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  • In the case of health care, that reality being the fact that “special interests” consists of tens of millions of people who really want health care. Before coming to Washington, Trump was very clear that he understood health-care issues. He spent decades running businesses that provided health care for hundreds of employees. It took just 38 days in Washington before he declared, “Nobody knew health care could be so complicated.” Just as only Nixon could go to China, maybe Trump was right that on
    Trump 100 days Washington bashing having strange effect-commentary

  • His father had died and he left his mentor back on the East Coast; he needed guidance. One in particular he met for lunch and, for the whole meal, he let the other man talk. I’m going to read all about them, this was before the Internet; I’m going to find out about their careers. And you just couldn’t believe how much I really acted – it was the best acting I had ever done in my entire life. He won them over by doing his homework and then listening, by seeming engaging, informed and, most of all
    Alec Baldwin offers some of the best career advice you'll ever hear

  • Amazon on Wednesday introduced the Echo Look, a camera that’s meant to sit inside your closet and help you keep track of your daily outfits. If it sounds weird, that’s because it is. “Build a personal lookbook and share your photos,” Amazon advertises. Amazon Echo Look features a “Style Check” service that it says “combines machine learning algorithms with advice from fashion specialists.” I guess that means it’s also willing to provide feedback, even critical, about your outfit choices.
    Amazon just announced the Echo Look, a weird camera that keeps track of your outfits

  • Volkswagen is considering options for its motorcycle brand Ducati as it seeks to streamline its portfolio, two people familiar with the matter said. Europe’s largest carmaker has tasked investment banking boutique Evercore with evaluating possible options including a sale of the thoroughbred brand, which VW unit Audi acquired in 2012, they added. While Volkswagen has started reaching out to potential buyers to sound out their interest, no decision has been taken on whether the firm will be dives
    Volkswagen eyes options for motorbike brand Ducati: Report

  • Pope Francis, an outspoken champion of science and technology, gave his own TED talk Tuesday night, speaking from the Vatican with a three-part message calling for a “revolution of tenderness” and warning those in power to act responsibly or “your power will ruin you.” TED began in 1984 as a conference focusing on Technology, Entertainment and Design and now covers almost all topics — from science to business to global issues. In his remarks, the pope addressed the connection between the rich an
    Pope Francis warns in TED talk: 'Power can ruin you'

  • Chris Sacca, an early investor in Uber and Twitter and founder of Lowercase Capital, announced Wednesday he’s “hanging up my spurs” and retiring from venture capital and “Shark Tank.” “I succeeded at venture capital because, for years, I rarely thought about or spent time on anything else. Sacca said Lowercase Capital will continue to support its current portfolio of companies. Sacca said he’s leaving ABC’s “Shark Tank” this season, since he can’t do the show while also keeping to his promise to
    Chris Sacca is retiring from venture capital and 'Shark Tank'

  • You write that, “No, President Obama, the system is as rigged as we think. One thing that can happen, particularly on the left, is that disagreement gets dismissed as the system being rigged. Do you think that’s right? Elizabeth WarrenI think that’s a really terrific question. It gives another vision of how hard it is trying to make it from day to day to day when you’re poor.
    Elizabeth Warren: Obama was wrong. The system is more rigged than you know.

  • The most worrisome sign for Saleh is that recovery in several regions is lagging. “We view the fact that sales in the West Coast and Northeast remain in the negative low 20s and high teens, respectively, on a sales-dollar basis as evidence that recovery remains anemic,” Saleh said. The Northeast was one of the areas most affected by Chipotle’s food safety incidents and had rebounded slightly in January. Baird analyst David Tarantino said he hesitates to conclude a “material sales recovery is und
    Despite Chipotle's post-earnings rally, recovery is still 'anemic'

  • “They’re owning so much of the digital advertising space, and the space hasn’t really evolved as well as people wish it had,” McNealy said on “Squawk Box.” McNealy, CEO at Wayin, said because Google and Facebook have gained a massive share in the online ad space, everybody else is trying to go after them. He added the click-through rate for ads has declined significantly in some spaces compared to 20 or 30 years ago. “It was in the mid-90s AT&T did the first digital banner ad, and they had a 43
    Half the number of online ad clicks are by mistake, says a Silicon Valley veteran

  • It’s also a really, really huge giveaway to Donald Trump, the Trump Organization, and the entire Trump family. It doesn’t pay corporate income tax. We don’t know exactly how big a giveaway to Trump this is, because we don’t know what’s on his tax returns. Corporate tax reform is an arcane matter involving changes to dozens of highly specific and complicated tax provisions. In the pass-through tax cut, Trump has found a similarly legal but still troubling way to use his powers to enrich himself.
    Trump has a plan to change the tax code to make himself much, much richer

  • The president is not expected to explain on Wednesday how he’ll offset the revenue that will be lost by cutting business taxes. Reducing the deficits ranks higher in the poll than cutting business taxes in the list of the public priorities. And when asked to choose directly between cutting the deficit or generally cutting taxes, 39 percent of the public said the deficit is more important, compared with 22 percent who said cutting taxes. Reducing business taxes has overwhelming support among Repu
    Trump's plan to slash business taxes isn't a top priority for regular people

  • 21st Century Fox lagged the market during the past year, but one Wall Street firm believes there is a way for the company to become more relevant in the digital age. Credit Suisse reiterated its outperform rating on the media company, saying it can change its fortunes by buying a controlling stake in Hulu. Twenty-First Century Fox shares are roughly flat in the past 12 months through Tuesday versus the S&P 500’s 14 percent return. “US TV ad growth can accelerate … long term, suggesting both va
    Here is a way old-media-focused Fox could jump into the digital age

  • If they get a rate that’s very low, what does it mean for interest rates? With a widening deficit, interest rates also go higher. Many economists expect the Fed to raise interest rates again in June. He said if interest rates rose 100 basis points, or 1 percentage point, it could add about $135 billion in higher interest expense. For households, he estimated $147 billion of higher interest expense on everything from mortgages to credit cards, autos and student loans.
    Trump tax cut sounds great but markets are skeptical it would send interest rates flying

  • The question of whether you’ll be paying more in taxes under President Donald Trump may hinge on how much you use tax deductions now. Trump has said he will unveil on Wednesday the outlines of his campaign promise to overhaul the sprawling U.S. tax code with a simpler system that lowers tax rates. But even as those rates come down, closing loopholes and eliminating popular deductions will expose more of the average household’s income to taxes. It remains to be seen how deeply the plan cuts into
    If Trump changes your taxes, here are the deductions and breaks that could go away

  • Anthem, the largest insurer providing individual Obamacare exchange plans, said it may drop out of state exchanges next year, if the uncertainty over funding cost-sharing reduction subsidies is not resolved in Washington in the next month. Anthem executives said they were encouraged by some of the moves taken by the Trump administration to stabilize the market, including tighter special enrollment rules. “Before accounting for any other issues, rates could increase by an additional 20 percent or
    Anthem could bolt from Obamacare exchange if subsidies are cut

  • The story has been the same for a while — high buyer demand plus a short supply of homes for sale equals higher home prices and plenty of buyer frustration. Some would-be shoppers are even choosing to sit the spring market out. Redfin measures demand by looking at the number of customers requesting home tours and writing offers. Demand had hit a record in January, as consumers felt better about the economy and anticipated a strong spring market. The drop in demand is also showing up in mortgage
    Homebuyer demand suddenly falling off as inventory keeps shrinking

  • President Donald Trump’s tax plan will be a big win for small businesses and investors, CNBC’s Jim Cramer said Wednesday, but added he has no high expectations that it will make America richer. He added, “I don’t want to have any illusions that this corporate tax cut is going to make it so we’re richer, OK? At an event hosted by The Hill on Wednesday, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin confirmed that the Trump administration’s tax plan will call for a reduction in the corporate tax rate to 15 per
    Cramer to Trump: Your 15 percent corporate tax rate won't make us any richer

  • Sun Microsystems co-founder Scott McNealy told CNBC on Wednesday that CEOs appear to be relieved that the eight years of economic “waterboarding” by the Obama administration has stopped. “I’m a huge believer in the private sector being one that can be managed,” he continued. Every job in the public sector “is basically taking a job out of the private sector,” McNealy said. “Without the private sector being strong, you lose your personal liberties and freedoms. If you don’t have financial liberti
    The 'waterboarding stopped' — big company CEO describes the difference between Obama and Trump

  • As President Donald Trump’s administration nears its 100th day, stocks have kept faith that he will deliver on his promises of tax reform and a stimulus spending plan that will jump-start the economy. The bond market, however, still wants proof. At some point, one of those two big markets will turn out to be right. So far, there’s been no big rush of legislation, just executive orders. “I think he’s pushing to get these parts of his agenda done this year, even if it takes a couple of tries.”
    Two huge markets are sizing up Trump and making radically different bets

  • President Donald Trump is expected to propose large tax cuts for repatriated offshore corporate profits and a reduction of the corporate tax rate, providing a potential windfall for companies stashing the most cash overseas and paying the most to Uncle Sam. Trump’s plan will reportedly lower the repatriation tax rate to 10 percent for the more than a trillion dollars in corporate cash parked overseas. Here are five companies in the Strategas repatriation basket. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin
    These companies have the most to gain from Trump's tax-cut plan

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