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  • 在昨天策划与玩家的互动中,有玩家提到了诸葛亮中路称霸的问题。 策划表示,诸葛亮目前确实强势,不管是在职业比赛还是中高端局中,都是中路的最优选择,这明显有些不太合适。 但是如果是直接削弱诸葛亮,这并不是一个好的解决方式。 官方计划先对其他的法师进行优化调整,再看看在法师中是否还是依然优选诸葛亮,如果调整没有什么变化,那么诸葛亮可能会削弱。
    王者荣耀诸葛亮太强 但不会削弱只会加强其他法师

  • Before you start configuring your fan profile, I recommend checking the option to start Afterburner with Windows. Here you will be presented with the default fan curve. The vertical numbers represent fan speed while the horizontal numbers represent temperature. If we simply move the points back a bit we can solve any potential throttling issues. Even if you don’t intend on using the full feature set, I find afterburner to be the most intuitive option for customizing your GPU cooling.
    How to customize GPU cooling using MSI Afterburner

  • 乔巴的赏金一直被海米们津津乐道,不为别的,就因为那么强的乔巴赏金居然之后100贝利。实在是天理难容,你们有考虑过乔哥的感受吗? 之说以海军给乔巴的赏金那么少,天师认为主要是海军对乔巴的认识有一定的误会。 首先第一个,海军一直误认为乔巴是草帽一伙的宠物,而且是爱吃棉花糖的宠物,两张通缉照乔巴都在添棉花糖。既然是宠物,赏金自然不会太高,再加上乔巴娇小的体型,两年后赏金翻了一倍已经是很不错了。这一点可以参考

  • 一大波高质量的COS秀,就问你有没有被它们震撼到呢?

  • 今天给大家带来一组很迷的王者荣耀cos照,各位可要有一定的心里装备,一起看看吧! 犯困的大乔 谁还没有犯困的时候,犯困的大乔也是萌萌哒!
    哪吒看了想跳海 史上最扎心的王者荣耀Cos集

  • 大家好,我是电竞有只仙。讲道理,不盲从!跟小姐姐一起看比赛,让你们看到不一样的视角~ 高端排位局向来是多事之地,选手、主播、路人王们云集,有时就难免有些摩擦与矛盾。这不,暴躁的司马老贼近日就在韩服排位与一名路人刚了起来!从游戏中蔓延到了微博上。到底是发生了什么事,让一向不苟言喻的马哥大动肝火?

  • 近日,著名华人游戏制作人陈星汉再度成为人们关注的焦点。在前不久首次发布了最新作品《Sky光遇》,并与网易合作将这款游戏引入国内后,陈星汉如今又将自己的代表作之一《Flower花》移植到App Store发行。 这款备受好评的经典之作一经上线App Store便获得全球玩家的关注,游戏简洁的操作和清新唯美的画面令人惊艳。无数喜爱陈星汉作品的玩家们现在可以重温《Flower花》这款自由宁静的作品,而他在2017 Apple秋季新品发布会首曝
    Flower花惊艳登陆AppStore 陈星汉的新作们值得期待

  • 近日,中共中央办公厅、国务院办公厅印发《关于创新体制机制推进农业绿色发展的意见》。农业部部长韩长赋就《意见》的相关热点话题,接受了《经济日报》记者采访

  • Developer Black Matter has now launched a Kickstarter campaign, aiming to raise AU$136,000 (roughly $106,000/£80,000) before the end of this month. There’s things to be excited about, I reckon: there’s almost no HUD (or crosshairs) to speak of, which ties into the theme of realism, and there’s a heavy emphasis on player positioning and communicating with your platoon. What we do know is that capturing different points on the map will yield different resources: holding a fuel depot will allow you
    Hell Let Loose, the WW2 shooter promising 100-player battles, launches Kickstarter campaign

  • 相信大家都知道,鹿晗从前阵子就被陈赫拐来一起玩绝地求生,一起吃鸡。结果我们发现,我们的鹿晗,壮实哥!真的喜欢上吃鸡这款游戏啦! 国庆节第一天,10月1日凌晨,成忆打开直播,点到陈赫的天才蛇队队友曼森直播间进去一看。发现鹿晗陈赫带着陈赫的蛇队队员曼森还有小堡垒在吃鸡!

  • 拍分期收缩战线说明了什么 近日,有消息称,知名P2P平台拍拍贷旗下的拍分期开始收缩战线。 据《国际金融报》记者了解,拍分期成立于2015年,仅用数月
    P2P拍拍贷旗下拍分期闭店 扩张不到两年就大规模撤退

  • 罚单频出 第三方支付机构还要淘汰一半? 9月份以来,又有十来家第三方支付机构收到罚单,而且不少公司都已非第一次被罚。 如今,想在业内找到一家从未被监

  • 杰理科技IPO内控混乱,三分之一专利或难保 查阅招股书,未发现王艺辉从杰理科技拆借资金时履行审议程序的相关披露信息。与此同时,王艺辉于第二年还款当时,并

  • 一起回A,一起IPO排队,一起倒退。 万达老板王健林和富力地产老板李思廉一起玩“世纪交易”,一起在海外并购风生水起,然后一起享受资本市场的煎熬……

  • At its headquarters in Seattle, it recently announced a slew of new Amazon devices. To recap there was (deep breath): the all-new Amazon Echo 2nd Generation, the Amazon Echo Plus, The Amazon Echo Show (UK), the Amazon Echo Spot (US), something called the Amazon Echo Connect and the brand-new Amazon Fire TV. Simply buy an Amazon Echo Plus, plug it in and say: “Alexa, find my devices” and the speaker does the hard work for you. The way it works is that the Amazon Echo Plus has a Zigbee smart home
    Inside the Echo chamber: why Alexa's now in everything - from BMW to Billy Bass

  • 首先回顾一下今年的小组赛战队,值得一提的是,今年的分组总体实力十分相当,这也让大家对于小组赛增添了不少期待,而比赛场地仍是武汉,前去现场观看比赛的童鞋千万别错过那里的美食哟~ A组:EDG SKT AHQ C9 B组:LZ IMT GAM FNC C组:G2 SSG RNG FB D组:FW MSF TSM WE
    LOLS7小组赛出线预测,SKT WE稳进总决赛8强!

  • 新京报讯 (记者倪伟)昨天上午10点,北京市住建委执法检查组一行人来到亦庄的一处楼盘销售中心,执行今年“双节”期间的第一次房地产执法检查。 在一个
    北京专项行动检查双节楼市销售 严禁哄抬房价等行为

  • ■ 社论 评估中国的“假日经济”时,不宜只看短期的经济数据,却忽略了看不见的“软影响”。 中国的“十一”长假,正成为“全球黄金周”。有机构近日发布的

  • The Call of Duty: WWII PC multiplayer beta only launched three days ago but the hackers have already invaded. “It’s becoming more and more difficult to find a game in the WW2 open beta without there being an incredibly obvious hacker not trying to hide it,” they said. “At one point I got 5 games in a row with these types of hackers, all different lobbies, all different hackers.” As Redditors on the thread point out, it’s not particularly surprising that the beta has attracted hackers, nor is it
    Hackers have already infiltrated the Call of Duty: WWII open beta

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The Secret World to relaunch as free-to-play Secret World Legends

Despite praising its "innovation, atmosphere and charm", Phil felt Funcom's The Secret World was hamstrung by its weak combat and genre-typical MMO padding in his 2012 review. Later that year the developer's then new CEO Ole Schreiner suggested it "definitely had the tools" for a free-to-play-styled Secret World, and now it appears this will be realised: The Secret World is relaunching as Secret World Legends this spring and will be free-to-play. And here's a teaser:Despite Phil's relative reser

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Get $99 worth of multiplayer games for $10 in the latest Humble Bundle

The latest Humble Bundle casts its money-saving, charity-supporting, game-gathering net over a range of local multiplayer games fit for bringing you and your mates closer together/driving you apart forever. From now through the next two weeks, the Humble Hooked on Multiplayer Bundle is live. Have a gander at Helldivers' PC release trailer:Beating the average price of this bundle will also land you Move or Die and the Rampage Knights soundtracks. You can always choose your own preferred charitabl

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Figment is a beautiful isometric puzzler ‘set in the recesses of the human mind’

Billed as a "musical action-adventure set in the recesses of the human mind", Figment is the latest game from Bedtime Digital Games—a gorgeous hand-drawn isometric puzzle game with combat elements. Assuming control of Dusty—"the mind's former voice of courage"—it's your job to face your fears, do battle with nightmares as you explore fragments of the mind, and help restore the courage the mind has lost. Each scene unfolds against a score of animated music, each variation of which is said to be "

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Will League of Legends ever conquer its support problem?

There’s just one problem: nobody wants to play support. Unfortunately, this is League of Legends, and nobody wants to play support. League of Legends offers a multitudes of ways to engage in the game, and no one wants to play support in any of them. In order to talk about the fact that nobody wants to play support, we’re going to have to ask ourselves why no one wants to play support. Autofill is one of those experiments: will people happily play support once in awhile if it means faster queues

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