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  • Cramer: Why it might be time for you to unfollow @POTUS 19 Hours Ago | 12:15″Perhaps it’s time to unfollow the president and stay focused on the facts,” Cramer said. And to Cramer, the facts are simple: “Some stocks just refuse to roll over and play dead.” Cramer applauded Red Hat for its best earnings report in history, and cited a UBS note on Apple’s promise that sent the stock upward. The consumer’s cruising and eating out and generally having a jolly old time,” Cramer said. Mad Money Twitter
    Cramer: Why it might be time for you to unfollow Trump's Twitter feed

  • Gene Munster, who was Piper Jaffray’s widely followed Apple analyst before leaving to launch Loup Ventures, said Tuesday on CNBC’s “Power Lunch” that such a move could well be in the cards. For these two reasons, the next several months should be “clear sailing for Apple investors,” Munster said. Looking forward, Wald forecasts that the stock’s break above its prior $90 to $135 range “measures to $180.” By this logic, after trading in a $45 range, the stock will move $45 above $135. Interestingl
    Apple expert Gene Munster: This is ‘the golden opportunity’ to buy Apple

  • My roommate and I would stumble down the streets of NYC at five in the morning and talk about anything and everything our brains could handle. (As for why we decided to wake up at dawn, it was because our third roommate didn’t think we could do it. We’d see the world wake up, right in front of us. But I never forgot just how empowering it felt to be awake before the rest of the world had even wiped the sleep from their eyes. So, I set one resolution this year: Every morning, I will wake up at 5
    Why waking up at 5 AM every day just makes sense

  • The dollar also got a boost from Chicago Fed President Charles Evans, who said he was in line with most of his colleagues in supporting further rate hikes this year. Evans is known as one of the Fed’s most consistent supporters of low interest rates. Investors saw it as an indication Trump was likely to have difficulty with other parts of his agenda including tax reform and fiscal spending that are likely to increase U.S. inflation. Those fears may have been overdone, analysts said, and with Fed
    Euro hits more than one-week low after ECB wariness report

  • Prime Minister Theresa May will file formal Brexit divorce papers on Wednesday, pitching the United Kingdom into the unknown and triggering years of uncertain negotiations that will test the endurance of the European Union. A firmer dollar capped gains, as it pulled off 4-1/2 month lows, analysts and traders said. Strength in the U.S. currency makes dollar-denominated gold more expensive for holders of other currencies, potentially decreasing demand. Independent technical analyst Cliff Green sai
    Gold ticks higher as Brexit due to be triggered

  • Oil prices rose about 2 percent on Wednesday as U.S. crude inventories rose less than expected, supply disruptions continued in Libya and the OPEC-led output cut by producing countries looked likely to be extended. U.S. crude futures surged to nearly a two-week high after the Energy Information Administration (EIA) reported that crude inventories rose 867,000 barrels last week, nearly half the build expected, as refineries ramped up processing after seasonal maintenance and imports dropped and e
    US crude settles at 3-week high of $49.51, up 2.4% on signs supplies are tightening

  • On Wednesday, the Australian army and emergency workers headed to areas in Queensland state that were hit by Cyclone Debbie. Earlier, official data showed that retail sales retail sales grew just 0.1 percent in February year-on-year, much less compared to January’s growth of 1 percent. In South Korea, the Kospi index closed 0.17 percent or 3.7 points at 2,166.98. It is expected to launch Galaxy S8 smartphone in New York later in the day, and in South Korea tomorrow. The Shanghai composite closed
    Asia markets to watch Brexit news, dollar movements, oil prices

  • “I think the stock market fits that definition” of a bubble, Pomboy told CNBC’s Mike Santoli in an interview. “As an economist I look at stock market valuation by taking total stock market cap relative to GDP and we’re right back where we were in 2000 at the peak … I struggle with the idea that the stock market has a lot of upside room barring some spontaneous acceleration in growth, which sort of strikes me as unlikely.” Investors should buy gold and Treasurys in order to ride out the coming
    Economist Pomboy says stocks are in a bubble, buy gold and bonds

  • On his General Motors plan: “Some investors just want … the dividend. … If you actually implemented this plan, which we expect that they will, you’re going to unlock a tremendous amount of value.” On trading President Donald Trump’s agenda: “You’re going to have a lot of jobs. You’re going to have higher wages because you’re going to have maybe a labor shortage. “If you have high levels of personal income, I think you’re going to wind up with high levels of demand for new cars.
    David Einhorn on his proposal to boost General Motors, how to trade Trump’s agenda

  • Apple’s latest update of iOS includes a new feature called “Find My AirPods.” It’s similar to Find My iPhone or Find My iPad in that it allows you to locate a lost gadget. There’s one big limitation you should know about, though — it only works so long as the AirPods are within Bluetooth range, which means you won’t be able to find them if you’ve left them far away, like at the office or on an airplane.
    How to use Find My AirPods

  • Microsoft announced on Monday that the Windows 10 Creator’s Update, announced earlier this year, will officially be available to download on April 11. This is Microsoft’s latest attempt to go for Apple’s throat and attack the core Mac user base of creative professionals — as is made clear right in the name “Creator’s.” But while Microsoft is including a few compelling features, the update isn’t going to send Mac fans running to Best Buy for a new laptop just yet. There’s a new function named “P
    Microsoft just took another shot at stealing hardcore Apple users

  • This is the final week the Nintendo DSi Shop will be open. DSiWare is still usable provided the user does not delete their DSi Shop Account. Nintendo reminded users that most DSiWare titles are available in the Nintendo eShop as well. The DSi Shop debuted with the DSi and DSi XL in 2009. It was the last clamshell, non-3D model of the handheld, replaced by the Nintendo 3DS in 2011.
    PSA: Nintendo closing DSi Shop this week

  • If you’ve been pining for Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, or Pole Position since the ’90s, here’s a way to have a retro arcade system without turning your home into a Chucky Cheese look alike. London-based Stoa Arcade Cabinets designs custom-made wooden structures that house everything you need to play your favorite arcade games. This is gaming as it was in the late 1970s and early 1980s, not from your couch but playing standing up at full height cabinet. Each Stoa-designed Replay cabinet is made entirely
    Custom arcade cabinets bring retro gaming to the modern home

  • A newly leaked set of Half-Life 2 maps, built with Valve’s Source engine, are floating around the internet. There’s an uncompiled version of the famous Lost Coast, as well as environments used to make the trailers for Half-Life 2: Episode One and Episode Two. Their LinkedIn page indicates they’ve been with the company for more than 11 years, and their credits include Half-Life 2: Episode One and Episode Two. The ice axe was also rumored to have been included in at least one abortive attempt at H
    Half-Life 2 maps leak online, but are they legit?

  • The Nintendo Switch comes with a dock, but that won’t stop owners from coming up with their own. Our favorite custom Switch dock mod comes from Tettzan Zone, as he’s known on YouTube, who gave a classic Nintendo system new life with this project. Tettzan Zone modified a broken Nintendo 64 and transformed it into a functioning Switch dock. The modder’s been keeping fellow Switch fans updated on his adventures in console customization on Reddit, sharing the steps he took to making the entire Ninte
    This Nintendo Switch dock mod is the ultimate nostalgia piece

  • Sitting in a nearly empty movie theater two rows behind Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets director Luc Besson and one of the upcoming film’s stars, Dane DeHaan, it wasn’t exactly clear which of the two made the noise. “Agent Valerian, you’ll be running solo.”“I only work with my partner,” Valerian responds. “I think Luc kind of took one of the comics and made a lot more out of it. With the comic as source material and Besson as director, the movie is likely to deliver a different sort
    Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets is not your typical comic book movie

  • In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you can mix all sorts of ingredients you find on your journey through Hyrule to produce different dishes and elixirs with useful effects. Skewers prepared using Gourmet Meat fetch 490 rupees apiece, while Prime Meat skewers are worth 210 rupees. To find the Hearty Durian fruit, look in the cliffs and forest northeast of the Faron Tower (in your overall map’s southeastern region). To obtain the required Ironshroom components, head to the Lakeside stable
    Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: 10 recipes worth remembering

  • A new meme, which imagines Kirby with real feet or legs, turns the adorable ball into a grotesque image. “Making his feet a little realistic, which do not stick to his universe, it’s a little disturbing. Whereas Blue’s cartoon keeps the overall shape of Kirby, but simply removes the slippers to reveal feet, others have been much more adventurous in their takes. To the people who have been sending me that Kirby feet image all day long, right back at cha. For now, she’s happy with being able to ma
    Kirby with human feet was always designed to disturb you, creator says

  • Legion, World of Warcraft’s sixth expansion, has been keeping players fairly busy since its release last fall. In anticipation of The Tomb of Sargeras, we’ve compiled a short list of things that you need to do in 7.2. Artifact knowledge research still takes real time to work, and the jump from artifact knowledge 25 to 26 is significant. Now that world quests and dungeons grant higher ilvls, getting another character up to a usable ilvl is easier than ever. Prepare for the Tomb of Sargeras RaidDe
    10 things to do in World of Warcraft’s Tomb of Sargeras patch

  • Over the weekend, Snyder gave USA Today an ambiguous answer about whether or not Superman would return to join his fellow Justice League comrades. “It’s hard to have a Justice League without Superman,” Snyder said. Although, Batman v Superman did manage to cram in both Lex Luthor and Darkseid, so who knows, maybe Superman really will be Batman’s enemy … again. One thing’s for sure, though: Superman is going to be in Justice League. All will be proven once and for all when Justice League hits t
    Superman is going to be in Justice League, despite Zack Snyder hinting otherwise

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