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  • Seagate is doubling down on its promise to launch a 20-terabyte hard drive by 2020, which will be based on heat assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) technology. In a blog post outlining a technology roadmap that will carry Seagate to 2025 and beyond, the company explained that it’s been using HAMR technology in some form or another since the late 1990s. In the shorter term, Seagate plans to launch capacities around 16TB using HAMR technology in the current 3.5-inch form factor, likely next year or
    Seagate aims to launch a 20TB hard drive by 2020, and eventually 100TB

  • There has been plenty of drama around Star Wars: Battlefront 2. The backlash was so fierce that EA cut the cost of heroes in Star Wars: Battlefront 2 by 75%, as well as cut the campaign credit payout by 75%. Now, EA has released a statement on the official Star Wars Battlefront site, detailing that they are pulling the plug on the most talked about feature in the game, loot crates. Ultimately, the post centers around one thing – EA is turning off microtransactions (for now) and the apologize for
    Star Wars Battlefront 2 in-game purchases temporarily removed

  • Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry compared the newly released Skyrim for Nintendo Switch with the PS4 version, as well as comparing the new game’s docked and undocked modes. The results would be more shocking if the Nintendo Switch wasn’t already acing everyone’s expectations already, and that is in no way a bad thing. Take a look at the Digital Foundry video for a full analysis. According to the guys at Digital Foundry, however, the dip in quality is pretty acceptable, considering what the end produc
    Digital Foundry Compares Skyrim on Switch vs PS4

  • It’s Friday, and that means that Xur is back in Destiny with all of his goodies. This week, Hunters will probably be disappointed, but at least Titans and Warlocks have something to look forward too in Destiny 2. Altogether, Xur has brought a fully new list of items – all four of them are available through Xur for the first time! As far as Destiny 1 goes, well, Hunters there will actually be happy! Check out all the details below!
    Destiny 2 (and Destiny 1): Xur, Agent of the Nine, location and Exotic gear (11/17/17)

  • Xur’s returned to the fold in Destiny 2 this week, and he’s brought an exotic rifle with him! It’s a returning weapon from the first Destiny, but don’t let it’s age belie you; this one’s a beauty. Xur’s also got Lucky Raspberry chest armour for Hunters, Syntheoceps Titan gauntlets, and Karnstein Armlets for the Warlock. Xur’s on Titan this week, within the main rig, so head there to get started. After you spawn, head left and hop down the ledge up ahead.
    Destiny 2: Xur location, weapons and armour Nov 17-20th. Should you buy Hardlight?

  • With an Xbox One console and a few good games, you’re already looking at a pretty good gaming situation. Xbox One Elite Wireless ControllerMeet the pricey, pro-level controller for Xbox One and Windows 10Incredibly comfortableHair triggersInterchangeable sticksNot rechargeableThe Xbox One controller is already a pretty solid piece of hardware, improving on the Xbox 360’s controller that became the industry standard. Xbox Live Gold 12 Month MembershipLive Gold isn’t just about multiplayer anymore
    Xbox One accessories: All the peripherals you need to own for Xbox One

  • The question is: is carrying over saves year-on-year at least possible? “Both technologically and legally, the answer to that is no,” Sports Interactive’s Miles Jacobson tells me. He adds: “You have more features, you’re adding more data or tweaking the way it works. Again, even if we found a technical way to do it, from a legal perspective it’s: nope.” Look out for our extensive interview with Miles Jacobson on Monday, where we chat about the past, present and future of FM, and how the esteemed
    Football Manager save files can't be carried over year-on-year for tech and legal reasons

  • When you think of Tesla vehicles, you usually think about sleek lines and rapid acceleration. With a 0-60 speed of five seconds, the new Tesla Semi truck won’t leave anyone behind at the traffic lights. When packed to its 80,000lb maximum gross weight, it can get up to 60mph in 20 seconds, which is seriously impressive. According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, 80% of routes that trucks make are 250 miles, so will be fine with the Semi. One of the most impressive things about the Tesla Semi is the abili
    Tesla’s new Semi truck is capable of driverless convoy

  • At the announcement for the Tesla Semi, the truck with autonomous capabilities, Tesla CEO Elon Musk also announced a new Roadster. Here you’ll find everything we know about the new Tesla Roadster so far. On the Tesla websiteOn the Tesla website When is it out? The new Tesla Roadster is an update of the car that started it all, the original Tesla Roadster. With a range of 620 miles on a single charge, this will be the first electric vehicle capable of doing more than 1000km on one charge of a bat
    Tesla Roadster release date, price and features

  • 《狼人杀-官方唯一正版》(以下简称《狼人杀官方》)全平台公测火热进行中,玩家口碑爆表,各大论坛上好评不断。更有全新角色“摄梦人”与新玩法登场,引起许多玩法讨论。 摄梦人踏香而来 美貌与智慧双重加分 有着独特身世的“摄梦人”艾卡丽,集混迹社会的英气女强人与妖娆妩媚的酒吧老板于一身,以独特的气质和美丽的外貌获得了无数玩家喜爱。而更加吸引玩家的,则是摄梦人的特殊技能与全新的玩法。 摄梦人踏香而来

  • 网易首款地方性棋牌手游《网易成都棋牌》已于10月底开启了安卓测试!为了能够给成都玩家最原汁原味的游戏体验,《网易成都棋牌》在游戏中深度融合了成都当地历史文化民俗,让每一个玩家都能在掌上过一把“牌瘾”。最近,为了迎接不久后的全平台测试, 《网易成都棋牌》再次创新,将重磅推出全新游戏内容:剧情模式,以创新性的剧情系统,让玩家可以在游戏过程中,进一步体验惬意自如的成都休闲文化生活。 1/4
    用棋牌感受成都生活 网易成都棋牌剧情玩法抢鲜预告

  • 网易回合制次时代幻想大作《三国如龙传》已于11月16号App Store首发,高颜值和创新玩法在首发当天便吸引了大批玩家进入,两组新服都非常火爆。游戏中的魅力榜更是吸引了三位斗鱼人妻女主播,轩子巨2兔、十三三三和西瓜酱G进入游戏,来了一场三国颜王争霸。 1/6 隐藏 查看图注 大
    颜王争夺战爆发 《三国如龙传》iOS上市火药味十足

  • 经过激烈的竞速,由网易游戏代理,蜜柚互动研发的初音未来正版音乐竞速手游《初音速》终于圆满完成了捣蛋测试。由于玩家们的热情参与,给游戏带来了大量有趣并有价值的数据。今天我们就和大家来看看玩家们创造下的纪录吧! 《初音速》大数据来了 1/6 隐藏 查看图注

  • 光阴飞逝,转眼间《三少爷的剑》已陪伴大家半年之久。值此半年庆典之际,江湖路、藏剑庐、红旗镖局不约而同推出了海量福利活动,力度之大令人心动;半年庆限定时装【侠影魅行】上线,感恩回馈广大少侠!感谢江湖有你一路同行,快来看看都有哪些福利吧! 江湖狂欢迎半年庆典 海量福利不容错过 11月15日至11月17日,江湖中将举办盛大的半年庆典。藏剑庐推出有史以来最大福利,魔教教主大手一挥,全部神技获得概率统一翻倍;红旗镖局也不甘示弱,铁开诚亲自发话,任

  • 星际浩瀚无垠、战争一触即发,网易新游《舰无虚发:暗星》今日正式首曝!作为网易首款3D即时策略星战手游(RTS),《舰无虚发:暗星》中的玩家可以与全球伙伴一起实时匹配对抗,享受单局5分钟的爽快交火。排兵布阵策略对抗,而非孤身一人驾驶战机,真正体验到手机端超燃星际对决!目前官网已经开放预约,待您亲临这场恢弘战役! 舰无虚发 全新官网火爆开启 自动播放开关 自动播放

  • 近年来,从端游电竞到移动电竞,中国电子竞技的发展可谓是高歌猛进。无论是称霸移动电竞的《王者荣耀》及其赛事,还是最近在国内掀起的“吃鸡”风潮,游戏行业最热门的话题也多来自于电竞。 近年来,从端游电竞到移动电竞,中国电子竞技的发展可谓是高歌猛进。到了现阶段,无论是称霸移动电竞的《王者荣耀》及其赛事,还是最近在国内掀起的“吃鸡”风潮,游戏行业最热门的话题也多来自于电竞。而就在近日,被誉为中国游戏行业奥斯卡的“金翎奖游戏评选大赛”名单公布,其中
    网易达CEO专访:拓展移动电竞 我们不止弹弹岛系列

  • Last month a GameStop ad revealed the PowerPass service for PowerUp Rewards members that allowed gamers to subscribe to a six-month program for $60. The PowerPass service was set to allow subscribers to pick out any pre-owned game, play it, and swap it out for another one at any GameStop location with the option of keeping the last game. The PowerPass program launched this week and has already been ‘temporarily’ paused because of unspecified ‘limitations’ on GameStop’s part. We have elected to t
    GameStop temporarily freezes PowerPass used game program

  • With two or three PS4 games free each month, as well as additional discounts during sales and other promotions, the membership rapidly pays for itself. Make sure you keep an eye on our best PlayStation Plus deals page. Essentially, Remote Play lets you play all your favorite PS4 games on the go by streaming them over an Internet connection to the Vita. As long as you have a strong connection, the Vita lets you take your PS4 games pretty much anywhere. External hard drive support was introduced i
    PS4 accessories: All the extras you need to own for your PlayStation 4

  • 剑荡幻境破天荒,江湖一醉逍遥 (微博)游!11月17日13:00,2017叛逆武侠《醉逍遥》永恒经典二区【天荒幻境】耀世开启,最强公会争霸赛震撼来袭,二十万现金寻霸主!同时,在本次《醉逍遥》新服中,游戏还将上线限时冲级、累计登陆等多重福利活动,更有三色金钻、醉逍遥千元金卡、888皇冠礼包等重磅福利登场,让所有玩家在享受酣畅淋漓的游戏快感时,还能够拿福利到手软! 醉逍遥官网:http://www.zuixiaoyao.com/ 开服信息:
    二十万现金争霸赛战火再燃 醉逍遥新服今日耀世开启

  • Ahead of its sometime-in-2018 release date, Sea of Thieves has spent the last several months showcasing its mechanics, modest technical specs for lesser-equipped machines, and behind-the-scenes dev processes, among a number of other things. Riffing off Trainspotting’s iconic ‘choose life’ speech and Iggy Pop’s accompanying Lust For Life, Sea of Thieves asks that players “be more pirate”. Earlier this year, I chatted with developer Rare about the game’s cross-play features. We thought about PC pl
    Sea of Thieves wants players to 'be more pirate' in Trainspotting-style trailer

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The Secret World to relaunch as free-to-play Secret World Legends

Despite praising its "innovation, atmosphere and charm", Phil felt Funcom's The Secret World was hamstrung by its weak combat and genre-typical MMO padding in his 2012 review. Later that year the developer's then new CEO Ole Schreiner suggested it "definitely had the tools" for a free-to-play-styled Secret World, and now it appears this will be realised: The Secret World is relaunching as Secret World Legends this spring and will be free-to-play. And here's a teaser:Despite Phil's relative reser

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Get $99 worth of multiplayer games for $10 in the latest Humble Bundle

The latest Humble Bundle casts its money-saving, charity-supporting, game-gathering net over a range of local multiplayer games fit for bringing you and your mates closer together/driving you apart forever. From now through the next two weeks, the Humble Hooked on Multiplayer Bundle is live. Have a gander at Helldivers' PC release trailer:Beating the average price of this bundle will also land you Move or Die and the Rampage Knights soundtracks. You can always choose your own preferred charitabl

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Figment is a beautiful isometric puzzler ‘set in the recesses of the human mind’

Billed as a "musical action-adventure set in the recesses of the human mind", Figment is the latest game from Bedtime Digital Games—a gorgeous hand-drawn isometric puzzle game with combat elements. Assuming control of Dusty—"the mind's former voice of courage"—it's your job to face your fears, do battle with nightmares as you explore fragments of the mind, and help restore the courage the mind has lost. Each scene unfolds against a score of animated music, each variation of which is said to be "

By | March 29th, 2017|companies|0 Comments

Will League of Legends ever conquer its support problem?

There’s just one problem: nobody wants to play support. Unfortunately, this is League of Legends, and nobody wants to play support. League of Legends offers a multitudes of ways to engage in the game, and no one wants to play support in any of them. In order to talk about the fact that nobody wants to play support, we’re going to have to ask ourselves why no one wants to play support. Autofill is one of those experiments: will people happily play support once in awhile if it means faster queues

By | March 29th, 2017|companies|0 Comments

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