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    Archer types in any MMO are very versatile units. They have high damage output and can kill an enemy from a distance even before they come near. Masters in hand control and dexterity, they are able to launch arrows using bows with tremendous power and force, sometimes making even a single arrow to pass through to the next enemy at the back. Equipped with varied arrows which sometimes pose a weakness to the enemy monster they encounter. But that is an Archer in a normal hack and slash MMO. So what difference does the Atlantica Online archer have against other games?

    The Bow main in Atlantica is considered to be one of the highest physical damage dealer to a single unit. Especially when attacking other long range units since range units does more damage to other ranged units. Archer Main and other Archer classes also have the ability to attack any enemy unit in the opponent’s formation regardless of the position. A bow main with good gears can reduce the range enemy’s health to ¼ in just one turn making it a force to reckon with. Aside from attacking, they have the silence skill which can silence an entire row thus preventing them from casting any magical skill.


    * I’ll post the stats and skills later when I have the time, lets speculate first =D

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    Now that the Himiko mercenary is available it may replace Archers since it also has a skill very similar to the Silence and another skill similar to Holy Guard. Also, it has the highest stats among all bow mercenaries.

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    PMG I’ve seen himiko with beast soul she hits 6x >.<

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    himikos are a bit pain in the a**. i hate it when it has BS together with the hwarang and cannie. ouch. really painful in FL. Though being an archer main, all i can say is that, it is essential to have a good sniping team… well unless ndoors would nerf bow users… huhu.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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