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  • Pre-2000, the Oscars had recognised only three sci-fi Best Picture nominees since the awards’ inception in 1929: A Clockwork Orange, Star Wars, and E.T. The Oscar’s Best Picture is “a category that sadly often only rewards middlebrow-prestigious classiness”, notes respected Guardian film critic Peter Bradshaw . Only 4 sci-fi movies – and no superhero movies – have been nominated for Best Film in the past 25 years (E.T. Why are sci-fi and superhero movies not represented during awards season? On
    Why sci-fi and superheroes are (mostly) ignored during awards season - and how that's about to change

  • With this in mind, the University of Cambridge’s Bad News is a game designed to help players spot falsified stories online. In conversation with the BBC, Dr Sander van der Linden, the director of the University of Cambridge’s Social Decision-Making Laboratory, underscored how the game reflects reality. “These techniques are out there, they are being used by real people,” van der Linden says. Van der Linden suggests Bad News aims to maintain an ideological balance by including both left and right
    Bad News browser game aims to help players identify fake news

  • According to the Norwegian Consumer Council, several digital video game platforms have inadequate refunds systems, but Nintendo’s refund policy for pre-ordered games is outrightly breaking European law. Not consumer friendlyThe Norwegian Consumer Council takes issue with this policy, particularly when it comes to pre-orders, because it flouts the right of withdrawal in the European Consumer Rights Directive. And, because the supply of goods has not yet begun, pre-ordered games certainly don’t qu
    Games have a refund problem according to Norwegian authorities

  • Yume Nikki’s Dream Diary sequel kicked off a suitably cryptic, weird and haunting teaser campaign last month. It’s just about ready for public consumption—due to launch on Steam tomorrow—and has now dropped some wonderfully terrifying in-game footage. Here’s that:Against its 16-bit source material, I’m digging Dream Diary’s gruesome Inside-meets-Pathologic-esque aesthetic. Yume Nikki Dream Diary is set to arrive on Steam tomorrow, February 23. For more Yume Nikki reading, check out this fascinat
    Yume Nikki sequel teases terrifying in-game footage ahead of tomorrow's launch

  • To collect these League Tokens, spectators must first link their Battle.net account with their Twitch, MLG.com, or Overwatchleague.com account. For 100 League Tokens, you can buy the in-game skin of your favorite team. Possible rewards include special hero and team emotes, plus Overwatch League skins. All of this is evidently part of the push to get more people watching matches live, although there’s already a good number of spectators. As we saw last month, over 10 million fans watched matches
    Overwatch fans can now earn in-game rewards by watching the pros play

  • Ever one for nice surprises, Nintendo released its new, free update for Super Mario Odyssey without warning yesterday, delighting Switch owners everywhere with more costumes, photo mode filters, and a new game mode called Luigi’s Balloon World. Being good at both allows you move up in the online leaderboards, and Balloon World is also a great way to earn coins if you’re still saving up for that ridiculously expensive Skeleton Outfit. As expected, Nintendo has filled the update with classic Ninty
    Super Mario Odyssey's free balloon world update: see the new Luigi dialogue that's sending fans into joyous meltdown

  • 5G networks are the next generation of mobile internet connectivity, offering faster speeds and more reliable connections on smartphones and other devices than ever before. When will 5G launch? It’s still not exactly known how much faster 5G will be than 4G, as much of the technology is still under development. Most estimates expect the average speed of 5G networks to reach 10Gb/s, and some even think transfer rates could reach a whopping 800Gb/s. Will I be able to get 5G networks on my phone?
    What is 5G? Everything you need to know

  • Following last week’s lovestruck special and this week’s Battle Pass season three announcement, Fortnite’s update v3.0.0 lands today. Focused on building improvements for the most part, loads of changes befall both Battle Royale and its Save the World counterpart. Turbo Building, says Epic in this blog post, lets players hold down their primary fire button and continuously place a pre-selected building piece. With this in mind, Epic notes that it’s changed Battle Royale’s netcode so that switchi
    Fortnite update 3.0.0 adds extensive building improvements

  • For those worried that DC was looking like a rudderless ship heading into Aquaman can rest easy. The first reactions to the early (and I mean early – it’s not out for another 10 months) test screening should calm the waters of all but the most sunken-hearted fanboy. So far two different sources told me they loved #Aquaman! There’s tons of action but it’s a very emotional movie as well.21 February 2018The AQUAMAN test screening apparently went well 🙌🏽 yayyyy21 February 2018People are DMing me ask

  • In that way, recent Chinese Super League acquisitions such as Oscar and Odion Ighalo are currently unavailable in FUT regardless of their popularity with fans of Chelsea and Watford respectively. That may change for FIFA 19, if an ongoing fan poll by FIFPlay has any clout with developer EA Canada. At time of writing the Chinese league has scored 8% of the overall vote, with more than 70,000 fans tabbing it for inclusion in FIFA 19; but three competitors run it close. At the other end of the tabl
    Welcome home, Oscar? Most wanted new league in FIFA 19 is the Chinese first division

  • The free-for-all Rumble PvP mode is making a return in Destiny 2 next month, which has been purposefully absent from the game since its launch. As part of an updated development roadmap, Bungie announced that Rumble will be added to the game in the March 27 update to the game. Rumble has been sorely missed by veteran Destiny 2 fans, with the six-player free-for-all mode being a fairly popular playlist back in Destiny 1. Rumble did not make it into the launch version of Destiny 2 due to an intent
    Destiny 2 Getting Rumble Free-For-All PvP Mode in March

  • If it’s been a while since you last picked up your Nintendo Switch to jump into the world of Super Mario Odyssey, Nintendo has just given you a good incentive with a brand new free update. Available to download now, the update adds a brand new mini game as well as some new outfits for Mario and a couple of new filters for Snapshot Mode. We love Mario a whole lot but sometimes you just need a bit of Luigi action, and that’s exactly what Super Mario Odyssey’s new mini-game will bring. To get into
    Super Mario Odyssey: free update adds a brand new mini-game

  • Weta and Magic Leap have been in cahoots for the last seven years, and now they’re ready to reveal more about the game that will be born from this relationship. “You do get to shoot an awful lot of robots,” promises Marvel Comics and DC Comics artist and writer, and now Magic Leap executive creative director, Andy Lanning. A Magic Leap forwardIn case you’ve missed the Magic Leap hype train rushing past, here’s a quick catch up. It sounds crazy, and just like any other virtual reality pitch, but
    Weta Workshop and Magic Leap are working together on a game, and that sound you just heard was my mind being blown

  • If one thing is clear after the first few hours in Metal Gear Survive, it’s that the game is going to be a grind. Luckily, some smart strategies are already emerging for the best way to get Kuban fast in Metal Gear Survive. Although, using this exploit can get the Kuban Energy job done a lot faster. For more Metal Gear Survive tips and tricks, check out the rest of our strategy guides. Metal Gear Survive is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.
    Metal Gear Survive: How to Get Kuban Fast

  • About a couple of weeks ago, Ubisoft put out a “Guns for Hire” breakdown to promote its forthcoming first-person shooter Far Cry 5, with the information giving fans a better idea of the game’s nine NPC allies capable of being recruited. Now, the publisher and developer have put out a fresh video that focuses solely on the title’s dog companion, Boomer, with Ubisoft developers explaining the origins behind the trusty pup and his abilities in the game. As seen in the video below courtesy of IGN, F
    Far Cry 5 Releases Video Focusing on Dog Companion, Boomer

  • It’s not every day that a car manufacturer launches a smartphone, but that’s exactly what British firm Land Rover has done as it’s just introduced a rugged handset. The Land Rover Explore is being billed as “the toughest phone in the world” and features IP68 water and dust resistance – the same as the Samsung Galaxy S8 – is drop proof to a height of 1.8 meters, and comes with a factory fitted screen protector. It can also survive extreme temperature changes, including “freezing cold to blisterin
    Land Rover Explore is 'the toughest phone in the world'

  • January 2018 was an excellent month in general for the video game industry, not just for Monster Hunter World. While sales were up across the industry, it was Monster Hunter World that took the coveted spot as best-selling video game of the month. The first Monster Hunter title to be developed for the current generation of consoles, Monster Hunter World appeared to be an attempt by Capcom to attract a more mainstream Western gaming audience to the series. In its first weekend alone, the game sol
    Monster Hunter World Tops Game Sales for January 2018

  • In its wake, discussions on mental health and gun control have risen, but it also seems violence in video games has found its way into this discussion. To that effect, Robert (Bobby) Nardolillo (R) of the Rhode Island House of Representatives has proposed a tax increase on violent video games. Nardolillo is not the first Republican politician to place the blame for mass shootings on video games. The revenue generated by this tax would fund “counseling, mental health programs and other conflict r
    Rhode Island Rep Proposes Tax Increase on Violent Video Games

  • There’s no doubt that there are plenty of Final Fantasy 15 fans eagerly anticipating the role-playing game’s release on PC, especially with the title’s launch date for the platform now just a little over a week away. As seen below in the tweet from the prolific Twitter user Wario64, the Steam version of Final Fantasy 15 will give fans the chance to receive a Half-Life Pack that includes a costume designed after the first-person shooter’s protagonist Gordon Freeman. Final Fantasy XV Windows Editi
    Final Fantasy 15 PC Edition Includes Half-Life Costume

  • As its name implies, Metal Gear Survive is all about survival. The primary way players will gather food in Metal Gear Survive is by hunting animals and preparing the meat with their campfire at base camp. With potatoes in hand, the next step is to build the potato farm back at base camp. Now that Metal Gear Survive players have a steady supply of potatoes, they should be able to hold off starvation much more effectively. Metal Gear Survive is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.
    Metal Gear Survive: Where to Find Potatoes

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