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     Today is absolutely beside me the child too make a person, noise shrimp all dare not to come over, reflect the strength of the Lao tze, otherwise we pass a few days to go there again, you will know that I am not brag, can put the shrimp hall boss see cry! Stuffy oil bottle took the barbecue nodded, also begin to chauffer placed several series of shrimp, gestures deftly turn baked up. Bake out and stripped off shell, brush on sauce, lifted up to wu evil tongue. Wu evil is roast vegetables, lower the head the stuffy oil bottle hand a bite out, oh, it’s really good. Little elder brother, have never thought you even roast shrimp are good at. Edge said side more bite a few mouth, mouth to eat gucci wallet with sauce. ZhangQiLing until he finished eat, stretched out his hand with his face so refers to erase the sauce, into his mouth to eat, asked him again, but also? Wu nodded and said: of course, fishing shrimp than the professional baking is delicious. For more than a few string, hey hey. See if ZhangQiLing and baked up, the mood is very good appearance, will consider the said: "the things that are of the world always say. For instance I, if it weren’t for audition the election so many times

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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