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  • Nintendo Switch, which hits stores Friday, will have you slack-jawed with wonder one minute and fuming with anger the next. So, rather than a formal review, we’ve compiled a list of pros and cons users can expect if they’re able to get their hands on a Switch. The main selling point of Switch is its ability to transform from a home console to a portable gaming system in a snap. While it’s arguably better as an attached console device than a portable gaming system, Switch is still comfortable to
    Five pros and five cons of Nintendo Switch

  • “It’s important to us that Xbox Game Pass provides an enjoyable and seamless experience,” a Microsoft spokesperson told Polygon. “Right now, we’re focused on launching Xbox Game Pass on Xbox One consoles and look forward to bringing the service to the broader Xbox community later this spring.”Original story: Microsoft is moving into the world of Netflix-style game subscriptions with Xbox Game Pass, a monthly service coming this spring that will give you a selection of games you can download and
    Microsoft announces Xbox Game Pass, Netflix-style gaming for the Xbox One (update)

  • Pokémon Go’s art style noticeably differs from that of the main games in the series, but that wasn’t always the case. Early builds of the mega-hit Pokémon game featured far more familiar-looking trainers, as director of interaction and visual design showed off during Game Developers Conference 2017. Niantic’s Dennis Hwang, who gave a talk on designing the augmented reality game, showed off several previously unseen looks at Pokémon Go’s design elements. Although there are the occasional Pokémon
    Why Pokémon Go’s trainers don’t look like the ones you remember

  • During an indie developer-focused Nintendo Direct, Nintendo revealed that Blaster Master Zero, a modern take on an NES classic, will come to both Switch and Nintendo 3DS in just over a week. Shortly after that announcement, we were able to go check out Blaster Master Zero for ourselves. As in the original Blaster Master, Zero will see players swapping back and forth between side-view sections where you use a powerful tank to platform around levels and top-down sections where your human character
    Blaster Master Zero: Watch 16 minutes of nostalgic joy

  • In this week’s CoolGames Inc animation, we take a look at a generic store-brand board game clone with a troubling title — and speculate about the bold new world of board games with unconventional titles. Want to listen to the full episode? Check out the full-length podcast below, and remember to subscribe to CoolGames Inc on iTunes or via RSS for future episodes! Last but not least, we like to show off one CoolGames Inc fan creation every week. This time, we’re looking at a video from YouTube us
    CoolGames Inc Animated: Why is there a board game called ‘Don’t Torment Me’?

  • As we mentioned in our beginner’s guide, Horizon Zero Dawn is great at guiding you through its mechanics and nuances. There are still things you’ll forget, ignore or struggle with. If you get in the habit of collecting animal resources, you’ll be able to afford upgrades without a lot of running around. Everything in Horizon Zero Dawn is useful, and picking it up will save you time. If you’re pressed for inventory space, purple very rare items should probably take precedence over uncommon green o
    Horizon Zero Dawn guide: 9 tips for the apocalypse

  • There is no single “best weapon” in Horizon Zero Dawn. The “Hunter’s Blind” side quest will get you the tearblaster weapon — you’ll pick up this level 12 quest while following the hunter’s lodge storyline. The best outfit: the shield-weaverThere may not be a best weapon in Horizon Zero Dawn, but there is, without a doubt, a best outfit. Power cells are not an item you can scavenge or remove from machines (even though behemoths have a component named power cells — these are different power cells)
    Horizon Zero Dawn how to get the best weapons and outfit

  • There are four types of collectibles in Horizon Zero Dawn: vantage points, ancient vessels, metal flowers and Banuk artifacts. The vantage points provide some backstory (way, way back stories) for the world you’re exploring and learning about. During your time in Horizon Zero Dawn, you’ll also find datapoints — text and audio files — but these don’t go toward your completion percentage or achievements. They’re maps that mark the general location of the collectibles you’re looking for. There is,
    Horizon Zero Dawn collectibles guide

  • Just keep in mind that, it’s really, really easy to get distracted by all the stuff to do in Horizon Zero Dawn. Bandit campsDotted throughout the world of Horizon Zero Dawn are six forts full of bandits. Where hunting grounds are useful is in cementing tactics in your Horizon Zero Dawn vocabulary. Corrupted zonesOver the course of the main Horizon Zero Dawn story quests, you’ll learn about the corruption that’s been appearing in Aloy’s world. TutorialsEach weapon you get in Horizon Zero Dawn com
    Horizon Zero Dawn quest guide

  • You’ll pick up a ton of stuff in Horizon Zero Dawn — from plants to machine parts to rocks. Making ammoThe first and most common thing you’re going to be doing with your vast junkyard wealth is making ammunition for your weapons. We mentioned both of these in our Horizon Zero Dawn tips guide, but it bears repeating. We mentioned both of these in our Horizon Zero Dawn tips guide, but it bears repeating. With that in mind, you’re going to hit a point where you no longer need every lens, heart and
    Horizon Zero Dawn guide to crafting and resources

  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild includes a significant amount of voice acting, unlike most other entries in the series. To hear the cast of Breath of the Wild in various languages, from English to Russian to Japanese, Switch owners must turn to the console’s system settings. That may not matter to diehards who have already finished the promising, expansive new Zelda game, of course. a video of zelda crying in 7 different languages pic.twitter.com/dm7UMXWg6J — ◉﹏◉ (@dodonpahchi) January 1
    How to play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in nine languages (update)

  • Enterprise cloud company ServiceNow named John Donahoe president and CEO on Monday, in an effort to snag the former eBay CEO before competitors. While the “treadmill” of quarterly earnings takes its toll, the choice to step aside wasn’t personal, Slootman said. “This is not about me, this is about us really being very proactive, very strategic, very forward-looking about CEO succession,” Slootman said. “As many people know, it’s very, very tricky to have a successful CEO transition, and you’re g
    Former eBay boss John Donahoe named CEO of cloud company ServiceNow

  • Microsoft’s ambitious acquisition of LinkedIn is about revenue growth, not cost savings, chief financial officer Amy Hood said on Monday. “I’m focused on growing the top-line revenue and accelerating that business and its potential with ours,” Hood said at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecom Conference. I’m deeply, deeply focused on driving revenue growth.” “You want to keep the core growing and they’re doing a great job of that, things are good,” Hood said. Still, Hood said, the tw
    Microsoft is 'deeply' focused on driving LinkedIn revenue — not necessarily the bottom line, CFO says

  • Though Bill Gates is optimistic about America’s future, he’s concerned right now about its relationship with other countries. Gates participated in an an “ask me anything” feature on Reddit that allows notable people to answer questions from users. “I felt sure that allowing anyone to publish information and making it easy to find would enhance democracy and the overall quality of political debate,” Gates responded. The Microsoft founder has been optimistic about America under President Donald T
    Bill Gates is 'concerned' about US influence overseas and political divide online

  • Jeremy Siegel, professor of finance at the Wharton School, says the Dow could be headed toward 22,000 given the pro-growth economic policies expected under the Trump administration. “I think 22,000 is what’s justified if we get the Republican part of the Trump agenda and that is lower corporate taxes and lower regulation,” Siegel said. “My feeling is that should give you 20 percent altogether — we’ve had 10 percent since he’s been elected,” he added. The new target by Siegel, who had been callin
    Jeremy Siegel says Dow is headed toward 22,000

  • Virtual reality wasn’t quite the hot holiday gift in 2016 that some people were expecting, but Sony officials said Sunday that sales of the company’s PlayStation VR have actually outpaced projections. Sony had a notable advantage in the VR game, though. PlayStation VR was not only $100-$300 less than its competitors, it didn’t require buyers to purchase new hardware to run it. And with more than 53.4 million PlayStation 4 units already in people’s homes, that made the VR headset more enticing. A
    Sony PlayStation VR nearly one million sales

  • Global digital video game sales got off to a strong start in 2017, boosted by growth in downloads to consoles and PCs after the holiday season, according to a new report. Revenue from games downloaded directly to consoles, PCs and mobile devices surged 9.8 percent in January from the same period last year to $7.47 billion, analysis firm SuperData Research reports. It does not include sales of physical software. Sales to PCs rose 34 percent, while revenue from games downloaded to consoles like Mi
    Digital video game sales surge in January to $7.5 billion.

  • Peter Moore, the former EA Sports president and currently Electronic Arts’ chief competition officer, will leave the company for what must be a childhood dream job: chief executive of Liverpool Football Club, his favorite soccer club. Moore, 61, will join the club in this new role over the summer, Liverpool said in a statement today. He joined Electronic Arts in the summer of 2007, in a reorganization that brought all of the EA Sports titles under a single office. As EA Sports president, he had
    EA executive Peter Moore becomes CEO of Liverpool FC

  • He also added numerous items and places that weren’t in Sprout Valley. He said that Stardew Valley isn’t a perfect game — and probably won’t be regarded as his best work — but he’s proud of what he was able to accomplish over the course of those four or five years. I have many ideas, and I want to keep making games for a long time to come. I’ve learned so much from Stardew Valley … and I’ve made plenty of mistakes, too. Stardew Valley is currently available to play on Linux, Mac, PlayStation 4
    Stardew Valley is good but not perfect, creator says one year later

  • Minecraft continues to sell at a mind-boggling pace: Developer Mojang has now sold 122 million copies of the sandbox exploration game across all platforms, the Microsoft-owned Swedish studio announced today. Microsoft’s previous milestone was 100 million copies, which Minecraft reached in early June 2016. Asked by Polygon, a Microsoft representative clarified that although the company has been allowing owners of the original Java-based PC/Mac version of Minecraft to get a free copy of Minecraft:
    Minecraft sales hit 122M copies

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