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  • As you might have noticed, the battle royale genre is as popular now as it’s ever been. Now, it appears Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is next in line for the battle royale treatment. That’s according to the Valve News Network, whose latest video examines CS:GO’s patches dating back to May 2016. Beyond the arsenal of features VNN points to there, mentions of the de_canals and survival_island maps (around the 1.20 mark above) make for particularly interesting viewing. Can we expect a battle roy
    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive might be getting a PUBG-style battle royale mode

  • The first full entry to the series in over a decade, Spellforce 3 brings back that mixture of high fantasy and real-time strategy that has made the series so loved. You might be on the fence about it, looking forward to having a go, or not convinced—regardless, you will be able to play Spellforce 3 at the PC Gamer Weekender. Not only will we have hands-on available for the fantasy RTS title, there will also be a tournament running over the weekend. For more details on the game you can check out
    Play SpellForce 3 at the PC Gamer Weekender

  • If you’re hoping to see a set of Apple’s AirPods under the tree this year, you may find yourself reenacting the Arnold Schwarzenegger classic Jingle All The Way. The Bluetooth earphones are selling out online and in stores. If you want to buy straight from the source, Apple is now shipping any new orders of AirPods in January. On the UK side, you don’t even get that far, with the site claiming the first delivery will be January 2. What’s more, third-party retailers are also selling out, with onl
    AirPods are sold out until January 2018 online and in many stores

  • Mark Hamill is in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Sure, he was Luke Skywalker, but he also had a cameo as Dobbu Scay. As the credits roll for #TheLastJedi, note the extra roll credited to Mark Hamill as “Dobbu Scay”. I’m really glad Mark Hamill got to showcase his vocal range for The Last Jedi. Tom Hardy, Princes William and Harry (who may or may not have been cut), and even Star Wars: Rogue One director Gareth Edwards all show up at some point.
    Mark Hamill has an alien cameo in Star Wars: The Last Jedi that you DEFINITELY missed

  • “Prepare to Dine” was the cryptic tagline teased by Code Vein back in April, before Bandai Namco officially unveiled its incoming anime-inspired post-apocalyptic dystopian ARPG. Due at some point next year, it’s now got a new trailer, and a bunch of new screenshots. Since its reveal, we’ve seen a fair bit of Code Vein in motion. And while cautious to avoid billing it as ‘Dark Souls But Anime’, it does look very Souls-like—even if that particular descriptor is overused. Here’s those:Code Vein is
    Code Vein drops suitably anime trailer and a bunch of new screens

  • BlackBerry has confirmed it will shut down its official app store in 2019, which has highlighted the fact the phone platform still has a marketplace to download apps. In fact, BlackBerry is set to start its software shut down process next year with BlackBerry Travel and Playbook video calling being discontinued from February next year. We do know for certain the whole BlackBerry World app store will be shutting down for good on December 31, 2019. Phones such as the BlackBerry Passport or even th
    Turns out the BlackBerry app store is still open - and it will be shutting down in 2019

  • One of the biggest changes we’re expecting from the Sony Xperia XZ2 is a completely new design, and a leaked render may have just given us our first look at it. The design otherwise looks a bit like Xperia handsets of old. This could be the all-screen Xperia XZ2, but we’re not convinced. It also looks different to other recent renders, and while neither of those renders were specifically labeled as the Xperia XZ2 they did appear to be showing high-end Sony handsets. The XZ2 could be a major impr
    Sony Xperia XZ2 render shows all-new bezel-free design

  • It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally getting an influx of leaks showing the likely design of the Samsung Galaxy S9, including two new renders, showing off the phone in black. This too matches other things we’ve seen and heard, with just the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus likely to get a dual-lens camera. Image 1 of 2 Other than the fingerprint scanner position the S9 might look a lot like the S8. Credit: @OnLeaksComing soon with an improved cameraIn short then it doesn’t look like much will b
    Samsung Galaxy S9 appears in new leaked renders

  • Your internet speeds will drop, and although with some providers you’ll barely notice, other services may reduce your connection to a crawl. Finding a meaningful way to compare VPN performance isn’t straightforward as every network is different, and each user has his or her own needs and requirements. Maximum speedThe simplest measure of any VPN’s performance is its maximum speed, which is usually what you’ll get when connecting to the server in your own country. Asian servers were poor for ever
    The fastest VPNs of 2018

  • We may still be a little ways off from seeing how Alicia Vikander fares as Lara Croft in next year’s Tomb Raider movie, but we can at least whet your appetite right now by showing you four new exclusive images from the set of the production, courtesy of our sister publication Total Film magazine. See for yourself by checking out the exclusive images below. Judging from all of these, it looks like Lara has found herself in a real spot of trouble… but that’s all you’re getting for now! To hear m
    Take aim at these exclusive new images of Alicia Vikander in the Tomb Raider movie

  • MSNBC host Chris Matthews was accused of inappropriate jokes and comments about a female employee in 1999 and the woman was paid separation compensation, a spokesperson for the cable network confirmed Saturday. At that time Matthews received a formal reprimand,” the MSNBC spokesperson said in an email Saturday. In this June 4, 2012 file photo, Chris Matthews delivers a National Press Club Newsmaker Luncheon address at the 25th annual Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation journalism awards lunch
    MSNBC's Chris Matthews was reprimanded over comments about woman in 1999

  • Last week, Overkill Software gave a proper introduction to the first playable character in its upcoming four-player co-op shooter game, The Walking Dead. However, it appears as though the other three playable characters in Overkill’s The Walking Dead include a redheaded woman, a bearded old man, and an Asian woman. Get a glimpse at all four playable characters in Overkill’s The Walking Dead right here:According to Overkill, each of the playable characters will have their own special abilities, s
    Overkill’s The Walking Dead: Check Out the Playable Characters

  • The reveals for the highly anticipated fighting game Dragon Ball FighterZ have been coming fast and furious over the past few months, as the game is quickly approaching its official launch date in January. The official Twitter account for Bandai Namco finally revealed the long-awaited Dragon Ball FighterZ news to fans. Beerus, Hit and Goku Black join the roster of Dragon Ball FighterZ! Beerus, Hit, and Goku Black join an ever-expanding roster of characters which is sure to make any Dragon Ball f
    Dragon Ball FighterZ Open Beta Dates Announced

  • One such game is being published by Private Division, a new publishing label from Take-Two Interactive that will focus on games with smaller budgets. Obsidian made sure to note that its new game will not have microtransactions or loot boxes, and also spoke highly of its relationship with Private Division. We do know that its project with Private Division won’t be Fallout: New Vegas 2 or New Orleans, as Bethesda owns the rights to the Fallout IP. Regardless, fans of Obsidian are likely happy to l
    Fallout: New Vegas Dev’s Next Game Won’t Have Loot Boxes

  • Mikah’s most wanted Christmas present this year was an Xbox One console. And that’s exactly what Mikah did, giving up his Xbox One and purchasing 60 blankets to donate to charity. From there, Microsoft found out about Mikah, and decided to surprise him with a Minecraft Xbox One bundle, delivered by Santa himself. The emergency shelter Mikah’s family stayed at will be distributing the blankets he purchased, and each one will come with a special note written by him. Unlike the blankets the shelter
    Microsoft Gives Present to Boy That Gave Up Xbox for Charity

  • Lethal Weapon is one of the greatest gems spawned from the 1980s. It’s the definitive buddy cop film starring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, it’s a fun thrill ride set in LA during the holiday season and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. A story has been created by series director Richard Donner and writer Channing Gibson which Mel Gibson and Danny Glover are fond of but it has yet to be greenlit by the studio. “It’s a story I came up with Channing Gibson, the writer who wrote [Lethal Weapon]
    Richard Donner says Lethal Weapon 5 is close to getting the green light

  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi just released and it has received critical acclaim but that doesn’t exactly mean everyone loves it. One person who did seemingly love the film is series creator George Lucas. Lucas recently got a screening of The Last Jedi and one of his reps said that Lucas felt the film was “beautifully made”. The former Star Wars director also spoke to The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson and had nothing but nice things to say. Star Wars: The Last Jedi is out now.

  • Bungie is ending the year with a bang and releasing one last free update known as The Dawning to celebrate the holidays. The Dawning will begin on Tuesday, December 19th and will run until Tuesday, January 9th, the update will feature a number of festive activities such as snowball fights. Players will also be able to earn exclusive items found only during The Dawning such as emblems, sparrows, and legendary armor at Tess’ shop. Players will also be able to pick up a Dawning Gift Schematic from
    Destiny 2 gets new holiday themed update with snowball fights and more

  • Last week, Disney finally acquired a large majority of Fox in a $50 billion+ deal after months of rumors. Disney will now gain control of major film properties such as the X-Men (which includes Deadpool), Fantastic Four, Avatar, Alien, and much, much more. There’s been some question as to whether Disney will take risks like Fox did with movies like Logan, Deadpool, the upcoming The New Mutants, and more and whether Disney is even willing to dedicate time and money to franchises like Alien. “If t
    Logan director James Mangold fears lack of original movies after Disney acquires Fox

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The Secret World to relaunch as free-to-play Secret World Legends

Despite praising its "innovation, atmosphere and charm", Phil felt Funcom's The Secret World was hamstrung by its weak combat and genre-typical MMO padding in his 2012 review. Later that year the developer's then new CEO Ole Schreiner suggested it "definitely had the tools" for a free-to-play-styled Secret World, and now it appears this will be realised: The Secret World is relaunching as Secret World Legends this spring and will be free-to-play. And here's a teaser:Despite Phil's relative reser

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