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  • Now, in the third series, China’s Royal Never Give Up will take on Europe’s Fnatic, in another instance of an underdog taking on one of the tournament’s top teams. For Fnatic, the Group Stage was a little more complicated. After a horrendous 0-3 showing in the first week, Fnatic fought back, through two tiebreaker games, to escape the group with a 4-4 record after week two. But upsets are starting to feel more and more likely as this tournament progresses, so maybe Fnatic’s miracle run isn’t qui
    Watch Royal Never Give Up vs Fnatic in the Worlds 2017 quarterfinals here

  • Larian Studios, the maker of the outstanding fantasy RPG Divinity: Original Sin 2, took a moment today to tease something on Twitter. Something “wicked.” We’ve heard a rumor that something wicked is coming… pic.twitter.com/3r0rAlGHhEOctober 20, 2017And that’s it—no follow-ups, and no response to replies. It’s possible that Larian is working on a Halloween event of some sort, those are quite popular at this time of year. In the meantime, enjoy some of our best Divinity: Original Sin 2 stories,
    Divinity developer Larian Studios teases 'something wicked' on Twitter

  • Shadow of War is the latest game to get such a tech demo, and of course, the folks at Digital Foundry have gotten their hands on it. Check it out:For me, the most striking comparison was the draw distance shot they show off on both consoles. This one, to be exact:The big thing with the PS4 Pro is that it has a lot more low-quality textures that you just don’t get at the highest levels of performance. Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. [Digital Foundry]

  • Tom Senior: Raid readyHey, Destiny 2 is out on PC next week! Bungie have some of the finest artists in the business, and their universe deserves to be showcased on a PC monitor at silly resolutions. Bungie has announced the precise launch times in multiple timezones, and laid out plans to switch on the raid one week later. Philippa Warr: Worlds deliveringThe cress seeds of League of Legends have sprouted all over the moist paper towel of October. No matter how many vomiting wax people from the h
    This week's highs and lows in PC gaming

  • (It’s Friday, so no, I could not think of a better way to word a sentence about stream stats for streamers.) In November, Twitch will add ‘Achievements’ which offer a set of milestones for streamers to hit as they grow their channel. After a minute, she’ll have the choice to signal to the rest of the community that she’s new to the channel. Twitch will break the ice for her in Chat, and maybe she’ll make some new friends.” The much requested ability to give subscriptions as gifts is “coming very
    Twitch is adding a clear roadmap to Partner status

  • Should you successfully find a bug in a qualifying app on Google Play, Google will pay you nifty $1,000 for your efforts. Google is partnering with bug bounty service HackerOne for the project, which it calls the Google Play Security Reward Program . The worldwide program currently only applies to eight popular apps such as Duolingo, Snapchat, Tinder, Headspace and Alibaba, although Google’s own suite of apps for Android qualify as well. At the moment, Google is only interested in finding flaws
    Google wants to pay you to find bugs in popular third-party Android apps

  • It’s also about mining for gold, not in some cartoony Minecraft-esque fashion but in a realistic sandbox simulation. And this Early Access sim strives for that sort of extensive realism the best sims have. I park and unload the gear I’ve bought: the Hog Pan (pumpless), the Hog Pan Sluicebox Core, two Hog Pan mats, and a bucket. Of course, it’s not as easy as just picking up a mat and having gold appear in your inventory. I do, eventually, manage to pan some gold using the gunk from my second mat
    Dig for gold in this Early Access mining sim, and then keep digging, and then dig some more

  • Tekken 7 is widely considered to be one of the best fighting games of the year, if not the past couple of years, it’s also a game that has managed to bring together well-known characters from other fighting game franchises. The convergence of different franchise characters into fighting games is nothing new, as we’ve seen with Marvel vs Capcom, Star Wars characters in Soul Calibur and a few others. However, the merging of storylines from two different franchises that many would consider rivals,
    Tekken creator open to making a fighting game with different franchise characters

  • In other words, it’s a… B”The Verge”That said, it is most certainly still a Marvel movie. And it is also worth noting that the quirks of Thor: Ragnarok may not be for everyone. But the willingness to play with genre tropes is one of the most exciting things about Thor: Ragnarok. Thor: Ragnarok is winning like no Marvel movie has won before.” “But Thor: Ragnarok gets away with all of this because it’s so winningly, unpretentiously funny.
    Review Roundup: A series of well-placed jokes and good directing makes Thor: Ragnarok pretty good

  • When the singleplayer campaign for upcoming for Star Wars Battlefront II was announced the reaction from fans was first excitement, but it soon after, it turned to questions regarding the game’s length, and it seems like they got nothing to worry about on that front. According to David Robillard, studio producer at EA Motive, who spoke with Australian Press Start gamers can expect somewhere between five to eight hours singleplayer gameplay, something similar to a lot of multiplayer focused FPS g
    Star Wars Battlefront II will have 5-8 hours worth of singleplayer

  • Postponing trials was not something we wanted to do, but we felt it was necessary until we can sort out this issue.” But the game was built with regularly cycling through events like Trials of the Nine or Iron Banner in mind, sooo. Why not bring Trials back for Destiny 1 in the next couple weeks while working out the issues in Destiny 2? @BungieOctober 20, 2017Hopefully Bungie’s work in fixing the Silly Walk exploit goes faster than expected and Trials can resume next week. It’d be a real bummer

  • Square Enix has been teasing the upcoming Final Fantasy XV multiplayer expansion for some time now, but it looks like fans will have to wait a bit longer to play with friends. The ‘Comrades’ expansion was intended to release this month, however, the expansion will now release in early November. Square Enix detailed that the delay has been issued due to “final adjustments” and to “Create the best possible experience.” — Final Fantasy XV (@FFXVEN) October 20, 2017If you’re unfamiliar with the Comr
    Final Fantasy XV 'Comrades' multiplayer expansion delayed

  • Before you jump to Destiny 2 when it launches next week, you should be aware of all of the known issues, the launch schedule and initial workarounds for known issues. Destiny 2 is set to launch on PC on October 24th at 1 PM EST/10 AM PST – 4 AM the next day, on October 25th, in Austrailia. Beyond the launch, here’s the break down of what will be in the game at launch and when the rest will be releasing. Before going hunting online for solutions to issues, always remember to attempt closing out o
    Destiny 2: PC Launch Calendar, Known Issues and workarounds

  • Well, PC players can do it for free for nine whole in PAYDAY 2 on Steam! Overkill Software and mother company Starbreeze Studios decided to give PC players something fun to do over the upcoming days, completely free of charge! Similarly to how Fatshark deiced to launch a rather long free period of Vermintide last Tuesday, Overkill and Starbreeze have now made PAYDAY 2 free, and likewise to Vermintide, once those days are up the game will be removed from your library and you’ll have to purchase.
    Starbreeze is hosting a free week of PAYDAY 2 on Steam

  • Throughout the week, we have posted about a number of games being free to play for a limited time. With so many games being free, we thought to bundle them all up into one article, giving gamers one more chance to play these games before they jump up to their regular prices. Each of these games are available to play for a limited time, with the exception of one game. Civilization 3 is actually a free download for life – so as long as you download it before the time is up, you’ll have that game f
    List of Free To Play Games This Weekend That Aren't Normally Free

  • A few days ago Bungie removed a purchasable emote called “Bureaucratic Walk,” which was essentially the “silly” walk made famous by John Cleese in the Monty Python sketch Ministry of Silly Walks. The main issue is that some players were using the emote glitch in the crucible mode, Trials of Nine, to leave the playable area and gain an advantage. As such, Bungie took the Trials of Nine offline for two weeks and plans to re-release it, with a fix, during the first week of November. Hopefully, once
    Bungie suspends Trial of Nine for Two Weeks because of an Emote Glitch

  • Taking advantage of its reputation as one of the best places for new musical artists to win fame, Spotify has announced it will help promote emerging artists directly with a new program called RISE . Delta Airlines is even in on the action, and it will soon start showing RISE artists in spotlight shorts on the backs of airplane seats. There’s Lauv, for instance, who already ranks as one of Spotify’s most popular artists, and German pop singer Kim Petras already has a massive following. Last, but
    Spotify's new RISE program aims to highlight music's next big superstars

  • Battlefield 1 Incursions is a 5v5 competitive mode that takes place on a smaller scale than conventional BF1 matches. The new mode went into closed alpha testing in September, and today the publisher announced that it’s on its way to the more open test bed of the Community Environment. The community environment update will also see the rollout of the Spectator Mode, “a feature that we will continue to improve on in various ways.” “We hope to see many players sign up in order to deploy a lot of s
    Battlefield 1 Incursions mode is moving to the Community Test Environment

  • Thankfully, developer Snowhound games has done the legwork for me with Deep Sky Derelicts, which they describe as “a mix of Darkest Dungeon and XCOM with a pinch of Hearthstone and FTL: Faster Than Light added on top.” It’s coming to Steam Early Access next month, and it’s definitely one to keep an eye on. Deep Sky Derelicts is a turn-based roguelike with card-powered combat. Snowhound expects Deep Sky Derelict to remain in Early Access for six to seven months and officially release in March 201
    Turn-based roguelike Deep Sky Derelicts channels Darkest Dungeon in space

  • Of course, System Shock already has levels, but this reboot isn’t an exact replica of the Warren Spector-led 1994 shooter which inspired so many immersive sims that came after it, most recently Prey. Fader points to the maintenance deck—see a comparison between the original and concept art for the new System Shock above—as an example. Unless I’m vastly misremembering System Shock, these ideas point to a decidedly modern approach. Her husband, Eric Brosius (who also worked at the original System
    How the System Shock reboot is changing System Shock

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