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  • Monolith Productions’ take on Middle-Earth is not the kind of place you’d want to take a Sunday stroll, but why should it be? Which speaks to Middle-Earth: Shadow of War’s big new trick. This time out, the nemesis system extends to fortresses, unique villain’s lairs that cast their own shadows across the regions in which they reside. They belong to different tribes that compete with each other, all of which plays into the expanded nemesis system. Whereas the nemesis system was built around reven
    Middle-Earth: Shadow of War goes wild with the brilliant Nemesis system

  • How do you frustrate a CIA hacker? Show them Chinese. “I do not speak Chinese,” he wrote in an internal post in 2014. A dialogue box in Chinese had kept popping up on screen as the agent tried to install a test program on a computer running the Windows operating system. Unable to understand what the box said, he tried everything from setting the system region to an English-speaking zone to forcing the program installer to use English.
    How do you frustrate a CIA hacker? Show them Chinese

  • FBI Director James Comey said Wednesday the bureau is renewing its focus on the challenges posed by the growing use of encryption. At Boston College’s cybersecurity conference Wednesday, Comey said that he a fan of “strong encryption” but noted that “it is making more and more of the room of what the FBI investigates dark.” Between September and November, the FBI received 2,800 devices it had lawful authority to open but could not open 1,200 of them “with any technique,” he said. This isn’t the
    Comey: FBI Couldn’t Access Hundreds of Devices Because of Encryption

  • Major technology companies including Apple, Samsung and Microsoft have moved to reassure customers they are safe after a massive Wikileaks document dump revealed devices from phones to TVs were the target of hacks by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). “Protecting consumers’ privacy and the security of our devices is a top priority at Samsung. The CIA also has 14 “zero-day exploits” – software vulnerabilities that have no fix yet – to hack Apple’s iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones. T
    Wikileaks dump: Apple, Samsung, Microsoft react to claims CIA hacked iPhones, TVs

  • Documents published by WikiLeaks purporting that the CIA hacked devices made by the likes of Apple and Samsung look legitimate but are “reckless beyond words,” whistleblower Edward Snowden said. “Any hacker can use the security hole the CIA left open to break into any iPhone in the world,” Snowden said on Twitter. WikiLeaks released 8,761 documents on Tuesday allegedly detailing the CIA’s hacking methods. Instead, according to the WikiLeaks documents, because the CIA was able to exploit Android
    Edward Snowden: US government ‘reckless beyond words’ after WikiLeaks docs show CIA hacking tools

  • Contractors likely breached security and handed over documents describing the Central Intelligence Agency’s use of hacking tools to anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks, U.S. intelligence and law enforcement officials told Reuters on Wednesday. According to the documents, CIA hackers could get into Apple iPhones, devices running Google’s Android software and other gadgets in order to capture text and voice messages before they were encrypted with sophisticated software. The White House said on Wednesday
    CIA contractors likely source of latest WikiLeaks release: US officials

  • Diane Greene, senior vice president of Google Cloud, spoke out about the role of women in Silicon Valley at Google’s cloud conference in San Francisco on Wednesday. “Now we’re in an environment where women are increasingly having a huge impact and adding a lot of value to our industry,” Greene said. “And women are celebrated if they raise their hand and say, ‘Hey, you’re missing my value. Uber also asked its senior vice president of engineering, Amit Singhal, to resign last month, after they dis
    It's 'completely safe' for women to speak out at Google, executive says

  • “Our partners have large sales forces, so we are going to market with them,” Greene said. While Google’s a strong player in the cloud industry, with customers like Home Depot and Snapchat, Amazon and Microsoft still dominate. Microsoft, in particular, is known for its strong historic relationships with enterprises, which it’s leveraging to sell its cloud technology. Google is quickly catching up, Greene said, as Alphabet invests “very heavily” in customer support, Greene said. For instance, Gree
    Google will turn to partners rather than acquisitions to push its cloud, says exec

  • Billionaire investor David Tepper of Appaloosa Management shared his market views in an exclusive interview on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” Wednesday. I don’t think the market’s cheap,” Tepper said. On shorting bonds: “If we’re short US bonds, we’re betting on a stronger economy here. “And then it’s a probability if you believe they’ll get this stuff through or not get this stuff through.” He also discusses:French electionECBDrug stocksAppleSnapAllerganTevaChinaBorder adjusted taxShort-sellingTo watch th
    David Tepper on Trump's deregulation unleashing 'animal spirits,' shorting bonds, favorite stock ideas

  • Your prediction for the first Switch Bundle (US/CAN)What do you think will be the first bundle that Nintendo will release. Given the popularity of Mario Kart my thoughts are that end of April there will be a special Switch Mario Kart Bundle being released – code or prinstalled of course. The next one will likely be the Mario Odyssey for the holidays. Loading poll…
    Your prediction for the first Switch Bundle (US/CAN)

  • Nintendo, often dismissed as being “kiddy”, has actually made the best console for adultsI own a PS4. However, after just a few days with the Switch, I’m convinced it’s actually the best console to own as an adult. Because, as adults, we don’t need HDR or 4k or even something as undeniably cool as virtual reality. If I have time to chill on the couch, then the Switch is Fine(tm) as an under-the-TV console. Nah – I’d still go with my PS4 for dedicated console gaming.

  • When you think about 2014’s Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, what is it you remember the most? No, the reason Shadow of Mordor earned most of its praise, and the reason it’s remembered so fondly today, is the nemesis system. Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is coming, and the procedural stories that can be experienced in this expanded world are about to get more complex and varied. This light strategy gameplay is where a lot of additional depth to the nemesis system will be added to Shadow of War. Mid
    Middle-Earth: Shadow of War builds on the best part of Shadow of Mordor: the stories

  • No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games added a photo mode to the PS4 version of the game with its Foundation Update, last November. But for today’s Path Finder Update — which includes visual updates like 4K support on PS4 Pro, HDR support, better textures and lighting — it’s enhancing photo mode with the following improvements:Find the perfect angle for your shot in free camera mode, revealing your Starship in third person Pause and change the time of day for the perfect lighting conditions Change c
    No Man’s Sky was built for this photo mode

  • Fan sites Zelda Universe and Hyrule Legends developed the collaborative Breath of the Wild map, as its owner explained in a Reddit thread about the project. It also borrows the look of the game’s own map directly, thanks to some leaked Breath of the Wild disc images. The Zelda Universe team has opened up submissions, allowing for anyone to suggest new places of interest to add to the map. There’s a lot to explore in Breath of the Wild, so expect the map to be filled out over the coming weeks. Up
    Fan-made Breath of the Wild interactive map aims to be the game’s own Google Street View (update)

  • Ghost Recon Wildlands to nowa produkcja firmy Ubisoft, zrywająca z formułą poprzednich odsłon cyklu Ghost Recon. Porady ogólneGhost Recon Wildlands to duża gra, w której łatwo się zapomnieć, zboczyć ze ścieżki i po prostu eksplorować wielki świat. Nie jest to tytuł przesadnie trudny, ale i tak warto zwrócić uwagę na kilka istotnych aspektów. Wildlands oferuje możliwość gry w pojedynkę – w takim wypadku są z nami trzej żołnierze, którymi steruje sztuczna inteligencja. Ghost Recon Wildlands to prz
    Ghost Recon Wildlands - poradnik i najlepsze porady

  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Verboden voor mannen, Gerudo-fort betreden Tijd om je charmes boven te halen en je een weg in Gerudo-fort te bluffen. Zelda: Breath of The Wild – Vergeten Hoogvlakte: Tempels, Koude overleven en Zweefzeil Een stap voor stap handleiding om het startgebied te verlaten en het Zweefzeil te krijgen. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild tips om te overlevenVoor de eerste keer in de Zelda-reeks kun je met Link sluipen. Als je je boog opspant terwijl je met je zweefzeil vl
    Zelda: Breath of the Wild tips en walkthrough

  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise said it would buy data storage provider Nimble Storage for $1.09 billion in cash, as part of the company’s focus on the fast-growing hybrid IT market. HPE has offered $12.50 per Nimble Storage share, representing a premium of 45.3 percent to the company’s Monday closing price. Nimble Storage’s shares were trading at the offer price before the bell on Tuesday. Nimble Storage’s entry-to mid-range flash-based products will help HPE cater to customers across all segments,
    HPE to buy Nimble Storage for $1.09 billion in hybrid IT push

  • “Tim” Buckley, Vanguard’s chief investment officer, who is leading the latest wave of passive investing that got started under Vanguard’s founder and former CEO Jack Bogle, joined CNBC PRO for an educational interview on money management and the evolution of investing. “In the ’80s, only about 30 percent of assets were professionally managed, so professionals could go out against amateurs and basically steal alpha. Today you are over 70 percent, getting on 80 percent professionally managed. Now
    Vanguard's CIO Tim Buckley on why active investing is a losing game

  • Short-seller Carson Block shared his market views in an interview Tuesday on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.” On long versus short investments: “What we do works, it doesn’t work as well on the long side because we’re looking backward. On management: “We are almost exclusively shorting companies where we think management has been a bad actor in some way.” Block is founder of activist investment firm Muddy Waters Capital. He is known for his short selling research, which led to several government fraud inves
    Muddy Waters' Carson Block on his investment strategy, state of short selling

  • It could be a very tight trading range — 2 or 3 percent — unwind the excess of the last couple of weeks and move on higher,” the widely followed technical analyst said. “I don’t have much technical evidence to suggest much worse than that, at least not now,” he added. In this conversation, Acampora is joined by Mike Allison, portfolio manager and director of equity strategy at Eaton Vance Management, who weighs in on what’s next for the market. “As the Fed begins to tighten, we tend to see a rot
    Acampora: Market due for a sideways pause that unwinds 'excess of the last couple of weeks'

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