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  • 4A Games has said previously that Metro Exodus will be more open than the previous games in the Metro series, but it won’t be a completely open world like that of Stalker. For one thing, individual levels in Exodus will be much larger than anything seen in the previous games. The biggest outdoor level in Last Light was roughly “200 meters to 100 meters,” Prokhorov said,. That means everything from weapons, attachments, and other loot, to “frozen stories” that reveal more about the game world and
    Metro Exodus is bigger than 2033 and Last Light combined

  • Toys R Us’ status as the most important toy store in town left it cavalier, if cocky at times, according to conversations with former employees, executives and industry insiders, who spoke to CNBC on the condition of anonymity. The story begins with Lazarus, the store’s visionary who wanted the “R” written backward — an ode to childlike scrawl. Lazarus, who has been described as one of the great merchants of his time, expanded a baby furniture store he owned into a toy store. In its heyday in th
    Toys R Us built a kingdom and the world's biggest toy store. Then, they lost it.

  • EA DICE has announced that as of June 2018 Battlefield 1’s monthly updates will come to an end. That doesn’t mean that after June support for the game will just end. This is to be expected given that Battlefield 1 has been out for around a year and a half. This mode will support 40 players and will split them into attackers and defenders of sectors. As attention turns away from Battlefield 1, we’re expecting to see and hear more from the next Battlefield at E3 2018.
    Battlefield 1’s monthly updates will end in June

  • ‘Chris’ is the brainchild of German Autolabs, and raised €278,720 in funding on May 2nd via Kickstarter last year. The company has now made Chris available for pre-order via its website, retailing currently for €199 (approx. Like most other digital assistants, Chris aims to help you manage calls, send messages, and easily stream music in your car without having to fumble dangerously for your phone. It can also stream music from Apple Music, Google Music, and music stored on your smartphone. Germ
    ‘Chris’ wants to be your new best friend while you're driving

  • If you still use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, then be aware that there’s reportedly a major hole in the browser which could be an entry point for malware. When said document is opened, it fires up a web page in the background of Internet Explorer, which subsequently facilitates the transmission of malware from a remote server. This vulnerability affects even the latest version of Internet Explorer, so if you do still use Microsoft’s aging browser, it’s certainly something you need to be aware
    Internet Explorer users need to watch out for this worrying security flaw

  • Hot on the heels of its anomaly-overhauling, multi-star system-flaunting 2.1 update reveal, Stellaris has unveiled its latest story pack. Named Distant Stars, the as yet undated narrative expansion targets exploration and discovery. They might unearth “hidden traces of an ancient gateway network” or unique solar systems ripe for research. Like Phil, I enjoyed the 4x-meets-grand strategy venture’s early game promise at launch, but struggled with its mid-late game lulls. It’s in a much better stat
    Stellaris unveils Distant Stars story DLC with gentle giants and angry space neighbours

  • Did you know that Netflix is available on over 1700 devices worldwide? It’s worth remembering that Netflix is now available in 190 countries all over the world, making it a truly global platform. On average, we flick through 40-50 show tiles before settling on ‘something new to watch’ when we browse Netflix. And that’s more people viewing Netflix for longer, renewing subscriptions, and bringing in friends and family for more shows. Do they spend too much commissioning second-rate TV shows?
    The science of Netflix, and why it always knows exactly what we want to watch

  • The sky continues to fall in Fortnite Battle Royale, and as does the free content. As a result of this new item hitting the Battle Royale meta, Epic has reduced the prevalence of Remote Explosives in the game, with its chances of being found in chests now diminished by 40%. Downtime for v3.6 has begun, but stick around and read this week’s Patch Notes. Battle Pass owners, that means you don’t have very long to finish up your challenges and max out those tiers for that coveted Level 100 John Wick
    Last Fortnite Battle Royale Season 3 patch introduces the sticky bomb and finally makes the minigun worth using

  • A handful of lucky, lucky souls managed to mingle with the stars of the MCU and be among the very first in the world to watch Avengers: Infinity War in Los Angeles last night. Avengers: Infinity War is the real deal. AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR is basically CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR times 20, except with less hero-on-hero fighting. Thor, most of the Guardians, Peter Parker, best ending of any Marvel movie, possibly the best end credits scene of any marvel movie. You are not ready for ‘Avengers: Infi

  • By logging this marathon, I’d hopefully be able to compare it to the next one and see where I’ve made improvements. It took a while, but I gradually began to regain control of my heart rate. The only thing that made my heart rate drop was the momentary sanctuary of shade… and that was far too infrequent. There was no way back – and the fact pace and heart rate matched mean the monitor was very likely accurate. There’s no doubt that I was struggling to keep up the pace, and looking at my heart ra
    London Marathon 2018: did tech wreck my race?

  • Apple Watch 3Image 1 of 4 The Apple Watch 3 with a sport band Image 2 of 4 The Apple Watch Nike+ Image 3 of 4 The Apple Watch Hermès Image 4 of 4 The Apple Watch EditionThe Apple Watch 3 is the latest Apple Watch model, so as you’d expect it’s also the most expensive. Or at least, that’s the top-end of the pricing for a standard Apple Watch 3, but there are also Apple Watch Nike+, Apple Watch Hermès and Apple Watch Edition models available. The Apple Watch Hermès meanwhile comes with exclusive l
    Apple Watch price range breakdown: how much does it cost?

  • Fortnite’s latest update adds plunger-like sticky grenades, named Clingers. In Save the World, stickies cannot damage player-built structures. Elsewhere, Save the World adds the Noble Launcher—a heavy weapon that fires a “wave of piercing energy”. Update v3.6 also brings with it a ‘Self-Service Cosmetic Returns’ feature, whereby emotes, gliders, harvesting tools, back bling and outfits can be exchanged; whereas Battle Passes, Battle Pass tiers, Starters Packs, Founder’s Packs and Founder’s Pack
    Fortnite adds plunger-like sticky grenades

  • Avengers: Infinity War may be a MCU movie unlike any other, but it still comes with the traditional Marvel post-credits scene stinger. With the Russo Brothers packing everything into Infinity War, it’s not really a surprise to see only a single post-credits scene – but it’s still a little disappointing. I’ve gotten so used to the pattern of one funny post-credits scene and one set-up post-credits scene that it feels a little empty. Either that, or Earth’s Mightiest Heroes go for a second helping
    Here's how many Avengers: Infinity War post-credits scenes there are (if you really want to know)

  • Thankfully, Microsoft revealed that switching back to a version of Windows 10 without those restrictions will be free, and we’ve now seen that the process could be as simple as visiting the Microsoft Store. Credit: Richard Hay (Image: © Richard Hay)Flick of a switchThe process of switching from Windows 10 S Mode to normal Windows 10 was spotted by Richard Hay on Twitter, who posted a screenshot showing how people can switch out of S mode using the Microsoft Store. Here is the “Switch out of S Mo
    Don’t want Windows 10 S mode? You’ll be able to disable it via the Microsoft Store

  • YouTube has revealed the extent of its video problem, with a total of 8.3 million video removed from the site in October to December last year. The YouTube Community Guidelines enforcement transparency report highlights what Google’s doing to make sure YouTube is a safer place to visit. ‘Hateful or abusive’ content clocks in at 15%, with ‘violent or repulsive’ content making up 13% of videos flagged. “YouTube developed automated systems that aid in the detection of content that may violate our p
    The big YouTube crackdown: 8.3 million videos were removed in just three months

  • It might look like witchcraft, but researchers at Nvidia have developed an advanced deep learning image-retouching tool that can intelligently reconstruct incomplete photos. Nvidia’s tool is a much more sophisticated solution. For instance, when trying to fill a hole where an eye would be in a portrait, as well as using information from the surrounding area Nvidia’s deep learning tool knows an eye should be there, and can fill the hole with a realistic computer-generated alternative. “Previous d
    Nvidia's amazing deep learning tool can reconstruct incomplete photos

  • The Garmin Forerunner 645 Music is an excellent running watch in many ways, but is let down by the fact it didn’t launch with the promised headline features. Given it’s called the 645 Music, not having the streaming services available from day one was a bit annoying – but in Taiwan, things are different. Not only does the watch come with access to loads of songs to play offline from service KKBOX – which you can’t get from Deezer or iHeartRadio yet in other territories, despite being announced a
    Garmin Forerunner 645 Music gets special feature upgrade with Taiwan launch

  • LG’s flagships typically have good cameras and with leaks pointing to a dual-lens 16MP camera (with strong low light skills) the LG G7 ThinQ will probably be no exception. Shared by leaker Roland Quandt, the photo apparently was taken with an f/1.6 aperture lens (which the LG G7 ThinQ is rumored to sport) and it’s fairly detailed. It’s also likely shot using non-final hardware and software, so in other words the finished LG G7 ThinQ will probably be able to take better photos than this, which bo
    This could be the first photo taken with the LG G7 ThinQ

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