Top Pokémon Characters of All-Time You Need to Know

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Top Pokémon Characters of All-Time You Need to Know

Online Pokies offer players the best gaming experience and most of the games don’t just come with real fun and pleasure. But there are a plethora of chances of you walking away with online slots real money USA. However, we can’t tell the same story when you play Pokémon. If you are looking for a game that will offer you fun and excitement at the same time Pokémon is the real product for you.

As much as Pokémon offers players all the fun and excitement. There are the real characters that have stolen the limelight and they have charmed a lot of players in the world. On that note let’s take a quick look at some of the best Pokémon characters of all time.


It’s actually not surprising why the Dragonite is in the top ten of the Pokémon characters. It was also the fans favourite. The dragon-like and an orange creature that has small wings that encompass a greenish undertone. The reason why most players loved this Pokémon character is that it was a kind creature and it takes human easily. What a creature isn’t? Did you know you can bet on such games and win big with sports betting. Get the latest betting odds at Coral.


This is one of the most lavish Pokémon creature and one of the bravest creatures. The creature has a distinct orange and black pelt. The cuteness though it looks so weird comes from the beige fur that smoothly covers it heads. And one could easily notice it because of that fur. Actually a fascinating and amazing Pokémon character.


Have you ever heard of a humanoid Pokémon character? You must have passed through people talking about it. The character is all purplish in its overall colour. If you are someone who loves purple then we might have found you the best Pokémon character for you.

The origins of Mewtwo are derived in Mew and it is vicious and it lacks compassion for anything that surrounds it. Adding to that, it is also powerful with some subconscious abilities that include mind control and levitation.

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