movie The Babysitter. Speaking to our sister publication Total Film magazine while promoting her upcoming film Ready or Not, W

  • Thanks to trainers around the world completing the Global Challenge, the Pokemon Go Gen 5 release date has been announced as part of three weeks of Ultra Bonuses. Read on for all the Pokemon Go Ultra Bonuses, including the Pokemon Go Gen 5 release date. Pokemon Go Ultra Bonuses: Week 1 (Sept 2-9)(Image credit: Pokemon Go Hub)The first week of the Pokemon Go Ultra Bonuses begins on Monday, September 2 and introduces the first method of obtaining Unown for most players. Roll on Gen 5, and check ou
    Pokemon Go Gen 5 release date announced and Ultra Bonuses revealed

  • The full Sea of Thieves Spartan Ship Set, inspired by the Halo franchise, is available to any seafarer willing to log in for five minutes before the end of the promotional period this Saturday, August 24 at 11PM BST. The Spartan Ship Set is comprised of Halo-inspired cosmetics designed to transform your boring-old pirate ship into something that would make Microsoft proud. The complete collection includes the Spartan figurehead, flag, sails, hull, wheel, capstan, and cannons. Sea of Thieves rece
    Log in to Sea of Thieves for five minutes and get the free Halo-inspired Spartan Ship Set

  • Looking for an all-purpose headset that you can use across all your devices? Look no further than the LucidSound LS35X Wireless Surround Sound Gaming Headset, which is an officially licensed Xbox One product, but you can use it as a wired option for your PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC – you name it. Amazon has the headset right now for just $115, which is $65 off its regular price of $189. That’s its lowest price on the marketplace ever, and it’s a great option for any chat or sound-based ac
    Snag this LucidSound wireless headset for its lowest price ever

  • Die-hard Mario fan, but haven’t yet spent time in Super Mario Odyssey yet? You’re really missing out, for one, but right now’s a great time to jump into the Odyssey and start collecting power moons, as the game is a very tasty $42 at Amazon right now. “There’s so much to Super Mario Odyssey and when you consider there are over 800 Moons to find, it’s amazing that it never feels like it’s rehashing elements from previous worlds. From traversing a colorful sand area rife with sugar skull-like char
    Travel far and wide with Super Mario Odyssey for just $42 right now

  • The latest patent leak has been discovered by LetsGoDigital, this time alongside an image that provides a more visual picture of the PS5, albeit one that ought to be taken with much scepticism. That said, there’s no confirmation that this cooling patent is for the next-gen console itself and, if it is, there’s talk that it only applies to the PS5’s dev kit model; a.k.a. the non-commercial version that is sent out exclusively to developers currently working on titles for the platform. In short, w
    PS5 cooling patent suggests next-gen console won’t suffer from the PS4's noisy fan problem

  • “We are doing R&D [Research & Development] into multiplayer”, says Jonkers, “but we’re focusing on single-player experience, and that’s what you’ll get in 2020. It doesn’t mean we’re saying no multiplayer, but it doesn’t mean we’re saying yes either. The singleplayer experience, it all fits together. It’s possible if it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t fit.” To some, the tenuous future of Cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer won’t be much cause for concern, given the strengths of everything we’ve seen from the sin
    “If it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t fit”: CD Projekt Red still weighing up Cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer options

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