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  • Goldman Sachs sought to reassure London-based staff over potential disruption to its business as Britain prepares to leave the European Union, in a voicemail to staff sent by the Wall Street firm’s Europe CEO. British Prime Minister Theresa May will trigger formal EU divorce proceedings on Wednesday, launching two years of negotiations that will shape the future of Britain and Europe as well as London’s place as a global financial center. The move will also mark the point when investment banks,
    Goldman Sachs reassures staff over Brexit in voicemail

  • Premature deaths among those aged 25-44 were way up in 2015, due in large part to a surge of drug overdoses in suburban areas, a report out Wednesday shows. Young white adults in rural areas were more likely to die by suicide or overdose, while homicides by firearms were much more common for young black victims. The report shows “where people live plays a key role in how long and how well they live,” said Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, a physician who is RWJF’s CEO. Young white adults in rural areas were
    The least healthy county in the U.S. is in Kentucky, report finds

  • President Donald Trump still wants Obamacare replaced — but it’s got to be done with “a good deal,” not “a bad deal.” “You got to to know when to walk away from a deal that is going to end up bad,” the spokesman said. Since the cancelled vote, Trump and Republican leaders have been vague about what, exactly, they plan or expect to happen next. On Saturday, Trump tweeted “ObamaCare will explode and we will all get together and piece together a great healthcare plan for THE PEOPLE. On Monday night
    Trump still wants a deal on Obamacare replacement, but it has to be 'a good deal'

  • While it’s fun to admire the final product of a successful house flip, it’s also easy to forget that developing properties is complicated. As real estate mogul Sean Conlon told CNBC Wednesday morning on Squawk Box, “Murphy’s Law tends to dictate home rehabbing: If it can go wrong, it will, and it generally does.” In the same interview, Conlon, who made his millions selling real estate and now hosts CNBC’s “The Deed: Chicago,” shared the biggest mistake first-time property flippers make: not doub
    Real estate mogul: This is the biggest mistake house-flippers make

  • Trump can’t keep up with all his promises – and neither can the US budget 3 Hours Ago | 00:42A quarter-century ago, when gender stereotypes held more power, pundit Chris Matthews applied them to partisan conflict: Democrats as “Mommy,” Republicans as “Daddy.” With modern conservatism ruling out tax increases, making expensive promises add up has slipped lower on their priority list. President Bill Clinton saw a deficit turn into surplus, while President Barack Obama saw it fall by two-thirds as
    Trump can’t keep up with all his promises — and neither can the US budget

  • For a hedge fund, it could be a lot. A new research paper suggests that even sophisticated investors are taken in by hedge funds with strong, powerful names. Researchers from the University of Buffalo and the University of Oulu in Finland used a metric to measure what they called “gravitas” of hedge fund names collected from a variety of databases. “Hedge fund investors chase hedge fund names containing a special combination of words related to economics and geopolitics, or that convey power,” t
    Investors like hedge funds with powerful-sounding names, even if they fail to deliver

  • A daily morning look at the financial stories you need to know to start the day. STOCKS/ECONOMY-Stock futures are a bit lower this morning after yesterday’s rally. We get February pending home sales data this morning. BREXIT LATEST-British Prime Minister Theresa May has signed the papers to trigger the Article 50 rule and begin the UK’s exit from the European Union. OIL/ENERGY-U.S. crude prices are up to the $48 a barrel level.
    Here are the 10 most important stories for investors Wednesday morning

  • Paul: Here’s what will happen to the markets this year 23 Hours Ago | 02:20One ardent critic of Donald Trump critic believes the so-called Trump rally will soon hit a wall. “I think they’re realizing that the euphoria has passed, [so] although the markets are up today, I think that’s [why stocks fell this week],” former presidential hopeful Ron Paul said Tuesday on CNBC’s “Futures Now.” Still, the Dow did extend its eight-day losing streak, its longest since 2011, and investors were left wonderi
    Ron Paul: The ‘euphoria’ in the markets has passed

  • If Boston Federal Reserve President Eric Rosengren gets his way, the central bank will be a lot more aggressive this year with raising interest rates. In a speech Wednesday, Rosengren said he believes four rate hikes this year are appropriate, with the Federal Open Market Committee raising its short-term target rate a quarter point “at every other” meeting this year. However, Rosengren said four moves should be the Fed’s “default” position unless the data dictate that a shift is necessary. Thoug
    Fed's Rosengren wants four rate hikes this year

  • The European Union’s response to the official triggering of Brexit negotiations by the U.K. was tinged with a sentiment of regret and sadness. “There’s no reason to pretend this is a happy day, neither in Brussels nor in London,” President Donald Tusk of the European Council said shortly after receiving the official notification from the U.K. that it is withdrawing from the EU. In an emotive, yet short, address to the media, Tusk said that paradoxically Brexit has made the other 27 European coun
    EU responds to Brexit letter: 'We already miss you'

  • Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price said he will uphold the Affordable Care Act because it is the law of the land, but when it comes to promoting Obamacare enrollment and enforcing some of its regulations, he was non-committal. But Democrats pressed the health secretary on whether he’s committed to upholding both the letter and the spirit of the law, or whether he’ll be using his discretion to undermine regulations, such as not enforcing the individual mandate or not promoting Obamacar
    Health secretary pledges to uphold Obamacare, but promote it, not so much

  • Shares of Ollie’s Bargain Outlet climbed nearly 5 percent Wednesday after one analyst said the company was among the “most cushioned retailers” from a potential border adjustment tax, or BAT. “Ollie’s significantly outperformed most retailers in the quarter with solid same-store sales growth … even as the company cycled [through] some of the toughest comparisons,” McKeever said. Ollie’s reported adjusted fourth-quarter earnings of 39 cents on sales of $283.4 million, topping Thomson Reuters co

  • Drugmakers may soon face renewed pressure on high prices, now that Republicans have pulled their American Health Care Act, Citi said. “We anticipate that President Trump will seek a bipartisan ‘repair bill’ of ACA (Obamacare) using drug price legislation to secure the support of enough Democrats to secure passage,” Citi analyst Andrew Baum wrote in a Monday note. The Trump administration’s failure to get enough votes to pass the GOP’s health proposal “increases the legislative risk to pharma pri
    'Legislative risk' on drug prices is greater now, Citi says

  • Twenty-three people were hospitalized on Wednesday after a chemical leak at the headquarters of cereal maker Kellogg, according to a report from Wood TV. The company evacuated employees from the north tower at 1 Kellogg Square in Battle Creek,Michigan, once the suspected Freon leak was noticed. “We had a refrigerant leak at our headquarters building this morning,” a representative for Kellogg said, according to Wood TV. “The leak has been stopped and we are cooperating with authorities to ensure
    Nearly two dozen end up in hospital after chemical leak at Kellogg headquarters

  • Some $542 billion entered index funds while $442 billion departed active portfolios. Long bull markets always tend to show a surge in money willing simply to match the market return at low cost. There’s some evidence in recent months of diminished correlations as central-bank influence on prices has ebbed, but this isn’t tied to “dumb index funds.” That might be good for fundamental stability, but not for market dynamism or for picking tomorrow’s winners and losers. Where do all these daunting t
    Santoli: Here's why BlackRock is throwing in the towel on human stock picking

  • “I am not running for public office,” Chelsea Clinton said in an interview with Variety, quelling rumors that have circulated about potential bids to follow in her parents’ footsteps. The 37-year-old daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton said that anyone running for office must consider whether they would do a better job than the current people fulfilling those roles. Being born into a high-profile family of politicians, Chelsea Clinton has always been in the public light. Over the years, many ru
    Chelsea Clinton: I'm not running for public office

  • To make the point, privately-held CKE, branded Carl’s Jr. in the West and Hardee’s in the East, will roll out a fictional character named Carl Hardee Sr., a curmudgeonly founding figure. The ads will air extensively on cable TV stations, aimed at repositioning Carl’s Jr. as the place to go for quality. Even though Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s sexy ads surfaced as an issue wielded by his opponents to the job in the new administration, Puzder says he has no regrets. In 2016, chain restaurants overall had t
    Sexy Burger Girls? No longer at Carl's Jr. and Hardee's

  • BlackRock is ditching human managers in some of its actively managed funds in favor of technology-driven strategies. “Its traditional active funds have struggled and it recognizes that it is difficult for traditional stock selectors to consistently outperform,” said Alex Bryan, director of passive strategies research at investment analysis firm Morningstar. BlackRock’s change in strategy comes as investors are abandoning actively managed funds at a rapid clip. Active U.S. stock funds held $3.6 t
    What BlackRock's shift to stock-picking machines means for investors

  • Applying to medical school is an intense and difficult process. Batista has gotten offers from 11 medical schools so far, including Columbia, Einstein, NYU, Weill Cornell and Stony Brook. 1) Start earlyBatista has known she wanted a career in the medical sciences since junior high, so she attended a high school with a gateway-to-medicine program. She also participated in summer programs at medical schools well before she even started college. “There are a lot of requirements to follow while appl
    This student got into 11 medical schools—here are her top 4 tips for staying focused

  • Many of us who are self-employed look back on our 9 to 5 cubicle days and wonder: How did I ever do that? “You don’t need some kind of proof; all you need is to commit to your passion. Don’t get hung up on all the stuff you don’t know. Focus on making this dream a reality by doing everything with what you do know.” To get things off the ground, set aside some fundsMake a list of all your monthly expenses and figure out what you’ll need to cover them.
    Want to be your own boss? Here's what you need to know

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