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  • He’s an outsider, sitting on the fringe of the normal high school student, and Riverdale never lets you forget that. In one particular scene, Jughead is talking to Betty about just how weird he is. The subject matter of the scene transcends genre television, opening the door for those who aren’t interested in Riverdale to join in on the joke. In this case, one Twitter user managed to compile a list of tracks that spells out Jughead’s entire speech. #Riverdale #HeyArnold pic.twitter.com/0kQsBKKD2
    People can’t stop mocking Jughead’s worst Riverdale scene

  • The next entry in Sony Interactive Entertainment and developer Clap Hanz’s Hot Shots Golf series is coming to PlayStation 4 this August, but it won’t carry the Hot Shots name. Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida first announced the PS4 game — which was previously known as New Hot Shots Golf — back in 2014. PS4 owners who pre-order the game will get an Everybody’s Golf avatar, a 20th anniversary golf course, a dynamic theme and a handful of cosmetic items for your golfer. The Everybody’s Golf series launched o
    The new Hot Shots Golf is dropping the Hot Shots name

  • Grand Theft Auto 5’s online component is getting a new racing mode next week, although the look of it is anything but new. Tiny Racers, which will be released April 25 in Grand Theft Auto Online, is a stunt racing mode played from a top-down perspective — just like the first two Grand Theft Auto games on the original PlayStation. Racers compete to pick up power-ups, like a parachute, machine gun and rocket, that they can deploy against their opponents. From this camera angle, it all looks a bit
    GTA Online goes old school with top-down Tiny Racers mode

  • A note from the editor: Jelly Deals is a deals site launched by our parent company, Gamer Network, with a mission to find the best bargains out there. Look out for the Jelly Deals roundup of reduced-price games and kit every Saturday on Eurogamer. The Saints Row series has made its way onto GOG.com as of today, and to celebrate, the GOG folks are offering the PC edition of Saints Row 2 completely free for the first 48 hours. Get Saints Row 2 on PC free from GOG.comIn addition to the free game gi
    Jelly Deals: Get Saints Row 2 on PC for free at GOG.com for the next two days

  • Editor’s note: this is an early verdict on Dawn of War 3 based on a full campaign playthrough and a couple of hours in multiplayer. Twelve missions deep into Dawn of War 3’s campaign, I’m getting a little tense. This, for me, is Dawn of War 3 at its best, at least so far. Dawn of War 3 centres on the same two resources as the original, Requisition and Power, plus new Elite Points. Whether or not those brilliant highs are undermined by a couple of clumsily missed marks will become clear enough so
    Dawn of War 3 is brutal, beautiful, and inconsistently brilliant

  • Ancestors, the upcoming indie project from Patrice Desilets, will no longer be an episodic game. Speaking on stage today at Reboot Develop 2017, Desilets said the project had grown in scope – to a project which now sounds more like open world. “Exclusive: the episodic nature is gone,” Desilets said, before adding: “I’m not sure I was supposed to say that. Still, Desilets continued, Ancestors remains “a third-person action game set between 10 to two million years ago”. Ancestors was first detaile
    Our first look at Patrice Desilets' Ancestors

  • Everybody’s favourite golf franchise Everybody’s Golf returns with the launch of its latest game – also titled Everybody’s Golf – for everybody in Europe on 30th August. (Everybody in North America, you can buy the game on 29th August instead.) All of which are definitely not golf. In Japan, Everybody’s Golf is named Hot Shots Golf and Sony’s golfing series is now 20 years old. To celebrate, you will soon be able to place a pre-order for some in-game bonuses: a 20th anniversary course, premium g
    Everybody's Golf lands PS4 release date

  • The Walking Dead: A New Frontier’s (i.e. Season 3) fourth episode, Thicker Than Water, is due on 25th April for PS4, Xbox One, PC, iOS and Android platforms. Prior to that there was a three month gap between the two-part season premiere and the third episode. This third season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead spin-off started strong in its two-part premiere last December. “Telltale’s talent for crafting believably complex characters grounds us in this well worn territory far better than it has any
    The Walking Dead Season 3: Episode 4 is due next week

  • Braid and The Witness developer Jonathan Blow has revealed a very brief sample of the upcoming game he’s working on. Teased during his talk about programming at today’s Reboot Develop conference in Croatia, Blow offered a brief snippet of the engine he’s created over the last year for his upcoming game, which appears to be a puzzle game with some degree of block-pushing. “It’s a nice little grid-based game,” said Blow. Seen at the 5:32:45 mark above, Blow noted that these visuals “aren’t remotel
    Jonathan Blow teases prototype of his next game

  • Grand Theft Auto Online is getting yet another new mode – and this time it will take the series back to its top-down origins. Tiny Racers is an obviously Micro Machines-inspired racing mode set to launch for GTA5’s online portion on 25th April. A new spin on classic Grand Theft Auto action. Codemasters’ own Micro Machines revival is due in June. After more than a decade without a Micro Machines game, we got our first look at Micro Machines World Series only yesterday.
    Grand Theft Auto 5 gets top-down stunt racing mode

  • Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda website has stated the surname of the series’ big baddie: Ganondorf Dragmire. It’s the first official usage of the surname in 25 years – since 1992, when it originally appeared in A Link to the Past’s English game manual. The Legend of Zelda series features different incarnations of Ganondorf (and Link, and Zelda), and so Ganondorf Dragmire was previously assumed to be just the name of Ganondorf within that game. In Link to the Past, before Ganondorf Dragmire, he was k
    Nintendo's official Zelda site states Ganondorf surname

  • UPDATE: G2A has sent Eurogamer a statement in response to the disastrous Q&A session one of its reps held with a room full of developers earlier today, clarifying some of the more controversial comments made. We want to quickly explain our fees regarding developers and sellers, since there seems to have been a misunderstanding during the Q&A. “However, thanks to G2A Direct, developers are given a second revenue stream – they can make an additional up to 10 per cent on all third-party sales. G2A
    G2A rep roasted by developers during live Q&A

  • [The stream is slated to start at 9:30 a.m., ET. Please refresh the page if you do not see a player above at that time.] International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde holds a news conference as the IMF and the World Bank Group hold their 2017 spring meetings.
    Watch: IMF Managing Director Lagarde holds a news conference at the IMF and World Bank meetings

  • Google plans to introduce a new ad-blocking feature to its Chrome browser, according to reports from the Wall Street Journal which cite sources familiar with the company. Targeted adverts are likely to be those featured in a report released last month by the Coalition for Better Ads, a U.S. and European industry group, the Journal suggests. These include six desktop and twelve mobile web ad experiences which it said fell below the threshold of “consumer acceptability,” such as pop-ups and auto-p
    Google to reportedly unveil an ad-blocking feature for its Chrome browser

  • The days of tapping in your PIN at the checkout could be numbered after credit card provider Mastercard unveiled a payment card in South Africa featuring a biometric fingerprint scanner. Mastercard, which processes more than 65,000 transactions every minute worldwide, made the announcement on Thursday following two successful trials in South Africa. The technology works in a similar way to mobile phone payments, in which users must hold their finger over the sensor whilst making a purchase. Inst
    Mastercard creates credit card with fingerprint scanner

  • “So I think there’s a lot of openness on the part of the military to working with these companies. And of course these companies are trying to operate in space less expensively, and the government is under budget pressure across the board, so that’s attractive as well.” The government is also interested in software solutions that can help the Air Force and other U.S. agencies quickly make sense of all that data collected by both commercial satellites and the Pentagon’s own fleet of imaging and i
    How the US is gearing up as fear of a space war mounts

  • Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is a lot more hands-on than you might expect. Though he oversees the direction of a $433 billion enterprise, he pays very close attention to the inner workings of the company, according to Brad Stone’s unofficial biography, “The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon” and multiple reports citing company insiders. Since he makes so many decisions each day, both big picture and detail-oriented, Bezos developed a phrase he says helps him navigate his bu
    Jeff Bezos says using this phrase can make teams twice as productive

  • GoPro just unveiled the Fusion, a new camera that’s capable of recording really sharp spherical images for all sorts of use cases, including virtual reality. Instead, GoPro will give the camera to “professional content creators” early this summer before it becomes available to the general public. GoPro said the Fusion is very advanced, though, and provides the same sort of content you’d get if you molded six traditional GoPro cameras into a single unit, CEO Nicholas Woodman explained in a press
    GoPro just unveiled a super high-resolution camera for virtual reality

  • when they began to devote CAPEX to their cloud, as well as the magnitudes of their cumulative and on-going CAPEX investment. Our analysis begins in 2001, as this is the first year for which we have Google CAPEX numbers (a whopping $13 million). Including the capital leases makes the CAPEX numbers significantly higher. In 2016, Amazon did $5.7 billion in capital leases on top of $6.7 billion in CAPEX. We find an extra almost $1.1 billion in CAPEX for Microsoft in 2016 when we check their couch cu
    Here’s an estimate of how many billions Amazon, Microsoft, and Alphabet have spent in the cloud wars so far

  • Verizon Communications reported first-quarter earnings and sales on Thursday that missed analysts’ expectations, sending shares lower. Here’s what the company reported versus what the Street was expecting:EPS: 95 cents vs estimate of 96 cents, according to Thomson Reuters analysts’ consensus. Revenue: $29.814 billion vs $30.487 billion estimate, according to Thomson Reuters. The telecom company said it added a net of 35,000 Fios internet connections, missing quarterly estimates, and it lost a ne
    Verizon earnings, revenue miss Street estimates as wireless subscribers drop

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