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  • It’s no small secret some of the lengths that Nintendo has gone to in order to keep kids safe and on the good side of parents, “to be seen as an enemy in the household.”However, what may not be as well known is that at one point during the Wii’s development, one of those lengths would have involved implementing a parental timer, much like the one seen on the rival Xbox 360, which shuts the system off after a set period of time passes. As Takashi Aoyama explained during a keynote at GDC, “instead
    Nintendo and Microsoft Tackle One Problem with Two Solutions

  • The screenshot above of Frank West from the Wii game, Dead Rising: Chop ‘Til You Drop, may lead you to assume he might get some brand new nifty powers. So don’t expect to be swinging around the mall with the grappling hook and shooting down zombies. Sure, who wouldn’t that wild entertainment since it just might be well suited for Dead Rising’s open-ended design and zombie infested action. But then, going “Bionic Commando” through the mall might keep some from enjoying Dead Rising’s signature fea
    In Dead Rising Wii, Dress as Bionic Commando, But No Swinging

  • Bandai Namco has announced the development of four new Tales of games in the latest issue of Japanese gaming mag Shonen Jump. Due out in Japan this December, Innocence is an all-new Tales of adventure with character designs from Mutsumi Inomata, whose previous work with the franchise includes Tales of Destiny and Tales of Rebirth. Namco’s first Tales of effort on the DS, the outsourced Tales of the Tempest, was panned by both critics and fans. UPDATE: Apparently development duties on Tales of In
    New Tales of Games for DS, Wii, and PSP

  • Nintendo has made the final version of the Wii’s Opera Web Browser available for download. The updated includes a multitude of improvement over the lesser trial version available since last December, including and improved start-up speed, Wii Remote navigation, scrolling/zooming and much clearer text. The company has worked hand-in-hand with Opera in offering better parental controls by using an option filter provided by Astaro. Need the ability to search for something on the fly? The full ver
    Nintendo Releases Final Opera Web Browser

  • At this time during the interview, however, a Nintendo representative on-hand stepped in and corrected Yarnton, saying Prime 3 does not feature online play. For months now, we’ve known that Metroid Prime 3 will not feature multiplayer of any kind, including online play. Back at E3 2006, Metroid Prime 3 game manager Kensuke Tanabe said, “For Prime 3, I would like to concentrate more on the single-player so I decided not to implement multiplayer for Prime 3. After all, Metroid Prime 3 is now s
    Will Prime 3 Feature Online Play?

  • A Nintendo UK spokespersons has confirmed to GamesIndustry.biz that the price for software for Nintendo’s upcoming console, Wii, will be “broadly in line” with the prices of software for current-gen consoles. This news comes after Electronic Art’s comments about Nintendo suggesting the price point for Wii software be $49.95. This news is not all that shocking. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata told CNN Money back in March of this year that “I cannot imagine any first party title could be price
    Wii Game Prices in Line with Last-Gen

  • According to French game site, Jeux Video, Atari has revealed that it plans to publish SEGA’s upcoming Wii and PlayStation 3 software. What’s more, the company even revealed that price points for these upcoming titles. Sonic The Hedgehog (Sony PS3) – €67.99/~£47World Snooker Championship 2007 (Sony PS3) – €73.99/~£51Sonic Wild Fire (Nintendo Wii) – €59.99/~£41.50Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz (Nintendo Wii) – €59.99/£41.50If these signs are any indication, it seems that at least
    Atari to Publish SEGA Games on Wii

  • Hey, there’s some PSP news to report! Over two years ago, Agere Systems filed a suit against Sony for potential infringement on patents regarding “wireless local area network apparatus.” Looks like the courts ruled in Agere Systems’ favor. Sony has been fined $18.5 million for use of the technology in their devices, such as the mylo and PSP. The jury ruled that the patent infringement was willful. — PSP FanboyI imagine that’s not going to help Sony Computer Entertainment’s bottom line any this q
    Sony Fined $18.5 Million for Patent Infringement

  • Vivendi set to release the Aliens and Predators onto the PSP later next year with the release of newly announced title, Alien Vs Predator. The game is being based on the new Aliens Vs Predator film and will have players controlling an elite Predator. Players will be armed with a range of advanced technology such as thermal vision, cloaking, and other Predator technology. Outside of the technological weapons, players will also be equipped with classic weapons such as wrist blades, laser trap mine
    Aliens Vs Predator Arriving on PSP

  • An ever-growing complaint among gamers is the increasing number of custom controllers and peripherals needed to play so many new games properly. Wheels, guitars, drums, mics, guns, balance boards… and on top of all that, Hideo Kojima himself tried to work in a new controller during the early stages of developing Metal Gear Solid 4. And some of what they tried was, in a word, shocking. As part of a series of video interviews in which Microsoft has gathered the thoughts of developers regarding Pro
    Kojima Looked at Transforming, Pulse Reading, Shocking Controllers for MGS4

  • The release of Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings for the Wii, PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS, and PlayStation Portable was a most curious one, namely due to the fact that we had been hearing rumblings about a PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Indy game for some time prior, and suddenly… poof. The game was shelved, but not without leaving behind evidence of its existence, evidence which the kind blokes at Unseen64 have managed to salvage, dust off, and present to the world at large. So take off your hat
    Media: Indiana Jones and the Game That Might Have Been

  • I typically hate writing about hardware sales; it’s usually just the same thing, month in and month out, with the Wii at the top. Sony beat Nintendo. In the week ending March 8th, Sony has been estimated as having sold 38,748 PlayStation 3 units, while the Wii moved 16,950, which was only a bit more than Microsoft’s 15,152 Xbox 360s. Indeed, last week’s addition of new colors of the handheld is credited for the heightened demand, leading Sony on to 60,339 sales for the week. Nintendo didn’t trai
    Sony Outsells Nintendo in Japan for Week Ending March 8th

  • Pardon the headline, but it’s the first thing I tend to think of when, in this era of post-Lara Croft worship, anyone introduces their game with the words “Strong New Iconic Videogame Heroine,” which is precisely what EA has done with their original fiction for Mirror’s Edge. Of course, I could just as easily be not giving Rhianna Pratchett, the writer and story designer for the game, enough credit. “When Faith’s sister gets framed for a murder she did not commit, Faith finds herself on the edge
    EA’s Mirror’s Edge Introduces a Strong New Rack

  • Far Cry 2 was announced earlier this year for the PS3 and 360, but sadly there were no details surrounding the game. The gameplay will feature a complete re-haul from the original Far Cry and now feature a type of leveling up system. At the start of the game you’ll become infected with malaria, as you progress you’ll discover medication that slowly cures you. With a lot of new additions and innovations, Far Cry 2 is looking to reinvent the series later this year. Stay tuned for more details on F
    New Details on Far Cry 2

  • This is becoming a far too common practice amongst developers. It seems that the PlayStation 3 version of Valve’s The Orange Box will be delayed on the platform for “a couple weeks.” The PC and Xbox 360 versions are both still planned for their October 9 release date. The PS3 port is being done by EA, and no specifics were given regarding the reason for the delay. We’ll let you know when an official date is given for the PS3 version of The Orange Box.
    Half-Life 2: The Orange Box Delayed on PS3

  • The removal of backwards compatibility was commented on by an anonymous Sony spokesperson by way of Three Speech blog. The main component to make backwards compatibility a possibility was the inclusion of the Emotion Engine/Graphics emulator found in Japanese/US Playstation 3’s. European models will only retain the graphics emulator. The Sony spokesperson emphasized that this will leave a notable impact on the sum of backwards compatible titles. But, they are continuously striving to assess the
    Sony Discusses Removal of European PS3 Backwards Compatibility

  • A new trailer for Rockman.EXE: Operate Shooting Star has surfaced for the Tokyo Game Show. And thanks to the efforts of The Mega Man Network staff, we can enjoy it with subtitles included:Ah, some good memories of that first game. And seeing the two MegaMen fighting side by side like that just gives me chills. In addition, MMN has made several notes about the video, including the new Rockman Star Colosseum mode. You can find the full list here.
    TGS 09: Media: Subtitled MegaMan/Rockman.EXE: Operate Shooting Star Trailer and Info

  • The Nintendo DSi has already taken the Japanese gaming market by storm. Although we originally reported that the redux of the Nintendo DS was not coming stateside until at least the summer of 2009, IGN reports that we may be seeing the DSi sooner then Nintendo has led us to believe. In IGN’s Nintendo DS Year in Review, they had this to say about the DSi:“The biggest is obviously the launch of the Nintendo DSi platform. All kidding aside, I am very much looking forward to being able to see what s
    DSi Won’t Land Stateside Until ‘At Least’ March 2009

  • I just got my new issue of Nintendo Power, and you won’t believe what’s in the back! Okay, so it turns out that word trickled out a little about a week ago, when other people got their magazines, but just the same, it looks like Nintendo Power is getting the hot stories once again. Back at E3, GTA: Chinatown Wars was one title thrown in to appease “core” gamers, but all we had to go on was a logo– a fact quickly thrown back in Nintendo’s face by anyone who saw the claim. Other than the website w
    Next Month in Nintendo Power: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

  • In a recent article by The New York Times, Nintendo of America President and COO Reggie Fils-Aime spoke about their hot-ticket item that you actually can find, the Nintendo DS. Of particular interest to avid AMN readers is that Reggie has said that the device will become more tightly integrated with the Wii, allowing for complete games as well as samplers to be downloaded to the Wii console, and from there transferred wirelessly to the DS. In addition, the upcoming Professor Layton will also inc
    Reggie Drops Hints About DS Downloads and Non-Game Applications

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