• Definitely, having a good strategy during free league is a big help, the moment you miscalculate the battle it will ruin all of your strategies. You should think fast if ever a miscalculation occur so that your mistakes won’t cause you your battle.

  • Really? The last time I checked that it is only just 4 servers then, so thus it mean that many more players actually started to play Atlantica? That is quite awesome, I’ll try to create new accounts on the said server to meet up with other people more.

  • elwyne replied to the topic Atlantis! in the forum MMOABC Discussion 10 years, 7 months ago

    you can’t reach the island of atlantis in the english version yet.
    its still a few dungeons short from completing Amarienju’s quest.

  • Well, Item mall nowadays is quite common to all massive multiplayer online – role playing game. Since almost all games is develop to be free by means of game time. I’m currently playing Atlantica online which was just released a week ago, so when Atlantica online was fully released, they as well released the item mall. So thus with other games,…[Read more]

  • Well we can’t really help it that the game that we usually plays go under maintenance, so just like last week, I’m playing Atlantica online, then they announced that there will be a emergency maintenance, so what I did was to buff my favorite anime at any certain website and I did read some of my favorites mangas. So you guys what do you usually do?

  • VGenforcer wrote:Also, there aren’t many turn-based MMOs out there. In my opinion, gamers typically prefer fast-paced games that doesn’t take too long to do something. Turn-based games requires patience and are too time-consuming. But there have been some successful turn-based games like Might & Magic.Well, It will always depend on the taste of…[Read more]

  • Well, thank you for that great reply, it is really a great help. Btw, at first I was quite unsure about the game Atlantica, but as time passes by it is quite easier for me to play this game due to some of its game features, like the auto-battle and auto-run. Why don’t you try it so that I can have more friends online.

  • So, I just started to join this forum site and I’m quite not familiar on how thus this site goes on. Well, I’ll be introducing myself first, you can simply call me Elwyne, as my forum name is, so, please do guide me and help me out with this forum board, A good friend of mine told me about this site that I can asked any queries here in any game,…[Read more]

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