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  • Minecraft will launch a new online store designed to promote played-created adventure maps, texture packs and skins at some stage this spring. Exclusive to mobile and Windows 10 versions of the game, the new Minecraft Marketplace will be introduced alongside its 1.1 Discovery update that’s due in the coming weeks. Price-wise, Microsoft reckons Minecraft Coins will cost around $1.99 for 300 coins, $4.99 for 840 coins, and $9.99 for 1,720 coins, however haven’t yet suggested how that’ll translate
    Minecraft to launch new community Marketplace

  • The first trailer for Thor: Ragnarok is a whirlwind of science-fantasy vistas that wouldn’t look out of place on a ’70s soft-cover novel and unexpectedly hilarious reunions with old “friends”. Watch the whole thing and see how Thor goes from favored son of Asgard to a gladiator fighting for the enjoyment of Jeff Goldblum. Well, the Grandmaster character portrayed by Jeff Goldblum, but it might as well just be Jeff Goldblum. After nearly a decade of history, that “he’s a friend from work” line is
    The first Thor: Ragnarok trailer is here: Thor! Hulk! Goldblum! And the greatest MCU line so far!

  • Update: We had a chance to try out a number of upcoming PlayStation VR games. Original article continues below…After a long wait that’s involved multiple names, Sony’s PlayStation VR headset is finally here, and its arrival has been announced with the release of a number of highly anticipated games (see: RIGS, pictured above). But what we’ve seen and played up to this point is just the tip of the iceberg: Sony’s promised us 50 games in 2016 and early 2017. Click through the gallery for our top
    Best PlayStation VR games: the best PSVR games around

  • According to an announcement from the video game developers at DICE, Battlefield 1‘s Premium Pass owners are set to receive a brand new map for free in June called Nivelle Nights. For those unaware, this is the first instance of DICE releasing a free map to Battlefield 1‘s Premium Pass owners that’s not going to be a part of any DLC package. Bearing all of this in mind, it will be interesting to see if the Nivelle Nights maps manages to stir players into buying the Premium Pass. Battlefield 1 is
    Battlefield 1 Reveals New Night Time Multiplayer DLC Map

  • Little Miss Lonely by London based studio Club Cotton Games delivers a relatively well-crafted balance of relatable incidents and emotional journeys throughout it’s, on average, forty-five minutes of playtime. Video Review:Little Miss Lonely takes us on a mildly emotional journey through parts of childhood that the majority of us can recall. As far as walking simulators go, Little Miss Lonely is certainly worthy of your time. Little Miss Lonely is a great little game that’ll take most of us down
    Little Miss Lonely: PC Game Review

  • Love playing Minecraft? Minecraft’s 1.1 Discovery Update, which will be available on Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition and Minecraft: Pocket Edition, will bring a new marketplace program that will allow some of the game’s best creators to sell their wares for cash. Marketplace transactions take place right within the app, offering additional security and ease for those who seek community-created content without risk of installing viruses or malware.” For those gamers who might play on different plat
    Minecraft Marketplace could turn crafting into your full-time job

  • Not to mention, as an incentive to get fans to purchase The Elder Scrolls Online during the trial week, it will be discounted until April 18, after which it will go back to full price. As of writing, it’s unclear as to what the sale price for The Elder Scrolls Online will be, but Tamriel Unlimited–that is, the base game–typically costs $30, while The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Edition, which includes the base game as well as the Imperial City, Orsinium, Thieves Guild, and Dark Brotherhood DLC pa
    The Elder Scrolls Online Gets Free to Play Week on PC, PS4 and Xbox One

  • Ubisoft has announced that its Uplay PC client software is dropping support for Windows Vista. While Uplay, which in many ways is Ubisoft’s answer to Steam, isn’t particularly popular amongst PC gamers, the announcement should prompt players who still use Windows Vista to consider upgrading to Windows 10, as it will mean that the Uplay software will no longer be updated with bug fixes and security updates. Dropping supportThe announcement that Uplay no longer supports Windows Vista was made on t
    Ubisoft’s Uplay drops support for Windows Vista

  • As a launch title accompanying a brand new console, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has done a standup job of convincing gamers to invest in the Nintendo Switch. One of the biggest issues fans have had with the Nintendo Switch has been a lack of onboard memory. Fortunately, it turns out that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe will not require an ample amount of room once installed on the unit, only requiring a very modest 6.75GB of space. Of course, if Nintendo plans on supporting this rendition of Mar
    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Nintendo Switch File Size Revealed

  • As it happens, the new anti-tamper technology that BioWare included in Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s latest patch to protect the game from piracy has yet to be cracked, and its code could very well remain unbroken for the foreseeable future. The version of Denuvo’s anti-tamper technology that Mass Effect: Andromeda pirates were able to crack could have been the iteration being used on Resident Evil 7, and it was cracked in less than a week after the survival-horror game’s release. With this being the
    Mass Effect: Andromeda Pirates Can’t Get New Faces

  • Chuwi has announced details of its incoming LapBook 12.3 which is due to arrive at the end of the month. It will run with an Intel Celeron N3450 quad-core processor (clocked at 1.1GHz with turbo to 2.2GHz) backed up with 6GB of system memory, along with integrated graphics – Intel HD Graphics 500. In other words, exactly the same size screen and pixel density as seen in Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4. Chuwi’s machine boasts dimensions of 300 x 223 x 16.7mm, by the way, so it’s thin enough, although n
    Affordable laptop looks set to muscle-in on Surface Pro 4 turf

  • Between its in-game picketing, seasonally-themed events and dedication to troll rehabilitation, PearlAbyss’ Black Desert Online is brimming with interesting stories—even if it’s a little unconventional in its execution. Over the coming weeks, the quirky MMO will welcome Vell to its bounds—a “fearsome, gigantic sea monster” that lives in the recently added Margoria area. Incoming updates will also overhaul Black Desert Online’s UI and Guild system, while a new Skill Promotion System will let play
    Black Desert Online to add new systems, modes, magical unicorns in coming weeks

  • Fortunately, you can get a gaming machine that’s even more powerful than the Xbox Scorpio right now – by building your very own gaming PC. These are the best monitors you can buy for your gaming PCBuying the graphics cardAccording to Microsoft, Project Scorpio will have six teraflops of graphical performance power. Buying the memoryMicrosoft will fit Project Scorpio with 12GB of GDDR5 memory, which comes with a bandwidth of over 320GB/s. MSI makes brilliant gaming PC motherboards, and this one i
    How to build a gaming PC more powerful than Xbox Project Scorpio

  • If you did a word association quiz for Game of Thrones then chances are, alongside dragons and Red Weddings, sex will rank very highly with most people. Yara, Theon Greyjoy’s brother, has already had her fair share of sex scenes and actress Gemma Whelan has revealed the audition (and awkward sex scene) that helped her land the role – and the farting horse that made it even more awkward. Whelan, though, winds the clock (I said clock) back to her audition for her Thrones role where it was Yara ins
    Game of Thrones’ Yara reveals her awkward sex scene audition (and a farting horse)

  • EVE Online’s Project Discovery is a story of how gaming communities can band together to solve real-world problems. At Fanfest, the annual gathering of the EVE Online community, developer CCP Games revealed more about the project, which was initially announced in February. The man leading the project is Michel Mayor, the first scientist to discover an exoplanet, who appeared on stage in Iceland to drum up some enthusiasm with players. For more, check out the stream of the evening’s action below
    EVE players given mission to search for real-life exoplanets

  • Despite being protected by both its Origin platform and Denuvo, Mass Effect: Andromeda was cracked by pirates less than two weeks after its release. The space-faring role-player’s latest patch—which, among other things, targets the vanilla game’s questionable eye design—comes packing the newest version of Denuvo, which comes with its latest, as yet uncrackable anti-tamper tech. As reported by DSO Gaming, Mass Effect: Andromeda’s 1.05 update patch notes don’t mention the newly installed version o
    Mass Effect: Andromeda update locks pirates out of eye-fixing patch

  • Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation—a game about carefully lining up thousands of robotic units and then smashing them together in an explosion tiny lasers—has been given a massive update. It was released last November as an expansion to Stardock’s Ashes of the Singularity, which was a solid RTS, and the two were rolled into a single package earlier this year. Chief among them is the new replay feature, which players have been demanding for a while. The maps were one of the weakest aspects of t
    Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation gets replay feature and three new maps

  • (Image: © Double Fine)Double Fine staff are currently on a two-week break from their regular jobs. But far from having their feet up, they’ve been hard at work crafting new ideas for the studio’s next big project as part of Amnesia Fortnight, the company’s prototype game jam. The idea is to free up developers to pitch ideas for new games, let the public vote on the best ones, and then produce working prototypes. In The Gods Must be Hungry, “warrior chefs” fight for the best groceries and make me
    Double Fine announces winners of Amnesia Fortnight game jam

  • Nintendo has explained why the Nintendo Switch online service will cost money. These comparable services come with extra features, and the Nintendo Switch service is expected to follow suit. In the interview, Takahashi says that Nintendo is “working to prepare all of the features” and “details on the service will be available at a later time.”One confirmed feature is that the Nintendo Switch online service will include a free classic game every month. While the service isn’t exactly a selling po
    Nintendo Explains Why the Switch Online Service Costs Money

  • Nintendo is planning to air a special Nintendo Direct presentation on Wednesday, April 12th, where the gaming giant will discuss upcoming titles for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch. In this installment of Nintendo Direct, the primary focus will be on Arms and Splatoon 2, two highly-anticipated titles for the Nintendo Switch. With the Nintendo Switch in high demand, gamers are excited to see what Nintendo has planned for its newest console in the coming weeks. Unsurprisingly, gamers are most int
    Arms and Splatoon 2 Nintendo Direct Coming This Week

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