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    Hi there, we’re Eiru, a group on OtherSpace, a text-based sci-fi roleplaying MMO.


    In May of 2011, a band of a few thousand human and a few hundred alien refugees from Earth’s dimension (Normalspace) were granted a 1850 square mile tropical island on the planet of Pyracan for the purpose of making a community for themselves. The island, called Eiru, is rich in natural resources and has a very pleasant beach for tourists, and seeks to use these to help build their society from the ground up.


    That’s where you come in. We’re the clan running Eiru, and we’re looking for fresh blood in the form of solid roleplayers who like crafting. We’re made up of players from around the world playing both human and alien characters that were rifted into another dimension and forced to make their own destinies as the major powers in this new dimension prepare for full-out war with each other.


    We’re trying to expand from a sleepy refugee village into a prosperous city-state. If we’re really prosperous, we might be able to find a life-compatible planet of our own and build an empire. To do this, we need several skillsets on the island to make sure we don’t die off for stupid reasons, and hopefully expand via selling crafted goods and building infrastructure. It’s kind of like a frontier version of Sim City, with good sci-fi roleplaying in between the crafty bits instead of getting up for a snack.


    Okay, so the stuff we need.


    First, we need leaders, politicians, and people with vision who know how to get stuff done. While we have a lot of good intentions, we still don’t have a mayor or other high official save for a sheriff. This will involve a lot of roleplaying and making deals with other factions in order to get us the supplies and opportunities we need to survive and thrive.


    Second, we need crafters and people in specific service professions so the next natural disaster or invasion doesn’t do us in. Of particular need are the following:















    *Someone who knows something about making and selling wine, or at least how to run a wine tasting facility, to utilize the hundreds of acres of vine fruit we have.

    *And most of all, a carpenter. Anyone interested in woodmaking/building would get a lot of rp for at least several months if not a year or two as we build docks, stables and new buildings for businesses, residents and government. They’d also have access to Eiru’s raw materials so they can make money during off rp hours building boats and other wooden goods for our community.


    Sound interesting? Either go directly into the game, and talk to Wik, Sandrim, Lyddmull or Sahna for more information and to talk about your character concept, or go to the OtherSpace website for more information.


    If you don’t want to spend the time learning our theme before seeing what our game is like, I suggest going here, making a short (250 word) biography for a character from any point in human history, then gets rifted into our dimension. That way, you and the character can learn the theme together. Remember to pick Eiru as your starting world. Hope to see you there!

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