Top Video Games Coming In the First Quarter of 2019

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Top Video Games Coming In the First Quarter of 2019

2018 came and soon it going to pass us by. When 2018 came, it brought with it some stunning games which captivated and entertained PC gamers all around the world. To this day, gamers still enjoy many of these games but as the saying goes, change is the only constant in life, it means regardless of how great these games are, we have to look forward to the future at all times. Already, game developers have issued out statements relating to their upcoming productions and believe you me, some of the upcoming productions are simply phenomenal. Below, we are going to share with you some of the stunning games coming your way in 2019. The beauty of all the games listed below is that you can access and play them at these top online casino sites.


Anthem is one of the very first loot-based shooter games to come out of BioWare. While this on its own will mean that players have to expect something different from what they have been used to when it comes to BioWare, it’s always a great thing when you anticipate something unique, isn’t it? When playing Anthem, players will transform into Freelancers, as freelancers, the player’s objective will be to fight and defeat the monsters. Monsters work in cohorts with Shaper Storms meaning that Freelancers also have to fight and defeat the Shaper Storms. Anthem incorporates gamification and this mainly comes about when the player wants to upgrade his protective gear. With each new level unlocked, the player will upgrade his protective gear.

Days Gone

When it comes to the synopsis, Days Gone is not unique as many other video games created in the past have more of the same synopsis i.e. humans fighting to save themselves and their earth from hordes of zombies. Note though that the invading walking dead are not actually referred to as zombies in this game but rather, they are referred to as Freakers. While coming with a general synopsis, what differentiates this game from others is that it comes with some small tweaks which add to the overall impressive nature of the game.

Metro: Exodus

Metro: Exodus is a sequel to Metro: Last Night which in its own right was a sequel to Metro: 2033. Just like the previous two games, Metro: Exodus does fuse two video game playing modes i.e. first-person shooter and elements of stealth playing. The main objective of the player in this video game is to survive. The player will find himself confined inside a huge tunnel. However, differentiating this game from the previous two editions, the player can actually leave the tunnel in later missions (after unlocking more game levels). To survive, the player has to use the weapons that he has in hand and also any other tool that he can find inside the tunnel to use as a weapon. Not only will the player use the weapons to fight off the scary fire spitting creatures that are hunting him down but he also has to use intuition and intelligence to escape when trapped hence the addition of elements of stealth playing.

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