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  • Apple released a special red edition of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus this spring. Cook told investors on a conference call that he expected that market to improve, but not come back to growth. Some people may also be delaying smartphone purchases in anticipation of a new, fancier forthcoming phone, chief executive Tim Cook told CNBC. Apple boss Tim Cook said the that the iPhone 7 Plus sales were “extremely strong.” Other products, like the much-maligned Apple TV, Apple Watch and AirPods, saw r
    Apple keeps getting richer, even though it's selling fewer iPhones than a year ago

  • Police, helped by the local association representing taxi companies, have cracked down in recent months on unlicensed drivers working for Uber’s POP service, the company’s most affordable option for riders. “The taxi companies represent a big monopoly in Norway,” says Christin Staubo , a local resident who works in the tech industry in Oslo. Staubo said that Uber prices have increased in the past 9 months to become more comparable to the taxi companies. Despite the prevalence of cars on the road
    Uber drivers in Norway fear losing their license, or even their car

  • The wealthy Southeast Asian island of Singapore wants entrepreneurs to help it become the world’s first smart nation. “We’re looking at how innovation and ideas come together to solve real life problems for the economy, whether it’s in finance, healthcare, or logistics,” Tan Kiat How, CEO of Info-communications Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA), told CNBC on Wednesday. The city-state, which has attracted hordes of tech start-ups, traditional companies and venture capital firms than
    Singapore wants innovators to solve 'real life problems'

  • Apple now has more than $250 billion in cash, and one investor is demanding the company start spending its money. True to the playbook Gerber references, Apple increased its quarterly dividend on Tuesday from $0.57 to $0.63, paying out a total of $13.22 billion to investors. That bump in dividend helped Apple surpass Exxon as the largest dividend payer in the world, S&P Global said Tuesday. Gerber has previously suggested Apple buy GoPro but did not make any new suggestions for Apple during Tues
    'It's time for Tim Cook to spend the money,' irate investor says

  • The new regulations, released by the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) on its website, extend restrictions on what news can be produced and distributed by online platforms, requiring all services to be managed by party-sanctioned editorial staff. The rules, which come into effect on June 1, apply to all political, economic, military, or diplomatic reports or opinion articles on blogs, websites, forums, search engines, instant messaging apps and all other platforms that select or edit news
    China tightens rules on online news, network providers

  • Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson blamed Uber for the software developer’s disappointing financial results. Uber accounts for 12 percent of Twilio’s revenue. Uber uses the company’s software to connect drivers and passengers without divulging personal information. Not including Uber, Twilio’s base revenue jumped 60 percent in the first quarter. Twilio shares plunged 30 percent in extended trading after the company gave a revenue forecast for the second quarter and full year that trailed analysts’ estimates
    Twilio CEO blames Uber for disappointing financial results

  • Sacca, who also founded Lowercase Capital, announced in April that he is retiring from venture capital and “Shark Tank.” He went on to discuss how his appearance on the Forbes Midas List changed how people perceived him. “That was the first time…the word billionaire was associated with me, and it just flipped everything,” he said. “So the only time I get challenged now is when I’m arguing with other billionaires.” “There’s just this aspirational culture that I think has elevated successful bus
    Chris Sacca: 'Billionaire is an incredibly magical word in our language'

  • President Donald Trump sent a jolt into the financial world this week by saying in an interview that breaking up the big banks is something that he’s “looking at right now.” But what this does seem to be is yet another bold promise from President Trump when he’ll be happy with something much more modest. The big banks are bigger, the smaller banks are smaller, and the hurdle this situation presents for our economy is more pronounced than ever. Now, President Trump says he’s considering reversing
    Trump said he’s ‘looking at’ breaking up big banks—but he won’t—commentary

  • President Donald Trump has repeatedly criticized the Food and Drug Administration for approving drugs too slowly. Rigorous clinical trials are necessary, former FDA commissioner Dr. Robert Califf told CNBC in an interview at the World Medical Innovation Forum in Boston. And while he said patient advocacy is powerful — and that heart disease is an area that could benefit from increased patient demand for reimbursement of new therapies — Califf argued advocacy doesn’t change the FDA’s decisions. H
    Here's the advice the last FDA commissioner has for his successor

  • “This is a turning point for United,” Munoz said told the House Transportation Committee during a tense hearing. “For the last three weeks, I have spent every day thinking about how we got here,” Munoz told the committee. United recently settled with the injured passenger, Dr. David Dao, and has issued a number of policy changes. Representatives of Southwest Airlines, Alaska Air, American Airlines and an aviation consultant for the Consumers Union also were present during the question and answer
    United CEO testifies to angry lawmakers: 'I have spent every day thinking about how we got here'

  • Billionaire tech entrepreneur and frequent Trump critic Mark Cuban told CNBC on Tuesday he gives the president a “C-minus” for his first 100 days in the White House. “Economically, I like what he’s doing,” Cuban said on “Squawk Alley” from the sidelines of BTIG’s 15th annual charity day in New York. “[But] If you don’t learn from history you’re doomed to repeat it,” the Dallas Mavericks owner and “Shark Tank” investor said. Cuban did say Trump is a “great salesperson.” — Disclosure: CNBC owns th
    Mark Cuban gives Trump a 'C-minus' on first 100 days

  • As the Nasdaq climbed to new highs and left the S&P 500 behind, Cramer looked to the charts for answers to which companies were really behind the record move. When the whole market got a boost in April, the Nasdaq took off while the S&P struggled to retrace its February highs. “In other words, the stunning rally in the Nasdaq is about more than just these high-profile stocks,” Cramer said. You combine that with machine learning and we can perfect our services just for you. We can be the perfect
    Cramer Remix: Why you shouldn’t base your investments off Trump’s erratic behavior

  • Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:Darden Restaurants: “Alright, Darden. I have been behind this stock for 40 points and I am not wavering. Schlumberger Limited: “OK, Schlumberger, I told club members from [my charitable trust] ActionAlerts, ‘Not yet, not yet, not yet.’ You know how the biotechs are – if they have something in Phase 3, I’m real interested.” Mad Money Twitter – Jim Cramer Twitter – Facebook – Instagram –
    Cramer's lightning round: I am not wavering on this longtime Cramer-fave

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