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    hey there are so many updates in the new patch. like the titan server where you can access by taking the ships near madrid and columbus. In this server you can interact and also you can compete with other players from other server of this game.

    Then the Free League if you win you will get 3 guild points and if you loose 1 guild point and also if you do not participate in the FL for 7 days you will be ranked into a minimum division based on your level allowed.And another every 10 battles in FL, a proximo’s supply box will be delivered to your mail.However competing with doppleganger is not counted.

    There is also another features like the “Macro Block System” where you can easily report by right clicking the player and choose report. This new system feature will require a 100% will to be able to perform this function.

    Another is the Gonnzu world, this is an event dungeon and it requires level 90 and above to be able to participate and it is located near pusan in north east asia. This dungeon will only open on 10pm friday to 10pm sunday weekly.

    you can visit the link for more information :

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    i want to try those new updates… but i can go to Gonnzu world yet still low level.. anyway thanks for the link ^^

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    but the patch takes to long

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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