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  • To assist with that goal, Xur has arrived to bring Destiny players the last exotic item he has yet to sell. Xur’s Location and Exotic ArmorFirst up, those looking for Xur can find the Agent of the Nine in the club area in Tower South. This week Xur has the Immolation Fists gauntlets for Titans, the Khepri’s Sting gauntlets for Hunters, and the Ophidian Aspect gauntlets for Warlocks. Exotic Weapon and BundlesXur’s exotic weapon this weekend is the Zhalo Supercell auto rifle, a favorite of the ven
    Destiny: Xur Location and Exotic Items for May 12-14

  • Previously in beta, Prey’s first post-launch patch has now rolled out officially on Steam. The v1.2 update offers a wide range of fixes, both big and small, including a fix to prevent corrupted save files. Meanwhile, once the patch is installed you’ll no longer be able to take advantage of a glitch which previously allowed infinite item duplication while Recycling. A few mission and narrative-related glitches have been fixed up to, but to prevent spoilers I’ll let you read about those in the ful
    New Prey patch fixes corrupted save files, infinite material creation and more

  • That is, more or less, what this new game title pulls off in its official reveal trailer. Here’s a glimpse of the fresh horror game set in trenches of World War I. Behold Ad Infinitum:Developed by StrixLab, Ad Infinitum makes good use of Unreal Engine 4 to surround players with a macabre environment. But, this idea of reappearing monsters in World War I almost seems Lovecraftian. Are you looking forward to a horror game set in World War I?
    Revealing Ad Infinitum, the New Horror Game Set in World War I

  • The three major auction houses are set to auction off more than $1 billion worth of fine art this week, marking a test of whether collectors can shrug off turmoil in Washington and sagging stock markets. Sotheby’s, Christie’s and Phillips have an estimated $1.3 billion worth of works on the block this week. “I think the mood is very good,” said Loic Gouzer, co-chairman of Christie’s Americas post-war and contemporary art. The big demand and the biggest prices are in post-war and contemporary art
    $1 billion art week could mark recovery

  • Three ways to make money on Monday Friday, 12 May 2017 | 4:44 PM ET | 01:29Following the S&P 500’s first down week after three straight weeks of gains, here are the three things Matt Maley, equity strategist at Miller Tabak, is watching for on Monday and the week ahead. Key level for biotech stocksMaley is keeping a close eye on biotech stocks as it encounters what he terms to be a key technical level. Maley expects to see a substantial amount of money flow into biotech stocks should that level
    Three ways to make money this week

  • Facebook on Monday is releasing new software that artificial intelligence (AI) researchers can use to test their systems for having text conversations with people. The end goal: to help speed the development of chat bots that seem more human — without painstakingly training them on millions of different scenarios. “Ultimately one of the objectives of this is to have your own digital friend, your virtual assistant that is basically customized for you and under your control,” Yann LeCun, head of
    Facebook wants to build 'your own virtual friend,' and it just took an important step

  • In 1982, my mom had an interview with a top advertising agency in New York. She had been working in the industry for nearly a decade and had been contacted by a headhunter about joining a rival agency. A cigarette maker was one of the agency’s top clients, and you can’t sell a product you don’t believe in enough to use. She sensed the interview had gone south, and, in today’s parlance, she leaned in. “Well,” she told him, “I’d like to point out that there is always the chance I could become a sm
    My stay-at-home mom taught me everything I needed to know about succeeding at work

  • Eve Branson knew early on that her oldest child was going to be a handful. “You were just a toddler but you were clearly someone who liked to do things his own way and on your own terms,” she writes in a letter to her son, billionaire Richard Branson. They even allowed him drop out of school at age 16 to start his first business. “On a few such occasions we would say things like, ‘Oh don’t be ridiculous, Ricky! That’s never going to work,'” she writes.
    Richard Branson's mom shares the secret to raising successful businessmen

  • Competition is brutal across the entire tech landscape as long-standing barriers of entry continue to fall. This ultra-competitive landscape can be overwhelming, turning even the most efficient and balanced of CEOs into something I call an “executive inmate.” If my 18 years running a tech company has taught me anything, it’s that a self-imposed “office exile” is never a good idea for a CEO. Tech startups need to grow but that simply won’t happen unless the CEO grows with it. Here are three key l
    3 lessons to learn beyond the boardroom to be a more effective executive

  • “Too much debt will have a cascading effect that will last for decades,” Kantrowitz said. “When more of your income needs to go toward repaying loans, you’re not going to save as much and you’ll be less willing and able to borrow for other goals such as a home.” According to Kantrowitz’s number crunching, more than 14 percent of recent bachelor’s degree recipients, on average, end up with excessive debt, more than double the percentage from a generation ago. Moreover, if you’re borrowing north o
    Community college may be the secret sauce in affordable education

  • With the exception of “Iron Fist,” Marvel’s gritty, violent Netflix series have largely drawn critical acclaim. “Inhumans” gives Marvel an opportunity to breathe new life into its network television business. However, data from marketing technology firm Amobee suggests fan blogs that picked up on the Twitter drubbing weren’t just cherry-picking tweets. Sentiment was far more negative than positive after Entertainment Weekly released the photo, according to an analysis performed for CNBC using Am
    'Inhumans' #fail: Marvel show's rollout may mark another TV stumble for studio

  • There’s a big story going on right now involving the FBI, the White House, and potential criminal activity. Here are some of the particulars:A year ago, Vermont’s Burlington College was forced to shut its doors after finding itself unable to meet the obligations of a big loan it took out to fund a campus expansion. Much of that debt was incurred during the tenure of then-president Jane O’Meara Sanders, the wife of none other than former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, Vermont’s
    FBI probe could kill Bernie's progressive power—Commentary

  • One classic theory is signaling a pause in the rally: Acampora Friday, 12 May 2017 | 12:48 PM ET | 02:27The godfather of technical analysis says one classic theory is predicting a sell-off before another market rally will take place. “Dow theory” is a name given to the simple idea that the Dow Jones Transportation Average ought to “confirm” the strength seen in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. If the Dow components rise to a new high while the Dow transports stagnate, a market dip could be ahea
    A classic market theory predicts a problem for the rally: Acampora

  • Buffett says an index fund is a way to avoid the risk of picking individual stocks. Buffett points to the fee savings built into low-cost index funds. The largest such S&P 500 fund, Vanguard’s 500 Index Fund, boasts expense ratios of less than a percentage point. “The record shows that the unmanaged index fund is going to do quite well over time and active investment as a group can’t beat it.” Most employer-run 401(k) retirement plans offer multiple mutual funds with different assets strategies,
    Warren Buffett says index funds make the best retirement sense 'practically all the time'

  • Vanquish: Coming To PCAfter constantly little hints, Sega has officially told fans that Vanquish – a well known third person shooter made by the same company that developed Bayonetta – will be coming to PC via Steam on May 25. A Digital Deluxe Edition will be available that comes with a soundtrack, a digital art book, desktop wallpapers and some avatars. It’s worth noting as well that if you already own Bayonetta on Steam, or buy it before Vanquish drops, you’ll save up to 25 percent on the preo
    Vanquish: Coming To PC • The Save Spot

  • Elder Scrolls Online: Political Intrigue TrailerThe newest trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online concentrates not on just action and adventure, but rather assassinations and the politics of the land that exists between the games Great Houses. As the trailer demonstrates, one of the main focuses of the expansion will have players become involved in the politicking of the Great Houses. Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind drops this June 6th for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Though PC players who buy the digit
    Elder Scrolls Online: Political Intrigue Trailer • The Save Spot

  • Hitman and Square Enix Hit SplitsvilleBack in 2009 Square Enix snapped up control of Hitman developers IO Interactive. Square Enix took control over IO when it bought up Eidos Interactive, which happened to be IO’s parent company. Though one can only assume that the Hitman adventure wasn’t as lucrative as they had hoped. That said the company is trying to sell of IO currently, as Square Enix has “started discussions with potential new investors and is currently in negotiations to secure this inv
    Hitman and Square Enix Hit Splitsville • The Save Spot

  • In recent years, the problem of teen suicide has taken on a new dimension because of the proliferation of technology. The stakes are high, as parents search for new ways to safeguard their children from the harmful side effects of online interaction. “We teach our kids to look both ways when they cross the street. In those instances, parents said they weren’t aware anything was going on, but the app allowed them to step in and intervene. Bark monitors tens of millions of messages per month with
    Bark app helps protect kids from online dangers, while safeguarding privacy

  • Everyone wants to save more money. Even Warren Buffett, one of the richest men in the world, prioritizes being frugal. Reducing your largest fixed costs, such as transportation and housing, will help. CNBC rounded up five inventive ways to cut back on your housing costs, from living in a trailer to biking to work. But here’s to being creative.
    5 innovative ways to save on housing

  • Yet for travelers, the standard airplane layout of narrow, forward-facing seats in tightly packed cabins doesn’t offer much in the way of movement. So what if you could squeeze in a workout — or maybe even a spin or yoga class — at an in-flight gym? “For most people, the future of flight will still be on large commercial aircraft,” Transpose project executive Jason Chua told CNBC. Beyond gyms, Transpose cabin modules can be stand-ins for spas, napping pods, gaming centers, dining areas, yoga stu
    Airplane gyms becoming the next hot trend in flying

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