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    For those who like a long range killer this Character is very fit with you. the Class is for you the

    Scout. The Scout is heavily depend on their sharp sight and perfect precision to hit targets from far

    distances. By firing arrows with emphatic accuracy, a Scout can bring a brief end to any hostile

    enemy’s life. The Scout class is not limited to only these strengths; The Scout class is quick on its

    feet and able to set up enemies in a bind by stringing them along. Fleeing is futile in the face of a

    Scout’s dominance in ranged attacks. Although Scouts have average health and mana, the strength of

    their ranged attacks is truly a call for respect and fear. A Scout’s weapon of choice includes bows

    and guns.

    The first One this an expert in a gun or rifle.The Gunner using powerful ranged attacks, the Gunner

    ready, aims, and annihilates from a distance. Gunners also possess a wide range of multifaceted

    attacks that make up for the lack of defense.

    Additionally, the various types of ammunition that Gunners have access to give them a strategic

    advantage in determining which firearm best fits the enemies they’re facing. This adds yet another

    element of excitement to each battle.

    Then When the Gunner gain alot of experience it now becomes the Gunslinger is a class Boasting an

    incredible fusion of unique skills, the Gunslinger class is characterized by their exact aim and

    unwavering bravery.

    Gunslingers constantly display their strange, almost alien-looking ranged attacks whenever they fire

    their weapons, and occasionally may even use techniques that throw themselves into midst of melee

    combat. Although Gunslingers have an unorthodox set of skills, they are still the ultimate partners in

    battle and popularly referred to as anarchic nemeses by their enemies. 

    The Second one will be the Archer. Not only are Archers able to command wild animals to do their

    bidding, they are very resourceful in adapting to almost any situation that they may encounter. The

    weapon of choice for Archers is a bow.

    During perfect opportunities, Archers have the capability to attack simultaneously with their summons

    and lethal weapons . An Archer is a reliable character to add to any party because they are able to

    deal damage by using ranged attacks as well as through their summoned creatures.

    then after the Archer comes the Ranger. Ranger is Protected by the elements and the creatures of the

    world, Rangers are the children of Mother Nature.

    By borrowing the strength of animals, in addition to their already devastating damage dealing

    capabilities, Rangers are a nightmare to any who oppose them in battle. With their sharp eyes, and

    sheer physical strength, they are able to shoot so far that they can distort the shape of a cloud when

    firing an arrow from the ground. Rangers make dependable teammates to parties that need a damage



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