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    For those how did not know what character to select or choose in wonder king online. here is an overview of the 2 path of a swordsman wonder king online..

    First of the Swordsman are able to withstand an astounding punishment and still refuse to fall on their knees. Their resilience and fortitude are the main features of a Swordsman. Their weapon of choice is a one-handed sword, along with a shield grasped in the off-hand to defend any incoming foes, or a two-handed weapon that wrecks fury upon legions of enemies.

    Their are two paths that a swordsman can persue. first of the Warrior which is attainable when you are level 30. this class with insurmountable melee talent, the Warrior specializes in utilizing two-handed weapons to obliterate any and all enemies.

    In comparison to the Knight, the Warrior lacks the defense in taking on the role of a dependable tank, but has a clear offensive advantage and excels particularly in burst damage. With superb physical strength and the cultivation of the flames of one’s own burning soul, a Warrior’s services are an attractive option for any party.

    Then when a Warrior reach the level 80. the 2nd advancement comes the Berserker. By sacrificing one’s health and completely disregarding defense, a Berserker is able to reach the pinnacle of reckless fury inaccessible to other classes.

    Able to annihilate enemies with a single strike by tapping into the powers of a flame dragon, these offensive juggernauts will effortlessly destroy any monsters that may foolishly attack their party.

    The other path a swordsman can persue is the Knight. While the offensive contributions of Knights are limited at best, their monstrous defensive talent remains unsurpassed and their protective skills are essential to a party’s success.

    Wielding a one-handed sword in one hand for slashing the enemy, the Knight equips a shield in the other hand to knock enemies back, further alluding to the Knight’s well-rounded versatility. Knights serve as stalwart tanks in their parties, responsible for the safety and well-being of their allies. Burdened with the crucial task of protecting others, the Knight calls upon the force of the heavens and blasts adversaries away with lightning.

    Then when i knight reach level 80 the 2nd advancement will be the paladin Blessed with the vigor of the gods, a Paladin boasts the ultimate defense and vitality. Along with the divine ability to summon the power of angels, Paladins can fortify their party’s life span, as well as command celestial spirits to swarm one’s sword, becoming a blade of pure light.

    Sometimes referred to as the earthly messengers of heaven, Paladins not only dedicate their lives to honoring their holy creators, but they also serve as their party’s greatest sword and shield. 

    Post count: 158

    thanks for that..

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