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    What class will you choose? This is the first question you have to answer when playing Forsaken World. The game offers five playable races: Kindred, Dwarves, Humans, Elves and Stonemen and 8 playable classes: Warrior, Protector, Assassin, Marksman, Mage, Priest, Vampire and Bard. Some classes are exclusive for some particular races, for example, only dwarves are able to be marksmen. Namely, your choice of the race determines your class. Well, how to choose your favorite class? Next, I will make an analysis of all classes from the point of leveling up, challenging instances and PK. Indispensable All-round Classes: Protector and Priest Protectors and priests are the most popular and indispensable in leveling up, challenging instances or group PK, but they also have drawbacks. First, let me talk about protectors. They are a particular class for stonemen and can be called main tanks with gigantic statures. Only male characters are qualified to choose this class. Players who have a love of beauty had better not choose to be main tanks, for they are far from imaginary handsome guys. As the name implies, protectors are able to safeguard teammates. Thus, protectors play a key role in a group. They must attract monsters while leveling up, resist attacks while challenging bosses and charge forward ahead of allies in Group PK. Instead of good equipment, they are mainly in pursuit of high defense and HP. Although they are a bit weak in attack, they are essential for a group. In the meantime, leaving a group, they cannot give full play to their function. Priests are irreplaceable in Forsaken World. First, they have unique revival skills, which are the only way allowing players revive where they are. It is not clear whether revival pills will be released later. Second, they have healing skills to recover HP. In the game, their healing skills can restore HP more quickly and conveniently than other ways. Therefore, priests are an indispensable class in a group. However, due to their low attack, low defense and low HP, it is difficult for priests to do quests or kill monsters alone. They are born to be a part of a group and they can hardly go through all difficulties without a group. Both humans and elves can choose to be priests. Human priests have a race skill to restore full MP instantly and are able to restore a large number of HP at a time. Elf priests look very beautiful and can restore HP continuously, but they restore less HP every time. Group Attack Classes: Mage and Marksman It is unnecessary to go into details about mages. As we all know, they are a class capable of attacking a group in all MMOs. It is not easy for them to level up in the game on their own, either. They’d better count on training in a group. Humans and the Kindred are qualified to be mages. Strictly speaking, marksmen are not a group attack class. In the early stage, a lot of marksmen choose the Fire talent for the sake of raising their levels, so they become a group attack class after level 30. No matter in doing practice, activities or leveling up, this group attack class is more popular than marksmen who are a single attack class with the Snipe or Shoot talents. As long as marksmen achieve the highest level, they can choose two talents and act as the main force in a single PK. Marksmen are a class exclusive for dwarves. Single Attack DPS Classes: Warrior and Assassin Warriors and assassins are out-and-out single attack classes as well as damage output classes, but they have a high requirement for equipment. That is to say, we have no chance to realize their strength unless we make investment in equipment. For the stand-still PK mode, assassins in Forsaken World are not as strong as they are thought. Please think over before choosing the two classes. They may become dreadful killers with the help of top equipment, but they are more likely to be given the cold shoulder in the course of doing practice or challenging instances if they are not strong enough. Peripheral Classes: Vampire and Bard Vampires and bards are intermediate classes between damage output and assistance. It can be said that the road of vampires is full of variability. To level up and challenge instances, vampires are easily reduced to being the secondary healers because of their supplementary HP recovery skill. They are a special class for the Kindred. Bards can produce various buffs, like attack and defense bonuses. In the early days, they have significant effects, but their buffs seem to be negligible in the later stage when players’ attack is generally high. Fortunately, bards have a group buff, so they are needed in many instances. Bards are placed in an awkward position, assisting priests in recovering HP. They are a class peculiar to elves.


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