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  • The lazy gen 3 creature is very popular and is actually in a pretty high demand for a lot of Pokemon GO players. That should make June’s Community Day a very popular event even without considering the other bonuses that will take place during the three hour window. Although the exclusive move isn’t official yet, the Chinese Pokemon GO Twitter account may have accidentally spilled the beans on that. Event details:-Featured pokemon “Slakoth”-Learn Slaking’s #PokemonGoCommunitDay exclusive move “Bo
    Pokemon GO Slaking Community Day Exclusive Move Leaked

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    Division 2 players hoping that developer Massive Entertainment might tweak the raid difficulty on console are out of luck, as this week the studio confirmed it has no plans to do so. During this week’s State of the Game stream, developer Massive Entertainment spent a sizeable amount of time congratulating those Division 2 players that had completed the Operation Dark Hours raid. Unfortunately, the devs dismissed the idea saying that even though they realize there is an imbalance on PS4 and Xbox
    Division 2 Won’t Lower Raid Difficulty for Console Players

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    To get orbs fast in Dauntless, players need to complete Patrols. For example, players can get orbs from hunting Behemoths in Dauntless outside of Patrols, though this is far from the fastest way to get orbs in the game. Completing quests will also get players orbs, but again, Patrols are still the best way to farm orbs in Dauntless. Since Dauntless is designed as a free-to-play, live-service style game, it’s possible that future updates will add new orbs or ways to get orbs. However, at launch,
    Dauntless: How to Get Orbs Fast

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    With the Extraordinary Raid Week event live, we no longer have to guess as to what the event’s Field Research tasks and rewards entail. We now know that there are three different Extraordinary Raid Week Field Research tasks, but four rewards that players can earn from the tasks. Here are all the Extraordinary Raid Week Field Research tasks and rewards in Pokemon GO. — Pokémon GO (@PokemonGoApp) May 21, 2019Win A Raid – BronzorWin 3 Raids – Absol
    Pokemon GO Raid Week Research Tasks and Rewards

  • Considering that the practice of review bombing falls into “off topic” reviews by the Steam developer Valve, the company has now issued an official statement. When it did occur for the first time with Assassin’s Creed Unity, Valve looked into the data and discovered what happened with it and negative review bombs were significantly different. Alongside the increase in reviews, Assassin’s Creed Unity saw a significant rise in players as well. However, if Valve approached this Assassin’s Creed Uni
    Valve Comments on Assassin’s Creed Unity Positive Review Bombing

  • While motion controls are often criticized, the motion controls for Resident Evil 4 on Wii actually earned a great deal of praise. Unfortunately for those hoping to see those motion controls return, it’s been confirmed that Resident Evil 4 on Switch does not support motion controls. It’s understandable that some fans may be disappointed to learn that the Switch version of Resident Evil 4 ditches the motion controls. There’s a reason why Capcom keeps porting Resident Evil 4 and other Resident Evi
    Resident Evil 4 Switch Price is High Despite Missing Popular Feature

  • Like Monster Hunter, Dauntless is all about hunting large beasts – called Behemoths in this game – and so it’s important that players know how to start a hunt. When Dauntless players first boot up the game, the first thing they will need to do is complete the tutorial hunt. To start a hunt in Dauntless, players need to visit the Hunt Board in Ramsgate. Upon selecting a Behemoth to hunt, Dauntless players will then be paired with three others (assuming that they don’t have a full party already) a
    Dauntless: How to Start A Hunt

  • Psychonauts 2, the sequel to Double Fine’s 2005 cult classic Psychonauts, will be coming in 2019, but otherwise Double Fine hasn’t revealed much about the upcoming game. However, not only will a demo for Psychonauts 2 be displayed at next month’s E3 2019, but famed comedic actor Jack Black will be on the game’s panel. As mentioned previously, Psychonauts 2 will be getting a spotlight at E3 2019. However, Jack Black worked with the studio as a voice actor for the protagonist in Brutal Legend. Wha
    E3 2019: Jack Black Will Be at Psychonauts 2 Demo

  • To play with friends in Dauntless, simply hit the 0 on PC, touchpad on PS4, or the view button on Xbox One. What seems to be confusing some Dauntless players in regards to playing with friends is that their friends aren’t always loading into the Ramsgate hub world after being invited to the game. So don’t stress too much about friends not appearing in the Ramsgate hub world. It’s also worth mentioning that Dauntless is the first game to launch with “true cross-play” across PC, PS4, and Xbox One.
    Dauntless: How to Play with Friends

  • It’s no surprise that Zero Hour took so long to complete, as it is densely packed with areas to explore. Rob Adams, the Creative Lead behind The Whisper and Zero Hour missions, noted that Whisper took four months to develop with a smaller team. Zero Hour, on the other hand, took seven months to craft. Everything from solving the Fallen Transponder to fighting alongside Mithrax was tailored to make sure Zero Hour was as memorable as possible. Zero Hour is filled with challenging jumping puzzles,
    Destiny 2 Secret Mission Took 7 Months to Develop

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    Currently, the Xbox One marketplace is offering tons of deals across various games and services. While today marks the last chance for a great deal towards Game Pass, a number of popular indie games, as well as Xbox 360 backwards compatible titles, have been marked down this week. Arguably the best deal available this week on Xbox One involves Xbox Game Pass, the company’s gaming subscription service. Today is the last day for users to get three months worth of Game Pass for just $1. As for back
    This Week’s Xbox One Game Deals Discounts Some of the Console’s Best Games

  • Ever since the launch of the Red Dead Online beta at the end of last year, players have continually encountered issues with the Red Dead Online Stranger Missions not working. Since the recent Red Dead Online update, a number of fans have taken to community forums with indication that the Red Dead Online Stranger Missions are broken. With respect to a fix for the Red Dead Online Stranger Missions glitch, there does not seem to be a catch-all remedy at this time. Ultimately, affected players may s
    Red Dead Online Stranger Missions Are Still Broken

  • Last week brought a major update for Division 2 players as Title Update 3 brought a wave of new fixes, quality of life improvements, new content to the looter shooter. Unfortunately, players have also discovered that this update may have also released a few unintended bugs back into the open world. Over on the official Division 2 subreddit, users began highlighting some strange issues they’ve encountered since Title Update 3 launched. While the PC crowd was able to complete Operation Dark Hours
    The Division 2 Dev Looking into New Enemy AI and Sound Bugs

  • Now, another “leak” looks to take this rumor one step further, providing details on the supposed From Software E3 2019 offering. The From Software leak also states that the game will have cooperative and competitive multiplayer, will be multi-platform, and will be built using Unreal Engine. Notably, the first two claims were indicated in the aforementioned From Software E3 2019 rumor, and the company has recently confirmed its interest in learning Unreal Engine. It is important to mention that t
    Rumor: Dark Souls Dev’s New Game Has Three Playable Characters, Is Set During ‘100 Year Civil War’

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    Captive PortalPlease login to browse the internet.

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    The conclusion of the Detective Pikachu event in Pokemon GO saw the release of some more Gen 4 Pokemon to the game. Niantic has not only added new Gen 4 Pokemon to the wild, but it has also made it possible to expand one’s Gen 4 Pokemon collection through evolving certain Pokemon as well. Getting some of the new Gen 4 Pokemon through evolution requires players to use the brand new Lure Modules. However, other Pokemon will simply be found in the wild, and others still just need candy to evolve. H
    Pokemon GO May 2019 Update Releases New Gen 4 Pokemon

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    Just four days ago, Rockstar launched a major Red Dead Online update, which officially marked the end of the beta period for the online component of Red Dead Redemption 2. Browsing community forums, such as the Red Dead Online subreddit and ResetEra, fans will encounter numerous references to the current Red Dead Redemption 2 online crashing. In the most extreme instances, players report that they cannot go more than a few minutes without Red Dead Redemption 2 online crashing. Additionally, ther
    Red Dead Online Crashing Constantly Since Latest Update

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    While this year’s Call of Duty is greatly expected to be a new Modern Warfare series entry, it also appears the familiar will be mixed with the new. According to a new report, Modern Warfare 4 may feature a free-to-play component, which would mark a strong departure for the series and a potential shift for the Call of Duty series moving forward. Apparently, this year’s Call of Duty, widely believed to be Modern Warfare 4, may feature a free-to-play component as well. As of yet, the free-to-play
    Modern Warfare 4 May Feature Free-to-Play Component

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    It’s been a long wait for Call of Duty fans. — Taylor Kurosaki (@taylorkurosaki) May 12, 2019To Scarpelt’s point, Modern Warfare 4‘s Subreddit has featured a considerable amount of speculative posts. Moreover, in lieu of ample rumors that the next game will belong to the revered Modern Warfare lineage, either in the form of Modern Warfare 4 or a Modern Warfare 2 remaster, it’s safe to say that some frustration will continue regardless. 2019’s Call of Duty game currently has no official release i
    Infinity Ward Developer Assures Fans Worried About Call of Duty 2019 Reveal

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