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  • The latest patch, which is dropping on May 25, promises a bunch of bug fixes and content updates. We have added the ability to control the motorbike in the air in @PUBATTLEGROUNDS, allowing you to pull off stunts like this… pic.twitter.com/5LBmdCchKG — PLAYERUNKNOWN (@BattleRoyaleMod) May 23, 2017Also, some sick flips. The new sidecar-free bike seems to offer a lot more mobility, as well as the opportunity to do some crazy stunts. Another highlight in the patch notes, which you can find here,
    In the grim darkness of the future there can only be sick flips

  • Magikarp has long gotten a bad rap as the weakest, most useless Pokémon. Magikarp Jump is out right now for iOS and Android, and its launch trailer proves it’s got little in common with the last big Pokémon smartphone success. Players catch a variety of Magikarp, which they can then train up to go prove their worth. These aren’t traditional Pokémon battles that the Magikarp are competing in, though: Instead, Magikarp Jump is all about … making Magikarp jump. We’re hoping Magikarp Jump makes it
    Pokémon’s new mobile game may turn you into a Magikarp fan

  • Killers and Thieves is a stealth-strategy game in which a coven of burglars enrich themselves on booty from a medieval city. As the head of a criminal organization, I recruit thieves, train them, balance my budget and execute heists. Different thieves come with different abilities. As the top boss, my job is to recruit thieves and expand operations. Even so, I found myself enjoying Killers and Thieves, and taking satisfaction in well-executed robberies.
    Killers and Thieves is a stealth adventure in organized crime

  • Overwatch’s new anniversary event skins and emotes are among the best the game’s ever received, so it’s hard to choose a favorite. That can’t be a coincidence; it’s straight-up part of the “Hare Hare Yukai” dance. Mikuru’s one of the “Hare Hare Yukai” dancers, too, although Mei looks even happier to be pulling those moves than Mikuru ever did. Apologies to my editors, but between the Mei emote and the Kamen Rider-styled Sentai Genji skin, Overwatch’s blatant anime callouts are too good to not ob
    Overwatch’s new emotes feature a perfect anime reference

  • Jinx is going hard into Overwatch this year, with lots of clothing options that go beyond just t-shirts. For the Overwatch one-year anniversary, the gaming clothing brand is launching a couple of sweet pieces of swag today: a Reaper fleece sweatshirt — complete with a massive, iconic skeleton face — and an Overwatch scarf with bold colorblocking. In July, it will release a hot pink D.Va hoodie, complete with her bunny insignia on the chest. In September, that hoodie will be joined by six other c
    Jinx is trying to replace your entire wardrobe with Overwatch swag

  • Several Pokémon Go players are reporting that they can no longer find anything but the most common monsters in their games. But more uncommon finds no longer show up on the in-game tracker, according to players who admit to using bots or third-party tools. In the past, Niantic has outright banned Pokémon Go users who relied on outside trackers while playing the game. For example — I had intended to spend the whole day yesterday [Pokémon Go]-ing. We’ve reached out to the developer about the new a
    Pokémon Go anti-cheat update hides rare finds from view

  • The first image for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, a strange Nintendo Switch game that’s been the subject of repeated rumors throughout the year, has appeared online. Comicbook’s gaming vertical WWG posted a piece of full key art, following a cropped image from the game surfacing on Discord. That image showed just Princess Peach — or rather, a Rabbid dressed like Peach and taking a selfie. For those who didn’t see the Peach Rabbid leak, here it is. It … looks and sounds like one of the strang
    First look at rumored Mario and Rabbids crossover RPG art leaks

  • World of Tanks publisher Wargaming finds itself on the retreat again today. It was forced to apologize for threatening a punitive copyright claim against one of its own community members. “How else are we going to make money if we don’t force everybody to spend premium ammo and buy premium tanks. But Wargaming went a step further and threatened to make a copyright claim against SirFoch’s channel if he did not pull the video down. Wargaming has been having a bad go of it lately, finding itself re
    Wargaming apologizes for threatening YouTuber with copyright claim

  • The next episode of CBS reality competition The Amazing Race will include an esports challenge: Contestants will have to face — and defeat — a pro gamer in Street Fighter 5. That may sound like an unfair requirement; some of the world’s best Street Fighter players, including Seon-woo “Infiltration” Lee and Chung-Gon “Poongko” Lee, will appear on the show. The Amazing Race will make the challenge slightly easier for contestants by providing them with a coach who will teach them the basics of Stre
    The Amazing Race pits contestants against pro Street Fighter 5 players

  • The lore of this far-future universe is confined to those cards, which are written in the stilted tone of a religious text. However, Grimoire cards aren’t accessible from within Destiny — there’s no way to read them in the game. Instead, players have to head to the web to check out their Grimoire cards. They’re available on Bungie’s official site, and on third-party resources like Destiny Grimoire and Ishtar Collective. Although some Destiny players surely enjoyed unlocking Grimoire cards like t
    Destiny 2 won’t use Grimoire cards

  • Bit Summit has always been the place where the nation’s independent developers get to show off the games that they’ve bled for, to an audience who share the same passion for games as they do. Last year’s Bit Summit hosted 6,435 visitors in 2016 along with almost 450,000 unique viewers tuning in via livestream, Bit Summit 2017 this year was host to 217+ games on show, covering almost all conceivable genres. Pon Pon Pirates (PC), DadakoPon Pon Pirates is the second in a series of games designed wi
    The best and brightest indie games from Japan’s Bit Summit

  • Overwatch’s one-year anniversary event kicks off today, bringing a fresh batch of new cosmetic items to Blizzard’s shooter and a trio of new maps: Black Forest, Castillo and Necropolis. Overwatch Anniversary loot boxes, which will be available from May 23 to June 12, will include more than 100 new cosmetic items. Grid View Overwatch Anniversary event screenshots Blizzard EntertainmentOverwatch Anniversary event screenshots Blizzard EntertainmentOverwatch Anniversary event screenshots Blizzard En
    Here are Overwatch’s Anniversary skins

  • Microsoft’s Games With Gold lineup for June 2017 includes four games and a bonus piece of add-on content, the company announced today. The side-scrolling multiplayer title from DoubleDutch Games debuted in April 2016 on Linux, Mac and Windows PC; its arrival in the Games With Gold program coincides with its release on Xbox One. From June 16 through July 15, the free game will be 2014’s Watch Dogs, the Chicago-based open-world action game from Ubisoft. As always, both of the games are playable on
    Xbox Games With Gold offers Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed 3 in June

  • Grand Theft Auto 5 has moved 80 million copies since its 2013 launch, Take-Two Interactive told investors today after yesterday’s announcement that Red Dead Redemption 2 was being delayed into 2018. Grand Theft Auto 5 and, in particular, the revenue from Grand Theft Auto Online continues to be a strong performer for Take-Two, the parent of GTA publisher Rockstar Games. Take-Two said that the game has moved 80 million units to retailers, including 5 million in the first three months of 2017. The
    Grand Theft Auto 5 sales top 80 million

  • Bandai Namco has pushed back the release of Get Even, its upcoming survival horror game, in the wake of yesterday’s horrifying terrorist attack in Manchester, England. “Given recent events and out of respect we have decided to postpone the commercial release of Get Even to June 23rd,” a company representative said in a statement. The first-person game stars an amnesiac who awakes in a decrepit house carrying only a phone and a gun. He uses the two to help save a young girl for reasons not yet cl
    Get Even, gruesome psycho-thriller, delayed following Manchester attack

  • Battlefield 1 developer EA DICE will add a female soldier to the game’s multiplayer component in its upcoming expansion, the studio announced yesterday. As you can see in the artwork above, the introduction of the Russian Scout class will also mark the debut of playable female soldiers in Battlefield 1 multiplayer. “The Women’s Battalion of Death is represented by the Russian Scout class,” the Battlefield Twitter account said yesterday. The upcoming addition of the female Russian Scout to Battle
    Battlefield 1 getting female soldier class in next expansion

  • Tennis, which hasn’t seen a simulation-quality video game since 2012 with Grand Slam Tennis 2, will return to consoles next year with Tennis World Tour, a title featuring top professionals, including Angelique Kerber (pictured) and Roger Federer. Billed in a news release as a spiritual successor to the acclaimed Top Spin franchise, Tennis World Tour is being developed by a team that worked on Top Spin 4 for 2K Czech and 2K Sports. 5 and 2017 Australian Open champion, were named as playable super
    Tennis returns to consoles with Tennis World Tour next year (update)

  • Blizzard Entertainment is celebrating Overwatch’s first birthday by giving us, the players, all the best gifts. What we’re most loving are the dance emotes — they aren’t just fun to watch on repeat, but many of them are also cool homages to an array of rad moves from throughout history. You can watch all of the dance emotes above, for starters. We’ve already taken a look at the inspiration for Mei’s emote — which comes straight out of one of our favorite anime — but other highlights include Junk
    Watch every Overwatch dance emote in action — and learn what they’re referencing

  • cnbc wrote a new post, (no title), on the site GoGame.com 1 year, 9 months ago

    The explosive device used in the Manchester terror attack on Monday evening that has so far been responsible for 22 fatalities and dozens of injuries was worryingly sophisticated, according to a U.K.-based security expert. “The type of weapon is disturbing in some ways because a functioning bomb is actually a fairly sophisticated device to make,” Raffaello Pantucci, director of International Security Studies at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), told CNBC Tuesday. “There are easy bombs
    Sophisticated weapon used in Manchester terror attack is ‘disturbing’, says security expert

  • cnbc wrote a new post, (no title), on the site GoGame.com 1 year, 9 months ago

    An explosion in Manchester has killed at least 22 people and injured around 59 in a suspected terrorist incident. The blast occurred at the end of a concert of the American pop star Ariana Grande at about 10.35 p.m. local time (5.35 p.m. Scroll down to see scenes from Manchester after the suspected terror attack.
    In pictures: Suspected terror attack at Ariana Grande concert in Manchester

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