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FFXIV Second Thoughts

So I played a little bit of FFXIV beta on Saturday. I had a ton of video card issues though. If anyone has an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870, they might run into some issues with this game if the settings are all on high/max. I'm sure they will be fixed but your best bet [...]

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FFXIV First Thoughts

I only played for about two hours fooling around with configurations, customizations, and what not. I decided to post my initial thoughts here. Configuration: For the beta application, the configuration for resolution, game controller and the like are in a separate application. This might be integrated into the game at some point (at least I [...]

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Day 2 – Lich King Beta

So I stayed home sick today cause I really needed a break and felt like crap. I actually went through all of the quests and put in as many coords that I could.[The Crypt of Remembrance]54, 57 – Do NOT throw out extra skulls.[Nowhere To Run And Nowhere To Hide]52, 71 townhall[The Plaguebringer's Request]52, 71 [...]

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Day 1 – Lich King Beta

This game is totally interesting right now. I wanted to play the Death Knight to get a feel for it and see which I would prefer. I definitely think it would be awesome to switch over. They are definitely very powerful chars at just level 55. Here are the quests that I completed. I am [...]

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My WoW Stuff

For a slightly better resolution version, click here.

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Sho Online

Here are some screenshots of Sho Online. My take on it is that it reminds me of different games. Keyboard shortcuts: WoWMini-Map: WoW and FlyFFWorld Map: there really isn't one.Leave city: Corum OnlineHouses: Lineage 1Kill monsters: FlyFFSpeak with people: Similar to an mmo on a video game consoleLevel 1InventoryQuest ManagementRuning out to questFirst Quest: Kill [...]

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Another Browser to Support…

Safari comes out for the PC!  It's got bugs but it is definitely faster then any other browser.

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So long 12 Sky! Hello Sho Online.

I just got an email that 12 Sky is closing and Sho Online is now accepting sign-ups to their closed beta testing.Visit to see more details.

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Interesting News in My Life

Our guild, the Elite Deathstalkers, has been picked for Guild of the Month for Beckett Massive Online Gamer's next issue! This is pretty cool to me but not as exciting as the next set of news which I will put in binary. To decrypt, copy and paste the code here.01010111 01101000 01100101 01101110 00100000 01001001 [...]

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Level 70

(My toon on my new mount)Check out my bg gear here. Still a work in progress but the gear still rocks.

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