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  • Lenovo has revealed a range of new laptops aimed at students looking for a notebook for going back to school, including a smart-looking and svelte IdeaPad 720S alongside some new Flex 2-in-1 models. Let’s start with the IdeaPad 720S, which is a 14-inch laptop (in a 13-inch chassis) designed to be svelte (the ‘S’ stands for slim), as well as look good. So, how much will the IdeaPad 720S set you back? Again, these machines will run with up to Core i7 Kaby Lake CPUs backed with up to 16GB of DDR4 s
    Lenovo targets students with sleek new IdeaPads

  • An meaty update to Daybreak Game Company’s multiplayer shooter has landed, bringing with it some big changes. There are also some new smaller loot spots sprinkled around the map, some new roads, changes to building interiors, and less fog to provide greater visibility. Perhaps most importantly, KotK’s hit registration has been improved, including tweaks to lag compensation, projectile tracking, and more accurate and forgiving line-of-sight checks. Also, a change has been made to firing while up
    H1Z1: King of the Kill update makes big changes to the map and improves hit registration

  • Blizzard has tweeted a teaser video of three new Arena maps that will feature in the upcoming Overwatch Anniversary event. It’s brief, but based on the environments on display it looks like they’ll be tied in somehow with the current Dorado, Eichenwalde, and Anubis maps. Here’s a sneak peek at three new ARENA MAPS coming soon to our Overwatch Anniversary celebration.The party begins May 23! 🎉🎂 pic.twitter.com/umXbr0bq7kMay 18, 2017The Overwatch Anniversary Event begins on May 23, and while Blizz
    Overwatch anniversary event will introduce three new Arena maps

  • If, for some reason, you’re interested in Overwatch but still haven’t played it, there’s a free weekend on the way for some cost-free testing. The free trial will run from May 26 to 29 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Depending on your platform of choice you’ll have to download things a bit differently:PS4: Search for “Overwatch” on the PSN Store and then select “Overwatch Free Weekend”Xbox One: Head to the Store and find Overwatch, select “Overwatch: Origins Edition” then click “Free Trial.” Launch it
    There's another free Overwatch weekend on the way!

  • Nintendo has announced that Splatoon 2 Switch bundles will be coming to Europe and Japan this summer, and hot dang does it look nice. Much more lickable than a Switch game cartridge, which are notoriously awful tasting. Anyway, check it out:Only Japan will be get the bundle with the new neon green and neon pink Joy-Con controllers packed in. A similar bundle, but with the neon red and neon blue we’ve already been introduced to, is slated to arrive in Europe. The new Joy-Con controllers will be a
    Splatoon 2 Switch bundle gets colorful with pink and green Joy-Cons - but the real beauty is the separate Pro controller

  • The internet was abuzz yesterday with the news that Netflix would be producing a TV series based on The Witcher, the franchise that’s so far generated three games and eight books. But if you want to enjoy a live-action Witcher film you can do so right now with an Amazon Prime subscription. Ok, it might be a short seven-minute long fan-film film rather than a professional production with all of the bells and whistles of a Netflix original, but ‘Witcher: First Hunt’ is an enjoyable take on the wor
    Forget Netflix - there’s a Witcher ‘movie’ you can watch right now on Amazon Prime

  • Forza Horizon and Hot Wheels, making sweet brand synergy together. I’m not saying Forza Horizon 3’s Hot Wheels DLC has a subtext, but if it does, it’s about the importance of voting in local elections. The Hot Wheels license means bright orange tracks, jumps and stunts, and a few Hot Wheels branded cars. It’s strange: Hot Wheels is more of a departure for Forza Horizon 3 than the recent Blizzard Mountain expansion, but not for the obvious reason. My only real complaint is that, much like Blizzar
    Forza Horizon 3: Hot Wheels review

  • The Nokia 3310 (2017) goes on sale in the UK on May 24, and in a number of other countries soon after, but we’ve got one in the office right now, so here’s an unboxing ready and waiting for you to watch. If you watch the video below you can see everything that comes in the box with the new £49.99 (around $65, AU$90) phone and see whether it’s something you plan to buy when it’s released. We’re planning to do lots with the new Nokia 3310 over the next few weeks, so be sure to head back to TechRad
    Nokia 3310 unboxing: what do you get for your money?

  • “After careful deliberation, Microsoft Studios has come to the decision to end production for Scalebound,” is what Microsoft said of Platinum Games’ ill-fated Scalebound back in January. Having been in development for almost four years, the action role-player’s cancellation came as somewhat of a surprise—however it would now appear Microsoft has renewed its Scalebound trademark. Nonetheless, trademarking and copyright website Justia Trademarks suggests the publisher filed the trademark extension
    Microsoft has seemingly renewed its Scalebound trademark

  • With advances in our understanding of the human brain and processors, ARM now believes it is capable of making a chip that works bi-directionally. Imagine that your brain is a computer that communicates with the rest of your body via tiny electrical impulses. These are known as efferent signals. If successful, this chip would artificially bridge the gaps in the neural network, working for both afferent and efferent signals (bi-directionally) to end the paralysis. When you see demonstrations of r
    Brain implant could end paralysis for some sufferers

  • Two years ago Todd Haynes enraptured Cannes with exquisite Patricia Highsmith adaptation Carol. While his latest literary adap, Wonderstruck, doesn’t reach the same lofty heights, the magical realist fable of two deaf pre-teens on journeys of discovery around New York more than delivers on the promise of its critic-baiting title. Dreaming of a rendezvous with Mayhew, she too takes a solo journey to New York, and finds herself similarly drawn to the Natural History Museum. They both visit the sam
    Cannes 2017: Amazon's magical realist fable will leave you wonderstruck

  • Destiny 2 is about to be laid bare after years of anticipation, and you can watch it all happen right here. Bungie will share the first ever public gameplay footage of Destiny 2 on its Twitch channel starting at 10 am PDT / 6 pm BST, with an hour-long countdown to the event beginning at 9 am PDT / 5 pm BST. While you wait for the future of Destiny to unfold, why not read up on what we know so far? We have some compelling arguments about Destiny 2’s story as well as a bunch of hints that we glean
    Watch the Destiny 2 reveal livestream right here, starting at 10 am PDT / 6 pm BST

  • During our hands-on playthrough we noted two major changes to Titan and Hunter, specifically in the Striker and Gunslinger class. Alongside the Striker Titan, the Gunslinger Hunter has had its super ability, the Golden Gun, tweaked a tiny bit. Now, players get up to 6 shots from the Golden Gun, but with less damage against enemy players. By that we mean a single Golden Gun shot is not all powerful, but will sometimes only weaken a player. Regular players, however, can be eliminated by the usual
    Destiny 2 Changes Striker Titan and Gunslinger Hunter Supers

  • Compared to plummeting space rocks, forest fires, and deadly tsunamis, the new Mass Transit expansion initially sounded like it would be rather humdrum. Having new monorails and commuter blimps and ferries is nice, but the real fun of Mass Transit, I’m finding, is coming from the incredibly useful hub buildings. To put it simply: the transit hubs are great. And I definitely wouldn’t have expected to enjoy linking bus lines to ferry terminals more than I like calling in meteor strikes on football
    Mass Transit for Cities: Skylines may be the most enjoyable expansion yet

  • Apex season three is in full swing, and, as usual, it’s been full of surprises and tactics that we haven’t seen much of in competitive Overwatch. One thing in particular has stood out that’s made me very happy: Sombra appears to be tip-toeing into the meta. Apagando las lucesAs we’ve discussed so many times now, ultimate economy is one of the most important aspects of Overwatch that you’ll need to grasp. Well, because of how fast she builds her ultimate, EMP, some teams at Apex seem to let their
    What you can learn about Sombra from Overwatch Apex season 3

  • Google’s I/O Developer conference 2017 brought about the announcements of Google Assistant on iPhone, new Android O features and the launch of Android Go. Android Go will also highlight apps that use less data, storage and memory on the top of the Google Play Store. Android Go will launch at the same time as Android O officially lands on devices, which will likely be October. The first devices toting Android Go won’t land until 2018, but if a lower-end device gets updated to Android O before the
    What is Android Go? How Google plans to bring a better Android to low-end phones

  • The first film to show in the official competition for the Palme d’Or, Andrey Zvyagintsev’s Nelyubov (Loveless) begins as a portrait of doomed marriage before reconfiguring itself, surprisingly but organically, into a stark missing-person thriller. Still co-inhabiting but already seeing new partners, Boris (Alexey Rozin) and Zhenya (Maryana Spivak) clash incessantly, his emotional numbness inflaming her callous put-downs. (Image: © Altitude)What doesn’t happen is that Boris and Zhenya find commo
    Cannes 2017: Russian stunner Loveless opens competition for Palme d'Or

  • But they can look like it when you don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. As you can see, the player view in the bottom right shows the same view each time. Level of detailAnother thing a game can do to save precious resources is to only draw the details on things close up. Even so, large worlds or poorly optimised games don’t always blend between different levels of detail, which is when things ‘pop’. RaysRays, or ‘ray casting’ is a fundamental way that games find out where things are in
    The secret technical tricks going on behind your favourite games

  • It looks like OnePlus wants to make the OnePlus 5 have one of the best camera phones on the market. OnePlus has just announced a new partnership with camera expert and benchmarking site DxOMark to help improve the quality of the camera equipment on the OnePlus 5. Extra camera focusWhat’s worth bearing in mind is DxOMark looks for a specific type of image quality, and won’t necessarily be testing the camera in a way you’d use it on a daily basis. That may mean OnePlus will be focusing on particul
    OnePlus wants to make the world’s best camera phone

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