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    Any fans of the MMA or the UFC? Here's a posting I found from one of our members on LOL!

    UFC Fighters as Video Game Characters!

    by KnockOut Posted on Oct 23, 2007 at 4:46 AM 1 Comment(s)

    Randy Couture as Captain America

    Anderson Silva is Sagat

    Andrei Arlovski as Blanka

    Tim Sylvia as Zangief

    Lyoto Machida as Ryu

    Guy Guida is Wolverine

    Babalu is Jin Kazama

    Rampage Jackson as the GTA guy

    Brock Lesnar as the Incredible's dad

    Keith Jardine as Kratos

    Forrest Griffin as Diddy Kong

    Babalu is Quagmire

    BJ Penn as Cabbage Patch Kid

    Sean Sherk as the Hulk

    Dana White as the Hitman


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    lmao too funny

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    haha…thats awesome!

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    Too bad Rampage Jackson is going down this Saturday against Lyoto at UFC 123. BJ’s career will be over after his third fight against Matt.

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