What Online Casinos Don’t Tell You About Casino Bonuses

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What Online Casinos Don’t Tell You About Casino Bonuses

Casino bonuses are highly coveted in the gambling community because they’re a source of “free cash,” and any additional cash means more hours enjoying pokies and classic casino games.

But the problem really is that there is very poor communication between casinos and players, and oftentimes, people get the wrong information about casino bonuses either because they don’t read the bonus terms and conditions closely or online casinos are simply poor communicators.

Here are some essential things that online casinos don’t tell players outright most of the time – the most perfect guide to both novices and advanced players who haven’t had the time to read through bonus terms and conditions.

1. Bonuses Have Specific Rules

Not every bonus that you will encounter in a casino will have the same bonus terms and conditions as the welcome bonus. Thinking that every bonus can be claimed say in three months is a mistake.

Some bonuses only have a week allotted, or two weeks, etc. People are sometimes drawn to bonuses that force them to spend a lot of money in the casino in a short period of time. It’s fine if you are aware of the requirements, but a lot of players just don’t see the information on time.

Make sure that you get the truth from the real experts. Because nothing beats experience with online casinos, and the ones who have been at it for a long time have access to the freshest information so you don’t end up claiming fake or expired bonuses.

2. Bonuses Can Expire

Some bonuses are extended or continuous promotions, while others are only for a specific amount of time. So when you check out information from websites that purport to be “the greatest casino guides,” take the information with a grain of salt.

Bonuses expire after a period of time, and can be renewed, but some of them are not renewed at all.

Pay attention to the expiry date, how much time you have to fulfill the wagering requirements (if any), and calculate how much you stand to make if you try to gun for this bonus, like any sensible gambler would do.

And when it comes to using bonus codes and other information pertaining to casino bonuses, there is just no substituting updated and accurate information on casino bonuses and promotions with “fly by night” information from bad and inexperienced websites. Your casino experience will be drastically affected by being misinformed, for sure.

3. Bonuses Are Tied To Specific Games

Online casinos do this constantly: they run big and flashy promotions and offer humongous rewards and prizes, like bonus money and deposit rewards.

But there’s a catch: you have to spend your real-world budget on a specific game.

And often, the games that are highly promoted and constantly bannered on the home page of online casinos are the ones that don’t offer the highest jackpots.

In fact, several bodies, including the Remote Gambling Association and the UK Gambling Commission in the UK, have worked together on creating tougher standards for promoting casino offers.

Thankfully, there are websites that have accurate information people looking for information on which games are tied to different casino promotions. Whether it’s free spins or wads of bonus cash, you never want to play with wrong information, like expired promotions for any casino game.

4. Welcome Bonuses Can Be Split To Multiple Deposits

Just because it’s called a welcome bonus doesn’t mean that you have to max out deposit on your first try. Many online casinos split the welcome bonus to what is called a “welcome package,” instead.

With a welcome package, you can take advantage of bonus money with subsequent deposits.

The number of actual deposits from the time that you joined a casino varies from platform to platform, but it is common for casinos to split the welcome bonus to three or four separate bonuses.

Also, bear in mind that you don’t have to match the maximum deposit allowed for welcome bonuses.

Theoretically, you will be getting more money to wager on the casino, but it still all boils down to how much money you are willing to lose on your enjoyment. Bonuses should be viewed strategically, not compulsively. Any level of compulsiveness when you are strategizing can sink your money quickly.

Remember too, that casinos will eventually get all its money back because of the house edge factor.

Any house edge above 0% puts the casino in the green; it just has to accumulate those wagers to make up for any prizes or jackpots incurred in the lifespan of a game on-site.

5. Bonuses Are Governed By Gambling Authorities

The UK Gambling Commission for one, is closely monitoring how online gambling platforms are promoting bonus money offers and other similar promotions.

There is a reason why online casinos apply for licenses, and it is a good thing that an external body is watching casinos because this way, they become bound to comply with rules that protect consumers.

If you have any doubts about a current bonus or promotion being offered on your favorite casino, be sure to read the truth from reliable websites that know online casinos and casino bonuses left and right.

6. VIP or Loyalty Programs Are Considered Normal Business Expenses

As per the UK Gambling Commission, the GGY or Gross Gambling Yields that are reported by casinos governed by this body cannot be computed with money spent by the casino on prizes or rewards for their VIP or loyalty programs. Such prizes are to be considered normal business expenses or simply, overhead expenses.

In short, if you have access to a VIP program and you can get any kind of edge in your gaming experience from the offers there, we suggest that you maximize it by claiming what you can claim – all the expense is charged to the casino (and this doesn’t happen often) instead of the player. This is definitely one of the more concrete ways of gaining an edge over the casino that you are playing on.

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