Making Money From Games: How to Play to Pay Your Way through Life

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Making Money From Games: How to Play to Pay Your Way through Life

There’s Winning Games and then, there is WINNING Games

Profit making in Gaming

Twenty years ago your games console was an escape to enjoy video games after a somewhat slow upload. Jump Forward ten years and it’s a home entertainment system, accessing multimedia portals and became a new family member and a tool as important as the T.V. Now in the present It’s a money maker, gamers scoring a tidy sum of profit just by playing online, entering tournaments, game testing and uploading videos onto YouTube and bringing in advertisement endorsements which in some cases has led players (or now known as ‘vloggers’) to riches that still boggles the mind. The console you are sat with is now a business tool.

Gaming and money have always gone hand in hand and began in casinos with Vegas’s slot machines back in the day, flash forward and the recent surge and relentless rise of video slot machines found at online casinos offer 3D gaming with animation and video graphics which wouldn’t look out of place if the software powered any commercial console game.

So profit in gaming is a gamble in any stretch of the definitions and it goes further with sites such as giving players a chance to make a profit from following their favorite games in the sports medium.

Where to make money with Gaming

Looking at sports betting you have a vast number of games to approach and within this, you have an even larger number of bets to wager on. Pick any ice hockey game and you can bet on the first goal scorer, full time result, 3rd period last to score and literally 100s of other options and that’s just one game of 100s more. The scale of making money through sports betting allows for better odds in creating a profit margin. All casinos found through the Bet in Canada site offer FREE cash bonuses to boost your bankroll to increase your chances for success. So this is one way in which gaming can make you rich.

Comfortable talking down the camera? Then you can become the next Vlogger to strike lucky online. Game tester and reviewers are littered on the media site but few have managed to captivate an audience large enough to attract the attention of outside business and game makers that will use the YouTube channel to promote their own business. Now the odds of success is far greater in terms of not being in your favor as you need to have at least 100,000 viewers/followers to have an impact. Vlogger StampyLongNose of Minecraft fame began by recording himself playing the game and advising to those watching what to do and what not to do, he then expanded into interviews and over a number of years his viewer count rose to over 8 million thanks to the game’s appeal to the younger market and would easily make $50,000 a month in advertisement. Steps like this require dedication and longtime commitment and a huge amount of luck to capture the right audience.

Can You Make a Million From Your Console?

Despite advertising creating a revenue of roughly $150,000 to $1.5 million the challenge in doing so is very challenging. So if YouTube seems too competitive there is Podcasting which can bring in advertisement revenue and can be supported with the help of Patreon subscribers. Tournaments are an avenue for wealth, though some carry prize pots of near $100 million the numbers playing are staggering. If you wish to put your talents into a newer medium you can drop the controls and pick up a pen and become a journalist, this can incorporate game testing and sponsorship form makers and developers.

There are hard ways and quick ways that turn gaming into a profit. Good luck making the choice that works for you.

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