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    if you want a character that is fill of skills and spells this character is for you. The Mage is a

    character that possesses impressive intelligence and a wide array of powerful spells. Although their

    defense is very weak, Mages can quickly shrink an enemy’s health by launching a spell from a distance

    or by inflicting status ailments on them. Due to their range and their ability to control the flow of

    battles, it is no easy task to even land a blow on Mages. The weapon of choice for a Mage is the

    staff. Before becoming a master of elements, Mages are the brightest students in the art of magic.

    first is path of a Mage is a Wizard class is universally heralded as the offensive magic specialist.

    Due to their feeble vitality and defense, Wizards are unable to take damage for too long, but any

    doubts of their usefulness dissipate with the power behind their explosive magic potency. Although

    Wizards are exclusive staff users, they prefer to be at a certain range from melee combat. If the

    Wizard can be at the right distance away from their targets, their remarkable offensive arsenal can be

    shown in full display. During party play, Wizards thrive in dealing a horrific amount of damage, even

    to multiple enemies at once. this is Character has the power over the elements.

    Then the 2nd Advancement of the Wizard is the Warlock is Brimming with overflowing mana power, the

    Warlock class destroys all opposition with an astounding cache of offensive magic. Through meticulous

    research and countless experiments, Warlocks are ingenious casters capable of using a wide variety of

    magic. The Warlock class suffers from low defense, but their ability to consistently inflict a high

    level of damage is unrivaled.

    The Warlock can be considered an excellent candidate for being the rear line’s most fearsome damage


    While the second path of the Mage is the a support type of character but can also be a great damager

    with its Holy magic spells. the class im talking about is the Priest. A Priest is Both a benevolent

    healer as well as a caster of supporting spells, the Priest is considered to be the polar opposite of

    a Wizard.

    Numerous deficiencies such as low damage and defense may plague the Priest class, but the sole

    presence of a Priest in a party can single-handedly determine the success or failure of a fight.

    Priests may suffer from poor offensive power, but their curative and buffing spells only amplifies the

    party’s might.

    Simply put, the ability to enhance survivability and prolong life makes a Priest an indispensable ally

    for a successful party.

    after a faithfull road of the Priest he or she will become a Saint. Saint As the class most intimate

    with the existence of the gods, Saints harness holy magic to serve all functions in their activity.

    A Saint ensures safety from enemy attacks while strengthening the party’s battle capabilities by

    blessing them. Boundless holy power enables the Saint to take the form of an angel momentarily while

    blasting enemies away with holy magic. When forming a party, the Saint class is widely sought after

    and is considered by many as a vital member in party play.

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