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  • SteamDB, which keeps track of concurrent player usage across Valve’s mega digital games platform has some relatively alarming numbers regarding For Honor, as over 90% of the game’s player base has dropped off since launch. It’s not unusual for player bases in multiplayer games to level off after launch, as there is usually only a select few elite games that ever manage to keep players coming back. But as GitHyp reports, the drop is Steam’s worst in the same time frame since another of Ubisoft’s
    For Honor has lost over 90% of its constant player base on Steam since launch

  • It looks like you won’t have to put the kiddies to bed if you want to kick back and watch Talladega Nights from the comfort of your own home. If you’re a parent who’s more protective over the things your children see and hear, Sony is launching a “Clean Version” initiative that will take 24 of the studio’s current films and filter out select “mature content” into a format more akin to the edited versions shown on airlines or TV. Perhaps best of all is that you won’t have to pay anything extra to
    Sony is launching a 'Clean Version' initiative that will let users watch films at home without 'certain mature content'

  • The quest to improve Mass Effect: Andromeda continues as BioWare has released and detailed Patch 1.08. The highlights of the patch include improvements to the character creator and added male romance options for Scott Ryder. Players can now adjust their character’s look mid-game as the Tempest now has a place for you to make changes. Scott Ryder now has the ability to romance Jaal, as BioWare cites the Angara’s “fluidity in how they perceive gender” as a means of naturally integrating the romanc
    Mass Effect: Andromeda drops Patch 1.08, improves character creator, adds romance options

  • Back in May, Rockstar pulled back the curtain on their next major update for GTA Online called Gunrunning. The name is about as self-explanatory as it comes as players are tasked with moving weapons for big money. Here’s a rundown of the highlights:Mobile Operations Center (MOC): A modular and drivable command center that can be customized to carry a vehicle workshop, weapons workshop, luxury living quarters, and command center all while being pulled by a semi truck. Weaponized Vehicles: Players
    GTA Online: Gunrunning gets new screenshots and additional details

  • DRM-free digital games retailer GOG.com has unleashed their Summer Sale, which is set to be the biggest of the year. There are over 1,500 games on sale with discounts of up to 90%, and they have brought back GOG Connect, which lets you redeem free GOG copies of select games from your Steam account. It’s also worth noting that any purchase you make will net you a free copy of Rebel Galaxy, so whether you spend $20 or $1, you’re getting the game either way. Here’s a breakdown of a few of the highl
    GOG unleashes their annual Summer Sale with discounts galore

  • Fable Fortune, in case you missed Andy’s story earlier this month, is a CCG set in the Fable universe. Back then, a loose 2017 release window was offered, but now we know it’ll get an early access build on July 11. A full version of the game will still launch at some point this year, and it’ll be free-to-play. But if you want in on the closed beta, guaranteed access can be had by purchasing the Founder’s Pack, which offers an array of benefits in-game as well. The full details are over here, and
    Fable Fortune will launch into Early Access in July

  • As Square Enix continues to tease new announcements in celebration of Final Fantasy’s 30th anniversary, it appears one of their secrets came out early. A recently posted retail listing page for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT appeared on Amazon much earlier than intended, though Square Enix quickly followed suit and officially announced the title a short time later. According to the Amazon page and later confirmed by Square Enix, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is a collaboration between Team Ninja and Squa
    Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Officially Revealed By Square Enix; Coming In 2018

  • Smosh Games is back with another instalment of its Honest Game Trailers series, and this time it’s taking a stab at one of the biggest multiplayer releases of the year. Friday the 13th: The Game has only been out for a couple of weeks, but it has already been mutilated in true Jason fashion by this video. As with previous Honest Game Trailers videos, the Friday the 13th: The Game edition hones in on some of the less marketable aspects of the game. The fact that Friday the 13th: The Game is being
    Friday the 13th Gets Honest Game Trailer Treatment

  • It’s been four years since the last Splinter Cell game was released, and things have been relatively quiet ever since. However, it appears that a new Sam Fisher adventure may be on the horizon thanks to evidence of a new trademark application for the franchise name. A new application from Ubisoft has surfaced on the trademark listing website Justia, which shows that the studio has re-registered a new licence for the Splinter Cell brand. What makes this application particularly interesting is tha
    Rumor Patrol: New Splinter Cell Coming From Ubisoft

  • A good strategy is just as deadly as a quick trigger finger in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. And If you’ve played for long enough, you’ve definitely found yourself desperately trying to remember which angle the plane that everyone parachutes from crossed the map. Not only that, but it also shows which common vehicle spawns fall under that flightpath, and shows the limits of how far players can parachute away from the plane. For Battlegrounds players who want every advantage in a match, this too
    This interactive map makes it easy to remember where the damn plane went in Battlegrounds

  • However, at the time people began seeing the God of War banner most assumed it was simply a promotion for the game at E3. Now that some time has passed, though, it seems the banner may also be revealing the game’s release date. But, there remained a piece of the banner that has yet to be filled in – the bottom corner, where a release date could easily go. Presumably, Sony Santa Monica will take to the stage, show off a demo of God of War, and then announce a release date. But, if the corner rema
    God of War Release Date Announcement Set for E3 2017?

  • Respawn’s Star Wars gameImagine this, but instead of Titanfall 2 characters, it’s Star Wars. Showing off three Star Wars games at E3 is a bit overkill. A fictionalised Ubisoft studio within Watch Dogs 2’s fictionalised San Francisco hid a “confidential” E3 trailer showcasing an overtly space-themed videogame. What we know: Game director Michel Ancel’s long rumored, long awaited sequel to 2003’s Beyond Good & Evil is starting to feel like a myth. But there’s a chance that Valve capitalizes on all
    15 games that could surprise us at E3 2017

  • It’s not like there’s a shortage of cartoonish topdown action RPGs on PC, especially of the pixellated variety, but The Swords of Ditto is too lovely looking to ignore. The game will boast two-player cooperative play and appears to boast the rhythm of a rogue-lite, if this description is anything to go by. “Players will become one of the legendary heroes of the Island of Ditto and battle through each unique legend alone or alongside cooperative companion,” the description reads. “Each legend bec
    The Swords of Ditto is a whimsical topdown action RPG, coming next year

  • Destiny fans have set up their own fair share of self-imposed challenges, from conquering entire raids solo to using unconventional controllers to play the game. But one group of players recently challenged themselves to overcome the Vault of Glass raid under the conditions of not having any sound or use of the HUD. M4V3R1C8 describes a situation that can be common for deaf gamers who play Destiny—the challenge of finding a raid group that is willing to play with a teammate who can not hear. But
    Destiny Team Completes Vault of Glass Raid With No Sound

  • Apparently from the iMac Pro specs page, AMD is going to announce a Pro Vega 64 as well. Based on the CPU and GPU alone, the new iMac Pro would be a fantastic gaming PC. If you can build the exact same specs as the new iMac Pro, let us know in the comments. Specs aside, we’re not going to get the svelte design of Apple’s new iMac Pro, and its admittedly good manufacturing build and design. What you do get in return though is the ability to expand internally, which the iMac Pro doesn’t offer.
    Apple's new iMac Pro costs $5000, but is it overpriced?

  • The Overwatch Anniversary Event will wrap up this weekend with a bang, as Blizzard has announced that players who jump into the action between June 8 and June 12 will earn double experience for just about everything they do. That includes:Time spent in a matchCompleting a matchCompleting consecutive matchesWinning a matchBackfilling a match in progressEarning medalsEven better, the double XP bonus will “stack multiplicatively with existing group and IGR bonuses,” which opens the door to some pre
    The Overwatch Anniversary Event is ending with a double-XP weekend

  • The robots need to get close and destroy each extractor to win, while the guards can disable all three robots to secure a victory themselves. As the extractors dwindle, so does the mobility of the guard team, and the final moments of a round frequently climbed in tension and chaos when battling over a final extractor. The other guard class, the Striker, felt more oriented for defense with his slower-firing rifle, EMP grenade, and tossable airstrike marker. Guards are limited in their movement; t
    Aftercharge is a multiplayer FPS where one side can't die

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