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    Since launch, Super Smash Bros. The mod, made by modder Hefty, is essentially a re-skin of Ganondorf in Super Smash Bros. While a Shrek mod is likely the only way Super Smash Bros. Of course, the main thing keeping Shrek from ever being in a Super Smash Bros. game is that he’s not a video game character. Super Smash Bros.
    Shrek Added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in New Mod

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    However, Vergil’s fate has been left somewhat ambiguous since the events of the first Devil May Cry, but fans get some answers in Devil May Cry 5. Late in the story of Devil May Cry 5, we learn that Vergil survived the events of the original Devil May Cry, but in a severely weakened state. After all, Vergil is a playable character in other Devil May Cry games, and has always been pretty popular. The short answer is no, Vergil is not playable in Devil May Cry 5 as himself, but he is playable as V
    Devil May Cry 5: Can You Play as Vergil?

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    Considering this, some may be wondering how they can switch their arms and change their Devil Breakers. Unfortunately, the only way to change Devil Breakers in Devil May Cry 5 is by destroying the one that’s already equipped. In the early stages of Devil May Cry 5, destroying Devil Breakers can put Nero in a tight bind, as his supply of them is very limited. Devil May Cry 5 players can also customize the order that their Devil Breakers appear in their inventory whenever they visit Nico’s shop in
    Devil May Cry 5: How to Change Devil Breakers

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    Super Smash Bros. While this hasn’t been confirmed or denied by Nintendo, dataminers have discovered evidence that Super Smash Bros. Like with most other video games, it’s likely that some ideas and planned features for Super Smash Bros. In the past, Super Smash Bros. players were able to create their very own custom stages using some creation tools, but this feature doesn’t return in Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros.
    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate May Bring Back Two Fan Favorite Modes

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    One of the latest adds Captain Marvel to the game, swapping out Claire Redfield for Marvel’s extremely powerful heroine. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear as though the Captain Marvel mod includes any of the character’s various powers. Since Resident Evil 2‘s launch in January, we’ve seen the modding community replace its cast with a variety of other characters. Another mod for Resident Evil 2 replaces Mr. X with a more familiar character to Resident Evil fans: Nemesis. Like with the Regina Dino
    Resident Evil 2 Mod Swaps Claire for Captain Marvel

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    There are 20 main story missions in Devil May Cry 5, or 21 when counting the Prologue mission. When players manage to complete the main story in Devil May Cry 5, it’s far from the end of the experience. Additionally, Devil May Cry 5 players can unlock 12 secret missions. These secret missions aren’t nearly as long as the regular missions in the game, but they do provide some extra challenges for players to complete. With the secret missions added, it will likely take players around 15 hours to b
    Devil May Cry 5: Here’s How Many Missions Are in the Game

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    Prior to release, there was speculation that Devil May Cry 5 would have multiplayer and co-op features after they were listed on the game’s Steam page. However, Capcom barely touched on Devil May Cry 5‘s multiplayer and co-op features in the months leading up to release, and now that the game is actually out, we can see why. The multiplayer and co-op features in Devil May Cry 5 are very barebones. There is also a trick to farm red orbs and get rich quick in Devil May Cry 5, though Capcom will pr
    Devil May Cry 5: How Multiplayer Works in the Game

  • According to a new update from Ubisoft’s support page, PS4 players of The Division 2 that purchase a physical copy of the game will need to download a huge “Title Update 1” patch. Curiously enough, a separate post on The Division 2‘s official website states that players should expect the Title Update 1 for PS4 to be “a 48-52 GB download”. As if The Division 2‘s Title Update 1 patch wasn’t enough, there’s another update players will have to download before being able to play at launch. This will
    The Division 2’s Day One Patch on PS4 is Huge

  • Recently, Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment nerfed two of the most popular guns in the increasingly popular battle royale title, with the Wingman and the Peacekeeper getting tweaks. Shroud also acknowledges that Respawn was likely scared to nerf it, but that doing nothing in a nerf somewhat defeats the purpose. He’s a former CS:GO pro who has made a name for himself playing other titles such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Black Ops 4, Rainbow Six Siege, and of course, Apex Legends.
    Apex Legends: Shroud Criticizes Wingman Nerf

  • Next week, Xur will have the first Invitations of the Nine mission for players to undertake, making his weekend visits even more important than they used to be. Ophidian Aspect – Warlock gauntletUnfortunately for Warlocks, they’re the only class not getting a Forsaken exotic this week. While the exotic perk isn’t very exciting, these gauntlets are a must for those who enjoy using bows. They’re also a great pickup for those planning on grabbing Xur’s exotic weapon this week as well. Its exotic pe
    Destiny 2: Xur Exotic Armor, Weapon, and Recommendations for March 8

  • It’s uncertain how this will be taken by fans, but there has also recently been a leak showcasing Sonic running. This Sonic the Hedgehog movie leak supposedly comes straight from a Paramount employee that shows a Sonic render of him running. That said, the image looks rather believable, and falls in line with everything we know about the Sonic the Hedgehog movie thus far, including the contentious appearance of Sonic himself. The image of Sonic running is incredibly blurred, making it seem like
    Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Leak Shows Sonic Running

  • Another trio of impressive Pokemon Sword and Shield “leaked” starter evolutions is making the rounds again, but the images are now looking more likely to be fakes. Those evolutions, much like the new “leaked” art tied to Pokemon Sword and Shield, was impressive. Just days ago, a similar leak of Pokemon Sword and Shield starter evolutions was posted to 4chan. Just because these latest Pokemon Sword and Shield starter evolution leaks could be fake doesn’t mean that they can’t be appreciated for wh
    Pokemon Sword, Shield Starter Evolution Leaks Appear to Be Fakes

  • Nevertheless, fans can now get a better idea of who the plot could revolve around once the project is green-lit, as the film’s character list has apparently leaked online. Interestingly enough, though, the Mortal Kombat movie reboot will focus on a new character dubbed Cole Turner, a “washed up” boxer that is recruited to help protect Earth “in an eternal battle with killers from another dimension”. For those unaware, Warner Bros.’ New Line Cinema division has been working for a lengthy amount o
    Mortal Kombat Movie Reboot Character List Leaks Online

  • Prior to launch, there was much made about Devil May Cry 5‘s microtransactions and how they could negatively impact the balance of the game. Now that Devil May Cry 5 is available to the public, its revival system has been revealed to the masses. Whenever Dante, Nero, or V go down in Devil May Cry 5, players are given the option to come back to life using gold orbs or red orbs. Effectively, this means that Devil May Cry 5‘s microtransactions can be used to help players come back to life. Even so,
    Devil May Cry 5 Lets You Pay to Come Back to Life

  • Players are now into the second week of Fortnite’s eighth season, which recently introduced pirates, ninjas, and treasure to the popular battle royale side of the game. And like past seasons, week 2 means Fortnite fans can find a secret banner hidden somewhere on the battle royale map. Once players complete all week 2 challenges in Fortnite, a free banner icon becomes unlocked, with a clue from the loading screen. The banner can be faintly seen in the upper left corner of this image on a stone s
    Fortnite: Where to Find the Season 8 Week 2 Hidden Banner

  • Season 8 of Fortnite has made a number of big changes to the game and the battle royale map. This includes a volcano where Wailing Woods used to be, pirate camps popping up all over the place, and some new items, like the legendary-tier buried treasure map. The treasure map is brand new to Fortnite, and so some players may not quite know exactly how to use it in the game. To use the treasure map in Fortnite, players first need to find one, which is easier said than done. The treasure maps in For
    Fortnite: How to Use the Treasure Map

  • It’s worth mentioning that Cassie Cage was an instant hit when she debuted in Mortal Kombat X as one of the protagonists for the story mode, and while she is designed to be more “new age” than her parents or other Mortal Kombat fighters, this is taken to another level, it seems, in Mortal Kombat 11. This design decision is evidenced by one of her fatalities in Mortal Kombat X involving a selfie post to social media with her defeated opponent. This can be seen in a variety of ways in Mortal Komba
    Mortal Kombat 11: Cassie Cage Dabs When She Beats an Opponent

  • The new Fortnite season has arrived, which means players are currently busy tackling the active Challenges and working towards an exciting new batch of rewards. Although Epic prefers to keep the weekly changes a secret to build hype throughout the entire Battle Pass season, a new leak seems to spoil the next three sets of challenges coming to the battle royale game. The community on Reddit is already discussing whether or not these might be the most difficult challenges to date. Be sure to check
    Fortnite Season 8 Challenges Leak for Weeks 2-4

  • Another one that has been plaguing Anthem for some time is the health bug, which results in players loading into a mission with much less health than they are supposed to have. Many believe this is somehow connected to a bug with a component, resulting in many overlapping layers with this particularly nasty Anthem bug. It’s worth mentioning that BioWare has been aware of the issue for some time, but at first believed it to be a UI issue. As this was proven false, lead Anthem producer Ben Irving
    Anthem Dev Confirms Health Bug is Real Issue, Not UI Problem

  • Nintendo has announced that this weekend, the Tetris 99 Grand Prix and Tetris 99 Maximus Cup online competitions will launch in Europe and North America, respectively. Winners will be awarded 999 My Nintendo Gold Points, which equates to £9.99 / €9.99 /$9.99 in credit for the Nintendo eShop. The competition has been fierce enough that one Tetris expert provided some Tetris 99 gameplay tips on how to improve one’s chances at winning, which is likely worth a look for anyone interested in competing
    Tetris 99 Tournaments Will Take Place This Weekend in Europe, North America

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