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  • Image credit: GamasutraJump is a newly announced monthly subscription service that bills itself as “Netflix for indie games”. According to the company’s Cade Peterson and Anthony Palma, Jump’s main benefits are twofold: users get instant and unlimited access to a library of award-winning indie games, and indie game developers get a better chance of being discovered. “You go in there now and you get these very specific categories, like indie horror movies with strong female leads. So we will be a
    Jump is a subscription service that's 'like Netflix for indie games'

  • The Nintendo Switch doesn’t support Bluetooth audio natively, but with this cheap lightning deal on Amazon Prime Day, wireless comes cheap. Act fast to snag this deal on the Mpow Bluetooth transmitter. It normally retails for $43, but as of this writing it’s 56% off, sitting cozy at just $19. The Mpow Bluetooth transmitter plugs right into the 3.5mm jack on the device of your choosing, like the Nintendo Switch or an older MP3 player that doesn’t feature the wireless capability. It comes with a r
    Bring wireless audio to Nintendo Switch with this deal on Amazon Prime Day

  • A lot, expect around $649/£649/AU$999Don’t expect the HTC U12 any time soon, as it was only in May 2017 that the HTC U11 was announced and June that it hit stores. The HTC U11 sells for $649/£649/AU$999, so you’ll probably have to pay at least around that much for the HTC U12. HTC U12 news and rumorsWe don’t know anything about the HTC U12 yet but we can take some educated guesses. The design of the HTC U11 is also new and generally impressive, so we’d think a similar, though probably refined, d
    HTC U12: what we want to see

  • If you’ve ever shopped around for truly wireless headphones, the price can be at least $200 or higher. Well, today you can pick up a pair of Bragi’s The Dash for just $99. It’s a huge lighting deal that takes 39% off or $65 off the usual $164.99 price of these truly wireless headphones. That said, you’re going to have to act fast because as of this writing, the deal will only be available for an hour. Aside from playing tunes wirelessly to your ears, Bragi The Dash is a fully featured set of wir
    The smartest wireless earbuds are only $99 on Amazon Prime Day

  • Itching for a curved monitor? Amazon Prime Day 2017 continues with a stellar deal on the Samsung CF391 curved LED display. It normally goes for $399, but today it’s 44% off, which brings the price down to $224. The 0.5mm-thin CF391 pushes a 1080p resolution with a 5000:1 contrast ratio that separates the whites and blacks with confidence. Act fast to take advantage of this deal and be sure to check out the best Amazon Prime Day deals.
    Samsung’s 32-inch curved LED monitor is almost half-off for Amazon Prime Day

  • You play as a girl called Mineko, who moves to a suspicious Japanese island overrun with tricksy felines. Developer Meowza, run by husband-and-wife team Brandi and Brent Kobayashi, is based in Vancouver, and the couple was inspired by the Richmond Night Market that runs throughout the spring and summer. In fact, cats play a huge part in Mineko’s Night Market. From what I’ve seen so far, Mineko’s Night Market looks like a world of enchantment. “Cats, Japanese snacks and learning about local tradi
    Mineko's Night Market is a gorgeous adventure inspired by Japanese folklore

  • Apple recently updated its iPad Pro range with the iPad Pro 10.5 and the iPad Pro 12.9 (2017). The original iPad Pro launched in November 2015, quickly followed by the iPad Pro 9.7 in March 2016 and then the iPad Pro 10.5 and iPad Pro 12.9 (2017) in June 2017. The first iPad Pro generation began its rollout in March 2016, and the iPad Pro 2 models landed in June 2017, so that’s only just over a year apart. iPad Pro 3 news and rumorsThe iPad Pro 2 has only just launched so there unsurprisingly ar
    iPad Pro 3: what we want to see

  • Update: Amazon Prime Day 2017 deal• Elgato Game Capture HD60: capture full HD 1080p, 60fps video from PS4 and Xbox One for $109.99 from Amazon. The capture software that comes with it is clear and easy to use, with a few basic, useful options to fiddle with the audio and streaming set ups. Its a great capture and streaming unit but you’ll have to look elsewhere for a decent editing solution. The combo of Hauppauge Capture and its proprietary streaming software StreamEez, means you can record, ed
    Updated for Amazon Prime Day: The best capture devices for PS4 and Xbox One in 2017

  • Mouldy Toof Studios and Team 17’s The Escapists 2 was announced in October 2016, and offered a glimpse at its newest wild western-styled map earlier this year. It’s now got a launch date, August 22, and has marked the occasion with a new trailer. “Carefully plan and execute an intricate escape from your initial incarceration with your fellow inmates,” says Team 17. And whereas the first Escapists game’s customisation options were relatively limited, its successor promises 300 variables as player
    The Escapists 2 release date set

  • With last week’s ludicrous big-head mode still on our minds, the new Killing Floor 2 Weekly Outbreak is a little less lighthearted. Via Tripwire: “The mode has two new zeds—a Quarter Pound which is a mini Fleshpound, which behaves differently than a regular Fleshpound. They have less health, are in much higher numbers, and move much faster than a regular Fleshpound. Tripwire says to expect “a lot, and I mean a lot of both Quarter Pounds and regular Fleshpounds mixed with lower level supporting z
    Killing Floor 2 just got a lot harder with this weekly challenge mode

  • The Nintendo Switch has been sold out on an almost constant basis since launch, with many stores forcing over-priced bundles on gamers when stock does arrive. Not today though, Amazon is selling the Neon Nintendo Switch for the regular asking price of just £279.99. We’ve also spotted a Nintendo Switch Splatoon bundle pre-order for £319.99. These are not Amazon Prime Day exclusives, so don’t worry about getting signed up. With Splatoon 2 and new Mario on the horizon, this is a great time to get a
    Nintendo Switch is back in stock as a Prime Day deal - but it won't last long!

  • Because for every Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy we get a Night Trap, the Sega Mega-CD full motion video cult ‘classic’ that sees you save a group of ’90s teens from stalker vampires, horny boys, and bad hair. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be ‘partying hard’ with the teens of the Trap when it releases, but I’ll hate myself afterwards. Nostalgic remakes and remasters play on our need to rekindle that sense of excitement we had when games felt new and fresh. Surely we should have enough new ideas and
    Be careful what you wish for with the cult of remasters

  • There’s no better way to begin playing Xbox One than with a console bundle, and today’s Amazon Prime Day exclusive bundle gives us a really good deal. The deal, of course, is an Amazon Prime Day promotion and therefore requires a Prime subscription. Prime Day Xbox One bundle specsTo understand how good this deal is today, you just have to look inside the Xbox One Amazon Prime Day bundle. But considering it’s $128.93 cheaper than what you would have paid when this Xbox One bundle first launched m
    The Amazon Prime Day Xbox One bundle is the ultimate console starter kit

  • Amazon Prime Day 2017 is underway all over the globe, but the big question is what time will the deals all end? Prime Day started at 18:00 on July 10, so technically Amazon Prime Day does last longer than a single day at 30 hours. What about Prime Day Lightning Deals? What happens at the end of Prime Day? All of the deals you’ve seen on Amazon Prime will disappear on July 12, so now is the time to buy if you plan to get something in the Prime Day sale.
    What time will Amazon Prime Day 2017 deals end?

  • If you’ve been on the fence for VR then maybe this PSVR, camera and game bundle will swing you. Grab a PlayStation VR headset, camera, Farpoint and VR Worlds for only £339.99. That’s £10 less than the PS VR RRP. That’s an incredible saving of at least £100, given that the camera alone will set you back £60. For more offers check out our Amazon Prime Day video game deals.
    Get a PS VR headset, camera, Farpoint and VR Worlds for only £339.99 in the Amazon Prime sale

  • Lots of gamers are already pros at Final Fantasy 12 from playing the game back in the PS2 era, but that’s not the case for everyone. Final Fantasy 12 is a game that requires players to really take advantage of enemy weaknesses. After revealing the enemy weak points with the powerful ability, the gambit-using characters will take advantage of that knowledge and exploit enemy weaknesses automatically. The earlier the party members have the intel, the quicker the monsters will fall. Final Fantasy 1
    Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age – The Most Important Skill In The Game

  • After unveiling its impressive list of over 180 fully-licensed vehicles last week, Bandai Namco and Slightly Mad Studios have now revealed the full roster of racing tracks heading to Project Cars 2 this September. From the Algarve to Daytona, Dubai to Knockhill, racetracks the world over are pretty well represented in Project Cars 2—a choice the game’s publisher reckons has “never been greater”. Using Slightly Mad’s LiveTrack 3.0—which targets realistic weather conditions and how each car adapts
    Project Cars 2 reveals all 60 'live' tracks and 139 layouts

  • The SNES Classic Mini is going to be a smash hit and we were hoping it would be an Amazon Prime Day deal with pre-orders opening up today in the US. That didn’t happen, but good news: we found $51 SNES Classic alternative on Amazon that’s slightly better, albeit less of a nostalgia trip. The important thing is that it plays more SNES games and games from other classic consoles. You can switch between SNES, NES and Genesis games, as it has three cartridge slots in the top of this retro console. I
    SNES Mini Classic isn't an Amazon Prime Day deal, but this better version is on sale

  • Wonder Woman was great. Like really, really great. Spoilers for Wonder Woman follow. It’s probably worth ignoring the fact that the first Wonder Woman clearly has some parallels with Captain America: The First Avenger with a potential sequel possibly re-treading the spy thriller aesthetic of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Mostly because Gal Gadot playing an 80s-fied Diana will be brilliant.
    Wonder Woman 2 might swap WW1 for the '80s, and see a popular character return

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