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    Right now, players around the world are dancing… naked. Whether it's WoW, EverQuest, or Guild Wars, most MMOs show your character in their underwear after you remove all of their equipment. Combine a near nude avatar with an animated dance emote – commonly activated by typing “/dance” – and you have yourself a naked dancer.

    There's something about taking off all your clothes that's irresistible to many MMO players. Go into a major town in almost any game and you're bound to see a fair share of wizards running around in their bra and panties, or warriors strutting proudly in nothing but their boxers. But for the most part, these solo toe-tappers are silly and lonely souls who park their characters in a naked dance animation while “AFK” (away from keyboard).

    The real fun with nakedness doesn't start until you've infected your server with the underpants dance virus and started your very own naked rave.

    Naked dancing is viral. Once you manage to get a small group of dancers together, the rest will follow. Therefore, it's important to know your target audience: Young boys who assume that every female character in the game is piloted by a buxom super model of equal aesthetic appeal. If you don't already have one, create a female character and head for the closest major town. Pick a location with heavy traffic. Banks, auction houses, and NPC quest givers are good places to set up shop. This will ensure that you'll get lots of eyes.

    Take it all off. Take off your chest armor, your leggings, and your weapons. Type “/dance” and show off your digital assets to the rest of the online community. If someone stops to look at you, whisper them and tell them to dance with you. If someone asks you whether you're really a girl, don't answer. Just ask them to dance with you. You'll be surprised how often this works.

    Sometimes naked dance parties fizzle out as participants move on to such boring chores as grinding for experience or completing quests. Don't be discouraged. Continue your underpants dance and others will join in to replace those who abandoned your rave.

    Before you know it, the assortment of gamers gone wild will grow on its own. Ravers will start spamming on all chat channels with poor spelling and all caps to “GIT NEKKED OR GETTOUT.” And more passersby will start to strip down to their skivvies as the crowd grows.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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