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  • Financial blogger Eddy Elfenbein, whose annual list of 20 stocks has outperformed the S&P 500 in eight of the last nine years, spoke with CNBC PRO about the simple investment principles he uses to select winning stocks. “I think too often investors get too buried in the numbers and P/E ratios. Is this a company that has a consistent track record of growing their earnings, growing their sales? That’s really what you want to get to,” Elfenbein said during the in-depth conversation with CNBC’s Mike
    Top financial blogger turned ETF manager: Keep investing simple

  • We received a copy of Assassin’s Creed: The Official Coloring Book, and promptly hung up our controllers to become professional colorers. Today, Pat McGill (Polygon video producer and creator of ASMArby’s) contributed some color commentary to my time with the book. With Pat’s dulcet tones and the soft sounds of the Assassin’s Creed 2 soundtrack, this Facebook livestream is sure to be the chillest part of your day. Assassin’s Creed: The Official Coloring Book has character portraits as well as bi
    Watch us color in some Assassins, ASMR-style

  • And each is just different enough to make enough distinctions between them in order to determine the One True Order for the Mass Effect series. It’s hard to imagine the future of Mass Effect in this new setting with a similar structure. One of the hardest decisions in Mass Effect is whether to save Ashley or Kaiden during the operation on Virmire. For the dozens of pins Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 set up, Mass Effect 3 knocks a ton of them down, giving the majority of its characters and confli
    The Mass Effect games ranked from worst to best

  • If you still haven’t heard of Twilio, you are forgiven. That said, Twilio’s tools are running behind the scenes when you call your Uber driver or text with your Airbnb host. CEO Jeff Lawson says the easiest way to think of the company is “AWS for telecom.” “What I care about is that the people who need to know about Twilio know about Twilio,” Lawson told Recode’s Ina Fried Tuesday at the Code Enterprise conference. The company’s hope is that when their companies need to do something like calling
    You probably don’t know what Twilio does. CEO Jeff Lawson is cool with that.

  • The games arrive Nov. 18, which means the series mascot has spent the last few months getting battle-ready once more. This time around, though, Pikachu’s training included another kind of task entirely: working an office job. There’s no better office job than one at Polygon, so Pikachu came on down to our New York City headquarters and landed an editorial internship. What followed was an enlightening workday … which really showed Pikachu that the Pokémon had better just stick to its day job of
    A giant Pikachu joins the staff of Polygon for a day

  • At the time, Benioff just said Twitter wasn’t the right fit for Salesforce, flicking at both price and culture as possible hangups. But there was another big issue, Benioff explained: Salesforce’s stockholders didn’t like the idea. “In that case, one of my key stakeholders — my shareholders — made it very clear that they wanted me to exit that dream or vision or idea,” Benioff explained. Salesforce’s stock had dipped more than 8 percent in just a couple of weeks on the idea that Salesforce might
    Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff: ‘Without Twitter, you wouldn’t have President-elect Trump’

  • Andrew Peck, a top-rated portfolio manager of the Baron Asset Fund, a mid-cap growth fund that’s generated annualized returns of 12 percent the last five years, sat down with CNBC’s Mike Santoli at the Baron Investment Conference in New York to discuss his approach to long-term investing. The money manager explains that the typical investment in his fund is held for an average of eight years, a key feature that’s allowed him to outperform his peers, in his opinion. During that analysis, he think
    Top-rated fund manager on long-term investing: Be willing to hold a stock for 8 years

  • The first crop of major smartwatches, which arrived with the Pebble and then the Apple Watch and others, required a lot of fussing and didn’t always deliver the best experience. When the original Apple Watch hit the market, it was easily the most mainstream-ready of all of the smartwatches on the market. Where the Apple Watch Series 2 refined an already solid experience, most of its competitors reinvented the wheel, catching up with or sometimes even outclassing the Apple Watch. The company’s ap
    Best smartwatches of 2016

  • If you can’t wait until Black Friday 2016 to get in on sweet, sweet game deals – you’re in luck! Walmart has rolled back the price on Titanfall 2, making it $30 cheaper than its retail price of $60. At the moment, Titanfall 2 is sitting at $29.96 at Walmart for Xbox One. Now, it should be noted that if you wait until Black Friday to buy the game… you’ll be able to grab it for $27 at Walmart. If you’re on the fence about whether Titanfall is up your alley or not, don’t worry.
    You can grab Titanfall 2 for $30 right now

  • While Microsoft and Salesforce have been partners — and at times considered being even more than that — Marc Benioff says the relationship has soured, in part because the new Microsoft is too much like the old one. In particular, Benioff pointed to a meeting that was set up between him and Scott Guthrie, who was then running Microsoft Azure, the company’s cloud-based operating system. More from Recode:Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff: ‘Without Twitter, you wouldn’t have President-elect Trump’Why wait
    The meeting that made Marc Benioff run away from a deal with Microsoft

  • {“html”: “tttttEurogamer.nettttttu2022ttttt404 Page not foundtttttttttttttttttWe’re sorry, but that page doesn’t exist!ttttttt

  • When you make games for a living, there are mornings when you wake up and something terrible has happened. So here’s a couple of things that I focus on – things that I think make games worth the time and juice. If people are happier when they’re playing games… that’s a good thing. If games can give us a holiday from the horrible, then they’re worth making and they’re worth playing. Make games, play games, learn to be kind, do what you can not to be sad.
    The importance of games in difficult times

  • There are four types of collectibles in Dishonored 2 — r unes, b one charms, p aintings and b lueprints — but only one type is hiding in the first level. There’s more to find in the weird space between the first and second levels, and we’ve included those here, too. Immediately after the turn, you’ll see these fine gentlemen staring at you from your right. Get inside, take out the guard and find the second painting on the back wall. The void worldThere is a brief — but important — interstitial l
    Dishonored 2 collectibles level 1: A Long Day in Dunwall

  • The Dreadful WaleThe first few collectibles have to be grabbed before you even leave the ship to start the mission. Head back outside to the balcony of the Outsider Shrine apartment and turn right. Follow the pipes along until you can turn right and onto the rooftops. When you get back to ground level, instead of turning right toward the tower, turn left. Tower Front YardBonecharm 4Past the City Guard Checkpoint, as you walk up the path toward the tower, you’ll hear some witches reciting a creep
    Dishonored 2 collectibles level 9: Death to the Empress

  • The NES Classic Edition is a $60 video game console, available today, that delivers 30 classic Nintendo games in a package that, while immediately familiar, offers some notable upgrades without ever losing sight of what it’s built to do. HardwareThe NES Classic Edition is a very simple piece of equipment. The NES Classic is powered over micro USB, or via the included USB power adapter. But beyond that, it’s painful to use a wired version of the NES controller when 8bitdo’s NES “Retro Receiver” b
    Nintendo NES Classic Edition review

  • Sure, you can’t find an NES Classic Edition anywhere on Planet Earth, but we think we can satisfy one of your primary reasons for waiting in line this morning with this collection of pictures. The Nintendo subreddit has already been hard at work identifying the guts of the new NES Classic Edition. — that’s a lot more powerful than an NES (duh) and it’s even more powerful than a 3DS. Also, if you remained unconvinced that the NES Classic wouldn’t be upgradeable, well … it’s not upgradeable. Not
    What's inside the NES Classic Edition

  • Daydream, Google’s new VR platform , isn’t a product in the way we think of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, or even the Gear VR. But today we’re going to talk about the View, Google’s first-party attempt to define what a Daydream headset can be, and the Daydream platform. It’s a bit of a strange product when compared to other virtual reality headsets, but Google’s dedication to virtual reality is impressive. The controllerThe controller that comes with the View isn’t just the View controller, it’s
    A week with Google’s Daydream, why Facebook should be nervous

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